tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptives in Colombia Ch. 02

Captives in Colombia Ch. 02


(This story will be in 5 parts)

Two Russian agents sit across the plain, wooden table playing cards. The heat of the Colombian night seeps through the boarded-up windows and poorly insulated walls as if the very room were a sponge. Only the fan above seems to stir the listless air. Beneath the card table two beautiful women, their wrists chained to the table legs, are naked and helpless.

The blonde woman is Trisha and the brunette captive is Gabriella. Trisha's sister, Carly, has been dragged from the room, still unconscious, by two of Ivan and Igor's subordinates. Now Trisha can't help but wonder what's happened to her poor sister even as she's forced to do the ultimate degradation.

"Good girl...keep sucking. I think you'll give me good luck," Igor approves. The man sits naked from the waist down, his cock hanging free. Trisha's tongue slurps up and down his shaft. Then she takes him completely in her mouth, pumping up and down his rigid meat. Across the way Gabriella is busily servicing Ivan's equally burgeoning shaft. The man's thick cock is halfway down the beautiful brunette's throat. Her slurping sounds fill the air.

Ivan glances down at the brunette, admiring the sweat glistening between her breasts and across her cute brow and face.

"Mmmm...keep it up, American slut. We'll postpone the next phase of your interrogation if you girls behave."

Ivan exchanged looks with Igor. Both men knew that the next 'phase' of these girls' interrogation, if it came to that, would be far more brutal. It would be worse than rape for the girls if Agent Dmitri got his hands on them. Their sadistic superior was known for his unrivalled dedication to getting results. It had been several hours since the ambush on the President's daughters and their Secret Service bodyguards. The President's 23 year-old daughter Danica and his 24 year-old daughter Ivy were still nowhere to be found, but judging from the lack of diplomatic response from the U.S. side the American government still didn't know that the Kremlin had been behind it.

A burner phone rang on the table and Igor paused long enough to pick it up. At the same time the big Russian agent's cock, already humongous and straining for another fuck, compelled him to undo Trisha's cuffs around the table leg.

As he answered the phone he surreptitiously whispered to the blonde beauty, "Hop on my cock, slut. You can fuck me while I conduct my business." As Igor answered the phone Trisha dutifully straddled the stocky Russian brute. His clean-shaven head glistened under the naked bulb that hung from the ceiling, a detail that Trisha found herself strangely noticing as she eased her hips to straddle him. Luckily the chair was wide and had no armrests, allowing the slender blonde captive to let her hips cling across her captor's with little strain. She slowly positioned her pussy above his eager penis with her hands -- only able to do so because her hands were cuffed in front of her instead of behind.

As Trisha eased herself onto his cock that familiar feeling of fullness returned -- the same fullness she had felt when Ivan's cock had been drilling her pussy so deeply only an hour or two earlier. But this cock was thicker and harder to take in. She bit her lip as she tried to ease it into her tight and still-aching (ever since Ivan's vigorous fucking) twat.

"Ohhh..mmm..." she groaned, hoping the sound might please him. But he seemed to ignore her, listening to whoever was speaking on the other end of the phone.

"I understand. Thank you, Comrade. I am gratified to hear this."

As Igor hung up, she was fucking him double-time, his cock vanishing in her tight pussy with each gyration. He gently cupped the blonde's silken-smooth buttocks cheeks as he addressed Ivan.

"It is good news, Comrade. Our people in the field have a promising lead. They think they may have the President's daughters within the hour...it may still fall through, but all signs point to a possible American asset that may be hiding both girls."

As he said this Trisha crooned, feeling his cock fill her up deep. He grabbed her by the nape of the neck and brought her down to his lips for a long, sensual kiss.

"Mmm, this slut tastes exquisite. Maybe we should keep them after this is all over. You think official channels would allow it?"

Ivan shook his head sadly. "You know protocol, Comrade. I do not think this would be possible. All collateral must be disposed of." With those cold words hanging in the air a chill frissoned down Trisha's spine.

She glanced back and saw the same expression of horror briefly cross Gabriella's features even as she slurped up and down Ivan's huge Russian cock.

As if he had said nothing more than how pleasant tomorrow's weather might be, Ivan proceeded to un-cuff the brunette's wrists from her chair leg. He forced her to face away from him and slowly sit down, easing atop his hot prick. Gabriella moaned as the shaft sank deep. She just sat there as he slowly ground beneath her, then gasped as the big Russian's hands reached underneath the slender brunette's hips to lift her and forcibly re-impale her on the large penis.

