Car Wash


I stop by your place early afternoon on a Saturday, you had just started washing your car and I offer to help. Taking the hose from you to wet down the car while you go to grab cloths to wash the car, I spray you full blast when you return. Laughing as you drop the cloths... placing your hands up to shield yourself from the waterblast as you advance towards me... You wrestle the running waterhose after much verbal and physical protest from me. I realize my struggles for the hose are futile, I let it go and run for shelter behind the car.

You grin devilishly, armed with the waterhose and stalking me back and forth around the car, as I shierk with laughter and stick my tongue out at you, wiggling my hips before quickly dodging your waterblasts by ducking behind your car. Then it happens, I misjudge your movement and head for the front of the car while you head to the back, or so I thought! And you fully blast me in the face long and hard with the waterhose. I scream at you, mad that you got me back so easily as I walk quickly towards you. You shut off the hose and I am soaking wet, my hair dripping, shivering slightly from the cold water and the breeze...the outline of my nipples, hard and pointing, showing through my wet tshirt, tendrils of water running down my body. I grab your hands trying to pry the hose from you, my breasts pressing against your arms as I fight you for the notice that determined look in my eye and before things can esculate, you drop the hose, pushing my body up against the car with yours...your hands cupping my breasts...your thumbs flicking and rubbing my nipples through my plastered t-shirt as your mouth claims mine.

But I still have fight left in me, and slightly protest until you push your hips hard against mine and I feel your hard thick cock through your jeans and my dripping wet shorts. I grin at you, desire in my dark brown eyes as I claim your mouth back, my tongue twirling around yours...sucking your tongue hard as I unbutton and unzip your pants. You pull my wet shirt that is stuck to my body up, bearing my breasts, cold from the water to your gaze as your head drops down to nuzzle and suck. I arch my back, moaning and sighing, enjoying the pleasure and warmth of your mouth and tongue on my nipples.

I free your cock, cupping your balls, the length of your cock resting against my wrist and lower arm as I bring my other hand up, wrapping my hands around your cock and rubbing your precum around the head with my thumb. You utter my name in between my breasts as you pant and twitch from my stroking, your hands leaving my tits as you take mr and place me on the hood of the car. I eagerly part my cold thighs as you take one of your hands and remove mine from your cock grasping it, and with the other you pull the crotch of my shorts to one side...I frantically pull your jeans down further...pushing yourself into my tight wet warmth. I pull my legs up, my knees at the sides of my breasts as you continue to push inside all the way into me.

You stop right there. Your throbbing cock buried in me to the hilt, looking into my eyes and smiling, kissing my forehead, my cheeks, my lips tenderly..then you begin moving in rthym..slow and long strokes...looking into my eyes, saying my name...caressing my hair...squeezing my breasts...your mouth on mine, then leaving, kissing my neck, and then lovebiting my breasts before returning to my mouth...I suck your tongue like I have your cock so many times hands touching you all over and my mouth on your nipples, your neck, your lips. My hands doing the same as I bring my legs down and wrap them around your waist. Your thrusts become shorter and more demanding..harder...harder...oh yes baby, give me your love...fill me with it...I want it, baby...yes, oh yes...YES, YES, YES! Ahhhhhhhhh...oh gawd..yes my love...trembling...breathless...clinging to you as you fall into me, holding me in your arms.

Tender kisses...sighs...rubbing our faces together, rubbing each others' backs. I push you back to stand...looking you in the eyes devilishly...kissing your mouth...telling you I want to taste you and I together as I crouch before you...

Feeling for the water hose...

Realization dawns on you...your instant thought is that I won't do it, but your logic follows and you know I sure as hell will...

You tell me...DON'T YOU DARE!

I spring up spraying the hell out of you in the face and then drop the hose and run like Satan himself is after me...screaming in part terror and glee into your house...

You tear after me as soon as you get the water from your wet t-shirt dropped at the beginning of the shorts and panties at the end of the throw open the doorway to your bedroom...

There I am, laying on top your bed, leaning back on my arms, breasts jutting forth...legs bent at the knees and wet auburn hair hanging down and water still running from it and down onto my heavy breasts...I bite my bottom lip and look at you pleadingly with my big brown eyes...

"Forgive me, baby?"

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