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This is a sequel to my earlier story, "Party Time". While it can stand on its own, the reader will get some background and perspective by reading that story before this one.

* * * * *

I was in the library on a Sunday afternoon when I saw her. Or heard her, really.

"Milene? Hey, Milene!"

I turned at the sound of my name, startled out of deep thought as I searched through the shelves for the book I needed. "Uh... Oh, Carmella. Hi!"

I was surprised and pleased to see Carmella standing there. After my little adventure with her and Amy, we had shared our numbers, and I hoped to hook up with one or both of them again, but I'd heard nothing. Disappointed but not really surprised, after two months I had given up, writing it off as just a one-night stand, though a very memorable and deliciously enjoyable one. Given the lack of contact, I felt a little embarrassed seeing Carmella now, but she seemed perfectly comfortable with the situation.

"So how you been?" she asked pleasantly.

"Good," I said, "Real good. Pretty busy, really. My classes are killing me this semester."

"Yeah, same here," she replied. "I just haven't had time to do anything fun!" I wondered at her real meaning. Was she trying to apologize for not calling me, or hinting at possibilities, or just making conversation?

"And Amy?" I inquired.

"Oh, she's good. Got a new boyfriend, so she's gone a lot. Oh, and we got a new place. Amy's parents got us this great apartment and bought a bunch of furniture and everything. That girl is so spoiled! But I'll take it, you know?"

Carmella went on for a while about Amy and the apartment and other things. I was only half paying attention while I checked her out. She looked as good as ever, trim but curvy, full breasts standing out on her chest, her hips just the right width, womanly but not really voluptuous. I couldn't see her butt from this angle, but I remembered it well and I knew it looked just perfect in the tight jeans she was wearing. Her hair was similar to the last time I saw her, a little longer but still the dark spiky look that was very attractive on her.

Finally she paused and I broke in cautiously, asking "And how about you? You seeing anyone?" I hoped I wasn't being obvious, but I had to ask. Maybe that's why I hadn't heard from either of them.

"Oh," she said, waving her hand dismissively, "I've been out with a few guys, but nobody special. You know I broke up with my boyfriend a couple months ago." Actually, I didn't know that. I wondered if that was before or after our little encounter. My mind was working now, thinking there might be a chance here. "Hey," I said, hesitantly, "maybe we could ... uh ... get together and ... uh ... do something some time." Oh my god, that didn't seem subtle at all! I felt so nervous now.

The implication was not lost with Carmella. "Do something??" Her face lit up with an amused smile. "Do something, huh? Yeah, yeah, maybe so." Her grin got even bigger, more mischievous. "Like maybe a movie, huh?" Her sarcasm was palpable. "Or have something to eat???" Her emphasis on that word - "eat" - was just filled with double meaning.

Oh god, was I that obvious? I knew I was blushing. I stammered a response. "Well, ... yeah... uh ... that'd be good."

Carmella laughed lightly and the tension broke. "Yeah, we should do that," she said, "but we can probably skip the movie part, right?" Her tone was sly, her meaning clear. Relieved and excited, I agree, smiling warmly. "Yeah, definitely."

"Hey look, I gotta go," she said. "You've got my number, right? Call me and we'll hook up. Amy's out of town with her boyfriend next weekend, so that might be good. We'll have the place to ourselves."

We both knew what she was implying. I was thrilled, thrilled that she was available and thrilled at the thought of what I might be doing with her. I agreed to call her and was on my way.


Two days later, I called Carmella. To my relief, she was still interested, and we picked up exactly where we left off. Neither of us had much time to talk, so I quickly got to the point, confirming that we'd get together that Saturday, at her place. For some reason, I kept up a little pretense, suggesting that we get something to eat or rent a movie, but Carmella cut right through that: "Milene, we both know what this is about. Let's forget about everything else and just focus on the fun part."

Wow, she really cuts to the chase, I thought, but that was okay. I wanted the same thing. "That's cool," I said. "I just didn't want to assume something I shouldn't. But if you want it like the last time, I'm definitely up for that."

"Yeah," she said, her voice almost a whisper into the phone, "that's what I was hoping for. I haven't gotten any in a couple weeks, and I haven't been with a girl since you. ... I really need a good time."

