tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCapture in The Woods Ch. 1

Capture in The Woods Ch. 1


This is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental.

Her breath was ragged now. She had been running flat out dodging trees, bushes and loose branches where necessary. Emma Ross could not believe her predicament, although in reality her mind was focused simply on evading the two men now chasing her into the woods.

* * * * *

"Thank you, sir," said the bank clerk to her customer. As she handed him his cash, he was struck by how very pretty she was.

"How long have you worked here?" he asked.

"2 years," she replied, a little confused.

"And how old are you?"

"Twenty, just. Why do you ask?" she questioned.

"Because you could do a lot better," he said sliding his card under the counter shield to her. She glanced down at it, then, back up at the man. But he was gone.

"Outdoor Model Agency," she said to herself softly, "Mmmm, maybe I could do something different."

Emma, slightly against her better judgment, called the next day.

She was delighted with the conversation. The man remembered her, told her how pretty she was and how much of a success she would be. Emma soon found herself agreeing to a photo shoot this coming weekend, and, although not nude in any way, it was to be a pretty steamy session.

It was for this reason that she had insisted that only herself, the photographer and the lighting technician were present. Surely she was safe, they were professional, reputable people, weren't they? Well, apparently not!

* * * * *

It had all started out fine. The day had begun with a light breakfast, then a short drive in the photographer's open topped jeep to the clearing where the shoot would take place. All had still seemed fine even when Emma had kicked off her shoes and slipped off her denim jacket. As she turned to face them, in her faded blue jeans which rested firmly on her hips showing at least an inch of lacy, pink underwear and a tight fitting sports bra which was to double as a top for the shoot, she looked stunning.

It was only when Emma overheard snippets of their conversation, "...take her...little bitch...have our fun..." that she realized she was in trouble. Fortunately, at that moment, they weren't watching her, and she knew her only chance was there and then. So, bare foot and all, she took to her heels and sprinted off into the woods.

It took the men just a few seconds to register her escape but those seconds were important as Emma gained a lead and headed off into the thick forest of trees ahead.

She was now just a short way into the undergrowth but already they were gaining on her and the valuable seconds she had started out with were being eaten up. Fortunately, although she was less powerful than her would be captors, they were all having to battle against low hanging branches and tortuous routes around the trees. These factors meant that Emma was able to hold them off for far longer than she would otherwise have been able to, but still they gained more and more on her.

Her bare shoulders were being scratched continuously but she was oblivious to any pain as she desperately sought to evade the men. They could see, as they closed on her, how her short top was also being torn and the excitement this generated in their groins spurred them on.

Then she was gone.

One second they could see her, and then they couldn't. Somehow she had managed to skirt around the trees and bushes and had lost them. They stopped and looked around. Which way did she go? They looked at each other confused and frustrated.

"Aaaayeeee" they heard the shout, and then they smiled. Just a few paces ahead of them Emma had stood on a sharp rock, stumbled and now she lay on the leafy ground resting on her elbows staring up at them, with terror in her eyes.

"Well, well, look what we've found here, our source of fun for the rest of the day."

Emma began to shuffle backwards as best she could, but the men simply walked up to and around her, cajoling her, making her shuffle one way then the other. Emma begged for their mercy, but they laughed at her as one man flicked out his leg and pushed her down to the leafy bed, pinning her down with the sole of his shoe.

"Oh no don't, please, I don't know what I've done, but please don't hurt me!" she pleaded.

"Shut it Emma" one of the men ordered. She was dumbstruck. Emma could not speak. But she screamed as her tousled blond hair was gripped in a bunch and she was pulled up to her feet.

"Owww" she yelled as her hands automatically flew protectively up to her head.

