tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive Until Dawn

Captive Until Dawn

byMany Feathers©

It had already been a long drive as it was, but as Sharon turned the Jeep onto the dirt road, she knew she was now at least more than halfway towards her destination. At thirty-five, single, and reasonably attractive, Sharon was what most of her friends called a carefree spirit. She'd been looking forward to this vacation/camping trip for months, something she'd been doing now for the past ten years. Gayle, her girlfriend was supposed to have driven up with her, but at the last minute had had to postpone coming up until the weekend. And though she would be alone and all by herself for two more days, it was something she had in fact done before.

Sharon was fairly tall for a woman, nearly six feet. She was in great shape, athletic, and loved the out of doors. Her mousy-brown colored hair was long, though she kept it braided most of the time, hanging all the way down to her waist. Dark brown eyes, a natural olive colored complexion, which she knew, was in part to her Indian heritage, Sharon looked every bit the part of a woman that was comfortable by her self, especially out of doors.

Though she was now on a fairly well traveled dirt road, she knew that before too much longer she'd be traveling off that. And that's when the four-wheel drive would really come in handy. She'd found this place several years ago while out on another adventure with her then sometimes boyfriend. They'd gone off road, picking their own path until suddenly finding themselves in a near Garden of Eden type of paradise. Rich green meadows, a wide clear water stream, and a perfect bluff overlooking the valley from one of the highest peaks around. It had been simply beautiful, and Sharon had returned to it nearly every single year since then. And in all that time, she had never seen another single solitary soul up there at the same time that she had been.

Eventually the road became severe enough to travel on that she was finally forced to put the Jeep into four-wheel drive. But that also meant that she would soon start looking for the "secret" doorway into her own exotic little world of beauty, peace, and total relaxation away from the busy humdrum lifestyle she was forced to live and work in.

And once again, like nearly every time before, she nearly missed the turn off. It was nothing more than a deer trail really. It seemed to head straight down a very steep embankment, towards a gorge that seemed choked with tall evergreens and pines. But truth was, once down inside the area, a rocky dried out riverbed served a little like a roadway that wound up and along side of the mountain into yet another wide-open meadow. Straight across from this, was Paradise as she called it. No roads had been made or came anywhere near the area she'd discovered so many years ago now. And though she was sure there had perhaps been hunters up in these woods in times past, there was nothing to suggest by what she had seen so far that anyone had come up anywhere near here.

As she slowly coaxed and fought the Jeep along in deep ruts, jagged crags of rock and dirt, Sharon inched the Jeep along, which though distance wise. was the shortest leg of the trip. She'd have to leave early enough two days later in order to meet Gayle on the road. They'd agreed to park her car up there, and then once again take the Jeep back down together.

Though it was certainly much cooler in the mountains, it was till hot. And as Sharon was prone to do when she was finally off and alone by herself, she removed her tank-top all together, freeing her breasts and enjoying the sensation of the cooler mountain air caressing her newly exposed flesh.

It took Sharon as usual nearly two full hours to traverse the "Rocky-Road" highway, as she'd affectionately come to refer to it. Reaching the edge of the first meadow just beneath the tall overhanging pines and fur trees, Sharon once again hesitated. The meadow she needed to cross looked once again as pristine and beautifully untouched as she remembered it. She almost hated driving across as she trampled down the tall high grass that obviously many, many years before had been apart of some small hidden away lake. She had managed to figure out that the topography had all changed because of an earthquake that had possibly occurred hundreds of years before, and had left the lake dry and barren.

Crossing the meadow Sharon reached the last remaining hill that she and her trusty Jeep needed to climb before she'd reach the Plateau that would serve as her campsite and retreat for the next full week. Reaching it, she found the exact same spot she had camped at the previous year. Not a single rock had been disturbed from the campfire she had built and carefully watched over to ensure that no glowing embers had remained before she'd left it. A small cropping of tall pines served as a natural shelter in the event of inclement weather. And she had brought along a small two-man pup tent as well, though she left it inside the Jeep with no intention of using it unless she had too. Spreading out her sleeping bag and a few necessary items she had brought along with her, Sharon quickly had secured her camp and was now ready to take up her fishing pole and head down to the river below in an attempt to catch something for dinner.

