tagGroup SexCaribbean Swap Ch. 02

Caribbean Swap Ch. 02


Anyone wondering where chapter one is located should look under erotic coupling as the first installment involved only Mike and Michelle.


While taking up the college coeds' kind offer to use the shower in their hotel room after their romp on the beach, Mike and Michelle couldn't help heating up again but he felt it necessary to make a confession.

"You know, I never really liked your husband," Mike stated matter-of-factly as he dipped his head under the spray of the shower and took the opportunity to nip at Michelle's obviously excited nipple.

"Hah, I knew it," Michelle replied as she pulled Mike's hair, forcing his face harder into her breast. "I saw it in your eyes tonight by the way you tried to avoid us when you came into the restaurant."

"Oh, you caught that, huh?" asked Mike. "It's just that we were never friendly in high school. Sure, we played on the same basketball team but there was more of a rivalry between us than anything else."

"So that's what this was," Michelle asked as she broke away from Mike's kiss and rubbed her naked breasts up and down his torso while fondling his balls with her soapy hands. "Just a little rivalry to get back at Andy?"

"No, not at all, what we did on the beach was all on you, I would have been perfectly content to end the night after dancing," Mike replied. "This however," Mike stated as he pulled away, spun her around and bent her over and before thrusting into her," this, is for the rivalry."

Plunging into her slowly, Mike ground his hips upward and purposely jabbed his hips forcefully at the apex of his penetration. The little extra "oomph" that he put into his effort made it seem like he was taking revenge on a former rival but Michelle knew he wasn't trying to hurt her and actually squealed in ecstasy at the added pleasure the slight bit of pain was causing her. What they were doing in the shower was exactly what Michelle had hoped for on this trip.

With the water cascading down around them, Michelle loved the way Mike was manhandling her, forcing her to bend at the waist while grabbing her breasts and pinching her nipples while he continued that slow, rolling fuck. For the five years she'd been married to Andy, her husband had never been the lover Mike had already proven himself to be. Just being taken the way she was had her ready to climax and as she felt her inner muscles begin to spasm, Michelle reached up to support herself on the front of the shower stall.

Mike could feel the way Michelle's body was responding and couldn't help but speed up the pace of his pounding. Just as her legs began to quiver and the inner walls of her vagina started to clamp down on his cock, he shot his second full load of the night and as he did he felt the shock of his life. Looking down at the point where his cock was pistoning in and out of her pussy, Mike could see that she was shooting an almost continuous stream of fluid. The scream that came out of her barely registered on him until she slumped forward and he had to catch her to prevent her from falling face first to the shower floor.

Forgetting where they were for a second, both Mike and Michelle came back to their senses when their two coed friends burst in on them and asked if everything was all right. Michelle turned the shower off and answered in the affirmative, letting both girls know she just had the most powerful orgasm of her life. Still buried deep inside her, that statement made Mike stiffen just a little bit more just as the two college girls giggled and looked at each other but decided to retreat back to the bedroom.

Still unsteady on her feet, Michelle straightened up and Mike reluctantly pulled out of her still-tight vagina. Cupping her breasts, Mike asked, "Was it really your best orgasm ever or are you just trying to massage my ego?"

"Baby, I just squirt cum all over you, I've never done that before. How's that for massaging your ego," Michele said as she gingerly stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel.

Even after two monumental orgasms, Mike's cock was still tumescent and showed no signs of abating as he too grabbed a towel and began to dry off before realizing they both had to step out of the bathroom momentarily and face their new friends. Both picked their clothes up off the floor of the bathroom and wanted to try and make a graceful exit but what they saw on leaving the small, steamy room was two nearly perfect female bodies writhing on the bed in front of them in one of the hottest girl-on-girl 69's ever, better than most Mike had seen in many porno movies.

Clearing his throat, Mike said. "Excuse us girls but we're going to get dressed and out of here. Sorry if we dirtied your towels on you."

"Give me a break," said the taller of the two, a stunning blonde named Danielle. "By the looks of that log between your legs you're not going anywhere."

Before he had a chance to reply, Michelle was on the bed and helping Danielle lick up the copious amount of fluid streaming out of her raven-haired friend, Maria. Looking at his watch and realizing it was 1:30 a.m., Mike knew there he was no way he could refuse these three beauties and was glad that his girlfriend Amy was the kind of woman who wouldn't be jealous and would want to hear all the juicy details the next day.

With Maria on top in the 69 and Danielle and Michelle both going at the expertly-shaved and creaming hole in front of them, Mike pushed Michelle aside and said, "It looks like this needs more than a tongue, or even two for that matter," and sank his cock straight in with no fanfare whatsoever.

