tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCapturing The Boss Ch. 2

Capturing The Boss Ch. 2



"Shut up," Tia growled, and slapped Gene across one cheek and then other, two or three times, real hard. He opened his mouth to shout down the house. Tia took that opportunity to stuff the red tie into Gene's mouth; stuffed, stuffed it down good. And before he could begin to spit it out, she tied the blue/teal tie around his head. She then slapped him two more times, really hard, just because it felt so good to do so.

* * * * *

Tia straddled the Gene's hips; her knees sank into the mattress along side his thighs. She was breathing hard through her mouth; a light bead of sweat ran down the valley between her breasts. She could smell tang of his cologne. He put cologne on to go to bed? Wow! She had dreamed of grabbing her boss Gene, as he walked by her desk, ignoring her yet again, like so many, many times. She had fantasized about reaching out and rubbing her hand up and down his ass, over his ass cheeks, into the crack of his ass through the thin layer of his pants. She had imagined tweaking his nipples, twisting till he yipped before she let go. OH SURE, she had imagined tying him to the bedposts so she could have her way with him.

But she never, in her wildest dreams, thought she would SUCCEED!

Gene's bedroom was semi-dark, shadowy from the only light provided by the light left on in the closet, across the room. Gene bucked wildly, trying to buck her off his hips like a bronco trying to throw his rider. But the cuffs were tight and holding. The nylon cords, at the headboard and the footboards were pulled taunt through the pulleys underneath the bed. He might knock Tia off, but Gene wasn't going anywhere.

Tia waited for what seemed like her 8-seconds, then punched the air with her fists a few times. She bounced up and down on Gene's stomach a few times, just to knock some air out of his lungs.

When he quieted, attempting to suck some air back into his lungs, Tia bent low over him. "You are not going anywhere, my good man," she whispered in her new, gravelly voice provided by the throat strap. She hardly recognized her own voice; surely Gene would have no clue. This was real important since she planned to return work in a few days with him, with him none the wiser. God, wasn't it the most exquisite thought imaginable? Don't you wish you could get away with your fantasy, especially with a boss who deserved it so much?

Tia stared intently into Gene's eyes, as he stared at her. It was dark and shadowy. She was bundled up under the bright blue full-face ski mask. She had disguised her body as well, wearing six bulky sweaters on her upper body, he was never going to see her height or realize that what he could see was disguised. She had to do something about that right away, because she wanted the lights on so she could see all of Gene!

She reached beside her for the next two props. With her left hand she clicked the yellow button twice, then pulled it up and shined the bright flashlight in Gene's face. He couldn't see her but she could be him clearly…the beads of sweat running down the sides of his face and a bit of fear in his eyes but mostly anger surging throughout his body. But it wasn't enough. She wanted more.

In front of the light she raised her right hand, holding longest, nastiest hunting knife she had been able to find. The kind no real hunter ever needed. Purely for macho-dickhead weekend hunters who bought them to empress their friends and scare the girls they hoped to entice into their beds. This knife was 10 inches long, with serrated blade and double pronged tip. Much scarier in a darkened bedroom, at 2am, eighteen inches from one's face then any man wished to experience first hand. But Gene was luckier than most men.

She whispered to Gene then, "I have you, and I am going to keep you for a full 24-hrs. All of you, all to myself. You. Can't. Do. A. Thing. About. It." Tia felt the shiver in him, particularly as she punctuated each word by touching a different part of his body with the tip of that long knife. "You" lips. "Can't" chin. "Do" neck. "A" along his shoulders. "Thing" chest. "About" across his nipple. "It" gently downs the center of his body to the navel. Gene sucked in a breath and held it.

Tia laid the flashlight down a moment, and leaned over to whisper in her boss's ear. I told want you to yell scream or say a single word, or the first thing I will have to do will be to draw blood. After that..Slices of…well, we'll just have to see won't we."? Gene shivered all the way down to his thighs. It was so delicious. Tia, of course, abhorred blood, yuck, yuck, that was what the sleeping gas was really for, if Gene got too noisy. But Tia really wanted the gag off. She wanted to hear the sounds of his pain and most of all, his arousal.

