tagLoving WivesCarmalita's Stallions

Carmalita's Stallions

byMy Erotic Tail©

"Don't tell Carmallita," Mr. Sanchez said with his back to the stable door. His stocky frame shielded the sight of Paco, the lead ranch hand.

"Yes, sir," Paco answered then turned to walk away.

"Don't tell Carmallita what?" Carmallita had walked up behind them as the two men were talking. She had overheard and her hand was on her hip with a sassy tone to her voice. Her long black hair flowed slightly in the breeze as she took a couple steps towards her husband, Benito Sanchez.

"Nothing, my pet, nothing at all." His smile was eluding but Carmallita's curiosity was already triggered. He began to walk into the stables when she grabbed his arm and spun him around.

"Don't give me that, I asked you a question and I expect an answer." Her serious note made Mr. Sanchez a bit nervous. He didn't like to see his wife upset to this degree.

"Ok, you're going to spoil it, but it might as well be today instead of tomorrow. Your birthday present." Benito smiled as he figured a way out of his predicament. "Emilio," He yelled as loud as he could. Carmallita was a bit surprised but not quite yet satisfied with his response, for Benito Sanchez was known for his trickery.

Emilio came running from around the stables. He was a handsome young man, medium build and slicked back black hair with a neatly trimmed mustache. "Yes, sir?" He asked.

"Bring me Mrs. Sanchez's present," Mr. Sanchez said.

"Yes, sir," Emilio said curiously, but not questioning his boss. He glanced a smile at Carmallita then spun around and went to get her present.

"What is it, baby," Carmallita said smiling and tilted her head with her seductive way. The sound of a truck pulling up outside the opening of the stables made them turn their heads. The truck was pulling a horse trailer. Emilio darted around the back and opened the back of the trailer as the truck stopped and began to guide a beautiful black Stallion from it. The prancing steps and glistening sun off it's back made the horse seem majestic.

"Oh, Benito, how marvelous. For me?" Carmallita put her hand to her lips in awe and was very pleased with her husband's gift to her. The stable hands had all known of the horse's arrival and gathered around the magnificent beast. Carmallita, kissed her husband then turned to admire her birthday present.

"Emilio, put Gypsy in his stall." Mr. Sanchez ordered.

"No, I want to ride him. Put a saddle on him, please," Carmallita order then looked back at her husband for his approval.

"Yes, by all means. I have to go and juggle the finances, I'll be in the study. Enjoy him, my pet." Benito said smiling then kissed his wife and headed to the big house. Carmallita was still in a bit of shock as she watched the Stallion being led to the hitchin' post where Emilio began saddling him. Carmallita run her hand along the horse's mane, then flank. Running it back and forth and even gracing Emilio's hand as she had many times in secret. Smiling, she stepped back as Emilio finished cinchin' the saddle.

"Shall I ride with you, Carmallita?" He asked with mischief in his voice.

"Sure," she answered smiling then mounted the spirited Stallion and guided him around the corral while Emilio got his gelding ready to ride.

The two took off in a gallop across the meadow. Gypsy's mane waved in fine strides with it's head's bobbing from their fast paced gate. Reaching the stream quickly they slowed their pace and allowed the horses to pace next to each other while Emilio leaned over and kissed Carmallita. Her smile was broad from mischief and pride of her new prize.

When they got to their favorite place to frolic they dismounted and tied their horses to a branch and fell into each other passionately. Emilio began quickly to grip her breasts and remove her clothes. They had been this way many times before and timing was everything.

Laying Carmallita to the ground they began removing their clothes fully. Carmallita pulled softly on Emilio's hard muscle and stroked him until she was ready for him to ride her a while. Emilio mounted her and pressed into her fully. Their passions flared dramatically and quickly they began synchronized strides of meshing flesh and humping drives. Kissing deeply, Carmallita moaned as she felt Emilio's warmness inside her deeply.

His orgasm came quicker than normal but she was pleased with his playfulness. Emilio fell to her side with a grin plastered on his face and she rolled on top of him with her long hair falling on them both.

"You like to ride the woman of your dreams, don't you, stable boy?" She said in a sassy tone.

"Why do you always tease me in such a way?" He asked a bit uneasy with her words.

"Oh, you like it. You know you are my Stallion just as Gypsy is." She said laughing. Emilio got to his feet, angered, pulled his horse's reins, and fixed his clothes.

"When are you going to leave that old coot, Carmallita?" He said in a hateful tone.

"Leave Benito? Why should I? He has everything. You get a ranch and a big house and I'll come live with you then. But for now where will we stay? In the stable...I think not." She said as she got dressed.

"And what of his heart? You said he wouldn't live this long." Emilio spat as he mounted his gelding.

"And you said you would help that along." She said with a quirk in her voice.

"So if he dies you will be with me?" Emilio asked as he readied to ride.

"Who else would I be with?" She said with a smile.

"So be it then." Emilio kicked the gelding's flank and took off towards the ranch quickly. Carmallita smiled, he had said that many times before. She got on her new stallion and rode the other way to enjoy riding her new present, a while longer.

After about an hours ride she returned to the ranch house and seen the police cars with twirling lights everywhere. A stable hand came running up and took the Stallion's reins and told Carmallita to quickly go to the big house. That Mr. Sanchez had been murdered.

"What?" She replied in shock. Her thoughts were racing of Emilio's words and her heart sank. As she run through the stable a hand reached out and grabbed her and pulled her into a stall. It was Emilio.

"Emilio, what have you done? The police are out front and..."

"I have to get out of here," He said shaken. "Please, Carmallita help me. You know I did this for us. PLEASE." He pleaded.

"My Stallion. He is still saddled, go. Quickly." She pointed and Emilio kissed her and took off running. "Don't come back." She yelled as tears started to flow while reality sank in. She didn't care about the Stallion she was confused and headed to the Big house.

The police enlightened her of her husband's demise and questioned her but knew she wasn't in any shape to answer them right now. They had the body removed and cleared the area after questioning everyone they could.

The house got quiet and Carmallita tried to gather her thoughts. Silently she sat in the house and hashed out the days events. Paco knocked on the door and she answered it with tears.

"Yes, Paco?" She said in her tone she took with stable hands.

"The Stallion is gone, Mrs. Sanchez." He was excited and concerned.

"Oh, well, we will find him. Or I'll get another, don't worry about it, get back to work." She said being short with him.

Paco stood there as if he had more to say.

"What is it?" Carmallita snapped.

"Senora, the Stallion cost a million dollars. Your Husband put the ranch up for collateral. If we don't find the Horse. We have no Ranch." Paco said respectfully.

The Police Car pulled back up to the front of the house. Paco turned to see as Carmallita walked out to the vehicle. The Officer got out and put his hat on his head.

"Senora Sanchez?" He asked.

"Yes," she replied.

"We found the man who killed Mr. Snachez." The Officer said nervously.

"Oh? Who?" She asked curiously.

"The man was riding one of your horses. He wouldn't stop. And I'm afraid...they shot the horse in pursuit of the killer. But we got him. He was shot as well." The officer looked down at the ground as Carmallita covered her face as tears flowed from her eyes. "I'm very sorry Mrs. Sanchez."

Paco wrapped his arms around her and helped guide her back into the house as the officer got back in his car. Falling into the couch with sorrow and tears, Carmallita sank into dispare.

Two funerals and three burials later Carmallita gazed out the back window of the car as it drove away from the ranch. She was going back to her families house in the hills. She needed sometime to mend her heart before...looking for another stud.

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