tagLoving WivesCaribbean Vacation Fantasy Ch. 03

Caribbean Vacation Fantasy Ch. 03


In the privacy of our room we immediately undressed and showered. It felt good to feel clean and fresh again after a day in the sun. I opened the patio door and to let the fresh sea air fill the room before I crashed on the bed and relaxed for a minute while Mary finished in the bathroom. I expected her to do the same but was a little surprised when she put on her short satin robe and walked toward the patio door and opened it. The robe struck me for its similarity to the one I had seen Lynn in earlier in the day. Except for the color, Mary's was aqua blue; I could have sworn it was the same robe.

Mary stepped out onto the patio into the warm Caribbean air and gazed up at the sky; she looked deep in thought as I approached her from behind. I startled her from her day dreaming when I touched her shoulders. "I'm sorry; are you ok, Honey?" I asked softly.

She turned to me, reached up and pulled my head down to hers and kissed me deeply, searching my mouth with her tongue. This was so unlike Mary, she almost never initiated anything like that. When she finally let me up for air, I looked at her gorgeous, smiling face and answered my own question, "Yah, I'd say you are ok!"

She loosened the tie of her robe and let if fall open before pulling my naked body close to hers and then reaching up to kiss me again. As we ground our bodies together my cock began to stiffen against her. I could easily get used to this more aggressive version of Mary. We could hear soft mumbled sounds from next door and realized that Rob and Lynn's door must be open so we kept our own sounds to a minimum. I just wanted to be with her right now.

Mary whispered in my ear, "Let's go see what they are doing."

I couldn't believe this was coming from her; that would normally be my line and she would normally tell me I was a pig. I whispered back, "I think I know what they are doing."

"Let's just go take a peak." Mary took my hand and tiptoed to the end of the partition dividing the two patios. I couldn't believe what was happening. Of all the suggestions I had made over the years to Mary about watching, being watched, or even my ultimate fantasy of watching Mary with another man; she had always been turned off and didn't even want to discuss them. Now she was the one making the suggestion. I thought about how I had worried that bringing our friends along was going to ruin the sex we always enjoyed on vacation but this was better than I could have imagined.

We cautiously poked our heads around the end of the wall until we could see in the sliding patio door next door. The lights were on in the room and the drape was pulled all the way open, as was the door. We could clearly see Rob and Lynn on the bed, their feet pointed slightly toward the open door. Rob's head was propped up on the pillows and Lynn's head was resting on his chest while she teased the area around his cock. She was obviously taking great delight in his reaction to her teasing as his cock twitched and bobbed, the tip occasionally brushing her hand as she moved it about.

"Please," he begged. But instead of giving him what he wanted, she lifted her head from his chest and asked, "Please bite?" as she bit down gently on his left nipple.

As my cock twitched on its own at the site of one of my favorite erotic pleasures being applied to Rob, Rob said, "Ouch, no, that's your thing. Please touch my cock."

Lynn laughed as she put her head back down on Rob's chest and said, "Oh, touch, ok," as she placed her fingernails at the base of his cock and slowly, gently scraped them up the bottom side of his cock all the way to the head; his cock twitching spastically at the torture.

When I moved back slightly to our side of the partition, I could see Mary's face from the side as she continued to stare at our neighbors. Her eyes were wide and wild as she stared at the sight of her friends playing less than fifteen feet away from her. She had watched plenty of porn movies with me over the years but she had never seen another man's erect cock in person. Rob's cock is not as long as mine but it is thicker; Mary has always loved looking the different shaped cocks in porn movies, especially the big black ones.

I moved back behind her and nestled my cock in her back as we watched. Mary inched a little further beyond the end of the wall so her upper body could have been seen from inside the room. I followed behind her, holding onto her waist, using her as a shield to hide my stiff cock poking her in the back. I must admit, I felt a little strange watching our friends without their knowledge.

When Lynn finally gave in and grabbed Rob's throbbing cock, he lifted his head to watch her jerk him off. He was smiling and obviously enjoying the hand job, then lay back down and on the pillow and pulled Lynn's head toward him seeking a kiss. They made out in this manner, Lynn never losing the rhythm on his cock.

