tagLoving WivesCarly's New Job Ch. 02

Carly's New Job Ch. 02


It had been a month since Carly started work at the massage parlour. She had actually quite enjoyed it so far, and the extra £250 or so she brought in every week had taken a massive pressure off their financial situation. Sharon, the boss at the parlour had suggested she take the job up permanently. Carly and Steve had discussed this and the idea did appeal. Carly had never enjoyed her job in the office and she now realised how easy it could be to earn money at the massage parlour.

"So what do you think then Steve?" Carly asked. "Do you think I should work at the parlour full time?"

"if you're happy with it, why not?" He replied.

"Sharon thinks I could earn about £500 a week if I work 5 days a week, that's almost double what I get now." She reasoned.

"I haven't got a problem with it," Steve said. "I just don't want you to feel that you have to do it."

"Don't worry, I don't," Carly said. "I really wouldn't do it if I wasn't comfortable with it."

That day she called Sharon to tell her she was going to go full time. Carly handed in her weeks noticed at work and got ready to leave the rat race for her new career.

The first couple of weeks were nothing out of the ordinary. She would see anything between 5-10 clients a day on average and was making about £150 per day. The only thing bothering Carly was that some of the girls were making more money as they did other things like Anal and watersports. Carly had said that she wouldn't do this at first but there seemed to be quite a few clients that wanted these services.

"Sharon, add anal and watersports to my list of things I'll do," Carly said. "You can put me down for swallowing come too."

"Why the change of heart?" Sharon replied.

"I feel like I'm missing out on too many clients," she reasoned. "Plus they pay more for these services so it makes sense.

"Ok," Sharon said. "Will you receive the watersports as well as give?"

Carly thought about this for a moment then replied, "how much do they pay?"

"It's £200 for a half an hour service where you give and receive." Sharon said in a matter of fact way.

"I'll do it then." Carly said. She had let Steve do this too her once as a treat but wasn't overly keen. This was about the money though, nothing else.

The 2nd client the next day would turn out to be her first paid anal experience.

"Do you do rimming as well?" he enquired. "Both ways?"

"Yeah, I'll do that for you," Carly agreed. "That'll be £120 for a half hour service. We can pretty much for whatever you want."

The client happily paid his money and took a shower as instructed while Carly got ready.

When she got back the man was just wrapped in a towel after his shower. Carly had already taken her knickers and bra off, she walked in wearing just her stockings and suspenders. She liked to do this sometimes just to shock her clients. The client looked her up and down, his eyes lingering on her ample tits then her neatly trimmed bush.

"Do you like what you see then?" Carly asked him, knowing full well the answer. The man was starting to get hard already, Carly could see the bulge growing under the towel.

She walked over to him and placed her hand on his bulge and placed a lingering kiss on his lips. This was the first client she had kissed without being paid for it, she almost felt obliged to given the money he had paid.

The man ran his hands over her bare bum as they continued to kiss, tongues probing each others mouths. Carly then dropped to her knees and removed the towel. The man was now rock hard, his 6" cock standing proudly to attention. Carly first started to lick his balls, gently taking them into her mouth and sucking them. She looked up to see the man had his eyes closed, he looked like he was in heaven!

Carly then moved upwards to his cock and started to suck him. She would alternate between teasing him with short strokes with just the tip in her mouth then deep throating his entire length. She had quickly learnt that the closer he got her client to coming with a blowjob, the quicker he would come when they fucked. She had been told about this little tip by almost all the girls she worked with.

She then laid the man back on the bed and parted his legs. She once again moved down to his balls before starting to slowly run her tongue down towards his arsehole. The man lifted his legs up to give her access so Carly began to flick her tongue around his anus. She had only recently started to enjoy this practice, she always insisted on total cleanliness and had started to really get into it. Despite being a deeply submissive act, she found that it gave her an immense control over a man which she loved.

She started to probe more deeply now. The client's groans were growing as she continued to stroke his cock.

Carly broke off for a moment and asked, "Would you like to like my arsehole now?"