Releasing her from his painful grip Emma was set down onto her own two feet once more. She gulped as the men spent a few moments drinking in her looks. They analyzed every contour of her body from her blond, straggled hair down to her naked and scratched shoulders. Then, continuing lower, over her torn top, now showing more than intended of her bare breasts underneath and along the full length of her legs covered by the fashionably ripped faded denim she was wearing. She could sense their intention and automatically crossed her arms in front of her chest in an attempt to cover herself. The futility of her action became clear as her wrist was grabbed and she was pulled over to a large tree. "This should do" she heard one man say. Her wrists were easily held as a large, thick rope was fastened expertly around them. Emma winced at the tightness of the knot and could already feel it digging into her skin. When she saw the rope thrown over a thick protruding branch, she closed her eyes in a childish desire for it all to go away.

"Heeelllppppppp!" she shouted as the rope was pulled tight and her arms were hoisted painfully above her head. Her body was stretched taught as the rope was pulled further and further and finally secured with a large tent peg, leaving poor Emma standing on the tips of her naked toes at the mercy of the two men. She could already see the bulge in the front of their trousers which confirmed what she had really known all along about their intentions.

Emma inhaled sharply as she was approached. She sensed the man as he moved behind her, and then she saw his partner in crime take a seat on a suitably placed tree stump in front of her.

"Please..leave..me..alone," she begged as he took hold of her arms high above her head and began to move his hands slowly up and down them. Her whole body trembled in fearful anticipation and she moaned quietly as he kissed her lovely bare neck allowing his tongue to linger on her skin.

"What shall we do with you?" he said quietly. "Please, please let me go" she responded.

"Not a chance" he whispered in her ear. Emma began to cry.

"Leave me alone please," she pleaded once more, trying to twist her head away from his attentions. Every part of her body was tense as she waited for his next move.

"I think a good whipping will relax you," he laughed. Emma was nearly sick. She could hardly speak and simply whimpered at the thought of what they were going to do to her.

"Oh no, don't hurt me anymore" she begged, finding her voice. "Oh we will, we will hurt you a lot, and when you are really hurting we will hurt you some more!" he chided her.

As she panicked Emma began to feel the chill of the woods, as the trees protected them all from the sunlight. She watched in terror as the man left her momentarily and walked over to his colleague. She was standing on her tiptoes facing them both. They turned to look at the gorgeous sight that she presented. She swallowed hard as she saw one man reach inside his jacket and remove a long coiled whip. Emma knew nothing about whips but it looked very severe and capable of inflicting great pain. She saw him take off his jacket and turn to approach her with a look of eager anticipation on his face.

"Please, no you can't, you..." Her reaction to his approach was cut short as he cracked the long, single, leather lash of the whip hard against the ground. Emma struggled desperately against the bonds that held her arms high and tight. She could see there was no way out of this and so she braced herself as best she could. She watched him step nearer, move his whipping arm back and lash out at her body. Despite her forewarning of his intent, nothing could have prepared her for the agony that exploded across her already scratched breasts.

The pain took a moment to register but when it did Emma let out a piercing yell as the red welt mark showing between the large rip in her skimpy top began to appear more clearly. She had little time to recover as another lash sliced across her stomach, leaving a second angry mark. This time she could not yell as the wind had been taken from her body. The man stopped for a few seconds while the agonizing scream, which eventually came, faded away and Emma's sobbing body recovered enough to face up to her assailant once more. She could see the second man idly stroking his erection, while the man whipping her was clearly also very aroused.

Emma sagged, almost hanging now by her wrists, a situation which was, in itself, very painful. She heard the lash slice through the air once more as it criss crossed the first blow, again ripping her top into shreds. Once more Emma screamed as loud as she could. Her small top was now hanging in threads from her shoulders, her left nipple clearly visible and reddened by the lash. Her fingers stretched and closed as if clutching the fresh air. Groaning, Emma sagged even more. Secured in her bonds, she viewed her captors through a dazed mist, hardly aware that the pain and shock of her situation had caused her to empty her bladder where she hung.

"Look at that" said the man with the whip, "Emma's wet herself." They laughed as the damp patch spread across her groin darkening the faded denim.

She sobbed harder now, if that were possible, humiliated as well as being in great pain. She received seven more strokes each one marking the point of its own impact with a thick red welt. Emma was gasping for breath, sobbing, when she could, and on the point of blacking out.

