tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCapture of Tight Cunt Ch. 02

Capture of Tight Cunt Ch. 02


I wake up groggy and very drowsy. My first sense that returns to me is touch. I can feel that I'm being carried in a man's arms. My hands are tied with rope and laid on my stomach.

I've been put in a small dress that is a couple sizes too small, it's very tight, but at least I'm wearing something. My eyes and mouth are unrestrained. I flick my tongue round my mouth noticing it's very dry. When was the last time I had something to drink? I ask myself. I open my eyes. Trying to see where I am or who's holding me. I look up and see a man's face. He looks handsome. He must be in his late 30s. I test my voice.

"Who, who are ... you?" It's weak and quiet. But he hears.

"You're safe with me, slave." He responds to me. Slave! I remember with a start of my last memory, being sold at that awful auction. I'm a slave. I realise with a sigh. I'm too tired to say anything more. I can feel my eyelids getting heavy.

"The planes ready, sir." Someone in the distance says. The man holding me starts walking and I can tell we are outside walking towards a private jet. I close my eyes again and pass out from exhaustion.


When I awake again I'm feeling much better and back to normal. I'm lying on my back in a double bed, with fluffy white pillows and a big duvet with a black cover. It's quite a fancy room with obviously expensive furniture.

The dress from the last time I was awake has been removed and I'm naked again, all apart from a collar that is secured around my neck. I notice a mirror that's on the wardrobe the opposite side of the room. I sit up and take a look at my reflection. My hair is tangled and dirty. The collar around my neck is red and made from soft fabric that I couldn't remember the name of. There's no buckle and no way of getting it off.

The duvet falls down as I move forward to sit on the edge of the bed, exposing my naked body, exploring the room with my eyes. Two doors are in the room. One I'm guessing leads to a bathroom and the other to a hallway. There's a shelf on one of the walls with DVD cases and books. All by the looks of it on BDSM.

The bedroom door opens and the man that was carrying me before comes in. I pull the duvet from the bed and cover my body. His dark hair is neat and is cut quite short but styled. It looks very modern and fashionable. He walks over and stands in front of me.

"Firstly, let's establish the ground rules. Rule one: Only speak when spoken to and answer every thing you say with master or sir."

"No! You can't do this you sick freak!" I yell at him.

"Rule two: You are to be naked at all times unless given other instructions by me. Rule three: You are my property and I can do with you as I please. I paid a lot of money for you and I expect to get what I paid for --- "

"No!" I stand up and try to run past him but he grabs me and throws me back down on the bed.

"-- If you refuse or try to run away that will only result in a punishment of my choice and you will have to earn back the right to cum. Rule four: I am your master and you are my slave. Best you accept that now and not try to fight it. Rule five: When you are in my presence you must be in the correct position. On your knees, spread apart and with your hands clasp behind your back. And rule six: My pleasure always comes first. You are here to serve me first and foremost." He says. "Is that understood?"

My blood is boiling and I'm furious that this is happening. He can't just buy someone and force them to act like this!

"Fuck you! Let me go!" I shout back.

"That's not possible, you see. You are mine." He grabs a fist full of my hair and starts pulling it back. I cry out in pain, my hair tugging at the roots as he pulls. "Swearing is not permitted and you did not answer with the proper term. Are my rules understood?"

My scalp is screaming at me. I just want him to let go so I give in. "Yes." I cry out adding after a few seconds. Hating myself for giving in, I calm myself down. Shouting isn't going to help now. I need to come up with a plan first, so I will follow his rules till the right time comes. He releases my hair and puts his hands back to his side.

"Good girl. You may ask four questions. But this is your last chance to do so. So make them count." He says to me as he pulls the duvet away from me, showing my breasts and slit. His voice is strong and it makes me cower away from him.

"Where am I?" I ask, afraid of the answer. "Master." I add on quickly trying to remember to add that at the end.

"A long way from your old home, but you need not know where exactly we are. You live here now and won't be leaving the house." He replies.

"What are the punishments, sir?"

"Whatever I feel is appropriate at the time. I'm quite fond of spanking, but that is just the beginning of where I can and will go."

"Why me, master?" I ask my last question.

He pauses and smiles. "I saw great potential for you to be my little slut, with that tight pussy of yours. Plus you are very beautiful and I've always had a thing for red hair and hazel eyes. It's very rare to find a cunt like yours and I'm eager to try, but that can wait till after you've cleaned up."

My breathing quickens. No one has ever called be beautiful before and the thought of him inside in makes me wet but I'm unsure why. Why am I getting so excited over the thought of this sick freak touching me and moving in me? It's disgusting and wrong. But I can't deny how I want it so badly.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"Well that's obvious isn't it? I am your master. Now that was the last of your questions. You will not get an opportunity like that again. Now go wash up and make yourself presentable. You have 30 minutes to be ready. Once you're done go into position on the floor by the bed. Then we can begin to have some fun."

He runs his hand down my face and traces down till he's cupping my right boob. Squeezes once and then leaves the room locking the door on his way out.

I get up and open the other door which leads to a bathroom. It's a medium size space and fits a shower, sink, toilet and a corner bath. A long mirror hangs over the sink and reflects onto the shower. There are some soap and hair products on the counter. I open the shower doors and step in. Turning the water on, it's instantly warm and relaxing. It feels so great. I haven't had a proper shower in weeks. At the kidnappers place they just hosed me down with freezing cold water and laughed at me when I screamed. I shudder as the memory comes back to me. At least I'm somewhere that's nice. I rinse my hair through a couple of times with the shampoo and conditioner. I wash quickly but thoroughly and careful not to go over his time limit.