So secure in her solitude and privacy, Sharon didn't even bother putting back on her tank-top and merely wore the cut-off Levi shorts she was wearing along with a pair of thick knee-high socks, and her hiking boots. She did take a bandanna, which she tied around her neck in order to wipe off the sweat with, but beyond that, she took very little else besides her pole and a small bag, which contained some fishing gear.

Carefully she made her way down the steep incline towards the river, which wound itself in and out of the thick tree line below. There was her spot where she had never failed yet to catch fish. She headed towards it, already looking forward to laying back, relaxing, and waiting for the fish to literally jump on her line.

It was still early afternoon by the time she had found her spot. Casting her line in, she positioned her pole on the bank so she could watch it. A nice patch of wild-grass would serve as her bed as she lay back to nap, think, perhaps even dream and enjoy the rest of the afternoon ahead.

As relaxed and sleepy as she'd become, she had twice failed to notice her line, losing two fish in the process. Giving up, she had decided to lay back and take a short nap, enjoying the comfortable, safe surroundings, which she'd become all too familiar with over the years.

It happened fast, violently, and long before she was fully aware or able to comprehend what was happening to her. One moment she was asleep. In the next, she felt strong powerful hands pinning her to the ground as someone sat atop her keeping her from getting up or trying to roll away. Another set of hands had immediately blinded her from being able to see who or what her assailants were. Seconds later she was forcibly turned onto her stomach, only then realizing as her bare breasts were roughly pressed into the dirt that she was vulnerably exposed to who ever it was that had accosted her. Almost immediately the thought of being raped entered her mind, and she found herself more frightened and afraid than she had ever been before in her entire life.

Blind as she was, with her own bandanna, she felt a length of cord being tied tightly about her hands. Even so, she struggled against it to no avail. Moments later Sharon felt the weight of one of her two attackers lift off her. The moment he did, she kicked out wildly in some hopeless effort to injure him or warn him off. It was at best a futile and feeble attempt.

"She's a wild one aint she?" She heard for the first time the sound of a man's voice, uneducated with a backwoods drawl to it that made her flesh crawl. An would ja look at em tits of hers? I don't remember ever seeing purtier tits an hers afore...have you?"

Sharon lay listening to the two of them converse for a moment. She had no hope of escape and the image of two wild, dirty-filthy hillbillies' standing there looking down at her, bare breasted frightened her beyond reason. If this was in fact her fate, she had no idea what they might do, or how they might end up doing it. The thought of dying fueled her fears as well. She imagined herself being violently raped, sodomised, and then having her throat slashed and left to bleed to death here on her precious treasured mountain.

"We gonna fugg her? I've never fugged anyone that looks as good as she does. Damn. You gonna fugg her first? Huh?

For Sharon, there was no mistaking the intent or the desire that was being excitedly expressed by the illiterate moron who she could actually hear swaying side to side, lifting one foot and then the other in anticipation and hope of burying his hard filthy prick inside her. The thought repulsed her, and without thought as to the consequences, she screamed.

Sharon screamed as loudly and as long as she was possibly able to do. She expended every ounce of her strength, expecting at any moment to feel someone slap her, or worse knock her unconscious, though at this point that might not have been such a bad thing.

Finally, almost hoarse from her screaming, her throat actually raw from the effort, she fell silent.

"You through doing that?"

The man's voice was gravely, rough, completely different sounding than the other's. And unlike the other man's voice, more like a boy's voice really, this one was far more educated in his tone and accent.

"Please, please...let me go." Sharon pleaded with him, with them. Still unsure of the relationship between the two men, or what it might mean as far as she was concerned.

For a few unbearable minutes neither man said anything.

"We gonna fug her now?"

"Shut up. Let me think."

Sharon waited, daring to at least sit up straining against the rope that had bound her hands behind her back and finding them not loosening in the least.

"Please let me go." Sharon attempted once again saying. "I promise...I won't tell anyone about this, if you let me go now, I'll leave immediately, and I won't ever return!"

