Captured Indian Policewoman


"Would you like to touch my armpits? Play with the hairs?" Mrs. Swoopa asked, taking a couple of steps toward Shakti and putting her hands on the top of her head.

Shakti's hands were trembling as he reached up, and when his fingers touched the brown fur, he suddenly stepped back and turned away, fearing another accident like he had just the other day.

When Mrs. Swoopa asked what was wrong, he told her about having an orgasm when he had looked at her armpits the other day, and he was afraid it was about to happen again.

"I really excite you that much?" Mrs. Swoopa asked, and when he nodded, she went over to the kitchen door and locked it before coming back over to Shakti and taking him by the hand, saying, "Come with me."

In her bedroom, Mrs. Swoopa calmly pulled her dress over her head and let Shakti see his first naked woman. He loved her large pendulous breasts with their fat nipples, and the thick jungle of hair between her legs made his cock throb. He could have stood there and stared at the woman forever, but she had other plans.

"Let me see you, Shakti," Mrs. Swoopa said, and when he hesitated she repeated herself.

"Please... please promise not to laugh at me?" he asked in a voice that was beyond pleading, about begging, as he recalled with horror the way his friends had teased him and taunted him when they had seen him naked.

"I promise," Mrs. Swoopa said, and after Shakti finally managed to get his clothes off and stood trembling before her, she kept her word. Her eyes widened, and she made a choking sound when she saw his throbbing penis, but she did not laugh. She did not even smile, but did everything else to him that a young man could ask for.

Shakti made regular pilgrimages to see Mrs. Swoopa, and he would make love to her for hours on end. His face was usually buried under her arm much of the time; his teeth tugging at the sweaty hairs and his tongue and mouth licking madly, nibbling and sucking excitedly, just like he was doing now with Lt. Malini.


Chapter Four: What the...?"

Shakti had dropped his pants as he came toward the policewoman, and as he stepped out of them and into the light, Lt. Malini gasped, doing a double take at the sight of the lumbering beast.

"What the...?" the stunned women said as she looked down at the man.

Shakti's cock was huge - obscenely so. His erection swayed lazily in front of him as he waddled up, and even though he had ejaculated in his pants moments earlier, he was just as aroused now as he had been moments before. A string of pre-cum dangled lewdly from the tip of his swollen organ, making the sight of him even more terrifying to the helpless woman.

"You... it... this can't be!" Lt. Malini sputtered, while Shakti peeled the foreskin of his copper-colored member back, exposing the plum-sized glans.

What many men would have considered a gift had been a life-long nightmare for Shakti, and became another reason for others to deride him. He had already been teased unmercifully while he grew up for his unattractive features and hulking manner, and his over-sized penis gave people another reason to make fun of him.

There were the exceptions, like Mrs. Swoopa and the occasional prostitute willing to take him on, but they had been rare indeed. For the most part, the few women that had been able to get past his appearance long enough to get to know the simple and kind soul that was underneath the exterior were too terrified of what they saw when his clothes had come off to stick around.

Terror was what Lt. Malini was feeling as she watched Shakti standing in front of her. Terror at the situation she was in, and terror at what Shakti was holding in his hand, and terror at what he was planning to do with it.

Hema Malini had enjoyed her share of men in her life, but had never encountered any man built like this. His cock had to be over a foot long, and was monstrously thick as well, since the brute's hand wasn't able to get all the way around his member. The thought of what that would do to the insides of a woman even overshadowed her fear regarding her eventual fate at the hands of these criminals.

"I must have you now," Shakti said, his hand reaching between her legs and raking his fingers through her damp bush until he found her opening.

"Take me down, please," the officer begged. "I cannot..."

Lt. Malini was embarrassed when Shakti's finger slid inside of her and found her dripping wet, and when his second and third fingers went in and moved around inside of her pussy, she found herself moving her hips into his hand.

"I will help you escape," Shakti grunted as he lifted the policewoman's right leg while bringing the head of his tool up to her opening. "First, I must have you."

Lt. Malini cried out when his crown forced it's way into her, and then she sunk her teeth into Shakti's shoulder so that she did not make any more noise as he pushed more of him into her.

Shakti made a noise that sounded like a blend of a moan and a roar as he moved his cock into the vise-like confines of Hema Malini's pussy, and the sound sent shivers down the woman's back. He was trying to be gentle, but she felt as if she was being torn apart by the massive organ, even though only half of him was in her.

