tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCarly's Naked Journey

Carly's Naked Journey


First I would like to thank everyone for your comments, feedback,

e-mails and votes. Recently I have become acquainted with a few students at a University in the UK and the father of one of the students. The girls are all lovely and have started experimenting with being Nude in Public. There is one young lady who stands out among them when it comes to public nudity and that is Carly. She has had some naked adventures and asked me if I would write them out for her. I readily agreed and I think her stories will be a fun read for all. They are strictly stories of public exposure and contain no sex and that will not change.

The main players are Carly, Sammy and Tony. Sammy is Carly's friend and Tony's daughter. Carly is also Tony's girlfriend something that came about recently. They are all very real people though the names have been changed. Anything else you need to know will be in the story. Carly is a soon to be 19, gorgeous blue eyed blonde. She stands 5'6'' tall, weighs about 120 pounds and her measurements are 34c-22-33

My name is Nikki better known to many as Nrlynkdbabe. I have a story to tell you about a beautiful young woman named Carly and her experiences with public nudity. Carly is attending University in the UK and has a new boyfriend named Tony. A very handsome man some years her senior, but a perfect match for her in so many ways. Carly and some of the girls at University spend time naked in their living quarters and have experimented with public nudity on and off the campus.

Carly loves wearing sexy clothing, especially leather, vinyl or plastic, sometimes opaque or clear. She also enjoyed the feeling of being naked outside in public and wanted to experiment more with it. This being said Carly wanted to go naked in public again without being caught or embarrassing Tony. Her plan was simple; she was going to try and travel completely naked from the university to Tony's home, about 150 miles or so. Following in my footsteps she would not take any clothes or towels to cover up with, and if her car breaks down...

"No that's a little scary," her sensible voice said. "Cool," said her little devil voice.

Carly decided exactly what to do, she would ask Tony to bring her home, and this is the story of Carly and her first naked journey.

It was Sunday morning; the previous night Tony had been performing, and they had been to an after party. She had a lovely time mingling with a lot of

Well-known people, but Carly had such an itch to be naked. Carly didn't get a chance to be nude as she had hoped because she didn't want to take a chance of embarrassing Tony on such a special night and besides it was way too scary!

Tony's kids had gone off for the day with their sister Sammy, his oldest daughter and some others and wouldn't arrive back at the house until evening. This meant that Carly had Tony all to herself for the day! Carly was determined she was going to leave the university when Tony arrived wearing her shoes but otherwise stark naked. So when it was time to leave University to meet Tony for the hour-long drive to his house Carly nonchalantly picked up her handbag, put on her shoes and stood up, ready to go. She saw Tony's car arrive and park by the fire exit where she had arranged for him to pick her up. Carly locked her room behind her and walked confident and naked down the hall in the direction of the exit. She went through the fire door, which slammed shut behind her, now there was no turning back! Carly walked over to the car with her head held high, poised as always, Tony however looked totally shocked!

Carly got in the car beside him and gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

"Shall we go then?" she asked

Tony laughed and said "Um, like that?" a bit stunned.

Remember she was naked except for her shoes, as if anyone could forget.

"Yes like this and please don't try and stop me! Carly said firmly

"Tony, I wanted to be naked for you at the party and it was so hard not to take my clothes off there. I know there is a time and place for everything my love and this is the time and place for me to do this. Truthfully I'm really looking forward to this!" Carly said with excitement in her voice.

"So you are really going to do this?" Tony asked. He's so protective.

"Yes, I am. And yes, I'm doing it for you; but I'm doing it for me too."

By now Carly was becoming impatient to get their adventure started, and she also knew that the longer they sat there, the more chance there was of her being talked out of doing it.

"Let's go home." She said talking about Tony's house

"You are nuts but I love you." Tony replied with a bit of concern sounding in his voice.

Finally we were on our way!

The car is what you would call an SUV in the USA, so it's quite high up. The windows were tinted but not too much, anyone who looked right at Carly would see her bare breasts and erect nipples. Soon they were driving out of the front entrance and off down the road, further and further from her clothes. Before long they were turning onto the on ramp to the M4 and heading home. Carly later told me she had remembered she kept thinking about my weekend adventure, and calculating how far away from my clothes I had been! Carly thought to herself (Nikki still wins by a clear 100 miles). Tony had the heating on full in the car, and Carly felt very sexy and warm, as it was 2 degrees centigrade outside, but 24c in the car, lovely.

Carly sat back in her seat just enjoying being naked in the car, and watched her man do the driving. He's very focused when he drives, but manages to glance over at her occasionally and crack a smile. He needs to be focused so as not to have an accident with such a gorgeous naked woman sitting next to him.

