tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 02

Captured Ch. 02


Emma's swollen pussy pushed upwards her senses unaware as Natasha parted her puffy lips and delved two fingers into her hot hole retrieving the remote controlled vibrator.

Natasha picked up the bucket and threw the water over Emma making an effort to aim it at her pussy, the icy cold water jerking Emma back to reality, she felt sharp pains shoot through her pussy as the cold water made her pussy lips tighten forcing them back to their normal size.

Natasha knelt in front of Emma's face.

"Come on Emma tell me where the dossier is and all this will be over." Natasha said with the tone of concern.

Emma bowed her head; knowing this act of defiance would cause Natasha to react.

Natasha stood up, grabbed the riding crop from the table, and smacked it across Emma's pussy, its suddenness causing Emma to grunt.

Natasha repeated the question demanding to know the dossiers location, Emma's silence brought another smack across her pussy with the riding crop, Natasha continued asking the same question over and over again, Emma remained silent her pussy hit harder each time she refused to answer., after the tenth lashing Natasha stopped.

Emma felt her pussy lips swell and the pain had been replaced with heat and a prickly sensation, she so wanted to rub her pussy and give herself some relief she even hoped Natasha may do the favor for her however their was no compassion forth coming.

Emma felt the hair on Jeffrey's legs against her soft inner thighs, she knew Natasha would use his thirteen inches at some time during the interrogation and guessed it was going to be now.

She felt the tip of his cock open up her puffy lips and rest at the opening to her cunt, she felt some relief from his touch. Natasha picked up a nipple chain from the table, it had smaller clamps than one she had used on Emma previously she bent down behind Jeffrey and attached one of the clamps to Emma's clit, Emma flinched as the clamp shut tight squeezing her hardened clit, Natasha then pulled the chain around Jeffrey's buttocks and attached the other clip to Emma's clit, Emma gritted her teeth as the tight clamps encompassed her entire hardened clit.

Jeffrey moved forward his cock sliding into Emma's wet cunt with ease, he pushed his cock as deep as it would go, Emma felt his cock hit the top of her cunt the action momentarily taking her breath away. Jeffrey pulled his cock slowly outwards forcing the chain to tense against his buttocks, Emma felt the clips pull tight against her clit, Jeffrey kept moving slowly in and out until Emma could take his full length, she felt her juices flowing.

Jeffrey increased his pace, his speed forcing the clips to milk Emma's clit faster and faster. Jeffrey felt Emma's pussy muscles contracting, he pulled his cock to the edge of Emma's hole forcing the clips to stretch her clit as far as they could and held his position.

Emma felt her clit pulse against the restraints of the clips she clenched the top of the chair with her strapped hands, letting out a hollow sound as her orgasm ripped through her body. Jeffrey wasted no time and he pushed his hard long cock deep into Emma's cunt and held it in deep, Emma's eyes closed as her pussy tightened its grip on his large manhood her muscles pumping around it solidness she felt tiny eruptions deep inside her pelvis as the second orgasm built inside her with one final deep push against Jeffrey's cock she came.

Once again Natasha approached Emma and asked for the dossier, Emma wanted to tell her, she couldn't her mind and body had moved into another dimension the length of the interrogation and the highs and lows from the pain and the pleasure had her left drifting in and out emptiness.

Natasha looked at Jeffrey and nodded her head. Jeffrey removed his cock from deep inside Emma forcing Emma's clit to be stretched once more, he rested his wet cock on top of Emma's anus, she knew he was going to put his long cock deep into her tight arse, she didn't care her body was exhausted and numb he could fuck her all day and she didn't think it would matter her body could not possibly respond sexually anymore.

Natasha placed a straw to Emma's mouth and she slurped until she had emptied the glass of cold water quenching her parched lips and dry throat. With in seconds Emma's mind started to become awash with altered images and her body tingled, her tits tightened and a warmth filled her pussy she felt revived, once again Natasha had managed to slip a mind altering substance into her.

Jeffrey pushed his cock into Emma's small tight arse, Emma swallowed deeply as he slowly pushed his thick long cock inch by inch into her tiny hole until his full thirteen inches filled her, Jeffrey grabbed Emma's long blonde hair and pulled it forcing her head upwards, in front of her stood Natasha naked her clean shaven pussy so close to Emma's face she could see the glistening of her juices on her outer lips.

