tagBDSMCaptive Ch. 02

Captive Ch. 02


i glare at Him a bit because the only man i have ever begged for anything from was my Master. Now this Lord who i didn't know expected to simply take over being my Master. Worse yet He was making me beg. i growled at the thoughts in my head, but what i really wanted and needed right now was release.

His cock in me had me on set my body on fire. i knew that it was consuming me and i desired end result. i wet my lips and tried to find my voice. i was not sure of what i would say but i was going to go with the respect and decorum i have been trained to give. A part of me was curious about this Lord, but if i was to make it back to my Master i was going to have to play along for now.

"Please M'Lord let me cum for You. Allow this humble beast to show You what You have done to her body."

i was hoping that those words of flattery would get me what i so desired. my body was poised on the verge of release and it was not easy to hold back. i tried to move my body to get what i so wanted without His permission. He sensed what i was trying to do and He stilled my body over His cock.

He looked at me as if pondering of my words. In reality, He was gauging just how much more teasing i could take before there was a point of no return. His eyes looked into mine and saw the desire He had created within me. He chuckled softly at me and said this to me.

"Come on you sinful beast...you can do far better than that. Surely you have begged before. I do not think your Master would have allowed you release for such a pittance of words. Do not flatter Me with pretty words. Tell Me why I should let you cum."

i bit back the anger that i felt at how He dared to speak to me. i was not his servant to order about. A part of me was thinking how dare He order me to beg like this. I grumbled aloud some more as i pondered what it was i was going to do. my body was on fire with need. i knew i was at the point where it would ache for me not to have release.

i had all ready suffered enough and didn't want to suffer any more this day. i fought a bit within myself and regained my trained composure. i think i knew deep down that He was treating me like He would any other submissive. i knew that within me was the desire to serve. i took a deep breathe and spoke to Him again.

"M'Lord, please i beg of You. Please allow this sinful creature to cum for You. You have awakened my passion so deeply that if i am not allowed to have this release i am sure that i will ache from Your attentions. Please M'Lord, let me cum."

"That is better but still...not good enough."

He chortled at me upon hearing my latest words. i know you can do even better that that, and it was very obvious that He knew it as well. He reached down and pinched me on my clit bringing a moan from my lips as He did. This was sweet torment to me and i knew this was a man determined to find all of the spots that would push me even closer to the edge before permission was granted.

"I could torment you like this all night My dear and not feel poorly about it. I do love to tease and torment such lovely creatures such as your self. Say the phrase that I know you want to say to Me. Say it out loud and pleasure will be yours to have"

i strained to escape His fingers pinching at my clit. Now this was torture of another kind. He was quite skilled in this art. i didn't have to ask what phrase He wished to hear uttered from my lips. i, also, knew that in saying what He wished to hear would mean never returning home again. i knew deep down that it would be so regardless of the words i was to speak.

Would it really be so bad to be Someone else's pleasure slave? my body knew the answer more than my brain at that moment. i would forever crave this Man's touch. There was something about this Lord that called out to the very core of my being. i knew that what i was about to speak would not be a lie.

"Please M'Lord...please let this sinful creature come for You. This beast acknowledges Your claim upon me and accepts You as her Master. In these moments, You claim me heart, body and soul. Please i beg of You, let me cum for You and seal this pact of O/ours."

i could feel His body shift a bit and His lips once again captured mine. He drowned me in kisses as His fingers rubbed along my clit. His cock once again continues to move and thrust inside me. i could feel Him his heart beating a bit faster against me. He groaned against me my neck and whispered softly in my ear.

"Sinful beast of Mine, you are to cum now. As you so eloquently have said let U/us seal this pact. you are Mine now and forever. I will never let you go and I will care for you well. You will sleep in My bed each night and tend to me as you have been so well trained to do."

He crushed me again with His kisses. With one last stroke of His cock, i moan my surrender to pleasure and cum hard over His cock. i pulse and hold Him tight within. i am left wanting for Him to spill His seed.

i am not kept long in that wanting for Him. He cried out as He cums inside me. Spent W/we both breathe hard and gradually begin to calm. He lies down and pulls me down beside Him. On my make shift bed, He smiles and curls me to Him. i quickly settled into His arms and prepare to drift off to sleep.

W/we quickly fell asleep curled in each O/other's arms. For the first time since my capture i felt that things were going to be all right. i slept knowing a certainty that i was safe and that nothing bad was going to befall me. i was with my Master and that was all that mattered.

In the morning, i was surprised to find Him still curled up beside me. i nuzzled against Him for a brief moment and felt Him stir a bit. He pulled me tighter to Him and placed a tender kiss and a soft nip at that nape of my neck. It sent a chill of passion through my body. It was the one place on me that always got that reaction.

"I do believe that a certain kitten enjoys her Master's touch all ready. See to your morning business. I require you for something."

