tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCan't Pay The Rent!

Can't Pay The Rent!

byEnglish Bob©

It had been a bad time for Shirley and myself. Two failed business attempts had left us completely broke. No money; no car and the nice riverside apartment in which we used to live had been cruelly repossessed by the bank. But it's ironic that, just when you think things can't possibly get any worse, they suddenly do!

The accident had been entirely my own fault. I was walking home from yet another disappointing interview towards the dingy little apartment that we had rented. My mind was filled with thoughts of how I was going to make ends meet; bills were beginning to pile up again and no work meant no money to pay them. I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts that I didn't see the car until it was right on top of me. I heard a screech of brakes and looked up. That was the last thing I remember until waking up in hospital with both arms and legs in plaster.

So, major problems; no money, more bills and me with no chance to work. Things went from bad to worse. Shirley and I would argue most days. Being incapacitated as I was, it was impossible for me to do much around the apartment and, as for sex, I seemed to have lost all interest in my wife.

And then Rent Day came along. I had been dreading the knock on the door, agonizing over it for the past few days, knowing that it was inevitable. Both Shirley and I knew there was no way we could pay; we had virtually no money left and the apartment, owned by a local tough-guy businessman, was not cheap. Of course I had been expecting the call, but when it came it still made me jump.

"Oh, Harry! That's Mr. Davis for the rent." Shirley cried as the knock boomed loudly through the small apartment. "What are we going to do now?"

It seemed like another row was about to develop. Sitting immobile and rather uncomfortably in the lounge armchair, I signalled to my wife that she should open the door and let our landlord in; my theory being that it was best to get the problem over with.

I could hear the door open and very shortly Davis' large frame loomed in the doorway.

"Morning, Harry." His face was calm and serene but I knew that wouldn't last long.

"Good morning Mr. Davis."

Davis unfolded a leather bound ledger that he carried under his arm with a flourish. For a second or two he studied the page in silence.

"Looks like two months to pay, Harry."

"Two months?" I blurted the words out. "There must be some mistake!"

I looked over at Shirley for confirmation that she had paid last months rent. Her eyes avoided mine and stared intently at her bare feet.

"No...no mistake, Harry," Davis continued, "no payment last month means you owe two months now."

Again my eyes shot back to my wife. This time she looked up and I could see the tears about to form. "Oh, Harry. I'm sorry, but the hospital fees had to be paid. I just didn't know what to do!"

Again, the silence was almost tangible. I looked at Shirley, she looked at me and Davis eyed both of us with a growing suspicion. Eventually it was he that spoke first.

"Seems we have a situation here," he said, "I take it from your expressions that not only can't you pay two months, you can't even pay one?"

Both Shirley and I nodded our heads solemnly in unison as our landlord watched us.

"So, what to do then?" Davis said. "If you can't pay you have to leave!"

"But we can't!" Shirley pleaded tearfully. "We've got nowhere to go! Please Mr. Davis, Can't you give us another chance? There must be something we can do?"

More silence. I looked at Davis as he carefully eyed my wife up and down as if almost inspecting her. Shirley has always been a good looking woman and today, dressed in a simple red top and tight jeans, she looked very attractive. I could see the look in Davis' eye and knew what he was thinking.

"Now just hold on!" I cried, "You can't seriously think -"

"Harry, be quiet!" Shirley scolded me. She seemed instinctively to know what our landlord was thinking as well. "This might me the only way out of this."

"Actually, she's right." Davis said casually, his eyes never leaving my wife's chest. "If you don't want to find yourself on the street in two days time, this is the only way out!"

I was horrified as I suddenly realised what was happening. I looked over at Shirley again. She was smiling now at Davis; an alluring grin that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I opened my mouth to argue once again but couldn't find the words. It seemed inevitable.

"Don't worry, Harry." Shirley said to me cooly, "Honestly, this is the best way."

My arms and legs ached with the immobility of my muscles. I felt hopelessly inadequate. It seemed that my wife was about to pay our rent "in kind" and there was nothing I could do to stop it. And what was more, by the look of Shirley's expression, she wasn't going to dislike it at all!

Slowly, Shirley walked toward the spare bedroom the door of which opened beside me. It was almost as if I'd been forgotten or didn't actually exist at all. Davis and my wife seemed to have eyes only for each other.

I turned my chair as she passed me and entered the bedroom. Davis followed and stood motionless in the doorway as my wife climbed up onto the bed and looked back at him - almost posing for him.

Shirley kneeled on the bed. Her long brown hair splayed around her shoulders. Her knees were spread and her jeans stretched to accommodate the position. She turned and twisted this way and that as Davis and I watched through the door, putting on a sort of lurid tease show. Her hands smoothed down over her braless breasts accentuating their swell and teasing the nipples so that they stood out firm and proud against the thin material. Davis and I were both transfixed. Shirley's eyes closed as she revelled in her own touch and her mouth fell open a little in a silent sigh.

"I'll need a little more than that to cover the rent!" Davis said suddenly. I looked over to see that he was quietly rubbing a bulge in the front of his pants.

Looking back over at my wife I saw her face break into a wide beaming smile. Her hands gripped the bottom of her top and crossed over. She began to lift the garment slowly up until she pulled it over her head with a flourish. She flicked her head back and her hair spilled seductively over her shoulders barely masking her full, naked breasts.

"Mmmmm...that's a bit more like it!" Davis murmured, "I like a girl with a nice set of tits! What else have you got to show me?"

