tagLoving WivesCara's Unerring Downfall

Cara's Unerring Downfall


Reader, this is a story of a new bride who accidentally finds her 'sexual' feet, she can't get enough sex, she is an unfaithful wife with a man who reminds her tremendously of her lost father, the fixation causing her the problems. a woman and then her father before she understands what it is, then makes amends for her infidelities.


Cara Scott was almost breathless; she had just recanted all of her devious sexy deeds while on honeymoon to her best friend, she couldn't believe the detail she had got into, and now she was hot and bothered, not from telling her friend, but because she had worked herself up.

She told her of what she/they had got up to, but it was more Cara than Vin her new husband, he had happily gone along with her wishes, but at the end of the honeymoon he had felt worn out and was looking forward to getting back to work for a rest.

She told Mary that there had been a palm tree leaning back at a crazy angle and she had made him lie on a towel on it arms and legs hanging down, and she had ridden him off into the sunset, it had been fantastic she told her.

Another time they had walked along the jetty that went into the sea for about 50 or 60 yards, at the end was a ladder to get down to boats etc, and next to that was a wood seat that was about 3" under the water that you could sit on and kick your feet and watch fish swim by, she had got him on there, then climbed over him slipping her legs into the gap, and while he was facing out to sea, and her facing inland she had half screwed him to death

One night she had suddenly felt randy and insisted they went onto their porch and got into the swing seat, he knew what was coming and tried to say no, 'we will be seen' she went to work on him, soon he was rock hard and she made him sit under her while she fucked him and herself half the night.

They made love and screwed nearly all of the two weeks and Vin was nearly dead on his feet. He loved Cara passionately and always tried to please her, but he knew now that she had a far greater sex drive than he had, and there was no way he would be able to keep up with her at this rate, he was hoping her libido would slow a little as they settled into their marriage.

They had started making love a month before they had wed, she had always said she wanted to be a virgin when she married but her body had taken her wishes away from her, and the first night they "did it" she had gone ballistic, and now she couldn't get enough. And Cara's favourite for a fast and furious quickie was before they went to breakfast, she had had him all over their chalet, he had loved it for just over a week, but then he started to feel a bit out of the loop, but he had soldiered on anyway.

Cara had gone from a quiet shy girl into a wanton sexual woman in 6 weeks, a month prior to her wedding and the two weeks of her honeymoon. And today she was even more flustered and randy than ever, partly because she had spent an hour with Mary telling her all about the things they had done, but also because Vin had gone back to work yesterday, (Monday) and she had another week off.

He had called her later in the day and told her he would be a couple of hours late getting home because there was such a back log of work he had to get through. Cara had moaned but understood, they made love that night, and Cara set the alarm for him to wake up 30 minutes before he really had to so she could have her "morning work out" the trouble was the alarm went off an hour late, so there was no "morning work out" she had tried to get him to go in late and almost succeeded but he had escaped and gone off in a hurry.

Now Cara was going to have to wait until tonight, she had never gone so long without sex she moaned. She was in town on a shopping mission today it was 10am now, so she kissed her friend goodbye and headed into jeweller's shops looking for a ring, she had been given a cheque by an aunt and told to by herself a ring to remind her of this day.

She spent the next 2 hours searching for just what she had in her mind, but nothing came to her. Feeling despondent and still fucking horny, she complained to herself, she found she was passing the Singleton 5 star hotel, and on the board outside telling the world of how good they were was a reference to the new jewellery boutique they had just opened, so she went it have a look see.

Cara walked in and saw the boutique in the corner and headed for it, she saw herself in a mirror and stopped briefly to check herself out, boy did she look good, she thought.

Dark lustrous thick glossy hair, it was straight, but she curled the front and front sides to make it wavy as it cascaded around her beautiful face, her fringe caught her deep dark eyes, and she would pout her full lips to blow it away from snagging her long lashes. At 5ft 5" and 21 years old, Cara was aware now of how good she looked and liked to dress accordingly, she was neither tall nor small, but her height gave way to her figure which was full, her curves were all of God's creation, and her legs were something else! Cara was one of those women that men of all ages took note of, and most took a double take as she passed by.

