AUTHOR'S NOTE: All the usual warnings apply. This is my story, so keep your hands off of it, no copying or distribution without my explicit permission. Any asking of permission, compliments, complaints, or comments should be directed to my e-mail. I will personally read and answer all e-mails. Enjoy this story, my second mc. It's a big longer, a bit dreamier, and hopefully extremely enjoyable.


My roommate, Jill, was on the track team. Even though she already had lots of friends by the time I moved onto campus because of summer training with the team, she was nice to me and we became friends.

She was from Connecticut, which was on the way to my parent's house in Rhode Island. We were going to get a ride home for Thanksgiving with some guy she hit at the last track meet; like she says, guys are so easy once they're in the sack. So we went to the meet. She ran, I cheered. Everyone was in a good mood that day. I noticed her flirting with some guy on the sidelines, and I thought he was probably the guy she had got to drive us home. I grimaced indulgently, realizing that I would be sitting in the back, listening to them flirt all 12 hours home. I would have to keep her in my bed that night to make sure I got some sleep. My bed. Maybe if he was a real sound sleeper, we would...but no, that was out of the question. Snap out of it Shelley, stop fantasizing.

I picked up my stuff and walked down to the field after the meet was over and she gave me a hug, and introduced me to a guy.

"Ok, so Shel, this is--"



"We, uh, went to high school together."

There was a short pause.

"Well girls, I'm going to go shower and the like and I'll meet you back here in about a half hour."


After he left, I turned to Jill. "Jill, how could you?"

"How could I what?"

"How could you get Richard to drive us home? I can't be in a car for 12 hours with him, he's so, so...I mean, I repulse him! Once last year I was heading over to a library table where my friend was, to sit with her, and I saw him sit down there a few seconds before I got there. I sat down, and he stood right back up, got his stuff, and left the library! He hates me, Jill."

"Well then, um, you guys obviously have some issues to work through and I think that this would be a good opportunity for you guys to do that. And it's not like there's any other ride we could get at this point."

"What about that guy you were flirting with the whole meet?"

"Oh, Hugo? He's really nice and cute and all, but he's headed to Montana and even he wouldn't take a detour that big. Richard...there's just something about him. I can't stay away, or something. I go all dreamy around him."

That made two of us. I bit my lip in frustration.


"Ok," I sighed, "fine. But you don't know how weird he is. He was in my history class last year and he was just so...bizarre!"

"Oh, who cares, this is wonderful!"

She squealed, hugged me, and ran off to get her bags. What was with her? She didn't get dreamy over one night stands. My Jill had a much more cavalier attitude.

Rocking, rocking gently...

"So, are you guys ready to go? Where's Jill?"

I snapped back to reality. "Uh, she uh, left."

"Oh." He was definitely disappointed. Jill was gorgeous, with her muscular body and long, runners legs. Her hair flashed in the sun like gold when she was running out in front of the pack.

I'm not so shabby myself, I just don't choose to show it. I'm shorter, with long, black hair. I have bigger breasts than Jill does, but I wear big sweatshirts. I swim a few times a week so I'm toned, but I wear jeans a size too big. I want friends before I want lovers. But there's a loophole; I'm the weather appropriate girl. As soon as the thermometer hits 90, out come the skimpy skirts and tight baby-tees. I'd shown how hot I was back last June when the weather was hot; he knew and he still wasn't attracted to me. Still hated me. He never talked to me, when we were in a room together he would skirt around me and talk to every other girl. Thank god he never knew what I was thinking when I was around him.

"Um, I mean, she left to get her stuff."

"Oh, ok."

We talked very politely about the weather until Jill showed, her ponytail swinging across her back like a pendulum.

"Hey again Richie!" she squealed, and fell into his arms. He gave a little smile.

Now tell me that wasn't a daydream. Jill is not some helpless little girl to fall into some guy's arms, even his. I followed her ponytail out to his car.

I grimaced impatiently while I did my work. Every once in a while I would look up from my laptop and see Jill batting her eyes. They took flirting to marathon heights. I chipped into the conversation every once in a while, but mostly I provided a nice background noise of fingers on keys.

