tagRomanceCaptive of His Passion Ch. 03

Captive of His Passion Ch. 03


Hope you all enjoy the final part of this series. I sure had fun writing it :)

A month had passed and Talise was still captive.

Talise was given no chances to run away. Hazma kept watch on her and she had spent each night with Ali. She rested beside Ali and watching him sleep and it was early morning. She was naked and her body well pleasured. Ali had taught her so many new things she blushed just thinking about them. He was sinful and so good looking. His lovemaking was erotic. He worshiped her body.

She felt dizzy and lightheaded suddenly when she moved onto her back. Her belly was sick. She had not been feeling well this week. Sighing, she closed her eyes.

"Are you ill"?

She looked at Ali to see him watching her intently, his dark golden eyes still sleepy.

"I don't know... My stomach feels sick, and my head feels light."

Ali stretched."You need to eat. We had a busy night."

"Again." She sighed.

"You do not enjoy the pleasure I give you, Talise"?

She blushed and looked away. She did enjoy him. Before sex, she often would read to him. And she liked being in his arms as she slept. "Yes yet today I feel strange."

"Maybe you need food and rest. I have kept your body busy." He kissed her and got out of bed, his cock still hard and ready for her.

She noticed his erection."Where are you going"?

"To wash and dress."

"Like that"? She looked at his thick cock and felt a bit of jealousy knowing he may go to Leyla.

Ali smiled. " You need rest, Talise."

"No, let me service you first," She said.

Ali was surprised at her offer. This was the woman who would flee as soon as the sun came up. He came to her and noticed she was a bit pale today. Circles were under her pretty eyes. He did not want her to be sick from overuse .

"Get rest. Stay in my bed, you will be warm here."

"Are, are you going to another woman"?

Ali looked at her, now seeing what she was worried over. "No. I have work to conduct. No more pleasure until later, Talise."

She nodded and curled up in his bed. He dressed in his robe and headed to wash. Talise was not feeling well at all. The room spun and she suddenly wanted to vomit. Covering her mouth, she hot up and rushed to the wash basin and threw up. Her body was weak and upset. Tears streamed down her face as she wiped her mouth. Her maid, Selma gasped and rushed to her.

"Oh my mistress",She worried."What happened? Are you ill"?

Talise nodded, tears blurring her vision."I feel so sick, Selma. My head and belly,"

"Come, lets wash you up and get you to bed. I will call Hazma to see to you."

Selma walked her to the spa area and had her sit in the warm water. She was given cool water to drink and told to relax.

Hazma came in and kneeled beside her."Selma said you have been ill, my dear"?

Talise nodded."I felt ill yesterday morning as well but did not vomit as I did today. I felt as the world was spinning as soon as I opened my eyes."

Hazma sighed."Have you been taking the tonic I gave you to put in your tea each morning, Talise."

She blushed."No, it tastes nasty. I stopped after my forth day here."

Hamza had her stand and he felt over her belly and between her legs. Frowning at her he had her dry off.

"My dear, you are will child."

She paled."What"?

"That tonic was to prevent this from happening, Talise. You must learn to do as you are told."

Talise looked alarmed."What will happen"?

Hazma shrugged."I will speak to the master. You will rest today. I will have Selma tend to you."

Talise nodded, and was very worried. Would he sell her again? Kill her and the baby? She shuddered in fear. Any attempt to escape shattered. She could not run off alone while carrying a babe. The babe was made in pleasure. And Ali may not want anything to hurt it or her. She tried to reason and not worry so much. Instead she wept.

After washing and dressing, Ali entered into his office and had his breakfast of figs, with sweet bread and strong tea. Hazma came in. "Master."

" Hazma." Ali said and noticed the older man looked worried.

"I saw Talise, she was ill."

Ali frowned."I see. I told her to rest today."

"She is with child."Hazma said softly, fearing what could happen to Talise.

Ali felt his heart jump. Talise was with child? His child? "But the tonic you gave her each day was made to prevent that."