Lynn smiled at him and then lifted herself up on her elbow as if to get a better view of the cock she was jerking. Her eyes darted quickly to the open doorway and then back at the cock. We froze in fear that we had been seen but were afraid to step back or move at all for fear of being caught.

Without letting go of Rob's cock, Lynn got up on her knees and then said to "Eat me," as she lifted one leg over him and lowered her pussy onto his face. She was now facing almost directly at the open door and was using both hands to jerk off her man and massage his balls. At the same time, Rob reached up, found Lynn's nipples and started playing and pulling them roughly, just as she liked.

Mary's hand had moved to her wet pussy and she was playing with herself at the edge of the patio, now almost completely visible from within the room. I was standing behind her and had opened her robe completely so only her shoulders were covered, her entire front on display as I massaged her tits and rubbed my cock up and down on her back while I watched the show.

Rob pushed Lynn up and she un-straddled his face as he said, "Your turn to lie down," loud enough to be heard outside.

They quickly jockeyed positions without looking toward the door. Now positioned over Lynn's face, Rob bent forward and buried his head between her legs, first inhaling deeply the sweet aroma of his wife and then licking her again. Lynn found his cock with her mouth and was licking and sucking, alternately lifting and then pressing her head back into the pillow. After only a couple of minutes of this, Rob knelt up straight over Lynn, lifted and spread her legs and began playing with her clit in full view as if giving us a show.

He stuck two fingers in his mouth to wet them and then inserted them in Lynn's pussy stretching it for the first time since this morning. As he did this, he looked up at the open doorway and said in a loud voice, "Why don't you come inside and get a better view?"

We both froze in embarrassment when we heard Rob repeat the invitation, "Come on in, you know you both want to."

As Rob continued to finger fuck Lynn's wet pussy and Lynn continued to suck his cock, we moved timidly into the room. Mary had closed her robe and I was hiding behind her to conceal my swollen cock, which was funny because we were staring at Rob finger his wife her legs lifted and spread to give us full view of her hairless pussy and rosebud asshole. In all the years of imagining something like this, I never thought I would be timid; and I certainly never thought Mary would be acting like she was. She couldn't take her eyes off the action in front of her.

Rob said, "Hey, come on, if you want to see, you gotta show!" To my surprise Mary slowly opened her robe and let it fall to the floor as she stepped further into the room, revealing my long, stiff cock. Mary was mesmerized by the show, her eyes darting from Rob's cock to Lynn's pussy.

Lynn popped Rob's cock out of her mouth and said from under her husband, "Hey, I want to see too, let me up."

Rob moved off of his wife and settled back down on the bed as he was before and started to play with himself, unable to wait for more action from his wife on his cock. Lynn repositioned herself on her knees, next to her husband and, taking his cue, began playing with herself as she looked over and jokingly welcomed their guests, "Hi, were so happy you could join us." They obviously had both seen us watching from outside.

Mary's eyes never left the action in front of her but she seemed to relax as she moved further in the room and backed toward the dresser at the foot of the bed and leaned against it. She began massaging herself, slowly moving her hands up her body, cupping her tits, gently tweaking her tiny nipples before moving her hands down to her pussy. She lifted he left leg and place it on the foot of the bed and spread her pussy lips, showing herself to another man for the first time ever.

I was watching it all happen in front of me and I was totally flabbergasted at how Mary was acting. I grabbed myself and started to jerk my cock slowly but roughly, joining the others in masturbation. My wildest fantasy was being fulfilled in front of my eyes and it was better than I ever imagined; I was in heaven! I was actually more fascinated by my own wife than by our friends. I found myself staring at her even though I had seen her play with herself a thousand times before -- this was different, and so exciting to have others watch her also. I realized I was going to lose it if I didn't calm down so I let go of my cock and stood there in amazement and lust.

Several minutes of this masturbation scene hadn't reduced the excitement for any of us. Lynn had leaned over and put a nipple in Rob's mouth who was gnawing on it with his front teeth and she was pulling away from him, stretching the nipple as far as it would go. Seeing this, I had moved over close to my wife so we could copy our friend's actions while I slipped my fingers into her wet pussy. I love a woman's love juices so I withdrew my soaked fingers, inhaled the fragrant aroma and then licked them clean before re-inserting them.

