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Can't Let Things Go


It was another hot night Giovanna Moretti Hamlin was getting ready to go out to dinner with Denny, Her mom is keeping the kids they have 3 named Aidan Michael, Isabella Star and Ari Weston with another little one on the way she just found out when she went to the doctor. Giovanna turns to see Denny standing in the door way watching her.

"Hey Babe how was your day?" Giovanna asks.

"It was ok, it could have been better." Denny says.

"Mom took the kids for the night," Giovanna says.

"Damn it Giovanna you know I wanted to spend time with them." Denny says.

Giovanna shakes her head walking to the bathroom taking her hair down and her makeup off Giovanna walks over to the dresser taking her earrings out she grabs some work out cloths walking to the bathroom changing. Denny shakes his head wondering what got into his wife he leans on the door frame of the bathroom.

"Mind telling me why you're so damn pissy?" Denny asks.

"I'm Pregnant." Giovanna Says.

"You better be fucking kidding me." Denny says.

"No Denny it's true." Giovanna says.


Giovanna jumps backing against the wall she has never seen Denny that pissed she sniffles running past Denny out of the bathroom she grabs her IPod slamming the front door behind her she wipes her eyes jogging down the side walk. Josh Turner can't help but see Giovanna running he jogs over to join her he met her last month at the track.

"Gio?" Josh asks.

"Hey Sugar lips." Giovanna says.

"What you doing out here all alone?" Josh asks.

"Getting away from my dick of a husband." Giovanna says.

"Oh boy what's he doing now?" Josh asks.

"He got pissed because I am pregnant," Giovanna says.

Josh stops looking at Giovanna not sure if he heard her right Giovanna stops looking at Josh.

"Did I hear you right? Denny is pissed about having another Kid?" Josh asks.

"Yes you heard right I just don't get it he was happy about the Aidan, Isabella and Ari. And now he isn't happy about this one." Giovanna sniffles.

"He is an ass Anna you seamed a lot more happy without him." Josh says.

"Why can't he be like he was when we first got married?" Giovanna asks.

"Well Sugar there could be a number of reason Drugs, Cheating, He doesn't care anymore, or he is just using you to get what he wants." Josh says.

"I cannot bring another child into the word with him acting like that." Giovanna says.

Josh kisses her head wrapping his arm around her shoulder he wants to slap some since into Denny for hurting his friend like he did. Why didn't he ask Gio to marry him? Gio looks at Josh.

"What you thinking about?" Giovanna asks.

"Why I didn't ask you to marry me?" Josh says.

"Oh Josh we never even went out." Giovanna says.

"I know I wish we would have." Josh says.

Giovanna stands up she kisses Josh on the cheek talking to him helped she waves at Josh walking back to the house, Denny is eating on some chips and dip drinking a beer Giovanna walks in the house she walks up the stairs without saying a word to her husband. Giovanna grabs her PJS she turns the shower on climbing in she washes her hair and body she stands under the water getting all the soap off she turns the water off climbing out, She puts her PJS on climbing in the bed with her back to the door. Denny crawls in the bed jerking the cover off of Giovanna he laughs covering up, Giovanna shivers lying there looking out of the window. Denny climbs out of bed he grabs Giovanna by the hair pulling her out of the bed he throws her out in the hall locking the door Giovanna wipes her eyes walking down the stairs she grabs her cell calling her Lawyer she can't take any more of Denny being Mean and heart less she sits on the deck stairs waiting for the lawyer to pick up. She breaks down hanging the phone up felling a cramp she winces ignoring it the best she can. She leans against the rail watching the stars falling asleep on the steps sitting up it was freezing outside and she was out in a skimpy little nothing. Josh walks over picking her up taking her over to his cabin, Josh opens the door laying her on the bed covering her up he turn the heat on he strips down to his boxers crawling in the bed behind her wrapping his arms around her to keep her warm he hates to see the way Denny treats her. Giovanna snuggles into joshes chest sound asleep Josh smiles kissing Giovanna head if he could he would keep her there with him and treat her like the quean she is not like some slave, Giovanna groans darting over to the bathroom empting her stomach she hates this part of being pregnant it is always the worst. Josh walks over holding her hair pack kissing her head he would do anything to keep her there with him but he knows she is with Denny he rubs her back as she is empting her stomach, Giovanna leans back against josh letting out sobs and whimpers.

"Baby doll what's wrong?" Josh Asks.

"Everything nothing is going right." Giovanna says.

"Princess I know what you mean, Nothing been going right for me either." Josh says.

Giovanna sniffles burying her head in Joshes chest braking down Josh holds her close swaying side to side to calm her down. Giovanna drifts off with her head buried in Joshes chest she snuggles closer loving the warmth of his body, Josh lays her back on the crawling in by her wrapping his arms around her pulling the cover over them he drifts off into a fitful sleep wondering what is coming next and how bad things would get.

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