After I've finished in the shower it's been 20 minutes. I towel dry myself off and go back to the bedroom. Use a brush that was on the sideboard and work through my knots. My red hair starts to curl naturally as I find a hairdryer that was laid out on the side next to the brush. I switch it on and my hair starts to dry. When that's complete I have 2 minutes to spare. I kneel in the position and put my hands behind my back as he had instructed.

I hear footsteps approach the door and it unlocks. My master comes through the door. He walks up to me and circles round. I feel so exposed and venerable. He could do anything to me and I couldn't stop him. Realising this I can feel my juices leaking out of me and spreading onto my lips and thighs. He leans down, gently pushes my hair to one side and starts kissing my neck. I gasp, close my eyes, wanting him to do more than just kiss.

He undoes his pants, and gets out his erect cock. My mouth drops as I see it. He's huge! Easily 9 inches long and 2 inches wide! I've never seen a cock so big. He smiles as he watches my reaction and uses my open mouth as a hole pushing his dick into me. My only real experience of blow jobbing was when the guy from the bar had used me for this.

He starts gently at first. Then gets more forceful and grabs the back of my head and starts pushing himself further into me. I gag as his head reaches my throat. He continues regardless. I try to push him away. Using my hands to try and push his hips away, he responds my grabbing both my wrists and shoving them back down where they were. The other goes back to behind my head, forcing me to take him. He's just too big. He'll never fit all the way down. He starts thrusting in and out, fucking my throat. He groans every time I gag, every time my throat contracts around him. I keep's pushing more and more into me until my mouth and nose starts brushing into his pubic hair. I can hardly breathe. He goes faster and faster till he's going impossibly fast. My throat is screaming from being used this way.

"You love that cock don't you? What a good little slut. You just want cum all down your throat and on your face, don't you?" He says.

I try shaking my head but I can't. All I can do is just kneel there while he fucks my mouth. My head hating that he's using me like this but obviously my pussy doesn't agree. My juices are flowing way out of control now, dripping onto my thighs and the floor beneath.

He keeps fucking till finally he thrusts deeper than he was ever before. Groaning as he shooting his load of cum straight into my throat, he pulls out before the last squirt and makes sure it goes on my face. I can taste his cum on my tongue; it's salty and sweet at the same time. It tastes delicious. This is why girls do this so much. If it tastes this good! I start licking my lips and around my mouth, trying to get the bits that squirted on my face. He chuckles and uses his cock to wipe it up and then let me lick it off him. I start to wrap my lips around him and licking the cum off and getting the extra bits that are coming out too.

"Now it's your turn." He says smiling. He reaches down and pushes two fingers into me. I'm so tight and my wetness helps greatly for lube. He moves in and out quickly. I gasp and start arching my back. It feels so fucking great. I start to pant and scream as I can feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge. He pushes another finger into me. I scream louder.

"Yes, yes, yes, master!" I shout.

"Cum now, slut. Cum for your master." He commands and moves faster and faster.

I orgasm and it's like nothing I've ever felt before. It's amazing. My head goes all woozy and I spasm, gasping for breath. All my nerves are tingling and sparks seems to be shooting out of me. I can't believe how good cumming feels.

"You like that don't you?" He asks.

"Yes, sir!" I say loudly.

"Beg for more then slut and make me believe it."

"Please make me cum again and again and again. Never stop master. Please make me cum."

His cock start to get hard again and it starts to return to its 9 inch length. "Keep going."

"Oh sir, please fuck me, sir. Master I beg of you! Make me cum."

He shoves me onto the bed and pulls me on my hands and knees, into doggy style. Throws off the rest of his clothes till he's standing naked behind me. He enters and fucks me. I've never had sex this good before. I scream and pant, unable to control myself. He groans and pummels into me, full speed, shoving his entire dick into me. It hurts a little at first but my unusual pussy moulds around him. Still remaining tight but allowing his whole length into me.

"Like getting fucked by my huge cock don't you? Just a whore who likes to get fucked by her master!" He says to me. He reaches for my head and turns it so I'm looking at him. I can feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming.

"Yes sir! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy hard with your huge dick! Make me cum, master!" I shout as I cum. He groans and continues. Fucking me faster and faster. His balls slap up against my thighs and his cock slams into me. I cum soon after the first, then again, and again. I scream and cum over and over. Till I've cum 16 times!

"Thank me for making you cum!" He shouts over my screams.

"Thank you master for making me cum. Cum for me sir. Cum in my mouth. Let me taste you again, sir." He fucks me one last thrust then turns me round and shoots his second load of cum onto my face and into my open mouth. I swallow and grin as I taste him. It's just as wonderful as the first time. He collapses on the bed and I lay next to him. After a minute he stands and gets dressed again.

"Well done slut. Andrew will be here in half an hour to deliver your meal. You must be starving. After that you are free to read any of the books on the side or watch any of the films I have laid out for you. They will be good for your training. I will return later."

He walks out the door and locks it. I lay limp on the bed exhausted and rest my eyes while I calm my breathing down to a regular rhythm, waiting for my meal.

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