tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCapture in the Woods

Capture in the Woods


He watches from the wood line as she hikes along the trail. Seeing how she moves so young and supple. Her brunette hair haloed in the sun as she stops for a drink. There are a few strands plastered to her forehead with sweat as she lifts her water bottle to her lips and spills some of the water down her neck. He sees the nipples of her pert small breasts outlined in the fabric of her shirt. He decides to take her for his own as she turns putting away the water bottle moving farther down the trail. He glances up at the sun seeing it is a few hours to sunset and smiles. He steps back fading into the trees as he silently stalks his prey knowing he will get his chance.

Much later that same day he finds her again where he expected to at the trail hut. He usually only gathers supplies that he can't gather for himself from the unsuspecting hikers. They never even know he is there using them as a supply drop. He shakes himself from his remembrance and goes back to watching the hut as she prepares her food and gets ready for sleep. He settles himself for a wait before he moves making sure she is alone when he takes her.

He stirs himself a few hours later feeling it is the still hours of late night. He silent berates himself for dozing and hopes no one else has shown up at the hut to make things more difficult for him. Moves from the brush silently coming up to the three walled hut and glances in smiling as he sees she is still alone. He stands over her tracing her sleeping face with his eyes seeing the delicate curve if her chin and the slender line of her neck. She moves suddenly in sleep partly opening her sleeping bag and he freezes thinking she is waking up. He breaths a small sigh of relief as she settles back down only to stiffen again as he jean suddenly become very tight seeing that she is sleeping naked under the coverings. His eyes move down her body tracing the inner curve of her barely covered breast, over her taunt flat belly and down to between her thighs. Suddenly he freezes his gaze frozen as he feels and overwhelming need to take her here and now at the sight of her hairless smooth pussy.

Leaning down he lay across her chest suddenly pinning her arms down as his hand covers her mouth with rough strength smothering her startled confused cry as she is woken abruptly form her sleep. He meets her eyes knowing his rough weathered face and ragged long hair give him a frightful appearance. He growls in her ears his voice rough from lack of use "do as I say Girl and you will get through this." He sees the flash of fear in her eyes at his word and growls in satisfaction, but knows she will resist. Pulls her pack over and riffles through it finding a pair of her panties and shoves it in her mouth before taking a short length of rope tying the improvised gag in place. He takes another rope and begins to bind her wrists when she jerks from his grip and hits him hard stunning him for a moment while she begins to run.

He touches his lip with his tongue tasting blood as he shakes his head clear. Looks down and sees a flash light knowing that is what he was struck with. He gets up and listens hearing her thrash through the woods heading away from the trail in her fear. He begins to jog after her catching glimpse of her naked skin in the moon light as she unknowingly heads for his home. He hounds her letting her seeing him whenever she slows or starts to head away from his home. He sees her stumble and fall as she enters a small clearing outside his cave and moves up to her quickly. Stands over her gasping, sweat covered body waiting for her to sense he is there.

She turns her head seeing him and starts to scramble away. His hand flashes out striking her suddenly across her face with a backhanded blow and throws her back to the ground. "You should not have hit me Girl" he growls with a low menace "I would have left you at the hut, but now you have brought yourself to my home." He chuckles darkly as he sees the flash of terror in her eyes as he grips her hair tight. He pulls her head back as he opens his pants pulling himself from the tight confines. "Now I will make you mine Girl. I will take you here and now" Pulls her wrists behind her back and ties them quickly and tightly with some rope and pushes her up against the wall of his cave as he drags her in. Pulling her hips back slightly he lines himself up and slams himself inside her making her cry out with the pain of the if it. He watches her face seeing the tears and pain etched on her features.

He groans from the feel of her tight around his cock her body tries to push him back out and holds himself still as he savors the feel of that first thrust into her body. He begins to thrust into her hard and fast without any care for the pain he knows he is causing her. Pulls back on her hair using his grip as a handle to control how she moves. He thrust into her hard and fast because it's been so long since her felt the touch of a woman his need for the release filling his mind. He grunts her cries of pain muffled by the gag that is still in place. With a grunt he drives himself inside her and shouts as he suddenly fills her young womb with his seed. Pulls back panting from the exertions of taking her so forcefully and uses her hair to pull her to his bed and throws her down onto the blanket over a bed of pine needles.

Stepping back he puts his cock back into his pants now that his lust is temporarily slacked. He glances over at her seeing her curl around her middle in humiliation and pain. His eyes glance down at her pussy and smiles seeing his seed seep from her. Grabs another rope and holds it behind his back as he goes back to her pulling her hair roughly back and growls "I need to go clear the hut of the evidence you were there Girl. Are you going to run while I'm gone?" He watches her face as she fearfully shakes her head and smiles when he sees a flash of defiance deep within her eyes. Suddenly he slaps her hard bringing fresh tears to her eyes. "I don't believe you Girl" he growls as he strikes her again splitting her lips with the strength of his blow.

Turning her roughly on her belly he pulls her legs back painfully tying her ankles to her wrists. He places a loop around her neck and attaches it to her wrists and ankles. Sitting back he watches her briefly struggle against the bonds and realizes that she will choke herself if she moves too much. Chuckling with dark menace he gets up looking down at her as she cries from the pain and fear. The tears leaving streaks down her cheeks. He moves to the entrance of his cave and looks back "I will be back Girl" he says just loud enough to be heard. He heads back to the hikers hut her muffled sobs echoing in the cave as the sky lightens in the predawn hours.

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