The man nodded so Carly knelt on the edge of the bed and thrust her bum up in the air, her tight anus now on show. The man didn't say a word and hungrily started to eat her ring. He started to dip his Tongue as deep as possible into her delicate hole, this was starting to make her squirm with pleasure.

"Are you ready to fuck me now?" Carly asked.

"Yes," He replied, "I need to fuck your arse."

Carly took out a condom and lubricant from her bag, she rolled the condom on and applied a generous amount of the lube to her arse. She knelt on the bed and offered her tight hole to this man. She let out a yelp of pain and pleasure as the tip of his cock entered her.

"Are you ok?" the man asked.

"I'm fine," Carly replied, "It always hurts a bit at first, just take it slowly.

The man gradually edged his cock into Carly's bumhole. Once all the way in, he started to thrust slowly. Carly started to moan with pleasure now, she had really got to like the feel of a cock in her arse.

"Now fuck my arse hard." Carly ordered him.

The man duly obliged and thrust his cock into her as hard as he could. Carly was now screaming with pleasure and this sent the man over the edge. He shuddered as he came, filling the condom with his spunk.

As they were getting dressed the client turned to Carly, "How would you fancy earning a little bit of cash on the side?"

"Go on." Carly replied, clearly interested.

"I have a business where I sometimes need to entertain clients." he explained. "I have a huge contract at stake at the moment and really need to show their guys a good time."

Carly acknowledged and listened.

"I have 4 girls booked but could do with 2 more as there are 12 of them coming," he continued. "Basically I'll pay you £1000 for a nights work."

"£1000? Bloody hell!" Carly exclaimed.

"Like I said, this is a huge contract and I want them to have the time of their lives." He went on.

"And you'd want me?" Carly said, a bit shocked to be offered this kind of work.

"Yes, you're fantastic," he said with a grin. "I like working girls that enjoy what they do, not perfect models that make it clear they wouldn't normally touch you."

This made Carly smile, she had really enjoyed her first month at the massage parlour and this sounded like a fantastic opportunity.

"Look, you don't have to decide right away," he said, "Take my business card and give me a ring. I will need to know tomorrow though."

"Ok," said Carly, a bit shocked. "I'll give you a call."

Peter, as she now knew was his name made his way out with a smile. Carly could think about nothing else all day. On her break she went out and gave Steve a ring to tell him.

"A thousand pounds for a nights work?!" he said, almost disbelieving. "I take it you said yes!"

"I said I probably would," she went on. "I've got to ring him later, I just wanted to check with you first."

"Go for it darling," he said. "That's an unbelievable amount of cash for a nights work."

"He wants me to bring another girl too," Carly explained. "I don't want to ask any of the girls here as if it gets back to Sharon she'd fire me."

"What about Emma?" Steve asked.

Emma was Carly's best friend, she too was married but was pretty much up for anything. She had already had a couple of one night stands since he got married 9 months ago and didn't think twice about going behind her husbands back. Her argument was that he rarely showed much interest in sex while she had a massive sex drive. Nobody could quite understand why they had married given their obvious differences.

"Good shout," Carly said, "She'll probably love this."

Steve laughed. Carly went back to work happy, their financial pressure was finally lifting and her fantastic husband was supportive of her new career. She thought to herself she would treat him with this money she earned from this job. Something he would remember.

Carly phoned Emma that night. Predictably she was well up for the job. She had even commented that she would do it for free! Emma had been fascinated when Carly had told her she was a prostitute, she had even thought about it herself, if only to satisfy her almost constant craving for sex. Emma was also delighted that they might be asked to put on a lesbian show. She had never made any attempt to hide the fact she would love to get Carly into bed. Carly had always declined but for this money? Anything went.

Carly called Peter back and said she would do the job, he was delighted to hear she had a friend to come along too.

"I need you to be clear about this before we start," Peter said, "It really is anything goes, I don't any embarrassing moments once the party starts."

"I understand," replied Carly.

"I've already spoken to their boss and said that anything violent is off limits but anything else goes." Peter continued.

"Thats fine with us," Carly said, "I know the score."

With addresses and times confirmed Carly gave all the details to Emma. They arranged to meet a the afternoon of the party to shop for new underwear an clothes. With these bought, the girls headed to the hotel in Central London.