"I can't do that." Gravely voice said almost sadly.

"Why...why not?" Sharon asked, her voice cracking, wavering in obvious fear.

"Because I don't trust you. Can't trust that you won't bring somebody else back up here looking for us."

"Why would I do that? You haven't done anything to me really. Not yet anyway. And if you let me go now, before anything happens, then I don't have any reason to bring anyone back up here!" Sharon felt her argument sound, hoped against hope that whoever these men were that they might be reasonable enough to at least consider it. But her hopes were suddenly dashed.

"Because I haven't made up my mind about NOT doing something to you...it's been a long time...for both of us. Willy...." Gravely voice began speaking, "Help me lift her up and tie her up to this tree."

Hearing one of them named wasn't much help. In fact, if anything it made it actually worse for her. Now...if she ever did in fact have, or get a chance to get away, she could at the very least name one of them. And with a name like "Willy", the odds of someone at least recognizing the name, or knowing who they were, was heightened, but the odds for her own welfare and safety, had now of course been lessened.

"Wadda we gonna do wid 'er?" Willy questioned once again. As they lifted her up from her sitting position, and led her a few feet towards a tree where she then felt her belt being pulled from around her waist.

"Take off your belt too." Gravely voice ordered. Sharon heard the sound of a belt sliding away from his pants, followed by her own coming away in his hand as Willy tugged with her own belt momentarily. Seconds later, she was once again securely held to the tree with both belts fastened together, linked through her wrists and wrapped about the rough feeling bark.

"I'm going back for the horses. You stay here and keep an eye on her until I get back."

"You're not leaving me alone with...with him are you?" Sharon said, panic filling her mind, her voice whimpering, quivering with fear as she pleaded once again for them to let her go.

"Don't you lay a finger on her Willy, unless she tries to escape or get away...you hear me? Not a finger!" Gravelly's voice was threatening, firm...and frightening. Though it had been a warning to Willy not to touch Sharon, it had also been a warning to her as well that cautioned her about trying to escape or get away. Because then....Willy was basically free to do whatever he wanted to do. She listened as the faint sounds of the other man slowly faded away, soon disappearing altogether. She could hear Willy pacing back and forth in front of her, stopping occasionally to look at her, commenting on her bare breasts.

"Those is really some great tits you got. I bet youse really likes em sucked on too don't you?" Willy asked her.

Sharon remained silent, not wanting to inadvertently antagonize him, or give him any ideas about actually doing anything.

"I bet your pussy's as purtty as youse tits are." Willy went on again. "Anyone with tits like dose has gots ta have a purty pussy too!"

Sharon was getting more and more nervous and worried by the moment. Left alone with Willy for not even ten minutes yet and already he seemed to be getting more and more worked up over her. As if to confirm her concerns, she heard him approach her his breathing harsher coming more rapidly with excitement. She could smell him now, his breath was foul, the stink of his body odor nauseating making her want to gag.

The sound of steel reached her ears and she knew by the sound of it that it was a knife as it left its sheath.

"Willy...he...he said that you couldn't lay a finger on me!" She threw that out at him hoping to remind him that he wasn't to touch her. And she made no movement to even hint or suggest that she was making any attempt to escape or run away.

But to her horror, all she heard was Willy's almost insane laughter.

"Yea, Pa tole' me that, but he dint say nothin about touchin ya with anything else!"

Sharon felt the sharp pointed steel tip of the knife just graze the skin of her breast. She felt Willy draw it across her skin. Sharon expected to feel the prick of his knife slice into o her, surprised when she felt no pain, only the continued threatening cold tickle of metal again her soft rounded breast. Sharon involuntarily sucked in her breath, fear coursing through her in waves of panic and horror as she thought momentarily that he might at any moment chose to use it on her and take her life with it.

Sharon felt the knife tip pressed against the button of her Levi shorts, as Willy stood toying with it, making some effort at prying it away. As sharp as the knife must have been, Sharon felt her shorts suddenly loosen as the button gave way to the knifes razor sharp edge.