Shakti grabbed Lt. Malini by the buttocks as he ground in and out of her, and the policewoman found herself throwing her other leg around Shakti's ass. When Shakti saw what she had done, he let go of her other leg, and she wrapped that around his ass as well.

This took a lot of the pressure off of the policewoman's wrists, because as she was lifted by the brute, Lt. Malini felt the slack in the cuffs still over the meat hook. The thought of escape flashed through her mind, but only briefly, because Shakti was now thrusting deeper inside of her, and his grunting was becoming louder and increasingly feral.

She wants me. The thought flashed through his mind when he felt her legs wrap around his ass, and the very idea of such a thing made his cock explode in the woman. While his cock continued to erupt deep inside of Hema Malini, he buried his face back under the woman's arm.

Shakti licked and nibbled under her arm while he came, and even though he had just had a powerful orgasm, his body did not seem to realize it, because his cock was still fully engorged and still probing deeply inside of her.

"Shakti," Hema Malini soon whimpered in a shaky voice as he kept thrusting wildly into her, fully impaling the helpless woman with his massive manhood.

She was not calling out in pain, or begging for mercy. Hema Malini was having an orgasm. She was having an orgasm unlike any she had ever had. Wave after wave crashed over her, and she was sinking her teeth back into Shakti's shoulder again, wishing she could let out what she feeling inside of her as her body convulsed out of control.

Shakti moved his face out from under her arm for a second and saw the policewoman's face contorting while her eyes rolled back in her head, and this excited him even more. She looked so much like Mrs. Swoopa had so many years ago that he felt himself ejaculating once again, and he grunted like an animal with each spurt of his seed.

Shakti held onto the limp body of the Lieutenant until his now-flaccid cock slid out of her gaping pussy, and when he finally stepped back he heard a clapping sound from behind him.

"Bravo!" Amrish laughed derisively as he applauded. "Shaq finally gets a piece of ass. I thought you might be a queer or something, because I've never seen you with a..."

Amrish's ridicule stopped abruptly when Shakti turned around to face Amrish, and the sadist saw Shakti's cock swinging between his legs. Even flaccid, the size of the organ was impressive enough to shut Amrish up.

"Damn," Amrish whispered. "Unreal! You really popped a load into that slut too, didn't you Shaq?"

Amrish was referring to the cum that was dripping off of Lt. Malini's pussy hair and drooling out of the policewoman's gaping pussy. Chalky white streams of Shakti's seed kept rolling down the insides of her brown thighs, but Amrish's eyes kept reverting back to Shakti, and he was looking at his trained lap dog in a whole new light.

"Too bad we don't have more time," Amrish said. "That's a fucking incredible hunk of meat you've got there, my man. You and me could have done her at the same time. I could have fucked her in the ass while you split her pussy open some more. No time for that though. We gotta clean her up. She's going to be here soon."

Shakti knew who "she" was. She was the wife of the boss, who was in jail now because of Lt. Hema Malini, and Shakti knew that the time to help Hema escape was now past.


Chapter Five: Negotitations.

Amrish dragged a hose across the garage floor, and with a delighted cackle, he squeezed the handle and hit the suspended woman with the sharp spray, causing Lt. Malini to recoil and spin helplessly as the surprisingly strong volley hit her.

Thank goodness it's a warm night, Shakti thought as he watched the frigid water hit the hot skin of his beloved captive. Amrish seemed to enjoy using the hose on her face, causing her to sputter and choke, but blasting the water into her pussy hair made him laugh even louder.

"There goes all your cum, Shaq!" Amrish chortled. "No baby Shakti's are gonna happen, not that the bitch is going to live long enough for that anyway. Go in the house and get some towels."

Shakti obediently did as he was told, running into the house and grabbing a couple of towels before heading back to the garage. The sound of Lt. Malini's screams made him stop just before he left the house, and as she cried out again Shakti ran over to the knife block and grabbed a boning knife and stuck it in his pocket before running out to rejoin his partner.

Amrish had been tormenting the policewoman with the hose, and enjoyed slapping the helpless woman's wet tits, and reveling in the clapping sounds that echoed in the near empty garage.

"Dry the pig up," Amrish directed. "We want to make sure that she looks alright when she gets here."

