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Caribbean Confessions

byDark Thoughts©

Idalia Castille slowly awoke with a very wide smile on her lovely face. She felt very good. Better than she had in quite some time. In a word, she felt alive, yet at the same time, there was a sadness welling within her. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, she could see the silhouette of the man that brought out these feelings in her. She reached for him, very softly touching him so as not to awaken him. She moved closer and placed butterfly kisses on his back. Oh, how she loved his back. She nuzzled closer to him and began to think of the events that had gotten them to this point.

Trevor Wilson was the man lying next to her. He had been asked by his office to go and assist a regional office on Isla Del Espejo, a small US possession in the Caribbean. He jumped at the chance as he needed to get away from the monotony that his life had become.

After being on the island for a few weeks, he ran into Idalia and her partner Emilio while looking for a work site that he needed to visit. She and Emilio worked for the Public Relations Branch of the company that Trevor had come to assist and were out doing surveys in the communities. It was Manolo, a native of the island and employee of the branch that Trevor was working with, that decided to stop and ask for assistance.

They had started talking in their native Spanish when Trevor walked up. Manolo introduced him to the others and Trevors' first thought was that Idalia was a very attractive Latina. She was in her mid-forties, about 5'5" with a nice body, curly blond hair and beautiful brown eyes. She had a very pleasant smile and a relaxed, friendly manner.

The first thing that Idalia noticed about him was his chest and that he was a nicely built black man with a serious expression on his face as he approached. He had a disarming smile as they began talking. They talked about his visit to the island and she asked him if he had done any site seeing. When he said that he had not, she invited him to go on an excursion with some of the other employees the next weekend. He accepted and after exchanging numbers and parting ways, he could not help but think about her for the next few days.

He loved her accent although she was not very comfortable with her ability to speak English. She had also extended an invitation for him to come by her house to watch movies and have dinner, as the employees often met at each others houses to unwind and enjoy each others company away from work. She was a very good cook and liked to entertain every now and then.

He decided to give her a call and ask her to lunch. Since they would be working in the same area the next day, they decided on a convenient place to meet. A woman from Idalias' office, who was working with her that day, joined them and pretty much dominated the conversation throughout their meal. Idalia later called to apologize for the woman's behavior and invite Trevor to lunch at the end of the week, which of course he accepted.

As it happened, Trevor needed to go to an older, touristy part of the island that he new Idalia loved from their conversations. He called and asked her to come with him to have dinner instead and she accepted almost immediately. His business took only a moment and they found a restaurant with live music that seemed fun. They ate and talked as best as they could with the music and loud conversation by the other patrons.

Later, she took him on a tour of the area. It was nice to walk with her. She looked fabulous in her black slacks, sweater and heels. He noticed that she had really beautiful feet. Not that he had a fetish or anything, but he thought that they were very well manicured and looked great in heels.

They stopped for tea to take a break from walking and played backgammon while talking and relaxing. Several times throughout the game, he caught a glimpse of her cleavage every time she leaned forward to throw her dice. Needless to say, this did not help him below the waist. He was desperately trying to concentrate on the game, but it was very difficult with his cock straining against his pants. He was a gentleman the entire time despite his discomfort and impure thoughts. The night concluded with a simple handshake and a hug.

After the evening out, they talked on a daily basis and Trevor was really beginning to feel an attraction towards her. She invited him to dinner and a movie the next night. She wore her hair straight and was more casual by wearing blue jeans, a sleeveless shirt and heels. She looked very good in jeans, and there was something about the heels that gave her a very classy look that he would remember for years to come. Once again, they enjoyed the evening and ended with a hug. But, he was beginning to feel a genuine attraction to her and could not deny that he was enjoying spending more and more time with her.

A few days later they were watching TV at her apartment. He looked over to see that she had fallen asleep and smiled to himself thinking how cute she looked. He touched her shoulder and mentioned that he should go so that she could get some rest, as he knew that she had a full day the next day.

She did not want him to go, and moved to lie across his lap facing him as he sat on the couch. He had his arm around her waist and could feel her breathing close to his neck. Once again, his cock began to rise and then it happened. She began placing very soft kisses his neck. He in turn began rubbing her cheek with his and a moment later, they were locked in a passionate kiss with their tongues battling and all the while hugging, squeezing, and kneading each others bodies. This they did for quite a while until finally it was time for him to go. They kissed deeply once again as they stood by the door and held each other in a lovers embrace.

As he drove back to his hotel, he kept wondering what the Hell had just happened and played the scene over and over in his head as he drifted off to sleep.

He found himself at her apartment again the next day. He finally met her roommate Sonia and her boyfriend Victor. They all watched TV for a while until Sonia and Victor excused themselves for the evening and Idalia went to shower. When she returned, she was wearing lounge pants and a t-shirt, nothing special, but she got his attention.

Once again, she was sound asleep shortly after the movie started. Trevor was very much into the movie and decided to stay and see it all. He rubbed her feet as she slept loving the feel of her skin.

After the movie, he kissed her on the forehead and woke her to let her know that he was going to go and let her get some rest. She asked that he stay a while longer and mentioned that she did not know why she was so tired. They went into her bedroom and lay together with her head on his chest.

