She was just walking out of the Mall into the south parking lot headed for her car. Arms loaded with packages of items that she had just purchased. She was in a hurry to get home to start dinner for her family. She was about 26 years old, with a very attractive figure. Medium sized breasts that were pert and firm. Her legs were long, well shaped and slightly muscular. A nice tight ass brought up the rear. Her brunette shoulder length hair hung loose and wavy. Overall a very attractive and desirable young woman. As she hurried toward her car her thoughts were of her husband and her young daughter and what she was going to prepare for dinner that night. Little did she know that her life was about to change, change in ways that to her would have been unimaginable.

As she approached her car, digging in her purse for her keys while still trying to hold on to her packages she didn't notice the man step out from behind the van parked next to her car. He moved up behind her, put one arm around her neck, grabbed her left arm and bent it behind her back. He had a firm secure hold on her. Fright overcame her immediately. She dropped her packages and purse and began to struggle to free herself. His hold on her was just to good and she could not break free. She started to scream and he bent her arm more causing a searing pain to shoot through her arm to her shoulder. He told her not to make any sound or he would break off her arm. She believed him.

He maneuvered her to the side of the van where the door was open. He shoved her in on to the floor face down and crawled in behind and on top of her. He grabbed her other arm and twisted it behind her back also. He picked up a piece of rope and securely tied her hands behind her back. He then took a piece of dirty cloth and tied it around her head across her mouth so that she could not scream out. He then stuffed her completely into the van, backed out and closed the door. He walked around the van and got in the drivers seat. He started the van, put it in gear and drove off. He made several turns in the parking lot before exiting on to the street. The rear of the van did not have any windows, so she could not see out. She didn't have any idea what direction they were headed. She began to sob as she contemplated her fate. A fate that she was sure was going to be bad, very bad.

She could see her captor. She guessed that he was about 40 years old, maybe 5'10" tall and about 200 lbs. He had a fairly muscular build and dark completion. His completion reflected his spending a lot of time probably working outside. He had a three day growth of beard and when he looked back to check on her she could see the coldness in his piercing black eyes. He had black almost greasy hair; at least she was sure that it had not been washed recently.

He drove for what she guessed was about an hour. She had no way of knowing for sure. She was frightened and feared what this man was going to do to her. She tried not to think about what he would do, that was just too frightening. She tried instead to think of how she was going to get away.

He eventually turned right off the main boulevard they had been traveling on. A few blocks and a left turn on to a winding road that climbed slightly as they drove. Then a right turn on to a rougher road after about ten minutes he pulled over and stopped. Terror began to strike her. This was it, now he was going to rape her! She was sure of that. All this time he had not spoken a word. He came around and opened the side door. As the door slide back she thrust out with her legs hitting him in the hips and knocking him back, but not down. Anger swelled in his face and eyes. He rushed toward her, grabbing her by the hair and slapping her hard twice across the face. She felt the heat of his blows on her cheek. Cold sweat ran down her armpits.

"Don't struggle, don't yell or scream, don't resist or you are dead!" he snarled twisting his face into an obscene mask of anger. He dragged her out of the van by the hair, not letting her gain her footing. He left her on the ground as he turned back to the van to retrieve length of rope. She got to her knees and had just gotten her feet under her so that she could run. He moved quickly and struck her with his fist in the middle of her back, knocking her to the ground. The blow also knocked the wind out of her lungs. She lay there in the dirt gasping to catch her breath.

"I told you not to run or you die and I mean it! Try to run again and you are dead on the spot." He snarled again.

She nodded her head in compliance. What else could she do.

She noticed that they were parked in a heavily wooded area. She could not hear any sounds or see anything beyond the clearing they were in. There were several large oak trees along the edge of the small clearing. He threw the end of the rope he had over one of the lower branches. He grabbed her by her right arm and jerked her to a standing position under the dangling rope. He took one end of the rope and tied it securely around her neck. He pulled the rope taunt so that it pulled her onto her tiptoes to keep from gagging. The other end he tied to the bumper of the van. The fear that she felt was overwhelming. She knew she was going to die here it was just a matter of time.

He walked back to the van and set on the floor in the open side door. He lit a cigarette and as he smoked it he watcher her dangling on the end of the rope. He noticed the fear in her large dark brown eyes and smiled to himself. This was not the first time and it wouldn't be the last for him. He couldn't remember how many there had been, but he had enjoyed each and every one of them until the end. This one was better looking than most had been and he liked that. When he finished his cigarette he reached into the van and took out an 8" hunting knife. He approached her knife in hand. She tried to scream, but he hit her in the stomach with his fist.

"I told you not to scream or yell. Do it again and you die! Understand!" He growled at her.

The blow was not real hard, but hard enough that she got the message. She could feel the cold sweat of fear on her body. Her heart was racing and the adrenaline was rushing through her veins. She had to get control of herself if there was any chance of surviving this ordeal at all. She thought of her husband, a very good man and her loving child. She pushed these thoughts aside and started to concentrate on survival. That was what she had to do.

