Cara's Game


Author's note: Whilst this story can be read in isolation, it is part of a series that started with "Hypnotising Cara" and continued with "Cara's Revenge" and may make more sense if read with those. As always all comments and feedback are appreciated.


Exhausted, Cara walked down the street barely noticing the rain falling on her face. Her shift at work had both started and finished in darkness, now her utmost desire was simply for a hot drink and a rest. Turning the key in the door, she let herself in and fumbled for the lights, missing the footsteps behind her until her hands were grabbed, pulled behind her back and tied into place. Roughly she was shoved, falling onto the sofa. As her head turned, she finally caught a glimpse of her attacker and her scream died before it had even passed her lips.


The sun was just breaking the horizon when Dylan awoke. As he went about his morning routine, he smiled as he noticed the bruises were finally starting to fade, the marks on his wrists almost unnoticeable. They were a memento of his last visit to Cara, a little reminder of how he had been tied, tormented, beaten and humiliated. "Well," he thought as he made his way to his car, "it's my turn now." As he drove into town, he remembered their encounter and ended up having to stay a couple of minutes extra in the parking lot, hiding, until he was decent again. "So I can't deny that it was fun," he admitted to himself as he walked into the store, "but she has been playing games with me and it's time for me to even up the score." He left the shop and put the bags into the car. "If she wants to play then I'll play her game," he thought, "I'll play it and I'll win it." He smiled as he turned the ignition. "Because I'm going to cheat."


"Dylan! What are you doing?" she asked before a hand to the throat stopped her.

"I didn't give you permission to speak." He growled, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ball gag.

Cara closed her mouth to try to stop him but her only reward was a slap. She opened her mouth to try to object but he just forced the gag in and quickly tied it behind her head.

"That's better. Now you can say whatever you want; it'll all sound like 'mmmmmmmmm' to me anyway."

He reached into a bag next to him and pulled out a knife. Cara's eyes went wide. "I would hold very still if I was you," he told her, smiling, "this is very sharp and if you're not careful you might lose more than just your clothes."

Helpless, she watched as he grabbed her foot, slicked the knife straight through her laces and threw her trainer into the corner of the room, closely followed by her sock, before doing the same on the other side. Going higher he ripped the buttons of her jeans open then yanked them and her panties off in one pull. Grabbing her feet again, he held her feet in place as he put them into leather cuffs, then spread her legs wide and attached a metal bar between the cuffs, stopping her from being able to close them again. Dragging her down from the couch to the floor, he turned her facedown then sat atop her, using the knife to slash her jacket, top and bra. Under his onslaught, it took no time until they were far too damaged to cover anything and he tore off their shredded remains.

Naked and exposed, Cara tried to will herself into being calm and almost succeeded until she felt the cold steel gently scrapping along her spine. He ran the edge of the blade over her, making her shiver under its attention; along her back it went, round her shoulders, down her arms until it reached her back and started the circuit again. Occasionally he would stop and rest the point of the blade on her skin, letting its weight slowly press into her until it was just about to break the skin before continuing on its journey. Turning around he repeated the movement with her legs, journeying down her long shapely legs, around her ankle, letting the tip dance over the soles of her feet, enjoying the sight of her twitching from the contact whilst trying to keep still lest she stab herself onto the blade. Coming back up he brought it round the cleft of her buttocks and down the other leg. Round and round he went as her skin heated from the attention and her face burned from the minute examination she was under. Finally, he smacked her naked pussy with the flat of the blade, laughing as he drew it away.

He wrapped her long brown hair around his fist, using it to pull her head from the floor. "I knew you would enjoy this," he told her as he made her face the blade, "look how wet you are."

As she looked into her reflection on the blade, she realized it was her own juices that made it glisten so, the wetness she felt as he wiped it clean on her cheek confirming it.

"It's nice of you to be such a horny, kinky freak for me. Maybe I should give you a reward for being such a good girl. But how do you reward someone who is tied up and helpless?" He paused as if lost in thought. "As I recall when you had me in such a position you wanked me off; it would be most rude of me not to return the favour."

As he got off her Cara turned to see what he was doing, watching as he took something that looked like a strap-on out of the bag and came back. Moving behind her, he told her to lift her ass into the air, spanking her hard until she complied, leaving the shape of his hand imprinted on her cheeks, then pushed the dildo into her and used the harness to tie it into place. He turned her over on the floor then stood over her, looking a hundred feet tall and holding a little plastic box in his hand. He pressed a button on it and suddenly she felt the front of the harness start to vibrate around her clit and the dildo moving inside her. A loud moan escaped around the gag in her mouth as the stimulation found a desperation she hadn't realised existed within her.

She watched as Dylan pulled a chair over. Fearfully she saw him reach once again into the bag, scared of what new torment she would receive, yet when he pulled his hand back she saw it was holding a packet of popcorn that he opened and started to munch as he watched her. Humiliated, she tried to resist the sensations, to deny him his show, fighting each moan that was forced from her. She tried to make her body stop clenching, her clit stop burning, her cunt stop sending heat through her veins but it was impossible; within minutes her body released, waves of ecstasy braking over her, her delight obvious.

Opening her eyes, she saw Dylan laughing at her. "This thing has 5 power levels," he told her, "that was just the first."

