Captured Naked


I'd been on this job for just a few months and had to go all the way across the U.S. for a week of training along with 4 women from the company. At the time I was pretty hard up for sex because of various romantic problems and long hours at work. I sure could have used those days better trolling around bars for at least a one-night stand. Still I figured I could do that while I was gone, if I could find some decent pick-up bars. I hadn't really considered my travelling companions to be good prospects, attractive enough, but as work colleagues a bit too dangerous.

The company saved money by putting the 4 ladies in 2 adjacent rooms, but being the only guy they couldn't do that to me. I was also happy to end up in a room on another floor, which made it easy to evade them and head straight to the hotel bar to look for some female companionship.

I was in a bit of a hurry, since a large group of 20-something, attractive women had been checking in when we arrived. They were obviously foreign, speaking a language that sounded Slavic or some kind of Eastern European, so I'm thinking there must be at least one who'd be open to an adventure so far from home and looking for it in the hotel bar.

No luck. There wasn't a single one of these women in the bar, so I had to do what I could with the usual girls you find in hotels: road warriors, tourists, desperate locals. I was pretty tired from a lousy flight, so maybe I was off my game, but I got nowhere. Wasted a lot of time with 2 ladies who were travelling together. I really ought to know better – I mean what are the odds?

I decided to call it a night and go back to my room for some much-needed sleep.

In the middle of the night, I got up to go to the bathroom, still groggy with sleep but driven by my full bladder. I vaguely remember being surprised that the bathroom door was closed and so hard to open and then surprised that the lights were on. As the door slammed shut behind me, I finally woke up, finding myself naked, locked out of my room, and still needing to pee.

Of my two priorities, pissing and getting back in my room, I figured the former was more susceptible to quick resolution. There were potted plants all around, so I decided to irrigate the largest one, hiding myself behind it the best I could and feeling like a total moron.

Some hotels have emergency phones in the hall, but I couldn't find one, so I decided to go down the stairs to the lobby and just walk up to the front desk butt-naked. I'm definitely an exhibitionist, and I've enjoyed every chance I could to get naked for the ladies, working as a figure model, etc. but I was having a hard time seeing this as fun or erotic, having no idea how late it was or what was likely to be going on in the lobby. I kept imagining getting arrested for exposing myself to some group of screaming young kids.

Not expecting to see anyone in the stairwell, I took my time, trying to figure out other alternatives, but to my surprise I met two attractive young women heading upstairs, obviously part of the group of foreign women. They said something to each other and a few words to me in very broken English, something about coming with them. Not waiting for any kind of answer, they each took a grip on one arm, and started walking upstairs with me. Although I didn't understand anything they said, they smiled a bunch and seemed friendly, but each had a gentle but insistent grip on my arm, and one had her hand on my ass. They wouldn't have taken no for an answer, even if I could have talked with them.

They took me up three-four floors where the hall was full of other members of their group, chatting away in whatever, until they saw that their friends were bringing a naked man. All of them were laughing and smiling and checking me out, not hesitating to look or touch. They ranged from just sexy to drop-dead gorgeous, dressed casually, in short skirts or pants and T-shirts, a few in gym or running clothes, and a few in night clothes. One was standing near me in a short, very sheer night gown, and returned my stare with a friendly smile. She was essentially naked, but not in the least self-conscious. I know this all sounds like a wet-dream, and I should be waking up soon to find myself covered with my own spunk, but it was turning out to be real.

The turn-on was a bit tarnished by the feeling that I was some kind of captive. I didn't really have anywhere to go, if I'd wanted to escape, but they were making sure that I didn't.

They brought me to this buffet they had set up in the hall, explaining with fragments of rudimentary English and gestures that I should have something to eat. As I began to relax with the ladies, I also started getting an erection, which they all seemed to appreciate. I wasn't really 100% sure of what they meant, but I thought they were asking me about what/whom I liked, as they were touching me, but it was pretty hard to give subtle answers, and I didn't really want to point to one as a favorite or anything. I just left this game up to them.