"Uhhhh...yes, I know it is a shame. A waste of such sweet pussy," Ivan continued as the girl was forcibly raped. Even as he plunged into her, Gabriella braced her cuffed wrists against the table for leverage.

"Please Master, can't you have mercy?" Gabriella moaned. "We will be so good. We promise! We will not try to run or disobey!" Gabriella's desperation showed through, but Trisha decided that their only hope for survival was for her to play along.

"Yes Masters, please!" the gorgeous blonde joined in, slamming her pussy down on Igor's cock and looking imploringly at him with her big, blue eyes.

The grim Russian frowned, but she could sense his imminent need to explode and the joy of near-orgasm thrumming through his veins. She had to hope and pray that it would affect her captor's judgment. Igor brought Trisha's neck forward for swift, possessive kissing, before releasing her neck and resuming their fuck-fest.

"I think if matters work out, perhaps something could be arranged. What say you, my true Comrade?"

Ivan looked thoughtful for a moment -- despite the haze of lust overpowering his features. Sometimes the complications of matters in the field did allow for things...and even people...to become misplaced. He slowly nodded at his friend and brother-agent, Igor. As long as Dmitri didn't get involved, and if the President's daughters were discovered soon, then perhaps he and Igor could arrange to have these two little cuties whisked away and kept under guard by some local Russian assets. Russian assets whose loyalties were to them and them alone instead of any abstract fealty to Mother Russia.

It wouldn't be a bad thing to have a pair of sweet, young sex toys at their beck and call when matters called them back to Colombia. In the meantime the hotties could earn their keep by fucking and sucking the local clientele. One of the top Russian assets owned a string of lucrative night clubs and ran an underground slave trade that stretched from Colombia to all corners of Latin America. If arrangements with Mr. Escobar Mendoza could be made...

Ivan's thoughts were interrupted by the feel of Gabriella's tight snatch encasing his cock. At the same time the door swung open with an explosive burst and a tall, rigid man with a crew cut and storm cloud eyes sauntered in lazily, a cigarette dangling impetuously from his lips.

"Dmitri!" Igor and Ivan went deathly still at the sight of their superior. Their wiry leader was sinewy with muscle yet his tall and angular build, reminiscent of a hawk, belied the true strength of the man. Dmitri looked at them carelessly, but beneath that unconcerned look was a hidden calculation and ruthlessness.

"I see you two have been busy," he remarked. Wearing a suit and tie with sunglasses, the tall Russian spymaster walked past Trisha's naked form. He gently cupped her breast and drew out a gun, pressing it to the girl's temple.

"Have they told you all they know yet?"

Igor, blushing, shook his head hastily. "No, Great Comrade, they have not! But we were not done interrogating them yet! You must give us more time!"

Dmitri shook his head with disgust and tossed his cigarette to the floor, grinding it with his boot heel.

"There is no more time, fool. Our lead has run dry, and the American girls are still at large. These two must be prodded more thoroughly. Enough of this lackadaisical bullshit. Finish up what you are in the midst of. They will be coming with me."

Igor burned with embarrassment but couldn't help himself. Even as Dmitri stood there with his gun to Trisha's temple, the big Russian continued to fuck her. His raspy breath clearly showed he was on the verge of orgasm. He reveled in the last few thrusts as the gorgeous blonde rode his cock. These will be the last enjoyable moments you have, poor girl. This was all he could think as he came inside her, spewing his seed and pulling her hard against his chest.

The girl moaned and even had the gall to kiss the side of his neck, as if begging wordlessly for him to somehow intercede on her behalf. If the slut thinks I have that kind of power, then she is sadly mistaken, Igor thought ruefully.

Dmitri had meanwhile lowered his weapon and was looking intently at the other couple in the room. Gabriella was bent over the table, a Russian prick slamming home into her pussy with thrust after merciless thrust. Ivan had a fisted hand gripping her lush, brown tresses, and his other hand gripping her shoulder like a vice, holding her in place with each brutal fuck. He looked up at Dmitri and his eyes smoldered defiantly.

But he dared not say anything against Dmitri. So instead Ivan only indulged his dark, angry thoughts. So be it Great Comrade. But I will take my time with her and enjoy our final fuck. Ivan took the time to admire the brunette's perfectly shaped ass, wondering how soon it would be until Dmitri blemished it with cigarette burns and whipped them raw and bloody. Too bad. She would have made for the sweetest personal fuck-toy.