Peter opened the door to the suite and welcomed the girls in. He showed them around and introduced them to the 4 other girls and security man. He would be out of the way but just making sure nothing got out of hand.

"Girls," Peter started, "When the lads arrive I want you to put on a bit of a show, just dancing and a strip."

They nodded.

"Then just pair up and give us a lesbian show." he continued. "After that it's a free for all, just go with the flow."

The girls all agreed, they all seemed to be paired off with friends which made it easier to decide who went with who.

"One more thing," Peter added before they all went to change. "I've got a load of cocaine for everybody to use tonight, now feel free to dabble but don't have so much you pass out!"

Carly was a bit shocked. Steve and her had taken a bit when they first got together but never as a regular thing.

"I'm going to enjoy this tonight!" Whispered Emma.

Carly smiled, it was certainly going to be memorable.

Peter knocked on the bedroom door and handed each of the girls an envelope. As agreed there was £1000 in each. Safely stashed away they made their entrance.

"You girls look stunning." Peter said, clearly enjoying the view of these 6 semi naked women.

They took a champagne and waited. 10 minute later the door opened and in walked the 12 men. They aged between about 21-50, the younger lads didn't quite know where to look while the older ones wore dirty grins.

Peter shook hands with a man in his early 40s, he was clearly the leader of this group. After a couple of moments he waved to the security man to out music on. Clearly loving his role as master he instructed the girls to begin.

Carly and Emma stayed close together and started to dance, slowly stripping off their remaining clothes. The men sat back on the sofa's, lapping up the show. Once naked, Carly turned to Emma and started rubbing her hands over her petite tits. They started to kiss passionately, running hands all over each other. They could have been anywhere, the sexual tension that had clearly been there for years was overflowing.

Carly put her hand between Emma's legs, she was wet already. Dropping to her knees, Carly kissed down her stomach to her totally shaven pussy. She started to lick hungrily, sucking Emma's clit into her mouth. The men made some space and motioned for the girls to join them on the sofa.

Emma laid back and spread her legs wide. 2 of the men held her legs up giving Carly a great view of her exposed slit. He now moved her tongue down and started to lick Emma's tight arsehole. She squealed with delight as Carly expertly rimmed her. The men were now starting to get undressed and were itching to join in the action.

"Sit on my face." Emma told Carly. "I need to taste you.

Carly lowered her now soaking pussy onto Emma's face. She wasted no time plunging her tongue deep inside her. The girls were so lost in this moment they almost forgot they had company. Carly snapped back into the room when she felt a pair of hands on her tits. Looking around all she could see was naked bodies in varying stated of arousal. It was a decadent sight.

2 of the men sitting on the sofa were now cutting lines of coke on a silver tray that was being passed round. Once they had theirs they offered the tray to Carly and Emma. With a smile Carly cut out 4 reasonable sized lines. She snorted the drug, a line up either nostril. She felt a familiar rush of adrenaline and initial sickness before the clear euphoria started. She passed the tray to Emma and set to work on the 2 men on the sofa.

Carly knelt between them and started to suck their cocks. She felt almost overwhelmed with lust as she did this. She felt a hand grabbing her bum and another feeling her tits, she now had 4 men touching her all over.

One of the cocks I'm her mouth belonged to one of the younger men, she could feel him starting to tense, she knew he was about to come. Se concentrated her efforts on him and he exploded a huge load into her mouth. She greedily continued sucking and swallowed the entire load. She went back to work on the other man she was sucking and continued to work on him. In no time he let go too, the warm liquid hitting the back of her throat, again she swallowed every drop.

Carly then felt a pair of hands on her hips, with one thrust someone entered her. She gasped with joy and surprise, she hadn't even turned around to look at who had entered her when another man presented his cock to suck. The man behind her fucked her almost frantically and after a minute buried his cock deep in her and came.