Finally someone broke the silence when Lynn suggested, "Maybe now would be a good time for Mary to give Rob the blowjob she owes him."

I wholeheartedly agreed and said, "I think that is a great idea," and jokingly added, "After all honey, they invited us into their room, the least we can do is bring a gift."

Lynn had taken over at Rob's cock and was teasing and taunting Mary with it, saying, "Come on Mary, you know you want it. Just look at how thick and hard it is. Let's see how much you can fit in your mouth Mary, come on now..."

Mary was completely focused on Lynn's hand riding up and down the length of Rob's cock as she rubbed her own clit and I continued to finger her pussy. All three of us were watching Mary in awe as she was drawn deeper and deeper into her state of lust. I was fascinated by her show and I had moved so my right hand was fingering her pussy and my left was on her back. I was gently, slowly leading her to the side of the bed and ever closer to Rob's cock. Adding to Lynn's tease, I said "You can have it if you want, Honey. It's ok, go ahead and take it if you want it."

Mary broke her gaze for a moment and looked first at Rob's face, then at Lynn's, then at me; as if she were a child checking to see if it was really ok to take the candy in front of her. "You can have it if you want it," I said with the assurance of a parent.

After another moment's hesitation, she timidly moved her left hand toward Rob's cock as she continued to massage her clit with her right hand. Lynn kept her hand in place slowly stroking his cock and as Mary's hand finally, cautiously made contact with another man's penis for the first time in her life. She grasped the shaft, overlapping her hand onto Lynn's -- Mary from the left, Lynn from the right -- and matched Lynn's rhythm as all four of us gazed silently at the sight. Silently, that is, except for the groaning coming from deep within Rob as he did his best to resist spurting too soon and bringing an end to this incredible pleasure.

Lynn was now alternating between fingering her clit and slipping two or three fingers into her soaking pussy with her left hand while she continued to guide Mary's hand up and down on Rob. I was now jerking my own cock as I continued to dip my fingers in Mary's pussy and then lick them clean when the thought occurred to me to do the same to Lynn's pussy.

Lynn was even wetter than Mary and my fingers easily slipped in and came out soaked with her juices. I brought the hand to my face and inhaled deeply before smearing her juice on my nose and then inserting my fingers into my mouth to suck them clean. I was swooning from the scent and taste of another woman's pussy, which was slightly muskier and less sweet than Mary's. Oh, how I could be a pussy juice connoisseur!

Lynn suggested again that Mary try licking Rob's cock as she stopped stroking and moved her hand from his cock to her right nipple, giving it a rough squeeze and twist. Without hesitation Mary moved her head toward Rob's cock as she continued stroking him on her own.

I had to stop stroking myself, close my eyes and take a deep breath to calm down a bit before I lost it. I opened my eyes a moment later just in time to see Mary's lips touch the tip of Rob's cock and then the head disappear in her mouth. Suddenly and without touching myself, a shot of cum sprang from my cock and landed half on Lynn's leg and half on the bed. I closed my eyes tight, started breathing rapidly and desperately searched my mind for any non-sexual thoughts, in an effort to stop my orgasm. A second, smaller squirt dribbled out and the spasms began to subside -- I had stopped the orgasm from becoming full blown. Another thirty seconds of slow breathing and relaxing and I was ready to get back into it.

Lynn had watched my struggle to stop from going over the edge and when she saw that it was safe she wiped the cum from the bed and then from her leg, slowly brought it to her mouth and sensually licked her fingers clean. She had actually eaten my cum right in front of her husband and was now licking her lips in pleasure. Rob obviously enjoyed her show as much as I was enjoying watching Mary vigorously suck and stroke his cock while she continued to play with herself.

Ready to go at it again, I stepped behind Mary who was standing and bent forward at the waist. I bent my knees slightly to lower myself into position, held onto her hips and easily slid my cock into her. The feel of her soft skin against me sent another wave of excitement through me as I watched her bob up and down on Rob's cock. As I did this, Lynn repositioned herself slightly with one knee next to Rob's head and her other foot on the other side of his head so he had to lift his head slightly to lick her juicy slit while she played with herself. All four of us were now connected in a sex chain!