He approached her with knife in hand. He felt her arms with his left hand, running them up and down her smooth skin and sneered to himself. This was going to be nice, he thought to himself. Her blouse was plain white cotton, sleeveless with buttons down the front. He pulled the tail of the blouse out of her full cotton skirt and one by one cut the buttons off with the flick of the knife blade. She noted the knife was incredibly sharp to be able to remove the buttons so easily. The front of the blouse now hung open revealing her white lace trimmed bra. He next cut the top the blouse at the shoulders from the armholes to the neck. The shredded blouse fell to the ground at her feet. The smirk on his face was turning into a lurid smile. He was enjoying this. She thought about kicking him, but decided against it. She wasn't sure she could do enough damage to stop him and if she lost her balance the rope around her neck would choke her. He then took the knife and cut the joint of her bra between the cups and the shoulder straps. It too fell to the ground at her feet.

He marveled and her near perfect exposed breasts. These were just too good. Not large, not small but just the perfect size for her lithe body. Her areolas were dark and about the size of a quarter. Her nipples were small but protruded slightly. The skin on her upper torso was almost perfection. With a narrow waist she couldn't have weighed more than a hundred pounds. At about 5'2" she was not a big girl, which lessoned even further her chances of over powering him to escape.

It was now approaching late afternoon. Her husband would be home soon with her daughter. It wouldn't be too much longer that he would realize that something was wrong. She didn't know what he could or would do, but she knew that he would be concerned. The later it got the more worried he would become. She was distressed that her absence would cause him a lot of distress. She didn't want to cry or sob out loud and let her captor see how distressed she was. What she couldn't control though were the tears that ran down her cheeks and splashed off of her breasts. Under her skin there was a tremor of fear that was engulfing her whole body and causing her muscles to quiver ever so slightly.

I am going to die she thought; I don't want to die, not here not now. My husband and my daughter need me.

He stood in front of her and played with her breasts. Cupping and holding them, rubbing her nipples and pinching them. He pinched too hard and she yelped and surprised him. He pulled his hand back and slapped her hard twice across the breasts. The red welt from his hand appeared almost instantly and her breast stung from the blows. He slipped the knife into his back pocket and stepped forward again to continue caressing her breasts and body. He just ran his hands over her smooth flawless skin and smiled to himself. This was good he thought. Too bad it would end eventually and he would have to go and find another one. There had been so many.

He reached to his back pocket and withdrew the knife again. He slipped it into the waistband of her skirt and cut it from waistband to hem in one long stroke. Her skirt fell to the ground joining her blouse and bra. He next did the same with her slip. She now stood in only her panties. With his hand he cupped her pubic mound through her underwear. She gasped in a breath at his action. He rubbed her mound for a minute and then hooked a finger onto the crouch of her panties and pulled them down and out. With the knife he cut through the crouch. Next he pulled the waistband at the side and cut it from waistband to leg, and then the same on the other side. All of her clothing now lay bunched at her feet and she stood hanging naked before him. He slowly walked around her inspecting his captive. He like what he saw. This one was probably one of the best looking that he had taken. He put his hand on her muff and stroked it. He then slid his hand further down and stroked her labia with his fingers. She felt so good. He didn't want to rush things. He wanted to take his time and really enjoy this one. He slapped her hard twice on the cheeks of her ass. The blows stung and left a red imprint on each cheek.

He went back to the van and sat again and lit a cigarette. He sat there watching her until he had finished his smoke. He then rose and went to the end of the rope tied to the bumper and released it. She collapsed on the ground on top of her cloths. She couldn't move. Fear, tension, distress, all had overcome her, she was conscious, but couldn't move. He picked her up and put her in the van, coiled the rope that was around her neck and threw it in on top of her. He closed the door and went around to the drivers seat. He started the van and pulled away. Back down the rough road to the pavement and then drove for at least two more hours. By this time darkness was approaching.

He pulled off the road and drove for approximately a mile or two and then pulled over and shut off the motor. He crawled into the back of the van and rolled her onto her stomach. He took both legs, held them together and tied them. He then took the rope and tied her wrists and ankles together. He rolled her back on her side and got a blanket from behind her and covered himself with it. As he lay there looking at her he reached out and touched her breasts and vagina. When he tired of doing this he rolled over onto his back and went to sleep.

Her fear was now not overpowering her. She was starting to think about how she was going to get herself out of this. No solution came to mind. First she had to stay alive no matter what it took. She had to do that if nothing else. She tried the ropes that bound her, but they were tied to tight and she couldn't budge them. So tight in fact that her feet and hands were going to sleep as a result of lack of circulation. She was certain that his intent was to kill her when he had finished with her and she was determined not to let that happen. These thoughts kept going around and around inside her head till she finally drifted off to sleep.

He awoke when the sun come up. Opened the door to the van and stepped out. He unzipped his fly and pissed long and hard on the ground. She awoke as he grabbed the blanket and covered her completely.

"Don't move, or make a sound or you will die instantly!" He told her. He went around the van, got in, started it and drove off.