Natasha opened her legs slightly and with two fingers parted her wet lips exposing her taut clit, she gently fingered her clit with her other hand.Jeffrey placed his large hands on either side of Emma's hips and grabbed her tight pulling her in towards him, she felt his balls touch her pussy Emma tried to fight the feeling of arousal once more as she thought her body could not possibly be able to keep fulfilling the pleasure however her attempts seemed in vain as the drink Natasha had given her was making all her senses awaken her smell, her hearing and especially her tits and pussy.

Jeffrey started to rock his cock slowly inside Emma's tight arse with small deep strokes; she could feel her own tightness around his thick cock as her arse struggled to stretch to take his girth. Natasha moved closer to Emma's face now she could smell Natasha's wet pussy she watched as Natasha slid her finger up and down her slippery snatch, teasing herself running her finger over her clit and then down to her hole circling it and then repeating the process.

Jeffrey increased the length of his strokes along with his tempo faster and faster as his drew his cock right to the edge of Emma's anus and then plunging it deep inside her, his outward strokes forcing the nipple chain to stretch Emma's clit as far as it could and his inward motion pushing Emma's tits against the sticky seat of the chair she lifted herself slightly upward so the tips of her nipples slid across the chair stimulating them.

Natasha slipped two fingers into her wanting hole and sighed from the sensation she bent her knees and squatted slightly trying to take as much of her two fingers into her hot cunt as she could, she looked at Jeffrey as his quickened his hips, his breathing becoming heavier.

Emma watched as Natasha fingered her pussy faster and deeper with each push, she could feel Jeffrey's cock pulsate within her and then he stopped as he filled her tight arse with his hot cum, he held his cock deep inside Emma and let out short grunting sounds between his gritted teeth. The sound of Jeffrey cumming was enough to send Natasha over the edge and Emma watched as Natasha's cunt muscles spasmed around her fingers, Natasha's hips rocked back and forth, as her orgasm washed over her it seemed to last for minutes.

Natasha removed her fingers and smeared them across Emma's face, her smell was intense, and Emma licked the stickiness from her lips savoring in Natasha's taste.

Natasha ordered Jeffrey to remove the clamps from Emma's clit he reached down between his tight balls and released Emma's swollen clit, Natasha then told Jeffrey to take his cock out of Emma's arse and leave the room which he did dutifully.

Emma sensed Jeffrey's cum oozing from her arse and felt it's hotness run down her crack and onto her pussy, the sensation making her juices flow instantaneously mixing with his. Natasha moved behind Emma and ran her finger over Emma's anus circling her finger around her stretched arse as Jeffrey cum slid out Natasha pushed the stream of cum down quicker to Emma's waiting pussy with her other hand she parted Emma's puffy lips allowing the dollops of hot cum to run down the entire length until it reached Emma's swollen sensitive clit.

Emma felt her body start to quiver as the first stream of hot cum touched her clit, she felt Natasha's tongue slowly lap Jeffrey's and her juices pushing her face deeper into Emma's pussy, with in moments Natasha turned her attention to licking and sucking Emma's clit slowly and gentle at first as the cum dripped quicker from Emma's arse Natasha increased the speed of her licks sliding her tongue along the length of Emma's pussy from her cunt down to her clit, drinking as much of the juices as she could with every stroke.

Natasha's face was forced harder against Emma's cunt as her pelvis eagerly pushed downward, Emma could not control her bodies movements as it tried to release her of the tight ball of sexual tension deep inside her. Natasha's arms reached out and her hands cupped Emma's tits, her fingers pinching Emma's stiff nipples. Emma's buttocks quivered as her body finally released it's tension, wave after wave of tiny explosions filled Emma's cunt as her orgasm built up before finally spilling itself outward, Emma let out a shrieking scream as her clit pulsed pushing out the every last ounce of ecstasy from with inside of her.

Emma felt the coolness of the white silk sheets as the morning breeze entered the open window and danced across them, she slowly opened her eyes to see Natasha sitting beside her with a cup of coffee, and Emma smiled.

"I asked Jeffrey to bring the car around thought we might like to go on a picnic today?" Inquired Natasha.

"That would be lovely." Replied Emma.

Emma closed her eyes and giggled.

"Are you okay?" Questioned Natasha.

Emma replied.

"I am fine I just can't wait for when it's my turn to play the interrogator."

The end

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