Jesus, hearing those words, in Carmella's sexy voice, just creamed me. I paused for a second, gathering myself, then replied, "Oh honey, I'm so glad to hear you say that. I've been thinking about you non-stop since the other day." I heard a low "Mmmmm" on the other end and then I continued, "There's just one thing," I said. "I'm sorry you haven't been 'getting any', but promise me you won't until we get together. I want this to be really special."

I heard a little giggle on the other end and then Carmella responded, "Okay, I guess I can handle that. I don't have anything lined up anyway. Just 'Jill'".

I understood her meaning, but that wasn't going to do. "No, sweetie, I mean no sex at all, not even by yourself. I want you to really appreciate it when we get together."

"Damn, girl, you're a tough one! ... Okay. I'll try!"

"Do more than try, Carmella. I really want it to be this way. And believe me, it'll be worth the wait!"

Carmella giggled again and agreed, and then we set a date for 7:00 the following Saturday. I knew I'd be thinking about it every moment until then.


Luckily, I was very busy over those few days, so the time went faster then expected. Now it's finally Saturday, and I am on my way to Carmella and Amy's new place. The apartment is in a large, upscale complex with several swimming pools and a guarded gate where I have to give Carmella's name to pass. I wander through the complex, following the directions she gave me, until I reach the right building. Walking quickly up the stairs, I find Carmella's apartment and knock lightly, my already heart pounding as I listen for activity behind the door. I hear footsteps approach, then the deadbolt moves, the knob turns, and suddenly Carmella is before me.

I 'm surprised by her dress, or should I say lack thereof. She is wearing a casual pink nightshirt, essentially a long tee, that shows off all the lovely curves of her body. It's clear that she's wearing nothing beneath it, except maybe some panties. Her chest is emblazoned with a single word - "Juicy" - that gives me another thrill. I think back to our previous encounter and how appropriate that word is for Carmella.

"Well, you're certainly ready," I say with a smirk.

Carmella laughs a little and responds, "Well, I took a long, hot bath, so I'm feeling great - all clean and relaxed. Then I was going to get dressed, but I figured, Why bother?" She looks at me hotly and purrs, "I knew I'd be naked again before long anyway." She follows this with a big, flirty smile. "Was I right?"

Hearing those words from her sends another tingle of excitement through me. Damn, this girl can turn me on so easily, just with words. "Uh huh," I replied. "Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining. You look great. I was just a little surprised. ... Looks like you've got a head start on me."

"Naw," she replies. "I've just been sitting here, drinking, getting comfy. I think I'm a little tipsy already. You like rum and coke?"

"Sure," I say. I'm actually ready to just get down to it, but a drink or two might enhance the whole event.

Carmella goes to the kitchen area and comes back with one for each of us. She drops into a large, overstuffed chair, leaning back luxuriously, while I sit on the sofa opposite her. We chat for a while, her telling me about the new apartment, how Amy's parents found it and furnished it completely for their "princess" and her roommate. She asks if I've had any "adventures" recently, and I say "a few", but provide no details, other than "none as good as the time with you and Amy."

As we talk, I admire Carmella's beauty, her sexiness. The thin cotton of her nightshirt does nothing to hide her ample charms - the easy swell of her hips, the soft mounds on her chest, the little peaks in front confirming that her nipples are bare beneath the light fabric. The tee was almost to her knees when she was standing, but seated now, it rides up delightfully, exposing the smooth expanse of her thighs, high up, constantly drawing my eyes to the space between them. Having worked myself up in anticipation, I am dying to just drop to me knees and go down on her, but I keep my cool, sipping my drink and just taking in the sight of her as we talk.

After about twenty minutes, I decide to get things moving. "Want another drink?" I ask. She does, so I go to the kitchen to mix another strong rum and coke for each of us. As I return to the living room, I come up behind her chair, passing her drink over her shoulder, then taking the opportunity to lean in and place a soft kiss on her cheek. Seeing her smile in response, I move my lips back to her cheek and let my hands wander lightly over the bare skin of her arms. A broader smile and quiet sigh tell me to keep going, so I move down to nuzzle into her neck as my hands continue to roam. Carmella sighs more urgently now, her mounting desire betrayed by a long, irregular "Mmmmm" that becomes even more urgent as my hands move in to gently caress her lovely breasts.