By this time her husband was frantic. He had called the police several times, but they told him that they couldn't accept a missing person report until she was missing for 72 hours. After his third call they finally agreed to keep an eye out for her car. At about 7:00 in the morning they called him to inform him that they had found her car in the mall parking lot. They had also found her purse, which had been gone through, and the remnants of some packages that she must have bought, but no sign of his wife. Based upon what they had found they were going to issue a missing person report and see if they couldn't find her. Her husband was afraid. He was sure that she had been abducted, but the police were not ready to acknowledge that that was the case.

Her abductor drove for about thirty minutes and pulled into a parking lot. He got out of the van and locked it up. He was gone for about half an hour before he returned. He got in the van, started it and drove off back on the street. She could smell coffee and breakfast on him. She had a feeling that the end was coming near.

He drove for about an hour before turning onto another road briefly and then pulling up to a stop. He got out, came around to the side door of the van and opened it. He jerked the blanket off and with a devious smile on his face said, "Time to get out and play." He untied her ankles from her wrists and jerked her out of the van. Because her feet were still asleep she was having difficulty standing.

He removed her gag. "No yelling or screaming or you die." He admonished her.

"I have to pee," she told him.

"So Spread your legs and pee, I don't care."

She was embarrassed and ashamed, but had no choice. She spread her legs apart squatted slightly and peed. In spite of everything that was going on it felt good. Small pleasures can come from almost insignificant things at the oddest times. When she finished peeing she stepped back and looked around. They were in a small park next to a small lake. There was no one in sight, nor were there any houses or other signs of people. She also could not hear any traffic noises so they must be some distance from a major street.

He got the rope out of the back of the van and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her over to a picnic table. He threw her across the table on her back with her legs hanging over at the knees. She was lying on her hands and it was not only uncomfortable, but it hurt also.

She felt very embarrassed, ashamed and vulnerable lying on the picnic table exposed like she was in the broad daylight. She had no choice.

He just looked at her for a while. He then started feeling her breasts and nipples. Pinching and twisting her nipples until they became erect and hard. With his other had he began touching and rubbing her pubic mound and labia. Her pubic region was closely trimmed into a small patch above her pussy, while her pussy lips were shaved smooth and clean. As he rubbed and massaged her pussy lips he inserted one and then two fingers into her vagina. This invasion of her private parts was disgusting and vile. Not only because it was he who was uninvited but his hands and fingers were dirty and grimy.

He removed his hands and put his mouth on her pussy. He started sucking and licking her. His beard stubble was irritating to her sensitive skin. She felt violated and debased. And despite her best efforts felt her pussy becoming aroused. This disgusted her even more. How could this be happening? She had to do something, but what, she was virtually helpless. He took out he knife and began to shave what was left of her pubic hair. The knife was very sharp and removed the hair with little effort. He slapped her mound several times. Not real hard, but hard enough to make it sting. He returned to working on her with his mouth and tongue. Licking her nether lips from top to bottom, sucking her clit and finally inserting his tongue inside her. Despite her best efforts she was becoming slightly aroused. Her vagina was wetting itself in anticipation of what might come next.

He moved around to her head. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her across the picnic bench until her head hung over the edge. He undid his belt buckle and pants and let them drop. He wore no underwear. When he was exposed so near her face she could smell the vial order the emanated from his crotch.

"Suck my dick bitch, put it in you mouth and suck it!" He stepped closer to her face and grabbed her by the hair to hold her still and forced his erect smelly dick into her mouth. She started to gag and almost threw up. It was nasty and vile. He began fucking her mouth, in and out with savagery.

From deep within her arose the minutest element of courage and she bit down with all her strength. When she bit, his cock was almost all the way in her mouth. She bit hard and swift. She could taste the blood. He screamed in executing pain and shock. He backed away holding his groin with both hands as the blood continued to run out of his body. She sat up on the table and with all the force in her she spat out his severed penis onto the ground. She continued spitting out the blood as she sat up on the picnic table. She swung her legs around to the end of the table and stood up. With her hands still tied behind her and the adrenaline starting to flow she got off the table and onto her feet and somehow forced her body to respond and began running back down the road as hard as she could. She looked back over her shoulder once to see if he was coming after her. She didn't see him and just kept running for all she was worth. The rock and small stones in the road hurt her feet as she ran but she didn't care. She had to get away. She ran as hard as she could back down the road, hoping against hope that he would not catch her.

As she rounded a curve in the road she saw a small convenience store. She ran toward it. "Help me, Help me!" She screamed as she entered the front of the store. There was the cashier behind the counter; a young man and middle aged couple there paying for their purchases. She must have been quite a sight to them. Naked, dirty, hands tied behind her back and blood on her face and down the front of her breasts and chest. She collapsed on the floor. It was over and she passed out.

The couple rush to her side as the cashier called 911. They dispatched the police and an ambulance to the location immediately. The man untied her hands while his wife retrieved a tablecloth from the display rack to cover her nakedness. She was transported to the nearest hospital and her husband notified of her where she was. The police officers went up the road and found the van and her abductor. There was blood all over the picnic table and all around her abductor. His groin area and down his pants was coated with blood. He had bleed to death.

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