Today she was wearing a summer dress that came to just above her shapely knees, low cut but not too low, thin straps held it up, and it was tailored at her slim waist. Flowery in pattern, it was also made to lift her boobs so she didn't need a bra when wearing it, underneath she had a thong that cut right into her and aided and abetted her horniness. 3" heels and stockings, with a tiny suspender belt. Was Vin going to get it when he gets home, she said to herself.

As she browsed away at the items on view, she heard a discreet cough behind her, it was a hotel bellboy, a very good looking Latino hotel bellboy.

'Wow,' she muttered under her breath, 'Yes, can I help you?' she asked.

'Maam, I beg your pardon but Mr Singleton is in the lounge, and asks if you would join him for a drink and or lunch please.'

Cara looked across and she could just see him waving at her from the bar of the lounge.

'Yes, please tell Mr Singleton I would love to, and I'll be there in a couple of minutes.' He walked away with Cara checking out his butt! But if she had known or even thought that in about 45 minutes Mr Singleton would be fucking her, she would have run a mile, but Cara was innocently heading towards adultery, and she had been married less than 3 weeks.

Mr Singleton was Jack James Singleton or JJ as he was known to one and all, and he was Vin, her husbands boss, she had met him at a company do a week before her marriage, he had looked at her closely that night, and she could feel him undressing her with his eyes, but she was used to that behaviour from men now and it didn't bother her, but she had noted the fact that he had.

Cara had felt herself drawn to him as the evening wore on, but it was simply the fact that he reminded her of the other love in her life, her dearest departed father, he looked so much like him that Cara found herself comparing him with her dad, or as she used to call him, her daddy, the likeness was uncanny. He even had mannerisms of her wonderful dad, and it made Cara's eyes fill at one stage.

JJ had employed her then boyfriend after seeing him troubleshoot a problem on one of his building sites while working for a contractor. JJ had a design business in Mechanical Engineering, ie, heating, plumbing and air conditioning, but it only did multi million pound contracts, he had a manager track him down and called him for a social meeting, he had been impressed with what he knew, he was only young at the time, 22, and JJ saw him as a future of his company, all he had to do was send him to college, and train him in the office. Vin took to it like a duck to water and soon he was heading his own small team, chaperoned by JJ himself.

There was a big difference to JJ and Cara's dad, he never knew him of course but he was as different as chalk and cheese. JJ was a go getter, and that included women. He had been in the hotel for an early 6am meeting that broke up at 11, he had played hard to win the contract that was on offer and he had secured it, but it had taken 5 hours of negotiating to do it, he had sent his team and secretary off for the day as a reward, and he was going to have lunch and a drink in the bar on his own. That was until he saw Cara.

As she walked up to him JJ stood in respect and Cara beamed, 'Ooooh what a gentleman,' she smiled to herself. They shook hands and he kissed her cheeks.

'Great to see you Cara would you like a drink?' he asked.

'May I have a white wine please?'

He told the barman and soon they were chatting, being this close to him brought memories of her daddy who had died when she was just about to turn 18, and who she had actively been thinking about in a sexual way, she had decided that, though she knew it was wrong she was going to seduce him if she could and let him have her precious virginity. She loved him that much, she couldn't help it, he was so good looking and a magnet for lots of women, but he loved her mother totally and was always faithful as far as she was aware.

Cara felt a little flustered at the memories of her feelings for her daddy, and now, being in the presence of this good looking older man was making her even more flustered, she had often thought that she was attracted to older men, Vin after all was 6 years older than her, and she knew JJ was more or less the same age as her daddy had been.

JJ sensed something in her and moved closer, he hadn't thought of her as a sexual conquest but now it flitted across his mind.

He talked in a low deep voice that had her transfixed; he was telling her of her husband's future depending on how well he did, and what support he got from everyone around him, 'including you Cara.' He had said.

'Including me?' she thought, 'how?'

His voice was mesmerising and she was hanging onto every word, she listened with an attention she didn't know she possessed, and she couldn't take her eyes off his, he was so much like her daddy she wanted to hug him. Cara inspected every line on his face, every twitch of a smile, every crease, his hair was even the same colour as her daddy's hair had been, but it was styled differently, she casually said to herself, 'I would love to do his hair the same way as his, he would look wonderful.' The thought brought a sudden twitch to her pussy, she was back to being aroused, 'God I am here,' she pondered, 'thinking about my husband's boss and my daddy, and I'm getting myself all hot and bothered again!'