"Don't move!" Willy warned, "Or I'll cut ya!" In the next instant, Sharon felt the edge of the knife slip beneath the leg of her shorts. The cold steel pressed against her legs, then the sound and feel of them being easily cut away. She had worn white cotton panties beneath, but these too were soon sliced away as the edge of the knife was slipped between the fabric of her panties and skin. He lifted the material, moved the knife he held in his hand only slightly, and she suddenly felt the material easily give way in his hand as he pulled it from her, baring her entirely.

"See?" Willy laughed happily. "I never tuched ya, not even once with my fingers. Not once!"

Mortified, there Sharon stood bound against the tree with nothing but her socks and boots on. Willy was obviously looking at her, violating her with his eyes if nothing else.

"Wow," he moaned breathlessly in appreciation for what he was looking at. "I knew you'd have a purty cunt...I knew it!"

Sharon sensed him actually get down on his knees close to her. Though she couldn't see him, his hot breath was obviously only inches away from her femininity, as he breathed her in, looked at her, and examined her most private intimate parts.

She thought briefly of kicking out, trying to hit him sufficiently to knock him unconscious perhaps. Then she could maybe find a way to undo her self and get away, get away for help. But she thought too of the warning, realizing if she failed, Willy would be free to do to her whatever he wanted to do. Sharon's indecision was decided for her however as she heard Willy stand up once again, the opportunity, if there had even been one, was now lost.

"I know!" Willy said laughing, half-cackling to him self once again. "Where'd I put my hat?"

"Hat?" Sharon wondered. "What does he want his hat for?"

"Ah...there it is!" He announced gleefully. And Sharon once again took alarm in the obvious excitement and joy that could be heard in the tone and sound of his voice.

"What's yur name anyway?" Willy suddenly asked.

"Sharon," she slowly offered him, remembering having read somewhere that if you made things a little more personal on some level with some people, then they found it harder to hurt or injure you once they had gotten to know them, or knew who they were.

"Sharon..."Willy said, mulling her name over for a moment. "Purty name too... purty tits...purty pussy, purty ass...purty name." Sharon heard him laugh taking pleasure in what Willy had thought to be a witty comment.

Knowing her name now obviously wasn't going to help. If anything, it had only made it worse. Now Willy felt even more attached, more interested in her than he had been before.

At that moment she felt something reach out and brush across her left nipple. It wasn't Willy, she knew that. Though he was standing close to her, he wasn't that close. And then whatever it was, it brushed her again, but this time against and over her right nipple. A feather! Willy was using a feather on her! That's what he must have been looking for when he wanted his hat.

"Willy...please. Please, don't do that. You promised!"

"Never promised not to touch you with this," he said, dragging the feather once again across her bare breasts and then down her stomach towards her now lewdly displayed femininity.

Sharon struggled briefly against the onslaught of the feather. Though not aroused, her body, particularly her nipples did respond involuntarily to the stimulation.

"You trying to get away?" Willy questioned her.

Sharon froze, unmoving. "No...No I'm not Willy, it's just that the feather tickles, that's all," she said trying to sound friendly, unthreatening.

Willy laughed. "Tickles huh? Feels good then." Once again he placed it against her flesh, circled her nipples with it, drawing on them like he had paintbrush, swiping the feather against her in broad flat strokes so that she felt it caress her breasts, encircle them and tease them. Shivers took her, though not pleasurably so, still...the stimulation although involuntary was both teasing as well as non-threatening.

"That's something anyway," Sharon considered. If allowing Willy to amuse himself like this, perhaps he would do so long enough to allow his "Pa" as she remembered Willy saying, to return.

And Willy did amuse himself in this way for quite a while. But he began to want and seek more from it as well. And Sharon was trying to buy herself some time. She felt him stab at her pussy with the tip of it, felt the soft feathers rub up her slit. She clenched her legs tightly together trying to discourage Willy from continuing.

"Ah uh. Open...open yer legs!" He demanded.

Sharon stood motionless, but she didn't open her legs up to him either. That was until she felt the cold press of steel resting flatly against her labia.

"Choose!" Willy said menacingly. " The feather? Or the blade?"

Sharon opened her legs, moving her feet slightly apart, revealing herself even more fully to him.

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