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Can't Resist


I stare across the table at the beautiful woman studying hard. Her hair is short and black, her eyes a deep sea blue. Her body is skinny but has all the right curves. Today she is in a mid thigh black skirt, stockings, a tight as hell black tank–top, and black skater shoes.

It is hard for me to just sit her, staring at this beautiful chick I have known all my life. This girl I went to school with, and now am in college with.

She looks up at me and looks into me, taking my breath away. "Something wrong Sam?" Her voice is angelic and soft like her face.

"No, nothing." I look back down at my book.

"Come on Sam." She stands and walks around to stand right next to me. "I always know when there is something bothering you." She runs her hand thru my short brown hair and that little gesture kills all self control I have.

I stand and put my hand on the back of her head. "Nothing is wrong." I smile a devil smile and then grip her hair hard.

"SAM!" I force her down on the table and position myself behind her ass. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?" She tries to break free and I let go of her hair, instead I put my hand in the middle of her back and force her to stay right where she is. "SAM!" She can't get out of it.

"SHUT UP!" I slap her ass with my free hand and she whimpers.

"Sam what are you doing?" She turns her head and looks at me.

"Isn't it obvious." I flip her skirt off and find just a black g–strip sliding between her firm ass cheeks.

"Sam, no, please." She tears up. "Not like this, I don't want to loose it like this!" She cries and tries to move again and I reach up and take her face in my strong hand.

"STOP MOVING!" I slam her head down and she just whimpers. "Now that's good, just lie there." I run my hand slowly back down her back and smile to myself.

I reach her ass and in one swift motion I rip off her panties and she gasps at it. I stare down at her naked ass and instantly my cock is rock hard and running down my leg. "MMM you make me so horny Jane, always have." I unzip my pants and pull my 11 inch cock out of my boxers. "Now I got you right where I want you." I smile and slide my hard cock between her ass checks a few times.

"Sam, please, don't do this." She slips a hand under her somehow and covers her sweet pussy. "Please not like this." I push her hand out of the way and shove my cock in and right past her barrier. "AHHHHHHH!" I only get ¾ of my cock in before I can't go any further, but is the most pleasurable thing I have ever experienced. So hot and tight that I can't help but smile at my ability to last.

I start to pump in and out of her pussy to her screaming in pain each time. "STOP! YOU'RE SPLITTING ME APART!" She screams but I just keep going, with one hand on her shoulder, the other on her hip.

I pound her hard, eventually slipping my entire cock into her sweet hole. I grunt each time and she screams each time, but her screams are becoming less and less painful sounding. I can feel her body slowly relaxing and beginning to enjoy the pounding she is receiving.

Eventually she is actually moaning. "Yes, yes, rape me harder." And in my dazed stare I do as she commands. "Come on you can do better than that!" She starts to push her as against me in tune with my thrusts and I can see bruises appear on her ass as I just pound and pound.

I let go of her shoulder and put both hands on her hips, this allows her use her hands to rise up. "Yes come on Sam." I keep pounding and she keeps moaning. "That's it fucker, rape my tight hole." She moans deep and loud, biting her lip as she does.

I can't believe the words that are coming out of her mouth now. "FUCK ME HARDER!" She reaches back and puts a hand on the back of my head and I slide a hand around her waist and play with her clit. "That's it, yes right there, right there!" Her nails dip into the back of my head.

I can't believe how tight and hot her pussy feels it is blissful. I keep pounding and pounding, Jane just keeps moaning. "Yes baby, yes." She turns her head and we kiss for the first time. It is like and explosion went off in my head, her lips are luscious, warm, and seductive. I kiss her hard and she moans into me. "I'M GONNA CUM!!!!!!" And as the words leave her mouth I can feel her cumming, and hard.

Her pussy clamps down on my cock and milks me, it hurts so good that I cum as well, shooting what feels like gallons into her. "FUCK!" I scream as she collapses foreword back onto the table.

Her pussy releases me and I fall backwards to the ground, allowing our cum to leak out of her pussy. "Fuck'n'a that was..." I look up and see what I have done. "OH GOD!" I stand and flip her over. "OH JANE I AM SO SORRY!" I cradle her face in my palm, her eyes are closed and her mouth is hanging open. "Jane!? Oh god did I kill you!?" I shake her and she just smiles. "Jane?"

"Damn Sam." Her eyes open half glazed.

"Jane I am so sorry, god how could....I just lost....oh please forgive me." I pull her skirt down.

"Why? You just gave me the best time of my life." She rubs her flat stomach. "God if I had known that was what sex was like I would have fucked a long time ago." She looks over at my scared face and smiles again. "Thank you." She reaches up and pulls me down to her. 'Thank you, thank you!" She giggles.

"Jane I just raped you, how can you..." She kisses me hard, with cum still leaking from her perfect pussy.

"And you kiss good too, damn why didn't you do this earlier?" She slips a hand down and plays with my still hard cock. "And with that cock how do you now have a girlfriend?" She slowly strokes it and looks up into me.

"It's because of this monster that I don't; you're the first girl to take it all. The best I've done before is 8 or 9 into a girl." I smile, but the realization hits me again. "Jane you should hate me."

"I don't, I love you." She smiles. "And stop worrying, yeah it hurt, yeah I never expected us to fuck, but by god we fucked and I love it!" She screams and bites her lip. "Now put that cock back in and fuck me Sam."

"Jane, seriously, I just raped you."

"And I loved it, just shut up and fuck me!"

"Are you sure, you're not sore?" I rub her stomach and she closes her eyes.

"Oh I am, but pain and pleasure are twin lovers." She giggles. "Just fuck me raw." She grips the back of my head hard. "PLEASE!"

"As you command." I position my self between her legs and she wraps them around my waist.

"FUCK ME!" She screams and I push right in.

I grip her hips again and start pounding away to her moaning loud. "YES! YES! YES! YES!" She tries to get her top off but I beat her to it, ripping it off in a smooth motion, her bra with it. "Suck my tits!" She pulls my head down to her chest and I obey, sucking one nipple at a time, biting them as well.

Her arms wrap around my neck and I slow. "I can't believe this." I look up into her eyes and she bites her lip as she looks back.

"I love you Sam."

"I love you Jane." I kiss her as I hear the door open.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" We look over to a woman who looks exactly like Jane, only older.

"MOM!" We say together and the fear hits us.

"Fuck." I breathe and I look into my sister's eyes.

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