Shakti nodded and hustled over to Hema Malini's side to dry her off. Her eyes were still a little glassy, but when Shakti whispered that he was sorry, she nodded a little. He tenderly moved the towels over her skin, which was much cooler than it had been when he had last touched it, and when he rubbed the towels briskly under her arms, he stirred up a trace of the perspiration aroma still present.

Dried and fluffed up, Lt. Malini's armpits looked even hairier than they had been before, and after Shakti did the same to the sprawling and dense bush between her legs, that too looked even more wild and untamed than ever.

"I'll get you out of this somehow," Shakti whispered in the policewoman's ear as he walked around behind her and dried her back. There was even a faint trace of down along her lower spine, and when he spread her ass cheeks to dry her there, he noticed that even her anus was surrounded by fur.

Shakti walked back around, shielding the bulge in his pants from Amrish's view as he set the towels down on an old crate.

"There she is now," Amrish said as the headlights from a car spilled between the slats of the garage door, and after the sound of a car door slamming came the scraping of shoes on gravel.

The door opened, and Shakti saw the wife of the mob leader for the first time in his life. She was a stunning woman despite her age, which was probably around the mid 50's even though she looked at least ten years younger.

The woman wore a long black trench-coat that contrasted greatly with her platinum blonde hair, and walked with the attitude that she owned the world, and as far as the people in the garage were concerned, she did.

"Good work?" she said curtly after nodding at the two men, and after they nodded back she dismissed them with a wave.

"Leave us alone for a few minutes," she said. "I'll call you when I need you."

Shakti and Amrish left the garage, closing the door behind them, and after looking at each other for a second, headed over to sit on the porch and wait. The sound of a slap made them both raise their eyebrows, and Amrish stood up for a second before sitting back down.

"I'd really like to watch her kick that cop's ass, wouldn't you?" Amrish asked. "Not worth it for her to catch me looking though."

Inside the garage, Lt. Malini's face burned after being on the receiving end of a smack delivered by the wife of the man she had arrested, but after hitting the policewoman, she seemed to calm down.

"You've caused me a lot of pain," the woman said, taking off her trench-coat and walking around the suspended captive. "My family too."

Lt. Malini gave the blonde a caustic look as she went past. The woman had apparently been out on the town, because she was dressed in a black cocktail dress and looked stunning. Her breasts practically oozed out of the top of the dress, and when the woman saw where the policewoman's eyes went, she smiled a little.

"You know you are going to die, don't you?" the woman said, and when Lt. Malini shrugged, the woman continued.

"Doesn't have to happen, you know?" the woman said. "Matter-of-fact, if you play it smart, you could be free and very, very rich. Interested?"

"Maybe," Lt. Malini said, and when the woman's hand came up to her breast, her body shivered.

"All you would have to do is admit you made a mistake when you arrested my husband."

"I didn't."

"You say that you did, and what makes it better is that I'll give you somebody to take his place if you want. A fall guy, is that what you call it? A competitor of ours who is getting too big for his britches. I'll give you more than enough evidence to make sure that you have an air-tight case."

"What's in it for me?" Lt. Malini said, the pale hand of the woman stark against the copper hued breast that she was massaging gently.

"Your life. Your freedom," the woman said, her finger stroking the thick peg of the policewoman's nipple. "And two million dollars, deposited in a Swiss bank account, or any place you want."

"Also, you would make a couple of very powerful friends," the woman added. "I think my husband would enjoy you very much, and as for me, let's just say that I find you very erotic looking."

"My name is Ingrid," the woman whispered in a husky voice. "Judging by the way you're reacting, this isn't the first time that you've felt the touch of a woman. Am I right?"

"You remind me a great deal of a teacher that I had many years ago," Ingrid said when she got no answer, her hands sliding over from Lt. Malini's breasts and up her sides. "When I saw your picture in the paper after you arrested my husband, I didn't know what I wanted to do more; kill you or fuck you."

"Surprised?" Ingrid laughed as she saw Hema Malini's reaction. "Don't be. I've got to admit that I haven't seen a woman that looked like you in a long while."

The long, pale fingers slid into the thick tufts of the policewoman's armpit hair, gently working their way into the dense jungles. This caused Lt. Malini to squirm despite herself, and when Ingrid noticed that, she licked her lips and smiled.

