tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive Breeders Ch. 01

Captive Breeders Ch. 01


The room was cold and sterile. There were very few furnishings. Just an examination table like you'd see in a doctor's office and some chairs for the guards in a corner.

Oh, and the light. Just a single light fixture was aimed at the exam table. The guards would always sit in the shadows beyond. I think they enjoyed the show.

At least they kept it warm since we were required to strip naked when we entered. It must be a new girl today. One who had never been pregnant. One who didn't know the game.

I could tell because we were using the room with the exam table equipped with stirrups for her legs and straps for her arms in case the girl needed to be restrained. When I was with girls who had been here for a while, they let us use one of the rooms with a comfortable bed; no straps, no stirrups.

This girl was already lying on her back with her legs spread open in the stirrups of the exam table as if prepared for a gynecological exam. Her wrists were secured with leather straps and her thighs and ankles were bound to the stirrups, which held her legs open wide. Her buttocks were at the edge of the table.

I'm sure she had just been given an examination and it was explained to her again what was going to happen. She must have resisted some because there was a faint bruise on her left cheek. Otherwise her skin was smooth and soft. Her body was agile and lean. They really knew how to pick them.

She looked about 19 maybe 20 years old. Her eyes had a glint of fear. I can remember trying to calm a new girl once by touching her softly and reassuring her. I was rewarded by a rifle butt across my jaw because I was new myself.

This place was the anti-thesis to the Jewish concentration camps. While the Nazi's were killing people during World War II, these people were doing quite the opposite but just as horrific.

They were breeding people. A lot of fertile women and a few men who met their qualifications were kidnapped and brought here secretly from around the world. We didn't know exactly where we were but we knew it was in the middle of nowhere and we were prisoners.

Threatened with our lives, we did their bidding to survive. We actually were treated quite well as long as we complied and the girls got pregnant. Girls who failed to get pregnant disappeared. We were told they were sold into slavery and no one would believe they were in such a place and even if they did, no one would ever find us.

I was losing track of how long I had been there. I had answered an ad looking for a blonde haired, muscular, athletic man to impregnate a sterile man's wife I saw in a swinger magazine. The ad had been fake and I was kidnapped during my supposed meeting with the sterile couple. I think that was hundred women or more ago.

My guards told me once that we were providing children to couples around the world that wanted a child from the DNA of healthy, vigorous couples who paid a good price for high quality. We were part of a multi-million dollar industry with a waiting list. We were providing a service.

I knew better. The girl lying on the exam table was scared. And I knew if she gave the guards any problems they would not hesitate to beat or even kill her. I had learned the hard way to comply. There was no escape.

As I let my robe slip to the floor as the guards stepped into the shadows. They had learned that if they stood too close the men couldn't perform and they too would be in trouble if they took too long doing their job which was getting the girls in, examined, bred and out. To them it was an assembly line.

The girl looked in the corner trying to see where the guards went. I knew they were watching our every move and would scrutinize every word so I had to be careful. I had seen men hauled back to their dorm rooms barely alive after breaking the rules.

The light illuminated her bound naked body. The table was at the proper height so that I could step up to it and do what I had to do. I was naked. She was naked. The guards were hidden in the shadows.

"It's okay." I said trying to reassure without crossing the line. I rubbed my dick and stared at her gorgeous body. I feared what would happen if the day came that I failed to perform. At least the girls were always beautiful so that they could make beautiful babies. We were required to stay in shape and weren't force to breed but so many girls before we had a few days to rest. Our sperm counts were closely monitored and the girls were checked like cattle.

"Why..." She began.

I put my finger to my lips. The women in the dorms would have to fill her in. The women who had been here a while; now was not the time.

"If we don't. We die. You and me both." I said, my dick starting to engorge looking at her silky skin, her thighs spread before me. I was thankful men are aroused visually.

"But I don't..." she pleaded.

I shook my head and glanced over into the shadows. She understood and was silent.

"Have you been with a man before?" I asked.

"A man? Yes, I have a fiancée."

"So you're not a virgin?"

"No. I'm not. But..."

"Close your eyes. Pretend you're with him." I said as I stepped up to the table. My dick was hard. I had learned to block everything else out.

She struggled against the leather straps. Her eyes darted from me to the shadows. She couldn't move. They would make her use the table until she learned to comply, like I had learned.

I knew she and I would be doing this again several times. They didn't bring the girls in until they knew they had been off any birth control long enough and were fertile. It was time or she wouldn't be in here and they kept meticulous records.