"Oh," I heard her say, "and thanks for the lovely present last time."

"You mean the card I gave you? Have you been looking at it?"

("Yes," she would say. He would pull the car off the highway and onto a closed weigh station and behind some trees. Jill would be grinning at him and glancing up at the rear view mirror and smiling at me. She would wink, just for me. He would turn off the engine and lean his seat back. Jill would smile and touch her shoulder to her cheek, playing the shy girl, just for him. He would nod and beckon her over with one finger. She would take off her seatbelt and clamber over the gearshift, flashing me some thigh. I would breathe in sharply at the same time as she would when she saw the hard-on tenting his pants. He would nod again and tell her to take it out. She would sit crosswise in his lap and comply, fishing it reverently out through his boxers and jeans and then bend down to lick the head. He would breathe deeply and stick a hand up her skirt. She would start to moan, and he would pull her up and move his arm. Her violet panties would sweep away like a curtain from over a window, and I would see the light; her dripping cunt. She would guide herself down on him, her leg muscles straining. He would smack her ass and tell her to bounce, hard. He would lie back, his hands folded behind his head as she fucked herself on his cock. She would cum and he would sit up, slap her ass again, tell her to suck it. She would clamber back to her seat and lean over to him, showing her cleavage to him and showing her ass and dripping cunt to anyone who looked in the passenger's side door. She would giggle and look him in the eye as she took the head into her mouth. She would bop up and down furiously, willing him to cum. I would be able to see her cheeks caving in around his cock and her tongue working. He would clamp a hand down on her head and lift his hips, thrusting his cock down her throat while he came. She would cough and sputter, but she would swallow it all. When it was all over, he would smile, pat her on the back, and start the car again. They would fix their seats and their clothes and put their seatbelts on. We would head back out onto the highway.)

He twisted around in his seat. I hadn't even noticed the car stop.

"Want some dinner?" My computer was on screensaver. I must have fallen asleep. I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and shifted uncomfortably in my seat.


I looked at my watch as we trekked across the parking lot to the central rest area. Shit, had it only been two hours? And I really shouldn't have any more fantasies like that, about them. What if I moaned in my sleep? Oh no, the hotel tonight. What would happen? I would really need to keep her in my bed now, just so I wouldn't be plagued by any more visions. I could just reach over and touch her, and maybe knowing that it was not happening would help quiet my mind. But how disappointed would I be when it didn't happen? Why could I see his face every time I shut my eyes? His brown, blank irises burned into my skull, just like they always used to do.

We waited out the lines and then commenced to scarf down our fast food. Halfway through my meal I stopped, fixated on one fry as the idea hit me. I turned it over and over in my hands, wondering why these heavy fantasies only happened around Richard. Why was he so fixating? I knew why. It was how cute he was, how easily athletic and obviously agile. How he took notes with his head almost touching the page. How he punctuated his sentences with raised eyebrows like little exclamation marks. How he quoted random passages from the textbook and supplementary materials.

"Are you going to eat that?" I looked up hurriedly; he was making exclamations with his eyebrows. Just like old times.

"No, I guess not."

Jill and I took a bathroom trip. Man, was I wet. I was really going to have to watch this. Looking at the map in the lobby, the "you are here" star sticker said that we weren't nearly far enough along after two hours of driving. Maybe there was some traffic I had missed when I was absorbed in my work. Or fantasizing, mayhaps.

We decided to switch it up a little, so I was in the front seat next to him and Jill was in the back. The car felt empty because of the cold, and we both warmed our hands on the heaters as soon as they started spouting hot air.

Friction. Skin on skin...

Our hands touched by accident in front of the middle heater. We both pulled the offending digits back immediately into our separate spheres. The clock ticked from 9:01 pm to 9:02 pm. He stared intently at the darkening roadway, and I looked fixedly out my window.

Jill took notes from a thick textbook.

I thought about last year, our senior year together. We had done a major history project together, but we never really pulled it together. We ended up with a C and some bad words were exchanged. But, as if to make up for it, he gave me a card come Christmas time. It was hand-drawn, and he told me to make sure I took a look at it. When I opened it that night, I found it full of little doodles and incomprehensible squiggles leading everywhere at once.

