tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive of His Passion

Captive of His Passion


Morocco, 1802

Talise was terrified. She was being pulled along through the crowds of people. The sun was hot and too bright. It was nothing like her home in England. She was on a voyage to Jamaica when pirates raided the ship killing the men, and took her prisoner. She was to be sold to a harem.

The pirates viewed her as a prize. She had long hair like spun gold and flawless skin. She would bring the plenty of money no doubt.

The house was made of stone and marble. A fountain was in the front, with lots of blossoms around it. Servants were around, busy with their tasks.

A short man, wearing red and gold greeted them, and grinned at Talise.

"Ah, indeed a prize for my master "! He said and they followed him indoors , pulling her along. It was cool and refreshing indoors, and she sighed, thankful.

Talise was brought to a large room, full of people. Food was being served and there was a monkey sitting beside a man in a large chair. He was powerful, yet young. He held a wicked gleam in his dark eyes as he looked at her. Her heart began to race.

The short man went to him. "My lord, these man bring you a prize."

He stood and smiled. "She is a rare beauty. A treasure."

Talise swallowed hard. He came towards her. His fingers traveled along her jaw and down her neck. " Soft and sweet."

One of the pirates nodded. "And pure."

He looked at her. "I am your master now. I am Sheik Al- Bardi. This is my home."

She nodded, not knowing what to say.

The sheik asked her name.


He took out a dagger and she gasped. He began to tear her clothing off, and her pirate captors laughed. She stood naked before him. Before everyone. She felt like crying.

"Indeed a treasure." The sheik smiled and then an older man, with a soft face came to her. " This is the eunuch, Hamza. You will obey him."

Talise nodded and Hamza put a robe around her and led her away. Her legs were weak. She was hungry, tired and so afraid.

"You will be treated kindly, Talise." Hamza said. "But I beg you to listen and do as your told."

She began to cry, not able to help it. Hamza let her. "Cry your tears now, for you will not cry in front of my master."

"I am afraid." She whispered.

"With no reason. Here you will be pampered. And safer then with those band of pirates. You will only be taken by the master. You will be faithful to him alone."

She was bathed, oiled, and to her shock, her hair between her legs was shaved off. Hamza dressed her in a sheer dress of purple, and a gold chain belt around her hips. He walked her to a large bedroom, where she saw the sheik there, in his leather breeches and white linen shirt with bare feet. He looked so exotic and sinful. Young, maybe not yet thirty.

He smiled at her and Hamza left her there alone with him.

"Come, you have nothing to fear. Those pirates are gone. And I will not hurt you."

"It has been very trying for me. I am very afraid."

"I am sure it was a terrible thing. Pirates are cruel. Did they touch you"? He asked her.

"No, they wanted me unmarked and pure to sell."

"How old are you, Talise"?

"Nineteen years."

"Where are you from"?

"Dorset, England. My family lives there. They will come for me."

He chuckled. "But I have bought you, you will please me."

"It was not my choice." She cried.

"Tonight you will be mine."

"No"! She yelled and went for the door yet he caught her and picked her up, she struggled yet he did not give in. He dropped her on the big bed and straddled her, and held her down.

" Stop this, Talise." He said. "I will pleasure you. You will like it."


He smiled and began to grind his hard erection against her slit, making her cry out. He kept grinding and she was panting. He felt her getting hot and wet for him and groaned.

"Yes, that's it, Talise."

"No, stop. Please."

"My name is Ali."

"Ali, stop this." Her face was flushed and she was breathless. It felt so good she couldn't stop moving her hips with his.

He stopped and took her dress off and moaned at her naked body. "Talise you have a body made for pleasure."


"Oh, yes." He smiled and began to kiss her full breasts, licking the pink nipples. Then he took one into his mouth and sucked. She cried out.

"Oh, please Ali." She begged.

He sucked her nipple and was grinding his hips to hers still and she cried out, coming hard, with tremors. "Lovely sight."

He moved away and spread her legs more, and she felt his finger stroking her and he slid it inside. She wiggled against it, not used to it.

"You are so wet for me." He grinned.

"Bastard." She huffed and he raised a brow.

"Temper, I see. Well, we will have to soften you up more."

She nearly screamed when she felt his mouth on her, licking, then sucking her clit. "Ali"!

Ali could not get enough of her. She was like sugar to him. This woman made him so aroused, and he had never felt this crazy for any woman like this before. She was on the brink of coming again when he pulled away, making her moan. She was flushed and wanting more. He undressed, knowing she was watching. She bit her lip when she saw his thick cock.

"Ali, how is this going to work"? She sounded nervous.

He climbed over her. "Easy sweet. Relax your body."

She tried to relax but when she felt him start to enter her she stiffened and pushed at his hard chest. He was slow and worked himself inside, and when he pushed past her maidenhead, she cried out in pain and tried to push him off. He held still and met his lips to hers for sweet kisses.

"Look at me, Talise." He whispered. When she did, he began to move again.

Talise was trying not to like it, but could not help moaning and whimpering. Each thrust hit her clit just right. He was thick and filled her deeply. When he circled his hips, waves of pleasure hit her and she came, and he followed, thrusting deep and spilling inside her.

She was still, yet panting. He pulled out and frowned when she winced in pain. She was sore, he had no doubt. He was a big man and she so tight. He would not take her anymore tonight, but he wanted her in his bed.

"You are lovely." He whispered and pulled her into his arms and lay beside her. She fell asleep fast, making him recall how much she had suffered these past days. And now she was his treasure.

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