Hazma sighed. " She told me she stopped drinking it on her forth day here because of its taste."

"Damn her." Ali could not have a bastard child. In this society, sheiks only had children from their wives.

"What shall I do, master"? Hazma asked."Shall I get rid of the babe"?

That sent chills down his spine. He could not kill his own child. "No, no. I want her to rest, and at night I want her with me so I can be sure she will be safe."

Hazma agreed."Leyla will not take this lightly."

Ali knew that well."If Talise and my child are harmed by my women, it will be death for them. Tell them that, Hazma."

Ali was torn. A babe! Was it a son? Or a daughter? Would it be dark like him or have fair features like its mother? A warm feeling came over Ali.

"I will go to her and bring her to my chamber. We must talk about this."

Hazma bowed and left.

Leyla was fuming. She had smashed her mirror and refused to eat. Hazma treid to calm her but it was no use. That whore was will child. Ali's child! That was to be Leylas future. She should be the lady of the house. Have many sons, and an easy life of wealth.

She had to kill that whore and baby.

She found Talise having her long blond hair brushed by Selma. Talise smiled kindly at Leyla." Good day, Leyla."

" Shut up, you slut." Leyla said.

Selma looked shocked.

" How dare you carry his child, that was for me to do"!

Talise looked taken back. She stood."Leyla, please, I did not mean for this to happen."

"Kill the child, Talise, and I will let you be."

Talise gasped, and Selma looked afraid.

"I will do no such thing," Talise told Leyla. " How dare you ask this."

Leyla was not giving up."So be it, I will do it for you"! She attacked Talise punching her in the belly and began to claw at her. Selma screamed and Hazma ran in and yanked a screaming Leyla from Talise who was covered in bloody scratches on her belly, face and legs.

"Leyla, you will be punished for this"! Hazma told her and had two guards bring her to Ali. He left Talise in the care of Selma and other women. They cleaned and soothed her. Talise was shaken. She pressed her palm to her belly where her baby grew.

Ali rushed in, looking very alarmed. He saw her and came to her and pulled her into his arms. "You will stay with me now, my dove."

"I am alright, Ali," She said.

Ali was not having it though. He picked her up into his strong arms and carried her to his chamber. He set her onto his bed and looked over her. He sighed at seeing the many scratches on her lovely body."I am sorry to let this happen."

"Leyla was very upset at me."

"You carry my child," Ali looked at her. He pressed a warm palm to her belly and smiled."You will give me a beautiful child, no doubt."

Talise smiled."I hope so."

He cupped her full breasts through her jeweled bodice. Talise felt her body react."I will send Leyla away," Ali told her. " You are mine in every way now. We must marry."

Her heart jumped."What"? She couldn't believe it."No, I must return home, to England, with my family. "

" We will visit when the baby is born. I promise. And I will send for your family to attend the wedding."

Talise shook her head, wanting to cry."You don't love me."

"I do. How can you think I do not, when I hold you in my arms every night? I hold you in my heart also. I love you, Talise." Ali kissed her.

Talise pulled her onto him to deepen the kiss. " Love me now, Ali. Please."

"As you wish." He smiled against her lips and began taking their clothing off. She loved the sight of him. He was strong and in his prime. Hot and exotic, every inch of him. He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked and she shivered. " Oh yes," Talise moaned. She reached down and gripped his thick cock and began to stroke it. Ali loved how her hands felt on him. He wanted to be in her wet heat.

"Mmm, you make me feel good, Ali," She panted.

He rose above her and thrust. "Your killing me with pleasure," He growled and began to kiss her again. He moved slowly and deep, hitting her clit each time he thrust. Her body was afire with passion. She came with little cries, and he followed, spilling deep inside her.

"You still haven't said 'yes', Talise," His eyes met hers."Please." He whispered.

Looking into those dark golden eyes she smiled."Yes, I will marry you, Ali."

He kissed her softly, his body AND heart satisfied. At last.

The End

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