The day after that, that was when they started; the fantasies. Oh, I fantasize all the time anyway, but I'd never had any trouble pulling out of them. These seemed to run themselves, and they always felt so real. I'd had to frig myself in the bathroom more than once after they happened.

The next day, I wanted to thank him for the card. So I wandered around the school during lunch, until someone pointed me towards the theater. I entered in the back, through the stage left door, and peeked around the curtain. He was sitting in the first row, his dark head turned down intently into a book.


He looked up, his dark eyes flashing. "Yes?"

"I um, wanted to thank you for the card."

"Have you been looking at it?"

"Yes, it's-

("It's beautiful," I would say. He would smile, ecstatic with the compliment and something more and get up from his seat, take two long steps and leap onto the stage like he was flying. He would run over to me and sweep me up in a passionate kiss and sweep the backpack off my shoulders. He would cup my face in his hand and look into my eyes shining with excitement, and he would kiss me again. He would pull back, his hair following, and then rush back to me like a wave to the shore. He would kiss me deeply, kiss me well, and wrap his hands around my body. His hands would slide around as we turned our heads back and forth like in the movies. They would come to rest on my ass. He would give my butt a quick squeeze and I would jump and moan into his mouth.)

"It's beautiful." I blushed at the thought of what I had just been thinking.

He was standing in front of his seat, looking uncomfortable. He must have been weirded out that had been looking for him. Or that I had been staring into space for the last five minutes. I should go.

So I thanked him again and left. I could hear him settling back into his seat as I headed directly for the bathroom across the hallway...

The miles passed. After that first time in the theater, I started writing the fantasies down. I didn't want to forget a single thing we did, a single detail of the way they made me feel.

Slick and moaning...

The next day in History class, I tried to bring on another fantasy, seeing as I didn't have anything interesting to do for that particular hour. I zoned out and stared at the back of Richard's head. Nothing. Maybe I had to be able to see his face, I thought. I got up and sharpened my pencil. I made eye contact on the way back to my seat, a risky move. He would stand, and leap across three rows of desks to get to...nope, it wasn't working. Thirteen girls were glaring at me.

Jill asked me if she could borrow my laptop. I gave her permission and slipped back into another memory. That time in the lab...

A couple days after that time in the theater, I was in the computer lab after school trying to finish an essay. This was before the laptop. I was typing away industriously as the last few people left, and a new someone walked in. Whoever it was came and stood right behind me. I whipped my head around in a moment of panic, and then sighed with relief. It was Richard.

"Hey Rich."

"Hey Shelley. What are you working on?"

"English essay."

"Fun. Hey, have you been looking at that card I gave you?"


(He would smile. He would touch my shoulder and I would stand up. We would kiss briefly and I would nuzzle into his neck and nibble the soft skin of his ear lobe. He would tell me to wait and he would go over and close the door of the lab. I would walk over to the lab monitors' table and perch on the edge. He would come over and lean down and kiss me sweetly, and then strongly. He would push me down so that I was lying on the table with my legs hanging off of it. He would get on top of me and grab my hair in his fists and mash his lips into mine. We would make out hungrily and I would wrap my arms around him, feeling his face and gripping his back and arms. I would grab his shoulder blades with the tips of my fingers. He would sit me up, and we would laugh and touch each other, and then we would get under the table. I would lean against one table leg, my own legs stretched out, the only thing visible from the door. He would kneel in front of me and place a hand on my breast. He would ask my permission, which I would give, and then he would slide his hand under my shirt and bra. He would cup my tit in his hand and start rolling the nipple between his fingers. He would grin as I squirmed and tossed my head back.)

"What's your paper on?" he asked, bringing me back to reality.

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest compared to On the Road. It's very deep."

"Cool." His phone rang and he picked up, moving out into the room. I turned back to my computer as he opened the door and drifted out into the hallway...

"Thanks for letting me use the 'top," said Jill, snapping me out of my reverie.

"Uh, no problem." I blushed.


"Yes, Richie?" Jill answered for both of us.

"It's about eleven, how about we stop for the night?"

