Car Trouble


Inching her car to the side of the road just as it sputters for the last time and dies, she curses her luck. She is miles away from anywhere. The full moon shining brightly, she digs in her bag for her cell phone. Finding the battery dead, she remembers she forgot to recharge it last night before leaving. She can hear her husband lecturing her on responsibility already.

Fuming she puts on her flashers, then pops the hood and gets out to stare helpless into the mess of wires, hoses and metal. Cursing, she kicks the tire as she gets back into her car. This was supposed to be a simple trip, a two-day vacation catching up with her college roommate.

Frustrated she pounds on the steering wheel. She is pretty sure there is nothing in walking distance except wild animals. And someone has to come down this god-forsaken road sometime. In a moment of self-pity she rests her head on her arms and bursts into tears.

A knock on her window startles her. Brushing away her tears, she rolls down the window. The smell of roses floods the car. She finds herself staring into the liquid green eyes of an angel, halo provided by the moonlight shining through silver blond hair. Tall and muscular, her rescuer stares down at her. “Can I help you, love?”

Hypnotized by his perfect teeth, she opens the door, “I don’t know, it just died, “ as she stepped out of the car.

The moment the door closes behind her, she is grabbed and pushed against the car. Her wrists are trapped in one of his huge hands. One of his legs thrusts itself between hers, spreading them. His other hand roughly runs over her body. His lips are at her ear, “Not the brightest are we, love?”

Startled she tries to struggle but finds she only succeeded in moving closer to him. “That is it my pretty, trust me. You are going to enjoy this, love.” He chuckles, “or at least I will.”

Half dragging, he brings her back to his truck. Grabbing a roll of duct tape he secures her hands. “I would gag you too but no one will hear you out here, love, and I have plans for that pretty little mouth.”

Fear grips her as she realizes the dangerous position she is in. Hours of true crime TV runs through her head. The words “they never found the body” ring in her ears. Terrified she babbles, “Please don’t hurt me. Please, they are waiting for me. They will come looking. Please, God, Please don’t hurt me.”

His lips at her ear whisper again, “But, love, pain is half the fun. And God isn’t listening to you right now.”

She feels his teeth on her neck. She cries out in pain as he bites down. One hand forces its way under her t-shirt and bra, roughly grabbing her breasts. She can feel bruises forming. Tears build in her eyes as the clothing is forced up around her neck.

He presses her down until the sharp grass of the ditch cuts into her back. “That’s a good girl, love, show me those delightful tears.”

Straddling her stomach, he turns his attention to her perfectly tanned breasts. He chuckles as glorious flesh overflows his calloused hands. She can feel his hardness pressing against her. Hard pinches at her tender nipples cause her to cry out. He rolls them painfully between his fingers. Shifting for better access, his mouth moves again to her neck biting, before moving down to consume her mounds of flesh. Painful bites bruise her as his thumbs torment erect nipples. He takes one nipple into his mouth, tongue slowly stoking it. Her sigh of relief and pleasure is broken at his painful nip. Chuckling he moves to her other breast. Treating it just as forcefully.

One hand finds its way to her crotch. He roughly tries to stroke her through her shorts. Frustrated at the lack of access to her warmth, he slides his hand inside the leg. Moving up his fingers find her damp slit. “Your body betrays you, love.”

Savagely, he pinches her hard nub. More tears fall form her eyes. Thumb caressing her clit, he buries his fingers into her cunt, stretching her, dipping into her pleasure. After a moment her withdraws his hand. “Now be a good little whore, love, and taste yourself.”

Fingers press against her lips. She struggles to turn her head away, disgusted at his thought. “Now, love, don’t be like that.”

The fingers are at her mouth again. As she turns her head away, his other hand is on her throat, cutting off her air. Stark terror fills her as she feels each individual finger wrap around her throat. Panicked she gasps for breath. The fingers are forced into her mouth. After what feels like a lifetime the pressure is let up on her throat. Dutifully she licks them clean. “Do we understand each other now, love?”

Cautiously, she nods, tears in her eyes. “Good. I knew you would learn quickly, love.”

She watches and he stands. He quickly unbuttons his jeans and lets them fall, revealing a very hard, very erect cock. He slowly strokes himself. “Now you are going to suck me.” As an afterthought, “And, love, biting will only turn me on.”

He roughly helps her to her knees. Tangling one hand in her hair, he feeds her his cock with the other. Gagging she tries to accept the dick forced into her throat. Then both hands are in her hair as he deliberately fucks her mouth. She offers no resistance to the cock buried in her throat as tears stream down her cheeks.

“Now, love, I m getting a wee bit tired of the tears.” And the cock is removed from her mouth.

Carefully she is laid back on to the ground. His hands quickly remove her shorts and panties. A shiver runs through her as she feels the cool night breeze on her naked flesh. Then his hands are there, spreading her. Exploring every crevice. He lightly strokes her hard nub as fingers tease her wetness. She gasps as he slides them in. “Is that better, love?”

Her release building, he strokes her. Gently taking her higher. Teasing cries of pleasure from her. As she reaches the point she thinks she can’t stand it any longer, he stops. Causing her to whimper in disappointment.

“Aye, love, I told you that you would like it. Be just a moment now.”

His head pauses at her entrance a second before he plunges into her. She cries out as she tenses and comes around the cock filling her. “That’s it, love.”

Desire floods her senses, overcoming the little resistance she retained. She arches to meet his every thrust. Little cries of pleasure escape her lips as he fucks her. She feels him tense and thrust deeper than before. Groaning he spills into her.

Gently he helps her back into her clothes. “Sorry, love, you will understand soon enough.”

Lying there on the ground she feels exhaustion overcome her. Unable to keep her eyes open. “That’s it, love, a wee bit of rest. Peaceful now, “ is the last thing that registers in her mind.

She awakens to sun streaming into her car, and a state patrol knocking on her window. Hurriedly she checks the mirror for the bruises that should be there. She sees none. Opening the door she catches the faint scent of roses.

In the rest room at the mechanic’s shop she examines herself. She can find no hint of what she is positive happened to her. Suddenly unsure of herself, she decides it was a horrid nightmare brought on by stress and her imagination.

Nine months to the hour, as her husband welcomes her son into the world. She smells roses and the words drift to her ears, “Take care of him, love. I have great plans.”

With Bloody Kisses,

C Trei

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