When he withdrew Carly could feel his semen dripping out of her, he clearly didn't have a condom on. She would have usually gone mad but as Peter had said, this was anything goes. The cocaine was also contributed to this carefree attitude. For one night she was going to be the biggest slut in the world. She felt that it was so liberating that a man he had not even seen had fucked her and came inside her. She would certainly remember this night

Carly carried on sucking the cock in front of her, she worked on him with hands and mouth. He pulled his cock from her mouth at the last minute and shot his load over her face.

Carly finally managed to get up and take a look around the room. Emma was riding a man, again bareback, while she sucked another man's cock. Carly took a breather for a moment until the man who seemed to be the boss approached her.

"Will you come to the bathroom with me?" he asked, "I want you to pee on me."

Carly took him by the hand and led him to the bathroom. He laid on the floor of the huge walk in shower while Carly stood astride him. She squatted slightly and allowed the flow of pee to come. She hadn't thought she needed to go but there now seemed to be loads.

"Do it on my face." The man told her.

She duly aimed the stream of liquid at his face which he received gratefully. He even drank some which amazed Carly.

Once she had finished he stood up and thanked her. He said she could go now while he used the toilet.

"Don't you want to piss on me?" She asked while running her hands over his cock.

"You don't mind?" He asked, sounding amazed. "I've never been with a girl who's ever let me do that.

"Well I'm your girl tonight and you can do anything you want to me." She told him.

Carly knelt in the shower with the man in front of her. He smiled and aimed his pee at Carly's tits. This was the first time she had ever felt this, she had never even let Steve do this to her. Maybe it was the drugs but the warm liquid felt fantastic. He then aimed up a bit letting some splash on Carly's face. She smiled at him and opened her mouth, inviting him to pee in it, she was feeling brave now. The man aimed the last of the liquid into her mouth, she was surprised that it had no real taste, just like warm water. She actually loved it.

Once he had finished, Carly wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked him hard. She felt like a filthy whore with them both covered in pee. The man stood her up and bent her over the sink. He slipped a couple of fingers into Carly's juicy slit and began to work her juices into her arsehole. She steadied herself a he penetrated her hole. It was over in seconds, the man made no more than a dozen thrusts before shooting his come into Carly's bumhole.

After taking a quick shower together the rejoined the party. There was still all kind of things going on I'm the main room. Emma was in the same position but with 2 different men, 3 of the other girls were laying on the sofa's with legs in the air being fucked by a selection of men while the last girl was lining up some cocaine. She motioned to Carly to join her, they chatted and shared a couple of big lines.

Buzzing again from the drugs, the girls decided to get down to it together. The got into a 69 and began to pleasure each other with tongues and fingers. A few of the men gathered round to watch the show.

When she came up for air, Carly checked their faces. She had an idea that se had to fuck all of the men in the room before she finished. She motioned for the 4 men watching the show to come and join her.

"I want you all to fuck me," she told them, "I want you to fill all of my holes with spunk. She couldn't believe all of this was coming out of her mouth but she was too far gone to care now.

One of the men laid down and guided Carly onto his cock, while 2 more took places in front of her. She alternated between sucking both of their cocks. The 4th man had lubed up 2 fingers and slid them into Carly's arse. He quickly replaced it with his cock, getting into a rhythm with the man in her pussy. Carly had never felt so full I'm her life.

The 4 men swapped places for the next 10 minutes before the first of them came in Carly's mouth. The man in here arse was next before the second man in front came in her mouth too. She swallowed every drop and licked her sticky juices from their shafts.

"I want your come in my cunt." She told the man she was riding.

It took a couple of minutes more, the drugs now starting to have an effect on his ability to come. With a couple of final thrusts he managed to shoot his load in her. She could feel all of the come leaking out of her but still wanted more.

One of the other girls he didn't know now got into position for a 69. She greedily licked both of Carly's holes tasting her juices and the spunk mixed together. Carly could taste the girl's juice, also mixed in with sperm. The intoxicating taste made her probe deeper with her tongue. She also licked around her arsehole, delighting in the moans she was making.

Once finished, Carly announced to the room, "Who hasn't had me yet?" A couple of lads in their late 20s quickly moved over to her. She could also now see Emma being double penetrated on the sofa opposite while also licking another of the girls. The whole sight was surreal, complete sexual abandon.

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