I love him sooo much!" Carly gushes, beaming with joy

As Carly sat there her devious mind was working as she played her eyes over the gauges, looking at oil pressures, temperatures and things, and then she had an idea. This was the sort of idea that almost made her cum right then and there.

"Maybe I can really do this!" Carly thought trying to control the excitement she was feeling.

"Darling, are we getting low on fuel?" Carly casually asked

"I think we'll be okay, I have an extra couple of gallons in the back if we need it." Tony replied, not yet catching on to Carly and her wicked ways.

"Damn!" Carly thought as her mind raced for another idea.

"I'm getting a little hungry actually, I could do with a chocolate bar or something, and I just thought if you had to stop anyway?"

"We'll be off the motorway soon, I'll find somewhere. I should have brought snacks, sorry." Tony replied, thoughtful as always.

"Don't be sorry, that's perfect." Carly replied smiling, knowing that she had finally succeeded in her plan.

About ten minutes later they pulled up outside a small petrol station and Tony refueled the car.

Then he stuck his head in the door and said, "What would you like from the shop?"

"This is it!" Carly thought trying to contain her excitement as she gave Tony her best smile, the smile that he says always knocks him off his feet.

"I'll come and choose something." Carly said as he got out of the car.

God! It was cold! But her heart was beating madly; She could feel herself getting wet with anticipation. Carly was finally going to be really properly naked in front of strangers with no control over what would happen next! Tony just looked at her impressed yet worried, then he held out his hand and took hers in his.

"Come on then!" he said and they walked hand in hand into the shop.

Carly was completely naked, she had to keep saying that to herself! She played it over and over in her mind, as it was such a huge thing for her!

Carly kept thinking over and over afterward "I was stark naked in a shop!"

Tony had been so cool about it, I mean he treated Carly the same as if she was dressed and just kept hold of her hand. They strolled around trying to act normal, trying to savor the moment. "Wow! I felt so good!" Carly thought afterward

Then she remembered something she just had to do while she was there. So still holding Tony's hand she casually strolled to the back of the shop and opened the cooler door.

"I already have drinks, love" Tony said.

"I know, but this is something Nikki told me about, I just have to do this!" Carly answered as she opened the glass door to the drink cooler.

She pressed herself as hard as she could against the inside of the door. She opened the other door and did the same, this time with her back. When she closed the doors you could see her body print on them! Carly felt cold, wet and sexy. Her nipples were sticking right out so stiff and so hard from both the cold of the cooler and the excitement of the situation. They went to the counter to pay for their snacks, the only other person in there was the proprietor.

All he said was "Aren't you cold Miss?"

" No not at all, a bet is a bet!" and she smiled as Tony held the door open for her.

Carly and Tony walked out into the freezing, rainy day and made their way to the car. Some people slowed their cars down and looked, so did one or two pedestrians as well, but this just made it so much better for Carly. After all an exhibitionist needs to be seen. Carly did her best to just act as normal as she possibly could. As they arrived back at the car Tony unlocked the door, but before Carly could get in Tony stopped her.

"Not so fast!" as he put his arms around Carly.

Tony placed his big hands on her hips stroking her lower spine fine and

fine ass with his strong fingers.

"Oooooh!" Carly thought this man knows how to push all of my buttons!

She put her hands around his neck and pulled him towards her; He kissed her like she had never ever been kissed before!

"Ooooooh!" was all Carly could moan as she was in the throes of a body shaking orgasm right there by Tony's car.

There was no way she could have held back any longer. Tony later joked it was better out there than all over his seat!

Then Tony swept Carly off her feet (another thing he does well) and gently put her in the passenger seat and belted her in. Carly was almost helpless after having the orgasm.

She felt as though the orgasm or echoes of it were still continuing as her pussy throbbed and her nipples almost hurt they were so hard! Tony got in the car and asked if she was okay, and Carly managed a weak smile and nodded as the after effects of her orgasm subsided.

"I have never felt better, ever" Carly replied dreamily.

Tony pointed to a very wet patch on his jeans caused by when Carly had cum

And said it was a stain worthy of Monica Lewinski, and then had to explain all that to her. Carly is a young woman and sort of remembered reading about it once, so she did get the joke in the end! Then Tony drove them away towards the mountains and home.

Carly began to recognize some of the villages that she had been through on previous trips to Tony's home, and then they rounded a corner and drove into one village she knew

"Could we stop for a few minutes Tony?" Carly asked sweetly.