JJ knew he was onto something, he could almost feel her sexual levels, it was emanating from her in unseen waves. Her face was blush red, and behind that she was flushed, and her eyes were alive and dreamy, he knew from long experience when a woman was sexually aroused, Cara's lips were filled with blood, a sure give away. He leaned in close and said softly, 'you really are a very beautiful sexy woman Cara.'

Cara's eyes opened wide, the look on her face was one of pure feline beauty, he was about 3 inches from her face as he stared intently into them. Cara was struck dumb, rooted to the seat she was sat in, JJ moved very slowly into her 3" of space and lightly kissed her lips, they trembled, quivered and moved as his connected to hers briefly.

'Come,' he whispered, 'let's go and sit over there in that cubicle, it'll be a lot more comfortable Cara.'

He helped her off the seat and guided her to it, his arm loosely around her waist. Cara was dizzy with what was going on, not only in her body but his very nearness, it was near the back and secluded, he nodded over his shoulder to the watching barman, the barman knew Mr Singleton very well, he was after all the owner of this 5 star establishment, he was also the best tipper, and he did as he was told, the nod told him to slip a small amount of the blue powder he kept for him in his waistcoat pocket.

A few minutes later the barman served new drinks, Cara had almost finished hers, JJ was sitting right next to her, his hands on the table, but his thigh tight against hers, she moved away slightly but JJ followed. As she sipped her drink, and kept moving, she ended up against the divider in the cubicle seating, the table could hold 8, or two 4s. Now she had no where to go and unknown to her the blue powder in her drink was lowering her defences.

JJ was side by side with her, his body heat was getting to her, she was becoming more and more flustered, along with becoming more and more aroused. She felt his hand on her knee.

'Mr Singleton...'

He interrupted, 'JJ,' he whispered in her ear.

'JJ, please what are you doing, your hand is on my knee?' she whispered, hers closed softly around his wrist.

'Yes Cara, you are so soft and sexy I can't help myself, I'm sorry but I have to,' it moved up her leg.

'Please JJ you shouldn't, I'm married now, you know that,' gasped the beautiful young bride next to him.

'Yes Cara I know, but something tells me you like this?' His hand crept up further. Cara didn't seem to have the wherewithal to stop him, she was feeling so horny, and his hand felt so good gliding up and down her inner thigh.

He reached the thong, Cara had moaned softly a few times, 'be careful,' he told himself, 'and you'll be fucking her in 20 minutes.'

'Please JJ, please... Oh... Oh my JJ please?' he had reached her pussy and tickled it with a practiced finger.

Cara's mouth fell open, her knees opened and closed, in the open position he slipped his finger under the band and he was in!

He kissed her then, it felt so good on her lips she sucked his bottom lip seductively, Cara's hands, unknown to her left his wrists and flopped down; he was driving her insane with his finger now deep in her slick slippy pussy.

Her head fell back as he kept up the kiss and the debasement of the newly married blushing bride of his employee, as his finger tore away at her up coming infidelity. Cara had given in, her very own arousal previously had brought her to this, and her downfall was imminent.

The elevator at the back of the lounge was for private guests only. JJ scooped her up and pulled her towards it, once he had her inside he pressed level 5 and he was on his way. He continued to kiss and fondle Cara, her tits were getting massaged, her super sensitive nipples were screaming at her as he rolled and twisted at them, her pussy was treated to his knee, her neck was being attacked, she had no defences.

Fumbling in his pocket for the key card as he approached the door to his permanent suite, he dropped it in opened it and he was in with her, he wasted no time in getting her on the bed, he didn't want her to attempt anything like modesty.

Kissing and feeling her, he guided her hand to his fully erect prick, it was straining at his pants to get out and get in her. Her hand folded around and she moaned in appreciation, she knew what it was, it was a prick, a cock, a cock she was in so desperate need of, and right now, he and the blue powder had done what had been required, she closed her eyes and felt him, it was gorgeous, a big hard cock , and it was for her.

