tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCapturing The Boss Ch. 1

Capturing The Boss Ch. 1


Tia had been working for Gene for over a year. He was tall, with long dark curly hair down to his collar and very handsome. Every women he met knew it and Tia knew it most of all. And, of course, Gene knew it most of all. Tia worked work for him everyday, returning messages he always seemed to forget to return. Making him look good to his boss and their customers constantly and he never paid her the attention she deserved. Taking her work and her loyalty for granted, and returning no loyalty to her or the other women.

Tia was done with that crap! No more Ms Nice Girl, Tia came up with a plan. Not a sweet dress-nicer, wear-more-perfect-makeup, suck-up-to-him kind of plan. No, Tia came up with a really different kind of plan, don't you know.

The plan commenced on a Wednesday. Because Tia was already scheduled to attend a workshop and no one would be suspicious of her absence on Thursday or afterwards, either. She left her home Wednesday afternoon, wearing her dark bodysuit and carrying her dad's good-luck satchel, everything she would need for the next two days was in that satchel.

Tia knew the capture had to occur at his apartment, that would unnerve him the most. He would have the highest feeling of security there and also, Tia knew he often left the back patio door unlocked because he was forever locking his key inside.

Tia let herself in the sliding glass door, being careful to close it and the curtains behind her. She walked though the whole apartment once, just to get the layout, she touched nothing and left no lingering scent of herself in the air. This was serious and she meant business, she would not be ignored tonight.

Tia went into the bedroom, attached the nylon cord with its plastic handcuffs to the bottom of the headboard, then tucked them behind the mattress. Attached a matching pair to the bottom of the footboard and tucked them out of sight. She stashed her satchel, open so it would ready to grab anything, under the bed, then slid herself in after the bag.

Tia waited silently under Gene's bed, reexamining her plans, reexamining her motivations…no reason was found to cancel her plans. He was strong, masculine, and deserved her attention. An hour later Tia was shaken awake, momentarily confused about where she was. It was dark and she had no room to move. She almost yelled for help, but realized at the last moment that what she'd heard was Gene plopping himself down on the end of the bed.

Boots hit a closet wall directly across from the bed, socks dropped on the floor inches from Tia's eyes, then the sound of a zipper. Tia could see Gene's feet walking away from the bed, then his legs as he head toward the open bathroom door right in her line-of-sight. Before reaching the bathroom, he shoved his jeans and jockys over his hips and kicked the tangled bundle toward the closet. He flipped the light on and entered the bathroom naked. Tia scooted as close to edge of the bed as she dared. What a glorious ass that man had! Round and nearly hairless, two dimples right above the swell of those ass cheeks. Wow!

This was gonna be so good! Gene was so delicious looking; Tia couldn't wait to eat him all up.

Gene stood with his legs slightly apart; kind of tightened his ass and a great golden stream erupted from the penis Tia could spy between his muscular thighs. Gene finished, goggled his ass cheeks then he returned to the bedroom, giving her a great view of his chest, abdomen and that wonderfully thick penis flapping gently against his thighs. Tia heard him flip back the covers and climb into bed, the lights were turned off right away and it seemed Gene went immediately to sleep.

Tia waited silently under the bed. Tia and the girls at work had speculated often about what they would do if any of them ever had Gene in their power. Of course, none of them imagined they provided research for Tia's very real abduction. Tia had no idea how vicious and bloodthirsty her co-workers were. Tia silently chuckled to herself; Gene often accused her of having a poor attitude & a lack of team spirit! Well, Tia had been real busy with "the team".

After a while, Tia heard snoring from above, a sure sign that Gene was out. Tia slid from beneath the bed, through the foot side. Before she completely slid out she slid a full-face ski mask, and grabbed the can of aerosol "sleep-ease". Still, Tia crept on her hands and knees toward the head of the bed, in case Gene had some sixth-sense sleep radar that alerted him to her presence in his bedroom.

She gently picked up the handcuff attached to the left side of the bed, that is Gene's right hand side, and moved onto her knees to peak over to the top of the bed. Wow! Gene was stretched out on his back, his right hand thrown straight out within five inches of his handcuff; the left hand was laid out right next to his body. Wow! This was so totally doable!! Tia was really starting to have fun!

Tia slipped the plastic cuff around Gene's right hand, then dropped down on her hands & knees and scooted around the bed to the other side of the bed, kneeled up and pulled the nylon rope through the headboard & slipped the other cuff on Gene's left hand. HE NEVER EVEN INTURPTED HIS SNORING.

The hard part was coming up next. Tia crawled to the foot of the bed, She slowly tugged the top sheet and blanket out from between the mattresses, being very careful at this point to keep Gene's feet covered. Tia was really getting good at this! She slipped first one footcuff than the other cuff around his ankles. Tia sat back on her haunches and punched the air with her fist several times. She was so impressed with herself.

In the midst of Tia's celebration, Gene let out a groan. Oh, oh, Tia thought, focus, focus. She immediately slid under the bed. Hurry, hurry. She quickly began turning the pulleys double-time, the pulley system would tighten the slack on all the nylon straps. Tia heard a muffled "Hey, What??"…"Hey, What the hell?" Gene started to yell, yanking on the nylon ropes. Tia remembered to wrap the throat strap around her neck, it would totally disguise her voice, the guy at the survival supply store told her. She couldn't see why you would need such a thing for survival, but she had gotten the "sleep-ease" from him, as well as other toys.

Tia stood up to her full 5'4" height. The only light was through the partially opened closet door. He would only see her in shadow. Tia walked over to his darker side. "Shut up" she snapped at him, it came out sounding like she was talking through gravel. Tia kind of liked the sound of it. "Shut up", she demanded. But Gene wasn't ready to obey her. Yet. She looked around, quick strides to the closet. She grabbed a couple of her least favorite of his ties, returned to the bed, bounced right onto the mattress next to Gene. He was still yanking, and really starting to shout now. "Shut up", Tia growled, and slapped his across one cheek and then other, two or three times, real hard. He opened his mouth to shout down the house. Tia took that opportunity to stuff the red tie into Gene's mouth, stuffed, stuffed it down good. And before he could begin to spit it out, she tied the blue/teal tie around his head. She then slapped him two more times, really hard, just because it felt so good to do so.

Please let me know if you really want to see the really, really good part that comes next...

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