"Mrs. Reid - that was her name," Ingrid continued. "She didn't shave her armpits either, although she wasn't nearly as hairy as you are. I remember something that she used to enjoy. She used to like me to do this to her."

As she spoke, Ingrid's fingers selected a long strand of hair from under Lt. Malini's right arm and after stretching it out as far as it would go, gave it a tug and plucked it out.

"Hurt?" Ingrid asked with a chuckle. "I'll bet it hurt, but in a good way. Mrs. Reid loved that. She used to say that one day she would like me to pluck them all out while she was tied to the bedposts. Her pussy too. She said she would probably faint from the orgasms. Wouldn't that have been a trip?"

"Of course, it would take forever to do that to you," Ingrid noted, going back to running her hands under Lt. Malini's arms and gently pulling on the hair while enjoying the suspended woman's reaction. "But if we were on a deserted island all alone, we would have all the time in the world."

"Tell me you wouldn't like that," Ingrid challenged. "I saw the way you looked at me. Tell me you wouldn't like to be naked with me on the white sand of a island beach, rubbing suntan lotion all over these."

Ingrid's eyes never left the policewoman's as she nonchalantly pulled down the top of her dress, exposing her breasts. Her breasts were exceptionally large and full, with fat crimson nipples centered on drink coaster-sized areolas, and when the taller blond came up next to Lt. Malini, she ground her breasts into hers.

"We look nice together, don't we?" Ingrid cooed. "Just you and me, and then if we decided that we needed some cock, my husband would be more than happy to service us both. What do you say about that?"

"What do I say?" Lt. Malini asked with a hint of a smile before you eyes blazed with anger. "I'd say that you've attempted to bribe a police officer, which means you're under arrest as well."

"What?" Ingrid snapped, her face expressing her shock.

"You heard me. Plus, if I was ever on a beach naked with you and your filthy, crooked, murderous husband, I'd bite his cock off and shove it down his throat, and then I'd rip those implants out of your chest and kick your ass."

Ingrid pulled the top of her dress back up and screamed for Amrish and Shakti to come back in. Lt. Malini spat at Ingrid as she walked away from her, and as she put her trench-coat back on, Ingrid gave the men their instructions.

"Kill the pig," Ingrid said coldly. "Not quickly either. Make her suffer."


Chapter Six: Resolution.

Amrish nodded, pulling out his handgun and walking toward Lt. Malini, who struggled in hopes of getting free from the meat-hook her cuffs were strung over, kicking her legs out toward Amrish.

"How about I shoot her in the kneecaps first, and then stick the barrel somewhere really hairy?" he asked Ingrid.

"Do whatever you want," Ingrid said. "As long as she doesn't go too easily."

"Wait!" Shakti blurted out, walking over to intercept Amrish. "You can't do that. Not here!"

"Why not?" Ingrid asked. "No one will hear it way out here."

"Shaq is sweet on her, I think," Amrish cackled. "He fucked her just before you arrived."

"He did?" Ingrid sneered. "That must have been something to see. Did you like that, pig?"

"She seemed to," Amrish commented. "Shakti has a cock as big as your arm."

"Really?" Ingrid said. "Seeing as how you're so hot for the sweaty pig, maybe you'd like to fuck her again so I can watch?"

"I'm not sweet on her," Shakti said, mentally scrambling for something to use to keep this from happening. "It's just that if she bleeds around here, maybe they would be able to trace her DNA or something."

"He's got a point there," Ingrid mused.

"What do you suggest then, Shaq?" Amrish said. "Let her go?"

"Hell no!" Shakti said. "I hate her too. It's just that it would be much easier to drag her out to the field in the back and kill her. Bury her ass and let her rot in a hole. No one will ever look back there."

"Let's do it," Ingrid said. "Get her down."

Shakti went over and lifted the policewoman up in the air so that the cuffs came free from the meat-hook, and while Amrish held the gun to Lt. Malini's throat, Shakti brought the cuffs around so that her hands were behind her back. As he roughly spun her around, he slipped the handle of the boning knife in her hand before pushing her out the door quickly.

In the darkness, Shakti prayed that the full moon wasn't bright enough to reveal the knife in Lt. Malini's hand, while he thought of a strategy to use.

"I'll grab a shovel," Shakti said as they went along the back of the garage, and took a spade that was leaning against the outside wall.

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