But serving Mother Russian required sacrifices -- as much for the agents themselves as for the helpless victims who had to die in the course of greater events. At last Ivan felt himself nearing that blessed plateau. He slammed his cock as deep as he could, his hand squeezing her shoulder in tandem with the sperm gushing from his cock-head. He felt her stiffen as she felt his warmth surge through her most intimate orifice. Then she went limp as he pulled his manhood out of her, his cock covered in the sweet musk of her fluid.

"Go ahead. Take them," Ivan gestured dismissively. Even as he made the gesture he was surprised by Dmitri's response.

"You two will be joining me. First wash them, though." Dmitri threw two pairs of loose jogging pants and hooded sweatshirts at their feet. "They can wear these." Without another word he sat on the nearby couch, which looked like it had come from a war zone, replete with missing springs and ripped cushions. Dmitri gave Ivan and his comrade an expression of boredom and impatience.

Gabriella tried to get her captor to see reason as Ivan led her into the shower and turned on the lukewarm spray. The coolness of the water felt good on her skin in the stifling heat, but panic was overwhelming her.

"Please Master! You can't let that man take us! We'll do whatever you want! Oh please!! Oh god, please no!" She was sputtering and pleading for her life, but Ivan calmly ignored the beautiful brunette. He soaped her breasts and then her shoulders, back, and ass. He admired the glistening smoothness of her skin. He even admired her babbling desperation as he reached down with the spray-nozzle attachment from the shower to clean out her cum-soaked twat.

Igor stood with Trisha in his arms in the bathroom, waiting his turn to clean his captive. He wrapped his arms around the blonde and held her close while she watched her friend's humiliating cleaning.

Trisha's reaction to the whole situation was a far cry apart from her friend Gabriella's. She said nothing, and her eyes watched her friend's humiliation in silent horror.

"Good girl. Yes, be quiet and cooperate. This is your only chance now. Dmitri is not to be trifled with. If you understand that now, it will go better for you. Believe me." Igor whispered these words helpfully into her ear as his hands idly stroked her body. His finger slipped into her snatch, coming away covered in glistening cum. He put the finger to her lips and she idly slurped on the big Russian's index finger. He squeezed her nipples encouragingly and gave her a quick slap on the ass as Ivan stepped out of the shower with a freshly shampooed and soaped Gabriella held firmly.

Trisha was trying to think of only one thing by now; survival. She idly wondered what she would do if an opportunity came, and her mind went to the only glimmer of hope. Transportation. A hostage or captive always had the best chance of escape during such a time. Perhaps she could be so lucky if she kept her head down and her eyes alert? At this point the young blonde hottie was beyond helping her friend. It would be all she could do to get herself clear from these brutal captors. Though she did it with reluctance, Trisha decided that the frantic Gabriella was at this time at best a liability, one who was in no condition to help them escape.

Sorry Gabs. I wish I could save us both, but I can't. That sad sentiment echoed in the blonde's head even as she disgustedly felt Igor's hands roughly clean every inch of her gorgeous body.

At last the ordeal seemed to end, at least this phase of it anyway. The two women found themselves hustled in nothing more than sweatpants and hoodies into a nondescript armored car. Their ankles were promptly shackled into giant iron ringlets that protruded from the floor of the armored vehicle. They sat for what seemed like hours enduring the jostle of the vehicle and the distant sounds of urban habitation which drifted barely within hearing, like teases from another dimension. Black blindfolds made it impossible to know where they were going. And anyway, the armored vehicle had no windows, so they couldn't have seen any landmarks to give them any reference for where they were being taken.

All Trisha could tell for sure, judging by sense of smell alone, was that both Ivan and Igor were in the back of the armored car with them. At last when they arrived at their destination she felt Ivan's rough hands hustling her out, and then they entered a structure. Judging from the slant of the ground it seemed that they were going down...down...down. The temperature seemed to drop mercifully to a more bearable climate.

They had to be a decent ways underground. This was all that Trisha could think as someone abruptly yanked the blindfold away. She stood blinking in the suddenly harsh glare of halogen lighting. How many doors had they stopped at before hearing that 'beep' of admittance? How many security posts had they been ushered through with a few spoken words? Trisha couldn't remember. The sounds were a jumbled maze in her head.

"Greetings my young captives!" Dmitri's voice boomed in the long, Spartan chamber. There were only concrete floors and walls with metal implements and wooden boards lashed together to form crude furniture, most of it designed with maximum discomfort in mind.

Trisha's eyes slowly adjusted to the surreal sights before her.