In an instant my wife was lying on her back and her trembling fingers were at the zipper of her jeans. The garment opened easily and, as she pulled them down her legs and over her bare feet, Davis and I were both treated to a perfect view of her pink silk panties complete with damp patch!

"Much better, honey!" Davis exclaimed, "now lets lose those panties too!"

No sooner had the words left his lips than Shirley's butt was up in the air as she - almost gleefully - tugged the little bikini panties off and threw them carelessly aside. She turned to face us both with a wicked smile on her face.

"I think it's time to pay the rent!" Davis laughed as he strode purposefully towards the bed and my naked wife.

I watched helplessly as the landlord unzipped his fly and hauled out a good sized dick and began to slowly rub up and down the length of his shaft.

"Time to pay your rent, honey!" He said as he moved closer to Shirley.

Pic rent02

Shirley knew instinctively what Davis wanted from her. Her long slender fingers wrapped gently around his rigid shaft, replacing his own, and her mouth opened into a wide O shape. Slowly, guiding him with her hand, she took our landlord's hard dick into her hot mouth. I heard him sigh gratefully as her lips locked around his shaft and her hand moved between his legs to cup his heavy balls.

As Shirley began to suck him off with a little more enthusiasm than I thought she should have shown, Davis began to virtually rip his clothes off until he was as naked as my wife. I watched as, slowly, he began to rock his hips back and forth as he forced more of his solid erection into her mouth. Shirley certainly didn't seem to be complaining though, and it occurred to me that this was probably the best - if only - sex she'd had in quite a while!

"Mmmm..." Davis moaned as he firmly fucked my wife's mouth, "I reckon this takes care of about twenty five percent of what you owe. How about we work on the rest?"

With a gasp of breath, Shirley allowed the slick cock to slide from between her lips. She breathed heavily for a moment and looked up into Davis' big blue eyes.

"Please fuck me." she whispered.

It was now as if I didn't even exist. Pangs of jealousy screamed through my immobile body as I tried in vain to struggle to my feet. My legs and arms felt like they were on fire as the pain shot through them. If there was ever a doubt in my mind that my wife might not actually be enjoying her assault, then they were now completely dispelled.

Slowly she laid her naked and glistening body back on the bed. Her legs spread almost naturally and Davis positioned himself between them.

His fingers played gently but firmly around her shaven mound and eased the pink lips of her wet vagina open. Shirley moaned softly as she felt the first touch of intimacy for a long time. I closed my eyes and fought an urge to scream out her name. But I couldn't keep them shut for long; the desire to see my wife's most private of areas being probed and teased so expertly forced my eyelids quickly back open.

Slowly Davis guided his erect cock towards my wife's dripping hole. They both sighed as they felt their body parts touch for the first time. I watched intently now, thoughts of jealousy pushed firmly out of my mind to make way for notions of pure lust and excitement.

Suddenly Davis lunged forward. I heard Shirley let out a squeal of surprise as his solid tool slid smoothly into her cunt. Her head lolled back on the bed and I watched her fingers pulling and tugging at her own nipples as her lover began to build up a steady rhythm.

Davis thrust harder and harder into my wife's pussy. I watched him twist and turn his body as he entered and withdrew so as to ensure the maximum contact with her clit. Shirley was gasping and groaning; calling out her lover's name and begging him to ram her harder and faster. Davis put his hands under her ass and pulled her towards him burying his weapon deeply inside her.

That was enough for Shirley. With a cry that echoed around the room her whole body bucked. Her hips drove upwards and her legs began to tremble visibly as I watched her climax in a flurry of arms and legs.

"Oh shit, baby! You cum like a bitch in heat!" Davis groaned. "Your little cunt's gripped me so tight I don't think I can hold back any longer."

"Oh, yeah, baby...cum for me...treat me like a whore...I wanna be your slut!....cum for Slut-Shirley!"

With an effort that seemed incredible to me, Davis almost ripped his dick out of Shirley's wet, abused hole. His fingers squeezed the tip as he moved swiftly to straddle her head. Shirley knew what was coming and looked like she wanted it more than she had ever wanted anything before in her life. Her mouth stretched wide open as Davis forced his inflamed meat between her lips. She sucked hard as he uttered a deep guttural groan. And then suddenly there was cum. Lots and lots of cum. I could hear my wife gasping and choking for air as, all thoughts of gentleness and finesse gone, our landlord thrust himself over and over into her mouth.

By the time Davis had finished spurting, my wife's face was completely covered with thick, creamy sperm. It trickled down her cheeks and ran into her nose. Some of it had even matted her beautiful dark shiny hair.

Davis' cock softened slowly. He was gasping for breath and breathing hard as he used his whore's hair to wipe the last drops of cum from his cock. As he started to dress he looked down on the reposed Shirley with a smile.

"You were right," he stated calmly, "that certainly writes off your debt to me! We're even now, but don't forget, I'll be back again next month for the rent in full!"

With a smile, Shirley turned over on the bed so that her ass was sticking up in the air. Her hands pulled her tanned buttocks wide open to reveal her tiny star shaped asshole.

"Will this take care of next month's rent?" she asked coyly.

Davis smiled and then let out a roaring laugh.

"Baby, you let Uncle Davis fuck you in that ass tomorrow and you can have TWO months free rent!"

As our landlord dressed and left our apartment, I could hear his laughter all the way down the hall. I looked over at Shirley who was now busy trying to push a finger into her anus. She smiled back up at me as she thrust into herself.

"Just making sure that I'm able to pay the rent on time!" she said.

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