Now it's my turn to sigh, as I finally get to touch those delightful mounds of flesh. I confirm that she's wearing only panties beneath the nightshirt, and through the light fabric of her top, I can feel her large nipples, already firm and erect against the palms of my hands. I tickle them lightly with my fingers, then move down to run my hands over her stomach and hips, while my tongue works subtly in her left ear, producing a little squeak of surprise and a sweet shiver.

"You like that?" I ask coyly.

"Uh huh," she mutters, almost inaudibly. She seems in a dreamy state now, clearly not interested in talking. Her hips begin to move in a slow, sexy rhythm, in anticipation of the next steps.

Still, I press forward: "You horny?"

Carmella's response is good-natured but pointed "Well, hell yes, I'm horny. You bitch, you made me promise to abstain for over a week!" We both laughed quietly, but I'm happy to hear that she has kept her word. I hope it will make her more responsive, more wanton. "Don't worry, sweetheart," I whisper, my hands moving back to her lovely breasts. "This is going to be worth the wait. I'm going to do you better than you've ever had, over and over and over."

"Mmmmmmm. Yeah, yeah, promises, promises," she says quietly, drawing out our coquettish play. "Talk's cheap. I need some action." She has a big smile on her face as she teases me.

But this is more than just idle chatter. Our banter is driving us both higher up the arousal scale, teasing each other with hints of the pleasures to come. I keep at it, ratcheting it up just a bit more. "Come on, Carmella," I whisper in my most seductive tone. "You remember the last time, don't you? You remember how I made you come? And come ... and come? And this time, it's just the two of us. It's all about you tonight, sweetheart - pure, total pleasure, all yours. I promise, I'll do you and do you until you make me stop." With that, my tongue swirls lewdly into her ear as I give a subtle squeeze to both of her breasts, causing her to shiver and groan again. At the same time, her thighs clench together and I know she is getting excited.

Clearly ready for more, Carmella sets down her drink and pulls me around to the front of her chair, where we share a soft, satisfying kiss. I support myself on the back of the chair, not letting myself fully embrace her yet, as our mouths move sensuously together, opening now to allow our tongues to meet and roll wetly over one another. We're both quietly moaning as our passions rise. I 'm at a fever pitch myself as I recall first hand what a wonderful kisser this girl is, her lips so soft and gentle, her tongue slow and insistent, exploring me with skill and confidence that has me quickly losing control.

Finally, I break the kiss, looking Carmella straight in the eyes as I confess, "Oh god, you make me so wet. ... I want you so bad!"

Carmella's response is cute and sexy. With a smug grin at my admitted obsession, she calmly stretches her arms and legs wide and exclaims, "Well, here I am ... all yours!" We both laugh at her cockiness, but it turns me on even more, this clear direction of where this night is headed - me pleasing this beautiful, sexy girl and thoroughly enjoying her incredible body. I knew that Carmella loved sex, and it thrills me that I am going to give her so much throughout the night.

Seeing lovely Carmella lying there, open and ready, I just can't hold back. I practically pounce on her, our chests forced against each other, my body lodged between the open vee of her legs. We make out for several more minutes, her face in my hands, my fingers running affectionately through the strands of her short black hair. Her hands are busy, too, now moving firmly up and down my back, occasionally stopping to cup and squeeze my butt cheeks until I can feel the juices flowing between my legs. Still I keep it slow, doing my best to maintain a steady, unhurried pace, despite my growing desire for her. I want this to be a long, luxurious session of tender lovemaking, not the frenetic, down and dirty sex that I'd had the last with her and Amy. Oh, there will still be passion, hopefully even more intense than the last time, but it will be drawn out, stretching slowly from soft, delicate kisses (in all the right places) to wild peaks of abandon, then down and up again over a long series of mind-blowing orgasms. I spent two weeks anticipating this, and I am determined that it will live up to my dreams.

Finally, however, I can wait no longer. My hands grab for the hem of her nightshirt as I beg her to take it off. Carmella is now as eager as I, and quickly the shirt is up and over her head, finally exposing her full, luscious orbs. My reaction is, I'm sure, classic. For several seconds, I just stare, taking in the delicious sight before me: two large, perfect pillows (34C, Carmella told me at some point) topped by large erect nipples, the dark areoles at least an inch and a half across, dotted with little goose bumps of excitement. At that moment, I think that I could suck on them forever.