Tia sat up and yanked off the ties from Gene's head and mouth. "Not a single word," she threatened.

So saying Tia reached into her back pocket and shoved a black leather sleeping mask over Gene's eyes. She was fast, but also Gene had clearly not expected her to be so prepared, the mask was already on before he began to struggle.

Tia hopped off the bed in one bound, and flipped on the bedside lamps. Yeah, now she really would get to see everything.

Tia laid down the flashlight; she wouldn't need it for a while and picked up that long bladed knife in her right hand. She flung all the bed linens off the bed, comforter, blankets and sheets, they would only be in the way, and Tia was bundled up so she was warn enough. She took the hem of Gene's PJ bottoms and holding them taunt, sliced through the material all the way to his groin in one motion. That knife sliced like it was going through butter! WOW! Gene hissed through his teeth. "Not a word," she whispered, moving to the other side of the bed, where she duplicated the same action. Yanking up the elastic waistline as high as she could, giving Gene a momentary wedgie, Tia sliced though the last bit that would have still qualified the cloth as PJ bottoms. No tidy whities, as Tia knew from his trip to pee earlier.

Tia took a moment to admire his masculine beauty. God, he was such a hunk! Feet well formed, muscular calves, hairy but lightly so, knobby knees (oh, well…) and solid, magnificent thighs. She did not bother with going higher, for now. He was athletic and still played ball even as an adult and it showed.

Tia could not wait another minute; she hopped on the bed between his legs. Gene, of course, tried to close his legs, tried to bring his knees up to protect…well… everything, but of course that was impossible. Tia started by placing both hands on his knee and slowly running them up his thigh till she hit the top of his leg, them came back down, just as slowly. Gene had his heels dug into the mattress so his thighs were locked tight, Tia could not have wished for more. Yum! He was warm and furry and felt so good. She ran her hands slowly up and down the other leg, but she did not stop at the top this time.

She skimmed her fingers lightly over the hairless, smooth skin at the juncture of his thigh and torso, the smooth skin around the bush protecting his penis and scotum. Goosebumps rose on the smooth skin, and the penis inflated slowly (like a balloon filling), Gene finally spoke, cursing at her effrontery: she was arousing him and he was mad as hell about it.

"Get the fuck away from me," he ordered. "No," she replied. "I don't have to listen to you and I'm not going to."

"I told you to shut up!" and Tia followed up that warning by laying the point of the knife along Gene's lip, mid reply he stilled. The knife was so incredibly sharp a tiny nip occurred, Gene felt the prick of the tip, wanted to check it, but waited frozen for Tia to move the blade away. When she did a moment later, he snaked his tongue out and tasted a small bead of blood.

She was more careful this time, but brought the blade down to his groin. Using the pronged tip like fingers she raked through his public hair, a few strands of curly hair snipped off and lay there on the curly nest. She touched, merely touched the cool flat of the blade on the underside of Gene's half aroused penis.

Gene's whole body froze; he clearly felt just what she was doing. His penis deflated and went limp. Tia immediately reached for his organ, she could not slide the knife out of there without the risking slicing something… um. Important. She gently reached her fist around the base of his cock and moved the blade an arm's reach away.

"Please don't," Gene whispered, remaining still, his breath shallow.

Tia dropped the knife toward the edge of the bed and reached that hand, too, back to his flaccid organ. Even just slightly aroused it was thick and knobby. Um, she took a whiff, he smelled tangy. She lowered her head more and opened her mouth. Should she? Why would she do something he might like so much? Guys had told her she gave lousy head so he probably would not enjoy it anyway. This night was for Tia. Tia would do what Tia wanted.

She opened her mouth more and sucked in the whole head of his penis into her mouth. It did taste tangy, musky, but clean tasting. The head expanded nearly double as she ran her tongue around the head and the shaft. Tia couldn't help it, she gave a good long suck on the head in her mouth, moaning deep in her throat as the shaft thickened and expanded even more. She sucked more gently, because she wanted to, and he couldn't stop her from doing so, and because it tasted soooooooo damned good.

There is more to come, because frankly neither Tia nor Gene have cum… after all, Gene's not in charge here. Is he??

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