If I was the one assigned to impregnate her, then she and I would copulate several times over the next few days and she would be mated with no one else but me. Yes, copulate. There was no other word for it. No different than breeding animals. They had it down to a science.

So naturally, I wanted to make it as comfortable for her as possible. Her eyes continued to dart back and forth as I stepped closer.

"Close your eyes. Pretend your somewhere else." I said.

My dick was engorged. Her eyes widened. But she saw I was waiting for her to relax; to close her eyes. The guards would think I was still preparing myself or just hesitant.

But it was the only way I could give her some control. So I waited.

She seemed to understand. She laid her head back and closed her eyes. The girls would have told her the horror that awaited those who didn't comply. So she did.

I pushed my dick against the velvet lips of her pussy. There was always lubrication available to us but I preferred to roll my dick around the edges of the girls opening and moisten the head with her own juices.

Round and round I rolled the head of my dick against her pussy. Some guys didn't care. They just walk up; fuck the girl and its over in seconds. They only take their time with the experienced girls, when they get a bed.

They let the new girls struggle because they fear taking their time will anger the guards. However, I take my chances and try to reassure as much as I can. Plus, I think the guards liked the prolonged show.

Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be trying to slow her breathing. I was certain she was terrified. She began to softly bite her lower lip.

I pushed forward. My dick penetrated her pussy. There would be no need now to try and control myself. This was not lovemaking. We were copulating, pure and simple.

There were some technicians who insisted you fuck long enough for the girl to have an orgasm thinking this increased the chances of her getting pregnant. But for the new girls this wasn't always possible. New girls were more time consuming in the beginning anyway not to mention scared; so the quicker the better with the new ones.

I stroked in and out of her pussy. There was no discomfort for her, which was a relief. She thankfully was not a virgin. I could only imagine what she was thinking about. Her eyes were tightly closed and she gripped the leather straps with her hands.

Her body was tense but she seemed to relax with each stroke. Regardless of the horror that our captors were engaging in, you still couldn't get away from the fact that there was a sense of beauty within this horror.

Because even though we were being forced to copulate, there was always a point during the act when we both yearned for the few seconds of release that the very act provided.

It was a few seconds of warmth in such a cold, heartless place.

It was those brief seconds I yearned for. I struggled with guilt for a while because of those brief seconds of enjoyment. I shouldn't be enjoying this, I would tell myself. How could I?

But soon, I learned that sex has a power of its own and for a few brief moments when two people are joining to create life, it is within those brief moments that the captors have no power over us. And maybe, just maybe; the life we create can escape this horror even if we cannot.

I felt it; the familiar tingling in my groin that rose through my body. My strokes grew longer and steady. The girl even stifled a moan not wanting to give our captors any satisfaction.

The dichotomy is difficult to explain. Neither one of us wanted to be fucking a person we didn't know, we didn't desire. We were victims of circumstance, forced together against our will.

But all that was swept away for a moment. The power of the captors disappeared and the power of sexual union took over. She lifted her hips toward my thrusts and though her mind was rejecting what was happening, her body was yielding to mine, and my body to hers.

My dick slid like a piston between the folds of her pussy. I felt a groan rise within my chest which escaped my lips, emitting an inhuman moan.

Then it happened. The semen our captors valued rushed through my dick and flooded within her. My body spasmed and my dick pulsated, spraying her cervix with sticky white fluid.

I imagined millions of sperm wiggling their way up her cervix and into her uterus searching for an egg to fertilize. Once impregnated, she would be safe for a while.

I continued to fuck her. I pumped until I knew my dick had emptied its load within the fertile maiden. I knew my dick would meet her pussy at least a couple more times that week just to insure the job was consummated.

Our captors knew I was finished. They stepped into the light and a technician immediately lifted the girl's pelvis and placed a cushion beneath it to keep her hips elevated. This would increase the chances of the sperm finding their mark.

They would leave her in this position for a while. I pulled my dick from her pussy, cleaned the sticky fluid from it and picked up my robe. My job was done; at least for now.

Before leaving the room with my guard, I looked at the girl. She smiled slightly. And I smiled back. The guards take a lot away from us, but there were some things they just couldn't take away. And our humanity was one of them.

It was my hope that the life within her would one day be free.

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Stud seemed well informed

Don't think it happened this way, but in most cases, it was as bad. Many SS officers, who were known for their arrogance and cruelty bred little virgin girls as young as 16. Some of the girls were notmore...

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