The muffled moan from Maria gave Mike all the encouragement he needed as he started to fuck like a wild animal, knowing that his staying power would be tremendous after already unloading two loads of jism that night. At the same time, Michelle scooted around on the bed and worked her way to Danielle's equally bare pussy, helping Maria lick the steady stream of fluid leaking from it. Maria's moaning from the hard dicking she was getting made Danielle quiver and when she felt the second tongue begin its assault on her slit as her friend's mouth was steadily clamped to her clit, she almost bucked the entire foursome off the bed.

As Michelle and Maria's tongue-lashing of Danielle's pussy evolved into a French-kissing duel that just happened to meet at the juncture of an irresistibly beautiful woman's engorged and creaming pussy, Mike continued pounding away at Maria from behind as Danielle probed away with her tongue, keeping his cock near the bursting point as she made sure to not only keep her friend's clit stimulated but to make sure she didn't neglect licking his cock on nearly every out stroke.

When Danielle could feel her friend's legs start to quiver, she fastened her mouth to the swollen nub behind the hood at the top of her pussy and even bit her a little too roughly, serving to push the dark-haired, Italian-American girl over the edge. Knowing how sensitive her girlfriend was, Danielle backed off and went to work exclusively on Mike's dangling scrotum. As soon as he felt that, along with the powerful clenching Maria's pussy was providing, Mike felt as if he was going to cum, so he pulled out of the heavenly pussy he was imbedded in and shoved it straight down into Danielle's mouth.

As he did this, Maria lifted her head in ecstasy, leaving Michelle to attack Danielle's pussy on her own, bringing off the blond almost instantly. With all three women almost exhausted, Mike stood with his hands on his hips and gently pumping in and out of Danielle's throat. The blond sure knew how to suck cock he thought, but there was no way he was leaving that room until he climbed aboard and fucked the shaved-bald pussy belonging to the hot blond.

Maria flopped over onto her back after her exquisite orgasm and tried to regain her senses while Michelle gently continued to lick the snatch in front of her. Mike announced it was time Danielle experience what the other two women had gotten a chance to feel and moved to the other end of the bed, politely asking Michele to give up her place of honor as he climbed up onto the bed and lowered himself down on the stunning blond who laid there with an almost sublime look of pleasure on her face. She was almost angelic, her eyes closed, awaiting what she had been wanting ever since hearing Michelle describe the tremendous orgasm he'd given her in the shower.

Climbing into the saddle in the missionary position, Mike knew he probably wouldn't last very long, his cock was on sensory overload with three beautiful women who had sucked and fucked him senseless naked and on the same bed with him. Michelle moved off to the side, between Maria and the copulating couple. Maria was also in a state of near bliss, forearm thrown over her eyes and listening to the sounds of Mike's body slapping against that of her best friend's. Michelle watched as Mike's still athletic frame and muscular ass pumped in and out of Danielle as the blond wrapped her arms and legs around him and tried to match his strokes.

Not wanting to feel left out, although Mike had already fucked her twice that night, Michelle reached over and began to fondle his balls and with the groan that escaped his lips she knew she had done a good thing. It was obvious from the grunts that Mike wasn't going to last much longer and Michelle wanted to be the one who put him over the edge. Leaning over and behind him, Michelle tentatively stuck out her tongue and ran it over his firm ass cheeks, eliciting another moan. Realizing she was on the right track, Michelle parted the cleft of his ass and dove in with her tongue, rimming his tight sphincter and following him as he plowed his cock as deep as it would go into the young college coed. As he deposited his load deep in Danielle, Michelle kept up the pressure and plowed her tongue as deeply as she could up his ass. Mike's butt cheeks clenched but she stayed with it and ticked his asshole as long as she felt the streams of cum continue shooting out of his body and into his partner's.

Finally, Mike collapsed on top of Danielle and looked over to see Maria smiling at him as she propped herself up on one elbow and said. "You know, we have to check out in a few hours but the time we've spent with you two has been the most exciting time we've had on this island."

By this point, Michelle had finished tonguing her first ass and a spent Danielle agreed with a simple statement, "Ditto." But added, "You know, I don't think we have enough money to tip the maids for the mess we've made tonight," she added.

As Mike had already rolled off Danielle and was making his way to the bathroom, he stopped, reached down to his pants and pulled out a $20 bill and told them he'd be glad to leave it for the maids and placed it on the dresser next to the ice bucket.

Making use of the bathroom again, the visitors got straightened up as best they could, thanked their hosts for the wonderful time and made off into the night.

"You know, you just gave them $20?" Michelle asked. "That's sort of like prostitution."

"Babe, what I experienced tonight was worth a lot more than $20 and no one was taken advantage of, we were all willing participants," Mike replied. "Now, let's get you back to Andy before he starts to wonder where you are, hahaha."

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