"Okay Emma, we'll take a break now. Don't want you fainting on us do we?" he mocked. She was barely aware of his comments. Her long hair hung low as her exhausted frame drooped, hiding her tortured torso from her captors. But still the men could sense the agony in her body from the ten strokes to her breasts and stomach.

"Hey, Emma," shouted the second man, " Plenty more to come yet!"

Slowly, but surely she came to her senses a little more. The pain became more real and she could feel the dampness around her crotch as her panties and jeans clung to her body. Emma groaned as her mind cleared, and, although she did not have the strength to look up, she could sense one of the men approach her by the heavy rustle his boots made on the bed of dry leaves.

"Please just leave me alone," she whimpered. She heard no reply but felt the pain once more as her hair was gripped and her head twisted and turned upwards to face the second man.

"My turn now," he stated simply. Looking directly into her lovely features he moved his mouth to hers and kissed her full on the lips. Although she did not return the kiss, Emma was too weak to fight him and she moaned as his tongue forced its way through to invade hers. For what seemed like an eternity, he kissed her turning up his desire all the more, preparing himself so that he could continue to inflict further agonies on her poor, bound body.

Finally he broke free peeling his lips away from her. Standing only inches from Emma's beautiful face he, once more, held her head upright by her long, tousled hair. Staring directly into her lovely eyes he rubbed his hands gently over her breasts making her wince as he touched the red marks left by the whip. As he gripped a handful of the tattered remnants of her top in his fist, she weakly shook her head in an attempt to dissuade him, but to no avail. With a strong pull and a loud rip he tore away the cloth, which had covered her upper body. Both men stared at her part naked body, marveling in her magnificent breasts criss crossed with lash marks, highlighting her agony.

"Look at those tits!" the man with her top clutched in his hand said. Emma managed to look up as he walked back to his colleague. She groaned as he picked up the whip once more and turned to walk back towards her. He smiled as she again began to struggle wildly. This time he walked behind her. She twisted a little to follow his path, but in the end she was too weak to do anything but hang by her wrists, which left her slender back and curvy hips as his target. She could not see this time, but she sensed him prepare for the attack on her naked flesh, a fact that was also signaled by the sudden interest of the watching man.

"Hang on," said the sitting man. He stood up and approached Emma. She watched him as he took her hair into his hands. "Give me that top, or what's left of it!" he chuckled to his mate. Taking the strip of fabric, which had held her breasts, he tied her hair into a pony tail which sprouted from the top of her head. This made her whole face look younger but no less pretty. More importantly for the men it exposed her naked back fully.

"Thanks," said the man now in control of the whip. Emma prepared herself once more as best she could.

"SWISH...!" the lash cut through the air and again exploded like thunder on her bare back, leaving a single red, angry welt across her skin from shoulder blade to the opposite hip.

"BASTAAAAARDDDDDDS!!" she cried in great pain, unable to avoid shouting out the expletive in response to the fire that danced across her back. Again, the thick length of leather crashed down onto her, expertly leaving the opposite cross mark. Once more Emma's whole body exploded in pain.

"One more bitch!" he shouted, and a third stripe hit her swiftly across her naked flesh. Emma sobbed hard now. A fourth followed and she writhed under the sting of the lash.

Then there was a pause. The man needed to refresh his breath after four mighty lashes. Emma would have screamed if she could have seen his massive erection bursting to get out. However, the man watching gave her enough indication of the size of turn on this was for them.

"Tell me how you feel Emma," said the watching man. She was silent.

He moved to her. "SLAP!" She cried out, feeling the sting of his open palm across her cheek.

"Tell me," he ordered. Emma looked up from under her ragged fringe and tear filled eyes.

"I..I..I..I hurt so much," she whimpered.

"Good!" he replied. Even as he returned to his seat the fifth stroke fell on her poor back.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, please n.n.n...Owwwwwwwww," the sixth stroke cut short her pleas.

Again Emma received ten lashes as her back was flogged just as her front had been. She was now, once more, on the verge of fainting. Exhausted and beaten she hung, limp in the ropes. She still looked stunning, in fact, in many ways, more so. She did not have the energy to sob, but simply hung groaning at the pain she so clearly and acutely felt.