With those words said, He slipped my paw down to His cock to find that He was hard. He wrapped my paw around Him and helped me to stroke Him. i could feel Him grow a bit harder beneath my touch. Then almost as quickly as that began, He was gently pushing me away with a pat on my rump to hop to it.

i quickly scampered over to the corner where the privy bucket was. i tended to my morning business trying not to feel any embarrassment for there was no privacy for such things in this cage. He averted His eyes to give me a bit of that. i scampered back to O/our make shift bed and looked at Him wide eyed.

"My Master would it please You to have this kitten pleasure You this morning?"

He chuckled at my words and pulled me into His arms. He showered my lips with kisses and softly stroked my fur. He curled me around Him so that most of O/our bodies was touching. His hands explored every inch of my body. i couldn't help but purr at Him.

"I want more than just you pleasuring Me this morning my kitten. I want your pleasure as well. All that W/we do in such sport come down to this...I want for you to get as much out of it as I put into it and vice versa. I don't want your submission blindly or by force. I know that I made you beg as I did last night. If you wish to take back the words that you said then I will accept it. If you repeat those words now, I will take it as your final answer."

i blinked at Him as He spoke those words to me. i could take back the words that i said last night while begging for my release. i had never heard of such a thing. Why would i want to? He had spoken to a part of me that yearned for such a passionate Master. It was not just his passions that were quenched last night but my own as well.

i knew i had a rare Man within my reach and i wanted to give Him my submission. i knew within every core of my being that this was the man that i had been yearning for. my former Master had planted the seed within me to serve but He had never made me yearn to do just that. my service no longer was forced.

"No, my Master, i do not wish to take back the words that i have spoken to You. You have spoken to my heart, to my mind, and to my soul on a level that i can not ever hope to return to life as it once was. i do not wish to be released from what i have said. Please Master, i am Yours now and forever."

He pulled me closer to Him and drowned me with His kisses. i could feel His need and His wanting in each one. It made me wonder with all those in His home why his hunger was so acute or was this normal for my new Master? i suppose in time i would find out which it was. i responded to Him as if He was playing my body like a fine instrument.

In those next moments, however, O/our time was interrupted by one of His men.

my new Master showed no distress in being found in the cage with me. The man who found U/us was a little embarrassed to see such an open act i guess. i tired not to laugh when the guy finally was able to get his words out of his mouth.

"M'Lord there is *clears his throat* business that I am afraid can not wait. I have been searching for you for some time now. I didn't think to look here for you."

my Master moved to gather his garments from the floor and dragged me up beside Him. He paused just a moment to throw his breeches on. He pulled me along with Him down several corridors and a hall. my Master told a servant who was passing by U/us in the hall to bring a tub and hot water to His chambers for He wished to bathe.

my Master's man seemed a bit distressed that my Master was putting business off for a little while longer. The man seemed a bit unnerved that i was taken from my cage without so much as a word of instruction to any of the staff. i was quiet and still as i watched the man who had come looking for my Master. Finally Master broke the silence and looked the man in the eye and began to speak.

"Would you have your Lord tend business smelling of pussy? I think not. I do not mind the smell of her on me. I do know that the bishop would not like to know what it is I was doing last night. Serve the bishop some breakfast in the dining hall."

The man moved to carry out his Lord's request leaving U/us alone once again. Master stopped just outside the door to his chambers. He paused for a few moments and pushed me through the door he opened. A rush of servants followed U/us inside a few moments later. The tub was brought in and filled with water.

i was lifted into the tub and Master soon followed me. It felt nice to feel the hot water meet my skin. It was not often that i got to have a hot bath. Normally i had to settle for tepid water left over from my previous Master's bath. i had never been allowed to join my former Master in the tub to bathe so this was something new to me.

"My precious kitty, I need you to bathe me. I am sorry but W/we do not have time to be leisurely about it. I will make it up to you later this day."

i quickly found the soap and lathered Master's body up and took care that every part was washed and well rinsed. With a tap He took the soap from me and lathered and rinsed me rather quickly. He dragged me from the tub and set me upon the floor motioning to the awaiting towels to dry Him off with. I was prompt in my actions as i knew He didn't have a lot of time.

He left me with a kiss and a pat on my rump. He instructed me to curl upon the bed and rest for it might be a good while before He returned. i was told not to leave the confines of this room and use the time to rest. He was a gentle but firm Master and i gave Him a tender kiss to send Him on His way.

i was not accustomed to curling up on a bed when ever Master was not around. For me it was a foreign concept. i made sure that my body was good and dry before stretching out upon the coverlet of the bed. i let my head rest against one of the fluffy pillows and settled down to take a nap. i didn't think to cover my body as i was often used to being naked for my Master. i was rarely allowed to dress and saw no point in trying to find something to wear.

i do not know how long i slept there like i did. It was dark out though when i awoke. i stretched all graceful like a cat and went to look outside one of the windows of the room. The moon and stars were shining brightly through the window. i wondered when my new Master would return to the room. i looked a bit around the room to get my bearings of my new surroundings.

i did not have long to ponder that question when He strode through the door looking rather tense. i jumped down from the bed and went over to Him kneeling down before Him. i looked up at Him and let out a soft purring noise that only one of my people make when they are content. He smiled down at me and softly petted my head.