Eventually I found myself in an arm chair surrounded by four very attractive women, including the lady in the see-through mini night gown, with probably at least a dozen watching from other parts of the room. The four were taking turns massaging and kissing my balls and dick. This was great, and I thought the polite thing was to keep from ejaculating as long as possible, but I was getting close, when a discussion with lots of laughter started, a temporary set-back to my inevitable race to ejaculation.

It seems they had decided to stretch me out on the bed, so I was picked up by several sets of very strong hands which were attached to some very major babes, and for sure I'm thinking this can't be real and expecting to wake up.

On the bed they began massaging my back and legs, then flipped me back over to concentrate once again on my desperately needy erection. Including the observers there were still at least a dozen girls involved and they kept rotating, confusing me as to who was doing what. As I was nearing my finish, there were probably 2 sets of hands massaging my cock, a hand gently holding my balls, a finger up my asshole, and others massaging my shoulders, chest, legs, and feet. The nightgown lady stripped and then danced naked at the foot of the bed, adding a visual dimension to all this excitement, as I went over the top. Applause, laughter, and incomprehensible comments accompanied my eruption as I splattered cum on their hands, my body, and the bed.

Two beautiful, sweet, incomprehensible girls took me to the shower for a very thorough and competent cleaning, stroking me to a new, but still tentative, erection. As we exited the bathroom the others were gone, and my two companions got into bed on both sides of me, and slowly started winding me up again. It was dark, and I couldn't see either, but I could tell them apart by their slightly different builds, one curvier, the other a bit skinnier, and their different pussies, one shaved smooth, one bushier. Eventually I was on my back and one mounted me, then the other, trading off for a few strokes each. Then the curvier one stayed a bit longer and started to come, moaning softly in quick little bursts. Still recovering from that hand job, this was too soon for me, and - as I suspected – there was more to do. The skinnier one mounted me and soon began these sharp little whimpers timed with her thrusts. Totally mesmerizing, as I built up with her, but she was in a hurry. Her rhythm became faster and the sweet whimpers became cries. She turned into a beast, digging her fingers into my shoulder and biting my ear as she came, and I cooled off.

To my surprise I was mounted by yet another woman, who smelled like fresh apricots or peaches, with a rough and quick but silent style. It was not unpleasant, and I was getting accustomed to it when I felt her pussy tighten like a vice around my cock, and her breathing become faster. She left, too, as soon as she'd cum. I began to realize that they were trying to get their pleasure quickly but delay my orgasm. Sure it was frustrating, but also getting strangely pleasant. At this point though I knew I would probably climax no matter what happened next, it wouldn't take much of anything.

A woman slipped behind me and rolled me onto my side. I felt a finger in my asshole, which I guess they thought might distract and slow me. It's not part of my usual routine, but it sure felt nice the way they were doing it.

Soon she was joined by a pleasantly soft-feeling lady in front who rubbed a closely cropped very voluptuous pussy against my anxious erection. She smelled like sex, or maybe I was too far gone to smell anything else. I took the cue and eased my desperate cock into her. We moved back and forth, moving more slowly than the others but then she pulled away and they turned me around to the lady who'd been in my ass, and I entered her very bushy pussy. Every time I thought I was getting close they switched. How much further could this go? The encounters with the big bush were very brief, but she came on the third go round, and I was back to the very pleasant woman with the closely-cropped twat and the smell of sex. I couldn't see her, but I loved her feel, and she let me get on top, where we both worked to a wonderful climax. She was silent, but I know we came together, and then she stayed kissing me repeatedly. I fell asleep and spent at least part of the night between her and the peaches/apricot lady (I think), sleeping like a baby with XXX-rated dreams.

I was awaked early by this beautiful woman in a bathrobe. Pretty much my ideal iconic woman – tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes, etc. You've seen the type in lots of magazines. She asked me with a few words and gestures, if I wanted to use the bathroom, while she was taking off this bathrobe displaying a toned, muscular body. From what I'd seen of her friends and felt in the dark I knew that they were all muscular. It sure was nice to see the details - medium size breasts and a pussy with a slit showing through closely trimmed blond pubic hair.