She did not see them pull out the tent peg from under the leaves, but she fell to the ground in a heap as the rope came free. Once more she was pinned down by a large boot, as her wrists were cut free. She was in no condition to take advantage of her relative freedom even if she had not been pinned to the floor. A length of fishing wire was tied tightly, in several knots, to her belly button ring. A quick tug on it, brought Emma to her senses as she felt the painful pull on her skin. She was allowed about six metres of slack before the other end was tied to the tent peg. Taking a rock, the peg was hammered back into the ground. Emma watched in fear as one man produced a long knife.

Holding it to her throat he said "We want you to stand up, and take off your jeans and panties. But you will do this slowly, very slowly. Do you understand?" he pushed the point a little further into her neck. Emma nodded very carefully, scared by the closeness of the steel blade. "Go on then, do it," he ordered.

Painfully, Emma raised herself, first to her knees then to her unsteady feet. She stood several metres away from them, but was careful not to stretch the fish wire to its full length. "Release your hair first!" Emma reached up to the makeshift tie and pulled it free. Shaking her head she freed her long hair once more causing it to tumble down over her shoulders. Pausing she did not know what to do next.

"Jeans!" she heard the order.

Shaking, her nervous fingers moved to the top button on her faded denim jeans. Looking down at the ground she punched the button free, wincing as any movement of her arms released pain from the whip marks. Continuing down her fly she punched every button loose. The tightness of the fabric, compounded by the sticky wetness from where she had wet herself, made the jeans stay in place as the fly simply fell to either side revealing the lacy, pink front of her panties. Emma glanced up and groaned, because in addition to her having been flogged and now forced to strip, one man was taking photographs that she knew would be their protection against her telling anyone the explicit nature of her ordeal.

The men watched in silence as Emma gripped each waist side and wriggled, very sexily, to ease the jeans over her hips. This caused her no little pain and she flinched as she pushed them down over her thighs and down further until they rested in a bunch around her ankles. Finally, to complete the exercise, she kicked them off.

Standing only in her high cut pink panties, Emma faced the men.

"Very nice, very nice indeed," they drooled over her stunning features. A small chink of sunlight edged through the thick umbrella of trees, highlighting the very tops of Emma's thighs where the lacy material spread tightly over the sexy gap, which her pussy created.

"Off," she heard the order, and knew she had no option. A last pleading look preceded Emma hooking her fingers into her panties as she began the long journey down her slender tanned legs. The slowness brought on primarily by the pain in her back and chest unwittingly heightened the eroticism of the act. The men rubbed their erections openly as Emma revealed bit by bit her now entirely naked body in all of its stunning glory. Her panties were kicked off to join her jeans and she faced them entirely nude.

"Good show Emma, great show. Look at your body, it's made for fucking!"

"Please, please no more," she begged. Just then the sky opened and a light pitter patter against the leaves soon became the loud rapping of heavy rain soaking everything in a matter of minutes. The men moved to stand under a large tree thereby minimizing the rain that fell on them. Emma, however, was ordered to stay in the open clearing. The rain fell soaking her bare skin, hurting her sore back and stinging her lashed nipples. Her hair was soon plastered to her face as she crossed her arms over her chest, accepting the pain of touching her lash marks in favour of keeping some of the water off her naked skin. Her back, chest and legs, in fact her whole body, glistened in the rain. Water dripped off her nose, her chin and matted her neatly trimmed pubic hair and generally soaked her through.

Within a few minutes the rain had stopped. The men came out from beneath the large tree, almost still dry. Emma stood shivering and wet to her core. She looked more stunning than ever. One of the men moved to the tent peg. Reaching down he took the fish wire and reeled Emma in, pulling the wire and painfully stretching the skin that held her belly button ring. Almost jogging Emma reached the spot where the man was and he stood up. Taking the knife in his hand he reached down to Emma's stomach. She held her breath, but to her relief he only slit the wire to free her.

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