"Master, You look as though You have had a long day. Let this humble slave take Your worries away from You."

i reached my hand up over His leg to let Him know that i was there for Him. Slowly He reached down and took my hand in His. He pulled me to my feet and led me over by the bed. He pulled a series of silken ropes down from inside the canopy. He looped the silken ropes about my wrists and bound them above my head. He kicked my legs apart and tied them in place.

i was facing the bed with my back was on display to Him. i could feel that Master was a bit tense about something. i, also, knew that i trusted Him and would do what ever He asked of me. i was His and that was all that mattered to me in that moment. Slowly Master began to speak to me.

"My precious kitten, I have had a very bad day today. So that W/we start off on a continued good foot I must instill a bit of discipline within you. I am generally a kind and loving Master but should you incur my anger know that I will punish you quite swiftly. I never strike when I am in anger. Now what I wish to do know is a test of what you know pain and pleasure to be now that you are Mine."

He softly caressed my body with His bare hand. I could not help but respond to His touch. He slide his nails down my back causing me to arch towards Him. i don't know whether to purr or to groan. It just simply felt good to me but to S/someone else it would not be such a delight for His touch is not light. i am hoping that before He is done i would have soft lines on my back from where He runs His nails.

i heard Him move from behind me. The next sound i heard was Him testing the leather flogger in His hand. i purred and wiggled my bottom in response to the sound. i could hear Him chuckle at me when He saw me do that. i enjoyed the feel of leather against my flesh.

"I see that My precious kitty likes that sound. Do you enjoy the kiss of it against your flesh as well? you may answer Me on this."

"Yes, my Master, i do enjoy the kiss of it against my flesh. It awakens my dark desires and longings. My body is Yours to kiss in such a manner. i know that You will be kind in its application and not strike me in a manner that would harm me."

He brought the flogger to my lips and i kissed it. He seems little surprised that i knew to do such a thing. i could feel the soft caress of the leather trailing down my body as He teased me with it. He slides it down over my breasts, down my stomach, over my mound, down my legs, and then went up my body. He was teasing me so that i could not anticipate the first kiss of it against me.

"I will continue this exercise until you tell Me to stop. I wish to see how much my kitten can take. Are you ready to begin? you may answer Me on this."

"Yes, Master, i am ready to feel the kiss of Your flogger against me. i will tell You when i can take no more. i will simply speak aloud the word – Stop."

"Very well My kitten. Let U/us begin."

He did not keep me waiting long to feel the kiss of the flogger upon my bottom. The first stroke made me sway a bit in my bonds. i waited patiently for more and knew that there will be a short pause between to allow me time to respond to each of them. i gasped when the second kiss hit me. This was absolute bliss for me.

"Don't forget to breathe My precious. I do not wish for you to pass out from lack of oxygen. you may use your voice to tell Me what it is you are experiencing, but no more than that. Follow My instructions and I will reward you for this act."

my only response was to purr and wiggly my bottom at Him. He chuckles at me once and another kiss lands upon my left cheek. He reaches around then and pinches a nipple between His fingers which brings a cry to my lips. i can feel Him smile at my response and soon He does the same to the other nipple.

i hear Him cross to a drawer and open it and take something from it. He does not keep me waiting long and attaches a clamp to each nipple connects it to a chain that can pull them both. i smile at Him for this is something i have enjoyed in the past. He seems to know just what i like and i am thankful for it.

Soon enough He brings His attention back to the flogger after having some more fun tugging at the chain. The next kiss of the flogger makes me sway once again in my restraints for it caught my off guard. i softly cry out in a gasp and steady myself once again. Soon there becomes a pattern of Him pulling upon the chain followed by the kiss of the flogger. i am not sure how long this goes on for before i find my voice to speak.

"Please Master may i speak?"

"What does Mine wish to say? you may speak/"

"Please Master do not tease me much more. i do not know how much more of Your teasing i can with stand."

"Awww...is that so My kitten?"

"Yes, Master, for You have made me so hot and the fire burning with me must be quenched before it consumes me and causes me to displease You."

You chuckle at me a bit at the thought. Your reply is to kiss me with the flogger once again. i cry out and whimper a bit in my longing for more than this teasing. i then feel Your breathe upon my neck as You lean against me and slowly nip at my flesh there. i arch back against You and try to rub my bottom back against You.

"So you think that I am teasing you? I have not even begun to do just that. When I am done with your sweet body you will be begging me to take you, and take you I will but not before you truly beg for it."

i nod my head in understanding unable at the moment to find my voice. You reach around and run Your nails down my stomach and stop and rest it just on top of my mound. Your lips take my ear lobe between Your teeth and gently pull upon it. In that next moment, Your nail scratches at my clit.

i cry out and welcome the feel of Your touch. Sadly though Your hand does not remain there and i feel You move back away from me. Soon i can hear the flogger once again kiss my flesh. i whimper a bit in my need. my hips rotate a bit away from the kiss of the flogger causing my need to become even more inflamed.

And so ends Chapter Two....

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