He pressed the buttons again and the vibrations increased making her already overworked nerve-endings jump. In moments she was quivering again, tension building, her muscles growing taut as she raced back to the peak of the wave. Over she fell, her moans becoming continuous as the sensations overlapped each other, her head feeling lighter and lighter as she struggled to find a gap between them to breathe in, struggled to get enough air around the gag when she did.

Again he pressed the button, she started to thrash about but her hands and feet were secure, the vibrations tied in place. She could see little lights popping all over the place, as if a firework display was happening in the room, even though her eyes were tightly closed. She felt so hot that for a moment she was sure she must be melting, until the crash of wave after wave made all thoughts disappear.

As the button was pressed a fourth time her brain became overloaded. The lights were joined by new sounds, smells and tastes: every synapse in her head starting to fire. Twisting and turning on the floor, she was moving so violently that Dylan quickly moved things out of her way. Yet still he kept the waves coming, over and over, taking her beyond the point where pleasure has meaning.

When the final level came, her body stopped moving, her mind simply giving up trying to process what was happening, to fight it, just letting it wash over her. By now, the waves were continuous, constant. It seemed like an eternity of feelings, though in reality Dylan only left it there for seconds before becoming worried and turning back down to the beginning.

It took a couple of minutes before she stopped twitching, a couple more before her breathing returned to normal. The slower movements of the vibrator felt relaxing now after the onslaught of moments before.

"Did you enjoy that? Maybe I should power it up again."

Urgently she shook her head, unsure if she could survive another bout.

"Well then you'll have to be very good to me, have to keep me occupied so I don't decide I need another show from you." He flipped her onto her front, untied her hands from behind her back and re-tied them behind her head before pulling the bag over and reaching inside once again. "Now what comes after wanking? Ah yes, I seem to remember that you like a little anal." He took out a tube of lube, spread her ass cheeks with one hand and used the other to smear it around her exposed rosebud. Frightened, she tried to clench but Dylan pressed the button again, turning it back up to the second level, as the vibrations distracted her, slipping his thumb into her virgin asshole.

Startled she let out a little squeak and tried to make her muscles resist him but he was too well lubricated and just kept going. It quickly began to feel good, the triple sensations playing with her, gently pushing her higher, making her feel nicely filled. Unconsciously, she started to push back onto his hand, wanting more, needing more but he just kept his pace steady, enjoying the whimpering sounds she was making, watching as she built up once more to a crescendo.

"That was a nice little introduction," he whispered into her ear, "but I think you can get a little kinkier for me." He pulled his thumb out and put her on to her back once again. He looked into his bag and smiled, "I almost forgot these." Taking out some nipple clamps, he attached one onto each breast and gave the chain between them a little tug. "Much better."

Standing up, he admired his work for a moment then undressed and used the lube on his cock. "All night I have been nice to you, making you cum over and over again. Now I think it's time you did something for me." Taking hold of the spreader bar between her ankles, he lifted it into the air and positioned his rod against her rosebud. "Do you want me to fuck your little ass?" he asked.

She shouted through her gag but all that came out was, "Mmmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm."

He smiled, "I'll take that as a yes."

As he slowed pushed into her, Cara felt sure she was going to rip open. Wider and wider he stretcher her, until with a pop his head finally made it in. Relieved, she took a deep breath, until she felt him push again and realized there was a lot more to go. Gradually she felt his entire length go into her, past the point she was sure she could take no more, filling her more deeply than she ever could imagine.

Dylan tugged on her nipple clamps to get her attention. "Enjoying yourself are we? Having both your holes filled at the same time like the dirty little slut you are." He began to slide his cock in and out of her, letting the tempo gently increase. He could feel the vibrations coursing through her, could feel the plastic cock in her cunt moving around, the tightness of her ass as he fucked her; they threatened to end his night early and he was have too much fun to let that happen so he kept his movements slow.

Meanwhile Cara felt like a sex toy, a rag doll being thrown around by his desires, helpless to resist him in any way she could only let the sensations wash over her as he pushed and pulled her around at will. With one hand holding the bar between her legs and the other holding the chain between her nipples he used her to go faster and faster. She had orgasmed beyond measure already today, yet through her exhaustion he was forcing her onto another, pushing her further and further, she felt the familiar glow rising from an unfamiliar place, getting hotter and hotter, until it exploded through her body.

Dylan, though, just kept going. Just gradually kept getting faster, more urgent. On he pushed her and again she responded, then again, then again after that. Her muscles ached, her throat sore from moaning, every sensation from her cunt and ass magnified a hundredfold but he never relented, until, with a shout, he grabbed her by the throat and held her as he pumped shot after shot of spunk into her.

Exhausted they lay down together, still joined as lovers, as Dylan fumbled with the knot of her gag, undoing it and finally giving access to all the air she needed, then removing the vibrator strapped between her legs, leaving her feeling slightly lost in it absence, making her cuddle further into him, trapping him inside her, seeking comfort from it.

"One of these days we are going to have to start having normal dates." He laughed.

Exhausted she mumbled something too quiet for him to hear. He moved so his ear was next to her lips.

"Trust you to want to quit when it's my turn next." She whispered.

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