"Please watch carefully and see what awaits you if you choose to be uncooperative," Dmitri bellowed. Both girls blinked confusedly before finally focusing on where the voice was coming from. They slowly watched Dmitri, his form naked and pale. He wore only a leather harness, but tattoos depicting various lizards and insects capered madly across his entire torso, twining down every limb and even covering his now un-gloved hands and un-booted feet.

"You see me as I am!" he growled. "That is good. There should be no misunderstanding between us. You will tell me all I want to know, or you will end up very much like this young woman." Trisha and Gabriella were only too aware of Ivan and Igor holding their arms fast and five more armed guards flanking the walls to either side.

They noticed with interest that an Asian girl no more than 25 years-old hung naked from the ceiling. The blood-flow no longer reached her wrists and she cried out as Dmitri cut her down.

"This is the last chance, bitch. Tell me which government sent you to sleep with one of our agents?!" Dmitri roared. She moaned pitifully. Her breasts were covered with cigarette burns and someone had looped a fish hook through each nipple.

Dmitri turned with a pleasant smile to his new captives and made a grand sweeping gesture.

"Girls, I'd like you to meet Yumi. This Japanese slut has been sleeping with one of our agents and passing intelligence on to her handler. She refuses to identify that handler or the government she's been passing her information to. She even refuses to admit her guilt. A pity really."

Gabriella and Trisha exchange a mutual glance of sheer terror and then force themselves to look at the scene in front of them. The naked Japanese girl tries to get up, but Dmitri grabs her by the hair and tells her to kneel. Dmitri makes a swift motion to Ivan. The big Russian strips and lies down, presenting his burgeoning cock.

"Jump on, bitch. Let's go! I want you getting fucked when I kill you!" Dmitri bellows. Ivan pillows both hands behind his head as the young woman is forced to straddle him. The poor girl is so weak and exhausted that two guards have to forcibly get her pussy positioned and push her down until the cock vanishes into her snatch. Trisha suddenly realizes that the girl's cunt has been shaved of pubic hair, and the burn marks along her crotch tell of a similar, sadistic story. Yumi's plaintive cries echo through the torture chamber as a whip lashes from Dmitri's outstretched arm, striking the girl's naked back. A long stripe of painted red springs across the once-pristine back of the beautiful young captive. The Japanese girl's groans increase in pitch with each subsequent whipping until at last she falls forward, fainting on her rapist's cock even as her chief tormentor admires the streams of blood oozing across her back.

Dmitri barks at one of the guards to get a bucket of freezing water. "We'll wake this bitch up. I don't think she's had enough yet. And bring me the shock wand. We're going to see if this bitch can sing before I electrocute her to death."

Dmitri folds his arm, tapping his foot impatiently while Trisha and Gabriella gape at the obscene events unfolding before them. Soon the guard returns with the items required. Another guard grabs the bucket and splashes it across Yumi's face. The Japanese girl sputters, her eyes fluttering open.

"Please have mercy! I know nothing!" she squeals. Yet her plea falls on deaf ears. Dmitri's shock wand prods at Yumi's ass cheeks. She writhes as Dmitri administers the shock, and Ivan groans as the electricity passes to him too.

"Tell me who you work for bitch, or you die now!" Turning to Ivan, Dmitri barks. "Fuck her hard Comrade or you will become expendable, understand!" Ivan seems to belatedly realize that much more is expected of him. Instead of placidly lying down and letting Yumi impale herself, he tips her backward onto the cold, hard concrete and plunges in and out of her hard and fast. The sloppy, squelchy sounds of the girl's brutalized pussy accepting her rapist's cock fills the cool air. A cold prickling suddenly ricochets down each American girl's spine.

Dmitri turns to them. "You see what happens to stubborn sluts that do not cooperate?" He turns to Igor.

"Bring them closer! There is something else I would show them!" he growls. Igor grabs each of the American girls by the nape of the neck and shoves them forward. He forces them both to kneel so that they have a good, unobstructed view of Yumi's contorted face and the cock vanishing mercilessly into her pussy. Dmitri kneels on the other side of the prone Yumi, putting his hand against Ivan's pubic muff and forcing him to slowly pull out of Yumi's cunt. Then, ever so slowly, the sadistic spymaster lets Ivan's cock plunge inch by inch back inside Yumi's glory hole. As he slows Yumi's rape to a slow, inch-by-inch fucking, he points to the girl's clit. A shiny metal stud glimmers in the light.

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