The sexual fantasy that I had played over and over in my head in so many variations over the years couldn't come close to the reality that was playing out in front of me.

Lynn was actually the first to start going over the edge. She had been fingering herself wildly for quite some time, Rob was lapping the juices flowing from her pussy and with her free hand she was savagely tormenting her right nipple while she was biting on the left one that she had placed in her mouth. I heard a sound of anguish coming from deep within her as the first throws of orgasm started through her body. Then suddenly she was squirting in pulses all over Rob's face as he wildly tried to drink as much as he could. I watched as the shudders racked her body over and over until she was completely spent.

Lynn sat down, collapsed really, on the pillow next to Rob's head. As she did Rob looked down toward his cock that was being pounded now by my wife who had turned into a wild woman. She held the base of his cock with one hand as she deep throated as much of him as she could. As she withdrew his cock from her mouth each time, she pulled up on his cock, stretching his balls up and then pounded it back into her throat. Rob groaned, "I'm cuming!" as the first shot of jizz hit the back of her throat.

She gagged slightly but never slowed her pounding as I watched Rob's cum flow out of her mouth and down over her hand. Her body was now twitching as she began her long awaited orgasm and I could feel her cunt pulsing against my cock as it slid in and out of her. While Rob was finishing his load in her mouth, I started to unload mine deep in her already soaked pussy.

I had never seen Mary have such an orgasm in all the time we had been together, she was like a body possessed. As her whole body began convulsing she let Rob's spent cock slide out of her mouth and a scream started to build in her, in between her pants for air. My balls ached to be emptied and I sent shot after shot deep into her, ramming my pelvis against her ass until I was done.

I released my hold on Mary's hips and she collapsed onto the floor and I fell down beside her while Lynn fell on the bed, her head near her husband's limp but still twitching cock.

We stayed in this position for several minutes until Mary suddenly got up, grabbed her robe and ran from the room without saying a word. It took a minute for it to register in my foggy brain. I looked around the room as if wondering what happened to her before I stumbled to my feet. I looked at Rob and Lynn on the bed and said, "That was unbelievable! I'll see you later," and followed after my wife.

On my way out the door Lynn called to me and said, "Fred, I think she needs some reassurances," as I looked back at her and just winked my understanding.

* * * * *

Back in our room Mary was already in the shower when I got there. The bathroom door was open so I went in and called out to her, "Can I join you?"

I heard a meek reply from in the shower, "Yah, I guess so."

I stepped in and watched her for a moment as she stood under the shower head, her back to the wall, the spray washing over her face and hair. I gently approached her and put my hands on her waist as I pulled her toward me to kiss her but she turned her face down and away from mine, resting it on my chest. She mumbled into my chest, "I'm so embarrassed."

In one of those moments of total disbelief at what I was hearing, I was half laughing and half crying as I pleaded, "Oh no, Mary, my love, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You were beautiful. You are beautiful. And I love you so much. Please don't be embarrassed."

She just clung to me without saying anything for several minutes, her head on my chest as we stood there with the shower cascading over us. Finally I lifted her chin, kissed her on the forehead, on her cheek and then on the lips. She kept her eyes closed as the water splashed on our faces but eventually opened her mouth and allowed my tongue to gently probe her before her tongue responded playfully. We broke the kiss, looked in each other's eyes and I said, "Mary, I love you so much and I never want to feel embarrassed about anything. You are beautiful and sexy; and you are mine."

Mary put her head back down on my chest and I could tell she was still struggling so I suggested we talk about it in bed. We finished showering, got ready for bed and lay there with the soft light from the Caribbean sky filling our room. I was enjoying just looking at the beautiful face next to me and thinking how lucky I am to have such a woman in my life. I loved her before her wild exhibition and I loved her just as much now.

After several minutes of silence I asked her what she was embarrassed about. With a look of horror on her face she started letting it out, "Did you see what I did in there, in front of our friends? Oh my god, I can't believe how crazy I got. I walked in their room and spread myself open in front of them while I played with myself! I actually sucked off Rob right in front of his wife and my husband and then let him cum in my mouth! What are they going to think of me? What are you going to think of me?"

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