She began rubbing his chest and stomach and eventually began teasing his nipple. The familiar stirring in his loins started again, and he started exploring her body in the same manner. He removed his shirt to give her better access and she took the opportunity by kissing all over his chest paying a lot of attention to his nipples. Her hand roamed down to his now aching crotch and she began to gently massage is cock and balls. He helped her remove her t-shirt and finally beheld the breasts that he had wondered about for the last couple of weeks.

They continued kissing, touching each other, and removing each others close until they were both naked. She was breathing very heavy as he moved over her and began licking his way down her body. He spent a considerable time on each breast feasting like a hungry newborn before venturing to the 'V' between her legs. She asked, "You want to do that to me?" with a hint of surprise in her voice. "I would love too" came his reply. She tasted wonderful.

He began by taking her outer folds between his lips and gently sucking while tonguing her. He could hear a slight moan escape her lips as he began to let his tongue explore further inside her. She jumped and gasped when he took her clit into his mouth. As much as he was enjoying bringing her pleasure, he still had a lot more of her to explore. He wanted to take the time to find her most sensitive spots; the ones that would drive her crazy when manipulated.

He kissed the inside of her thighs and down to her knees where he licked and sucked on her kneecaps causing her to moan and writhe before continuing on to her feet. When he got to her feet, he took time with each toe licking, biting, and sucking on it causing her to continue writhing and gasping.

After he had her turn on her stomach, he began the agonizingly slow journey up her body finding the wonderful spots along the way. He licked the back of her knees which was very hard for her to take. He nibbled and nuzzled her butt and lower back. She was trembling more noticeably by the time he reached the back of her neck. She had the softest, most wonderful smelling hair that he had ever encountered and he played with it continuously while he was with her.

The time had come at last for him to go inside her. She was tight, very tight as she had not made love in quite some time. With patience on both their parts, he was able to finally penetrate her. She felt very full and uncomfortable at first, but she was very happy that he was a gentle lover. Shortly, he asked her to get on top of him, and she maneuvered to ride him, and ride him she did. All this time, he was trying to last until she had her orgasm, but he was at the point of no return. He announced this to her, but it only served to make her ride him harder. She wanted to feel his release inside of her and moments later was the recipient of one of the strongest orgasms that he had ever had.

They both lay there panting and holding each other until they drifted off to sleep. She woke him in the early hours of the morning so that he could go to his hotel and change to go to work. Once again, they kissed and held each other by the door.

As he spoke to her later in the day, she confessed that she did not have an orgasm. He felt bad because she had brought him so much pleasure that he wanted her to experience the same. They agreed to see each other later that evening, and once again they were in bed with each other soon after he arrived. He focused solely on her pleasure tonight despite her trying to get to him first.

He used his mouth and fingers to bring her to orgasm and kissed and caressed her from head to toe before penetrating her. When he did, she realized how much she missed making love. She missed having a gentle lover that took his time to get to know her. She loved how he made love to her with long slow strokes, and once again, he was amazed by the tightness of her. He liked the way that she writhed beneath him. She felt very satisfied and wanted to do something more for him.

They rolled together until she was on top of him. She kissed her way down his body until show reached his cock. She took him in her mouth and made slow agonizing love to him with it. When he was close, he said that he was going to cum and pulled her up.

Her only reply was, "why did you stop me?"

"I was not sure if you wanted me to let you know when I was close."

"It's OK. You can finish if you want."

With that, she went back to her assault on in. She licked one side and then the other like a Popsicle. She licked down to his balls and took each one alternately in her sweet mouth and sucked them until he was going out of his mind. She kissed her way back to the head of his cock and took it into her mouth once again. She began to stroke him while sucking on the head and he could feel his orgasm coming.

"I am going to cum!!" he said almost out of breath.

She took more of him in her mouth now, and began moving faster.

At last she tasted him as stream after stream erupted from him. She had cum on her hand as well as in her mouth. She excused herself to go to the rest room leaving him lying there panting, basking in what she had just done to him and he reflected on the fact that it had only happened to him twice in his life. He thought that it was a very intimate act for her to please him that way and realized that she must have deep feelings for him and him for her.

This was not a casual affair, but the beginning of something much more intimate and complicated considering they were both married. They spent as much time as they could together after that.

His boss had called and asked if he could stay an additional month since the local Director was so pleased with his assistance. He was more than happy too considering his new found love. The most amazing thing to him was that even though he enjoyed making love to her, he was happy just to spend time with her.

One day, she called him and told him that she had bought tickets for them to a concert. It sounded like fun and even though they had to act natural because other friends of hers had joined them, he had a great time.

The day came when he would be leaving. It was a very emotional parting for both of them because they realized that they had found happiness in each other. They often asked why they met at that time? Why could they not have met when they were single? Things happen for various reasons, but they stayed in touch by email and phone nearly everyday. He knew that he would see her again.

A few years had passed, and even though she still loved him very much, she did not have the faith that she would see him in the near future. He had tried to visit her on a couple of occasions, but it did not work out. In fact, she had all but giving up hope of seeing him again, until...

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