"Oh yeah, I remember this," she teases. "You like these, don't you?" As she speaks, her thumbs play with both her nipples, rolling in circles over the little peaks, exciting both herself and me. Then she offers, in that deep throaty whisper that makes me crazy, "You can suck all you want. ... I'd like that," adding a big, satisfied grin as she uses her left hand to raise one of her prizes for my enjoyment. With her right hand, she finds her rum and coke and takes a long drink, then jiggles it delicately in her hand. Lying there like that, she looks content and smug and oh so desirable. I absolutely cannot resist.

Plopping down on her again, my mouth finds hers, our lips tracing lightly over each other, just briefly, before I start my move downward. I nuzzle back into neck, under her chin, my tongue working soft, wet circles against her skin, punctuated by an occasional love nip with my teeth. I hear her soft "Mmmmm" and also feel it vibrate against my mouth before I continue downward, my tongue following the delicate ridge of her clavicle inward to the center of her chest. My hands are back on her boobs now, for the first time feeling their naked warmth. My palms graze over the silky texture of her breast flesh while my fingers stroke lightly on the bumpy tissue surrounding her nipples. I keep at that for a little while, drawing out the experience, pleasing and teasing at the same time.

Finally, I inch lower, until my mouth is directly over the erect temptation of her left nipple. Tenderly grasping her soft pillow with both hands, I take that luscious dark treat into my mouth, unable to hold back an obvious groan as I sucked on that little morsel of flesh for the first time. I alternate sucking and licking, running my tongue lovingly around the edges, tickling the nipple back and forth, then eagerly sucking as much as I could into my mouth. As I do so, I look up to see Carmella, head back, eyes almost closed, relaxed and utterly content as I suck her. As I had hoped, she is becoming completely lost in the sensation, totally into the experience, aware only of the pleasure I is providing her. I suck some more, until the tip stood out harder then ever, shiny and wet with my saliva. Then I move toward her other treasure, pausing first to ask, "Is it good? ... Are you enjoying this?"

"Uh huh," she replies under her breath, barely audible. " Unhhhh . ... Now do the other one." Her breathing is shallow and unsteady now as her arousal continues to grow.

I move to her other breast, lovingly holding it in my hands and giving it the same treatment I have just given the left one, savoring the feeling of it in my mouth, the contrast of the soft, creamy tit with the hard little button at it's center. Soon I let my one hand wander, traveling down along the round curve of Carmella's hip, over the smooth expanse of her slightly parted thighs, and up to the hot vee between her legs. My fingertips brush lightly over the silky crotch of her panties The abundant moisture is already evident, and Carmella utters a little cry when she feels me there. I continue that way for some time, just barely touching her, subtly stimulating her without any real contact, as she trembles with need and frustration. I slip my hand into the top of her panties and keep up the teasing, using my open palm on her soft mound, though I'm dying to just dig my finger into the depths of her quivering pussy. I can feel her wetness on my hand now and I am teasing myself as much as her.

Unable to wait any longer, I let go of her nipple and slip down between her legs. Looking up at Carmella, I can tell she is intensely aroused now, almost over stimulated by what I've done so far. Her eyes are barely open and her lower lip quivers with desire. The sight of her is exquisite.

Still drawing things out, my hands stroke her upper thighs as I kneel between her legs, and I tell her what I'm sure she already knows. "I'm going to eat you pussy now, sweetheart. Are you ready? Can I eat you now?" I just want to say it, and to see her reaction.

Carmella's response is nothing but a long, heartfelt sigh, as if she's been waiting to hear those words for way too long. She moves with both hands to push her panties off her hips, and I happily pull them down the rest of the way. Carmella scoots her hips down a bit to the edge of the chair, then drapes her legs over the wide arms of the easy chair. With a big smile, she breathes just two quiet words before relaxing completely into the comfy chair: "Eat me."

Now, barely a foot in front of me, is the magnificent spectacle of Carmella incredible cunt. My god, I forgot just how delicious she looks down there. Her engorged, vermillion petals shine with a deep coating of slippery juice and are framed by the exquisite beauty of her long, shapely legs, spread so wonderfully now on the wide arms of the easy chair. She is so ready, so wet now. I can already see a stream of cunt cream dripping down between her butt cheeks, settling in the perfect brown ring of her anus. Above, her chest is heaving with her growing arousal, accenting the beauty of her full breasts as they rise and fall. Her arms are above her head, her fingers working lazily through her hair as she enjoys the sensations of sex.

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