"Sure, Richie, sounds good. You must be tired, driving all that way."

"He's only driven four hours," I mumbled to the door.

We got a room in a little Motel 6 right off I-90. Jill had gone in and gotten the room. She had flirted her way into a nonsmoking room with two queen beds while somehow only paying for one person. Richard and I sat in the car staring into the bright hotel lobby. Jill came bounding back out (bounding? that wasn't like Jill, what was with her lately?) and we drove around to the other side of the hotel, grabbed some toiletries and clothes for the next day out of the trunk and filed into the room. We blinked when I hit the lights. We didn't speak as we traded off for the bathroom. I made sure Jill got into my bed.

I stared at a spot on the ceiling. Richard, with his wild gesticulations and quotations, he split the girls of the school right in half. No, not that way. At least not that anyone knew of. He never had girlfriends, I think he carried around a bible or something. He always managed to have us clutching our stomachs with laughter at least once a class. After class, at lunch, the girls would split into two chattering groups. One group thought that he was so cute he was beyond reproach. The other thought he was cute but recognized that he was human. I rolled over and faced Jill's back.

As soon as I was sure he was asleep, I put my arms around her. She sighed and snuggled into me. Her ass brushed up against my mound and I started feeling wicked. I reached up slowly, so as not to disturb her, and grabbed two handfuls of Jill-tit. She squealed and I shushed her. I warned her to be quiet or Rich would hear. We could have some fun, but we musn't be too naughty with him here.

She turned over under the covers to face me, wrapped her arms around me, and gave me a delicious little squeeze. I kissed her soft lips. She rolled over on top of me and we we started feeling each other with our fingertips, light and rushing, sending little sparks to our respective clits. Someone let out a soft sigh.

"Oh, come on," she whispered. "Here, look." She reached a hand down and came up with a wet finger. "Smell how wet I am. Taste."

I took her finger into my mouth and sucked all the way up, getting all of her tangy juices. She moaned and lay back down on me, our breasts tingling as they collided. I reached my hand down to her crotch, feeling all the way.


I felt eyes on me. I pulled my face out from under Jill's and flicked my eyes over to Richard's bed. I saw a pair of bright eyes twinkling at me out of the darkness.

"Oh my god, Jill!"

"Ohh, shit!" We clutched each other's arms like we were falling off a cliff.

"Shit shit shit!"

"Don't stop on my account girls." I could hear his smirk through the darkness.

"Oh, shut up you perv," retorted Jill. We turned our backs to him and spooned each other. I think we all had trouble getting to sleep, but it was a quiet night.

We woke up too late for the continental breakfast, so we grabbed some pancakes and bacon at a Denny's and headed out.

Whatever spell Richard had Jill under seemed to have broken after his little voyeuristic adventure and she refused to sit next to him, which put me in the hot seat again. She crossed her arms and wouldn't even look at him. He tried to speak to her a few times, but she just took out her cd player and plugged herself in. She had the thing up so loud we could hear every lyric.

He tried to make small talk, but I was having none of it. He started channel-surfing the radio and I stared out the windshield.

Those fantasies last year, they had been so powerful, so real. I could almost feel his hands on my flesh like afterimages when they were over. But it always seemed curious afterwards, like there was something slightly wrong...but no...

One day I was in the gym, shooting baskets. I had a free period, so I'd changed and picked up a basketball from under the bleachers. I stood on the free-throw line in my soccer shorts and sports bra, shooting jump shots.

I had been putting them up left and swishing them right when I heard a creak and missed my shot, my focus broken. I looked in the direction the ball was now bouncing. My ponytail swung around after my head, brushing the bare skin below my bra.

"I didn't think anyone else would be here."

"Me neither. But I have a free, and no car today, so, here I am." I made a small fatalistic gesture, and then my hand flopped limply towards my leg. Our conversations always had this sort of awkward tone that tended to end them quickly. No matter how much I tried not to be sketchy, tried not to stare at him in History class or tried not to find the routes to all my classes that would intersect his routes, I still never managed to be quite casual in my real-life dealings with him. You didn't think I could stare so much and fantasize so deeply without starting to like him, did you?

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