tagLoving WivesCareful What You Bet On Ch. 02

Careful What You Bet On Ch. 02


Thank you to everyone who emailed me. As always your thoughts and comments are invaluable and mean the world to me. I will respond to as many as possible.

That night I raced home to see what plans Wendy had thought of. I quickly signed on hoping I would find out before Jeff, my boyfriend, came over.

"Are you sure Ash? What if she wins? What if she is perverted or something? You've never met her. And even assuming she is sane, are you really prepared to submit to her every whim?" typed Laura.

"She won't win. And yes, I'm sure. I am going to enjoy this. When did you find out?"

"You kidding, as soon as I got back from my business trip, Linda emailed me. You two are the talk of the chat room."

"Don't be so sure Ash because believe me your ass will be exposed a lot when I win," typed Wendy, who just signed on.

"So long as you agree to the same terms," I challenged. Then added, "And you won't win," I said confidently.

"Hmmm, we'll see. Ok, how about this Saturday night at a motel down town. You can reserve it but loser will pay. We will wear identical bikini's that have string ties. I'll buy those. Best out of 5 wins."

"And what are the rules?"

"Only women stuff allowed. No punching but certainly slapping, pinching, biting, hair pulling, etc. is allowed. You go out of bounds regardless of whose fault it is, you lose the match and a piece of clothing for the remainder of the game. You must strip your opponent (top and bottom) or pin them for a count of 5 to win a match. Both guys will count. Both guys also must agree in advance to help the winner. And of course the loser must submit to the winner until checkout on Sunday."

"Sounds good."

"And I propose that since we are both women and the stories that started this were sexual in nature, that our bodies are part of the game. Meaning, if either of us cops a feel on a bare breast, ass or pussy during the game, the 'victim' must not only allow it but remain in the exact position she was in when such touch occurred for a maximum of three minutes or whenever the winner breaks the contact to signal the resumption of the game. OK?"

"Certainly!" I typed. "Who times?"

"My husband Ron will time. He will bring a timer that will count down 3 minutes."

"But we want to see!" typed numerous women. "Come on, you two."

"Ok," responded Wendy, " Both guys will take pictures throughout the match. The loser's partner will take five of the loser at the end of the match and the winner will decide which ones are posted."

"Why not all of them? You chickening out now? And between matches, why don't we post them so the ladies can follow the play? My boyfriend is in web design so everyone can see you lose your clothes as the game progresses and you are made to submit to me."

"Certainly, I agree if you do."

"Any limits for the winner?" I asked.

"Well, I think exposure is a given. Loser must wear whatever winner wants or doesn't want until check out. And everyone loves to spank a bare ass, over the knee."

Oh she was devilish. I loved it. "Why not whip it too?"

"Ok, you bring your toys and I'll bring mine. Loser must submit and her partner must help the winner. Ok, blondie?"

"Actually, since I'm going to have so much fun with your ass, why not Friday and Saturday night. Say, game at 2:30pm on Friday so winner has loser all Friday night and Saturday and Saturday night."

"Wonderful. I love it. You make the reservations."

"Great, I'll email you with the information and my phone number."

"Great. I'll call you and if we are comfortable, we will proceed."

I made the reservations at a classy motel down town and even reserved a limo that was included for an additional fee. Oh well, it would be worth it. I emailed Wendy the motel information but did not mention the limo.

That night, she called so we put each other on speakerphone so Ron and Jeff could hear too.

"Wendy, my boyfriend Jeff is here too."

"Hi Wendy," said Jeff a little shocked that this was really happening but also a bit turned on by the idea I figured.

"Hi Jeff. It's great to finally talk to you. My husband Ron is here too."

"Hi Ron." I said easily.

"Hi Ashley, be prepared, Wendy is very competitive and loves to win."

"Don't worry Ron, so does Ashley. Believe me, she has no plans to lose," replied Jeff before I could form a reply.

"I don't know about you Jeff but I don't care who loses, I just want to see them wrestle and watch the clothes fly off."

"I hear ya, man."

"So Jeff," asked Wendy, "if I win you've agreed to help me and will post whatever I want, right?"

"I certainly will Wendy. You have my word. Scouts honor."

"How do you feel about a bunch of local women seeing your prim, proper girlfriend's bare tush live and on the net, Jeff?"

Jeff laughed at the Wendy's phrasing before he replied, "She knew the risks, but it could equally be yours so Ron, how do you feel about your wife's, mother-of-your-kids, pussy being bared to all?"

"Same as you. She knew the risks so bring it on, just give me a copy of the pics."

Both Jeff and Ron laughed before Jeff asked seriously, "How long do you want them posted?"

"Till check out," I replied.

"No way! At least 72 hours after so everyone can see right up to the last second and then talk about it next week. Besides, what's another couple of hours?"

Jeff turned to me for my response. "True," I agreed. Damn these women knew how to play each other, thought Jeff with a smile, somehow knowing Ron was thinking the same thing.

"Ok, how many privacy rights do you ladies want? I know just your chat group but can they save them? Print them?"

"Oohh, yes please!" said Ron.

"I agree, everything up and until 72 hours afterwards," said Wendy.

"Agreed," I sighed.

"I was going to put them on the main site as a link with a password to access," said Jeff.

"Good idea Jeff," said Ron.

"So, how simple do you want the password?" I was thinking Slut during the match and then the loser's name.

"Sounds wonderful, Jeff. Ash?" asked Wendy.

"Agreed, the more people that see your ass the better."

"Ok, I'll set it up."

"One room or two? I booked one but could get another," I asked.

"One, if it's too much for Ron or Jeff, they can leave and go home."

"Not a chance!"


"So are you two comfortable with this?" asked Ron.

We looked at each other smiling, and both said "Yes, you two?"

"Absolutely! Honey, your ass is mine!"

Hi Fans of Ash and Wendy,

Well, it's been a long week but reservations are made. Our two beauties will be in the room at 2:30pm. The first match will begin no later than 3:30pm. Please click the link below at 3:00pm. The before shots will be posted as soon as possible and will be followed by pictures of the matches as well as a brief synopsis of the match. It will be best out of five, with Ron and I judging, who personally want to see more skin but have promised to help the winner in any way possible to enrich the ladies' experiences.

The password is 'slut' but will be changed to the loser's name, Wendy or Ashley. As a surprise, both have agreed to a live viewing at the winner's discretion. Directions and time will be emailed and posted.

Enjoy! Love, Jeff (Ash's bf)

PS No security rights have been installed so all pictures are printable and savable, which I personally encourage. Enjoy, I know Ron and I will.

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