I had to pee of course, and she just stood there while I did my business, before leading me into the shower where we soaped each other and probably would have done the deed if my little guy had been awake. I desperately wanted to fuck this beauty and was just begging him to get up for one more.

She got on the bed face-down with her perfect little ass up in the air and legs apart showing me an irresistible back view of her wide-open moistening pussy. My guy jumped to attention to do his duty and slide into her lovely folds, taking it slow and easy to ease to get him awakened and functioning. Thankfully she was OK with the pace, in no hurry, initiating several changes of position until we exploded together with her lying in front of me with her shoulders on top of my shoulders where I had this wonderful view of my cock jamming in and out of her world-class cunt. Explosion is not too strong a word. She'd been slow and gentle in her movements, but as climax approached began screaming, causing 3-4 naked women to come in and witness our dramatic orgasm and then to help clean up. We had both produced impressive amounts of fluid which came streaming out of her vagina, so as I was recovering there were friendly hands all over my abdomen, thighs and crotch helping out.

I didn't have any training session until after lunch, but I knew that I was supposed to check in with my co-workers. I had explained my situation to my kidnappers earlier, a wasted effort I assumed, but somehow they did figure it out. They told me that they were taking me "home." After showering me again, the put me in a bath robe and took me down the elevator to the room occupied by the ladies in my company.

When my co-workers answered the door, two of my captors led me into the room where all four of my colleagues were waiting and mutually incomprehensible niceties were exchanged with big smiles between them all. One of my captors removed my bathrobe, saying "hotel," leaving me buck naked in front of my laughing work colleagues.

After looking me over, my co-workers said goodbye to my captors and then looked me over some more. As a fellow employee this should have been disastrously embarrassing, but I must admit that I was enjoying it as an exhibitionist. Then they just said that we had preparation to do for the afternoon, and that we should get started.

I suggested that first they get me a bathrobe, so that I could go get a key to my room. But somehow they knew the whole story, had gotten my key, and were insisting that my punishment would be to do the preparation with them naked in their room. I could have a bathrobe and my key later.

We had some printed materials and some computer work, and they insisted that I work on the couch opposite the 4 of them, so that they had a good view of my body. Once we took our first break, the talk turned to my more intimate physical attributes, getting my guy's attention and waking him from his reverie. As he started to sit up and take note, I was having a hard time resisting the unconscious urge to touch him.

I bravely managed to finish our preparations, although my guy kept interfering, now that he was awake and the girls kept talking about him, calling attention to how exposed I was, getting me even more aroused. I kept catching myself touching my cock, which was keeping him at least partially hard and even produced a bit of pre-cum which was duly noticed. I'd never seen my guy so insatiable.

So after we finished our work, one said that I might as well finish him off there in front of them. "We keep seeing you stroke him, and we know you're going to whack off somewhere soon."

This was sort of a nightmare (embarrassing myself in front of co-workers who were going to blab this all over the company) but also a dream (naked and invited to masturbate in front of 4 attractive ladies), so I figured why not?

I sat in the arm chair, leaning back, and began stroking slowly, wondering if I could really do it, but not to worry. I was on a roll.

The ladies all got down close to my package, asking me to spread my legs out onto the arm rests, so they could see my balls. The attention was exciting for a card-carrying exhibitionist like myself, even after the reality-based wet dream of the night before. I told my guy to hold on, make it last, and he did a great job. When he did erupt after a nice long run, I looked in their faces to see them watching my ejaculation.

I have no idea where it came from, but my load was entirely presentable, a mess of spunk on my hands, cock, balls, and thighs. One lady even got hit in the face.

So I'd earned my freedom, washed up, got my key and a bathrobe and headed back to my room for my clothes.

That night I ran into the gorgeous blonde lady from the team, and managed to get her to come to my room. I asked her what her friends were doing, and she said "4 guys from bar."

"Are they naked, too?"

"Now are."

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