tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured Ch. 1

Captured Ch. 1


Gina stood outside the automatic doors of the local grocery store. She hated shopping this late, but she had no other time this week with her busy schedule to get the things she needed to keep her family well nourished. She looked up at the black sky and the twinkling light of the few stars that were visible. The night was muggy and over cast. She hoped she'd get home before it actually stormed.

She wheeled the cart to her car, one of its wheel sputtering and wobbling as she pushed her bagged item. Pulling the keys from the pocket of her overall shorts, she popped the trunk and started loading in the various brown paper bags. The green store logo crinkling with the paper as she piled all the bags in. A soft shuffle noise caught her attention and she stood still for a moment. Placing a hand on the trunk she closed it and removed her keys. Turning slowly she looked around the dimly lit deserted parking lot. A small shiver ran down her spine.

She wheeled the now lighter cart to the lot rack, its groans from poor maintenance still audible as it crossed the pavement. She now wished she had parked a bit closer to the rack. When she turned to head back to her car she squinted trying to see through the back and front windows. Was someone leaning on the hood? As she cautiously moved closer she saw the tip of a lit cigarette reflect against the polished window glass. Someone was sitting on her car.

"Excuse me. Hey!" she yelled not moving any closer. Her eyes moved to see how far she stood from the store doors, estimating the running time it would take to get there. " If you wouldn't mind, can you kindly get the hell off my car?"

A low scoffing laughter floated in the thick air to her ears. Again she looked across the lot towards the store. There were only three other cars in the parking lot. They were probably employee's vehicles. She could feel the perspiration from her skin on the back of her halter top. She looked again to her car, the man was now standing by the drivers side door, the cigarette hanging from his mouth.

She redirected her steps and took off towards the store front in a sprint. Passing the first car and the second. She turned her head to see if he had decided to follow. He was just standing there now, his arms folded on the roof of the car, watching her. She stopped and took a moment to flip him off, walking backwards, fully confident that she could reach the doors before he could reach her. Oh she'd be happy to file a report to the cops on this jerk. Before she had even fully turned to walk to the doors a pair of masculine arms had pinned her arms to her side and covered her mouth with a rag of some sort. She fought back against the body that held her unable to see her captor. Her feet being lifted from the pavement, she was roughly carried back to her vehicle.

Gina kicked out at the stranger behind her as she was brought closer to the man standing at the car, a smirk upon his face. Her eyes were wide as she stared back at him, her mouth still covered by the rag. He reached forth a callused hand to stroke the side of her face, she shrank back against her captor to avoid his touch.

"Now ain't she pretty, Billy?" He said, stepping away from the car and holding her face still. "Like a scared little rabbit."

The one called Billy gave a small laugh. Gina kicked out again and he tightened his grip. The man who was obviously the leader of the two still held her face fast in his large hand. He nodded towards the back door of her vehicle.

"Get her in the car." He directed Billy.

" Sure sure, Frank." Billy pushed her up against the side of the car pressing himself against her as he opened the back door. His strength was merciless as he gripped her arms and tossed her like a bag of feathers into the back seat. He climbed in behind her and shut the door.

On instinct Gina threw herself across the seat and fumbled for the handle to open the opposite door. Her mind was racing. What did these men want? Wasn't anyone seeing what was going on? She looked out the window towards the store front. No one was in sight. Billy grabbed a fist full of hair and yanked her back from the door.

"Oh no you don't. If you know what's best for you, you're gonna sit here like a good girl and listen to what ol' Frank tells ya." He pushed her head away from his hand letting his grip go from her hair. She knew she was no match for his strength, she needed time to think of how to outwit these two. "Ol' Frank" climbed into the drivers seat and closed the door he turned to face them, his face showing complete calm and control.

"What do you want?" Gina asked. "Money? Here." She tossed her wallet and check book from her pocket out onto the front seat. Both men snickered.

"Oh, Baby Girl..." Frank picked up the wallet and check book. "what we want has nothing to do with your cash." He placed the items in the glove box. Resting his hand at his heart, "It hurts me deeply to know you think I am a common thief. Now give me your keys."

Gina shook her head no. She was not going to allow them to take her from this parking lot. She knew that if they stayed someone was bound to come by and see them and she could be saved. Her head snapped to the side as Frank back handed her.

"Billy, get the keys."

"Oh, yeah sure, Frank." Billy leaned over and started to paw at Gina searching her various pockets. She struggled, flailing her small fists at his hunting hands. Locating the keys he promptly handed them over to Frank. Gina shrank back with disgust as he grinned at her, licking his lips. "Better listen up, girlie."

Frank turned the key and the motor purred. Gina's husband was a hardass when it came to keeping her car in good repair. He sat there and listened to the engine hum for a minute and then tuned the radio in and turned up the volume. Gina lost it and began to grope for the door handle again not realizing the child safety lock had been engaged on the door. She pounded frantic clenched fists against the glass.

"Oh please someone help me!" she cried. Her words fell unheard as the car sped away, the tires squealing from the parking lot.

It took her a moment to realize she was being touched. She stopped her fruitless attempts to be heard and froze still. Billy was caressing her bare thigh. Her hand shot out and pushed his vile fingers from her leg. He seized her thigh, undeterred, squeezing the tender flesh in-between his massive fingers. She opened her mouth to protest and he covered it with his own. His tongue probing every inch of her mouth. She was sure she would vomit.

His hand moved further up under the cuff of her shorts. She bit down hard on his tongue.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" He cried out in pain. "Stupid bitch." Billy grabbed her arms and piled his weight on top of her pushing her down onto the back seat. His tongue lapped at her neck and he managed to get a hand under her halter, roughly petting her breast. She could feel his excitement growing and the stiffness that was building in his jeans. She scratched out at his face.

Frank reached behind the seat and thwacked Billy on the back of the head. "Billy, cool it! We'll have plenty of time. Damn it someone's gonna see you."

Gina swallowed hard trying to maintain her sanity as Billy pulled away and sat up. He smoothed his greasy hair back. "Yeah ok Frank, ok."

The car sped through the back roads headed towards the old stone quarry. What will happen to Gina there?

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