She opened her eyes and said to him, 'oh daddy, I love you,' and Cara kissed him passionately. It shocked him, he didn't know what she was talking about, but being a man of the world he went with it.

'I love you too baby, your daddy has always loved you.'

Her eyes were glazed, they were open but not seeing, 'Oh daddy I have always wanted this, you know that don't you?'

'Yes baby I have,' he slipped her dress off, pulled away her thong. One handed he pulled open his pants and moved over her, she guided him to her ever increasingly boiling pussy.

Her hand had left the huge bulge in his pants, but it soon reconnected when his prick fell out, she grasped it and moaned loudly, it was hard hot and huge, as she felt the length and the girth of it she cooed into his mouth.

'Oh daddy daddy, make love to me daddy, make love to your little baby girl,' she knew it wasn't her daddy of course, but JJ was so like him her pretence got the better of her, she really was imagining it was her beloved father. JJ joined with her, and said.

'Yes baby, daddy is here, daddy is going to make you feel real good baby, and daddy love's his beautiful little girl.' He knew there was going to be no more resistance, in fact he knew she was up for a fucking, she was begging him, her daddy to do her. JJ jumped out of bed and Cara watched as his clothes fell away, his prick swaying heavily, she said to herself, 'I bet my daddy had one just like that,' He got back into bed with her, kissed her, then turned her gently away from him, she spooned back snuggling right into her new daddy.

JJ reached around her and treated her nipples to a loving mauling, softly bit into her shoulder ands neck causing her to shudder and moan, the feel of his hairy body sent ripples through her, her daddy had been hairy too, the likeness was getting more and more. Her hand was behind her holding on to his gorgeous cock. He slipped his hand between her legs and pressed her knee upwards, Cara lifted it for him and he slid into the new brides scalding pussy, as he drifted up into her, she arched her back, turned her face to him for a kiss, as her lips touched his she murmured, 'Oh daddy I love you so much,' then an orgasm shot through her.

She grappled with the sheets as hit got her totally, it was unbearably fantastic, it tripped around her like an electrical current, JJ was humping into her for all he was worth, his balls slapping her ass as he pumped up and down, he held her tight, bit her shoulder, squeezed her nipples, pulled her hard to him, her leg came backwards to help her hold herself to him.

'I'm cumming baby, your daddy is going to fill you with his spunk, you want that baby, do you want daddy to cum in you Hmmm?'

'Yes, yes, yes daddy,' she chanted, 'do your baby daddy, fill me daddy, give me our baby.' She squealed over her shoulder. This caused JJ to blow his load all the way up into her, the thick head of his prick was right up against her cervix and he blasted tons of cum in it.

Slowly relaxing JJ held her tight, kissed her back, neck and shoulder; her nipples were gently played with, he told her he loved her, that she was the sexiest most gorgeously beautiful woman he had ever met, and that he wasn't going to let her go, ever. As Cara came down from the mountain she had just climbed on his wonderful prick, she nestled back into him, she had just let another man other than her husband make fabulous love to her, and she had loved it, it was the naughtiest, sexiest and best thing she had ever done in her life. 'Never let me go?' she said to herself quietly, 'he'll have no chance against me when I get my hooks into him,' she made a silent promise to herself.

Cara slowly turned around to him, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him like she had never kissed a man before.

'JJ, we have just done something that was just so special to me, loved it, it's tipped me upside down but I don't regret it, and I never will,' she told him as her lips lifted and went back to his as she spoke.

Her kiss deepened and deepened, it was telling JJ that he was somewhere special too, gradually Cara turned him onto his back as she continued her kisses, above him now she rose slightly from him, tossed her thick hair over a shoulder, it swung down one side and silkily brushed his face as she reconnected with her kiss, her hand slid down to his sticky cock and balls, as she caressed them, Cara then caressed his body with hers.

JJ was in heaven, this day was turning out to be the best day of his life, he had won and signed for massive contract that would secure him personally, and that if his employees for the next 5 years. And he had met, seduced and fucked a brand new bride, an employee's new wife, she was the most gorgeous and sexy woman he had ever been lucky enough to have met. And now she was telling him she would never regret it, well if she didn't he wouldn't either.

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