Tony found a spot to park the car, they could see a Post Office across the street, and the ever devious Carly had yet another idea. Something Tony had told her a few weeks ago about a French lady came into her head.

Grabbing her handbag Carly said "Back in a minute!" and walked naked across the street to the Post Office.

Carly walked with grace and poise confidently across to the cash machine, put her card in and took out ten pounds. She didn't need it but she wanted to be stuck there as long as could be. She slowly put the money away and strolled back to the car and climbed back in as if she was fully dressed and nothing was out of the ordinary.

Tony said "Omigod!" which he always says when she gets naked in public. "Omigod" he said again. "You are one seriously crazy daring lady, I love you so much!" Tony said not able to hide the excitement of the moment.

Carly was rewarded with a lovely kiss, however she had a much bigger reward in mind for later. Much bigger! They drove off, and then a little further along Tony spoke, (bless him Carly says)

"I do have just one or two problems with you being naked in my car." He signaled and pulled the car into a rest stop and stopped the engine. "First, while I'm driving, you are a distraction, I can't concentrate. So, you'd better drive! And second, I haven't been able to do this." And leaned over and kissed her long and luscious (lush, they say in the UK, long and lush). So the naked beauty wriggled her sexy ass into the drivers seat and Tony walked around and took her place in the passenger seat. Carly told me it felt strange but very sexy, a "helpless" naked girl driving Tony's tank! It's something she wants to do again, and again!

And then much too soon they were at the house, the place that Carly says feels more like home every time she's there. She loves it, there's just such a lovely atmosphere there. Then to arrive completely naked was like bliss, Carly was feeling tingly again all over and her pussy was damp. Tony took her by the hand and led her inside, through the kitchen filling the kettle as he passed. Carly shivered and Tony took her in his arms and began stroking her back and legs to warm her up. Carly felt hot, tingly and just wonderful by the time a cup of tea was placed in her hand. Tony quickly got the fires going, bless him, as Carly would say, so she could stay naked even longer. To be honest, at that moment Carly could have seriously considered never wearing clothes again! It felt wonderful, fantastic - and she was still as horny as hell!

However Carly knew that Sammy would be back with the kids soon, too soon. She said that only because she yearned to stay naked for her man.

"Would you like me to be naked when they get home?" smiling

Tony didn't realize right off what she meant.

After a moment he spoke. "I thought about that earlier, and wondered how you would get around that problem."

He laughed and said "You seem to be stuck naked, and your clothes are in the city.

Oh dear!" He said with mock anxiety. "Don't worry, you can borrow a t shirt and some shorts or something."

It turned out that a Tony sized t-shirt is equivalent to a presentable little black dress for the 5'6" Carly. So in the end Carly had to get dressed, but planned to stay that way only as long as she was forced to since she seems to be much

More like me, more comfortable naked, then dressed. She didn't bother with shorts, and naughty Carly teased the hell out of poor Tony with her bald pussy and bare bum whenever the opportunity presented itself. Carly the vixen loves seeing what it does to him.

She'll rub up against him and say "What on Earth is that in your pocket?" and rub a little harder.

Carly has seen some serious bulges in his jeans a few times just that day. The poor man must have been in agony!

"Oh God I wanted him sooo much." Carly told me." What an amazing day!"

"I'm turning into Carly the super slut." She said, but only for my man.

She never let on until later that her clothes were in her car outside!

And then finally, they were together in bed, and at long last the moment arrived that she had craved all day. Tony had his penis inside of her (where she says he belongs).

Carly said he felt so big, and he gently took what seemed an eternity of climbing higher and higher, tenderly but forcefully. Then Tony exploded inside of her, she thrust her head back and moaned with pleasure. He didn't stop there, and soon it had happened all over again! Then Tony lay down and wrapped himself around her soft sensual naked body.

He looked into her eyes and said, "I love you so much Carlz, and I've never felt like this before."

She held her man tight and said "I love you too."

Carly tells me "I'm still tingling from that night. And I have come to realize that being naked in public is the most major buzz."

She is as I am so hooked! But as much as possible she wants Tony nearby when she is naked in public, she just feels safer when he's around.

There will be more adventures to read about, maybe Carly will tell them herself or maybe she will have me tell them for her, either way you are all in for some very great stories. Maybe Tony will want to tell his side of the story too. I'm sure. As sure as I am that Tony will say "There's a time and a place for everything!"

One last thing, Carly insisted this be put in here. She wants to dedicate this adventure to me her good friend who she claims inspired her to think big!

Bye for now!

Carly & Nikki

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