Carmen and Eddie Ch. 02


When Carmen recovers from another wonderful oral orgasm she pulls Eddie up to her and holds him tight with his hand still between her thighs cupping her pussy. Eddie feels her wetness leaking out. His fingers are all sticky. He hears her almost sobbing as she recovers from the pleasure and he again can't refuse her. He tells her to tell Jason on Monday that he is invited over again Saturday to fuck her.

She holds her husband and kisses him and tells him again and again how lucky she is to have a husband like him. They hold each other as they begin to fall asleep.

On Monday Jason meets Carmen at work and they discuss Saturday night and Eddie for a long time. They are along in her van and she has Jason's cock out and is slowly stroking it with her hand. He instructs her to rub her index finger over the head and feel how soft the skin is but how hard the shaft is. He instructs her to push down on the base of his cock and stretch the kin around his cock head. Then she should gently touch the underside of the cock head where the arrow head comes together with her other hand. He shows her how he wants it done by taking her finger and guiding it over the small area of the skin on the underside of the head that gives him the most pleasure. It feels warm and wonderful as she follows his directions.

Carmen obeys his directions as he asks her to tell him everything she and Eddie talked about. She tells him everything that her husband has agreed to. Jason tells her he can't wait until Saturday and wants to fuck her badly right now. She tells him she does too but he will have to wait but they can play some more like they usually do during the week.

Jason tells her to bend down and suck the head of his cock. She does it immediately. He asks her to meet him tomorrow morning and she agrees. He holds her head and tells her he is going to cum. She looks up at him with those beautiful eyes and feels the first of 8 shots of cum pump into her mouth and down her throat. She tries to drink it all but there is just too much cum.

As she released his cock from her mouth some of his cum runs down her chin and over the cleavage between her tits. Jason takes her hand and rubs his cum over her breasts and makes sure he gets some under her bra. Her tits are coated with his cum when he gets out of the van and kisses her telling her he will see her in the morning.

Part 3

On Tuesday morning they meet early for coffee without Eddie knowing or being there. When they meet they get their coffee and leave to sit in her big van again. Carmen has parked it in the back of the lot away from all the other cars. They get into the back bench seat and Jason tells her immediately he has to see her body now! He wants her to open her legs and let him see his slut's cunt.

Carmen smiles and places one leg on the seat and places the other one on the back of the console between the front seats. As she spread her thighs she lifts her skirt showing him her red panties. Jason licks his lips as he moves his hands up her legs and slowly reaches her panties. He pulls the red panties down her thighs as she lifts her rear up off the seat and exposes her pussy to him. She lifts up again and he removes the panties completely off her thighs and feet. He sees the lips of her pussy shimming from her wetness and he knows she is as horny as he is already.

Carmen has one of her legs now over his knees and he immediately takes her hand and places it on the huge lump in his slacks as he begins touching her wet warm slit. Carmen moans with pleasure from his finger and the feeling of his big shaft in her hands. Carmen smiles at him as she squeezes it. She holds Jason's huge lump in his slacks and he tells her to take it out.

Jason unzips his slacks and she has him sit back facing her. He lies back against the window of the van and Carmen kneels on the floor at first and goes to work on him sucking and jerking him. He has her moves up on the seat so he can use his fingers to spread her pussy lips and fuck hole as she sucks is dick.

Jason tells her what to do with her fingers and the head of his cock to give him the ultimate of pleasure. She learns fast what he likes and works very hard to please her lover.

Between her lips and tongue and those wonderful fingers it doesn't take long for Jason to cum. He has three of his fingers fully inside her pussy as she sucks and drinks his milk as Jason ejaculate his cum over and over again directly into her mouth. She can feel his big cock thumping as his cum leaves his balls moving up and as it pumps out the head of his cock. She feels the cock head jump with each shot that flows into her warm mouth. He fills it again to over flow but now he doesn't need to hold her head any longer Carmen would never think of removing her mouth from the beautiful full cock head which pumps cum down her throat. She loves how it feels to make Jason cum this way.

As they rest she tells Jason she wants to see him as often as they can get together with and without her husband knowing it. She will set the times at their home where Eddie can watch them fuck and enjoy it, but there will be other times, many of them she holes, when they will be alone without Eddie. "Maybe we can rent a hotel room or I can go to your place some afternoon's baby", she whispers in Jason's ear as he keeps fingers her pussy and strokes her clit moving her closer to an orgasm.

She smiles and almost laughs when she tells Jason about the very personal things Eddie and she talked about after he left. "And he loves to jerk off his little dick while you bone me hard and fast. Do you know what he told me?"

Jason fucks her cunt faster now and asks: "What baby?"

She smiles has suck lust on her face as she is so close to cumming as she tells Jason: "He told me his cock gets hard every time he thinks about me riding up and down on your cock and leaving just your beautiful hard cock head inside my hole. He loves seeing your cum dripping and running down your shaft and over my ass and thighs. He actually told me that Jason! I know he cums all the time now just thinking about that baby. So we should show him that often don't you think? I mean we should help him cum as much as we can, don't you think?"

Jason laughs and tells her: "Well we'll give him a show Saturday and we'll both fuck our brains out. Carmen I love fucking you baby! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever had. We belong together we compliment each other. You know that don't you and God the sex is unbelievable between us don't you think?"

She tells him she does and then she tells him: "We'll do it at my home for Eddie to watch maybe once a month or twice a month to start and then when the time is right we can move it to maybe weekly or more. It depends on Eddie but I think he loves seeing us fuck so much he want to see if often. But baby I need this big dick of yours more than once a month sweetie. So I think we should have a full blown affair and meet and fuck maybe twice or even three times a week."

Jason removes a small thin pencil like vibration from his pocket and touches Carmen's clit with it. She jumps as it touches her clit. The soft hum and vibration feels remarkable and as he runs it over her entire slit probing and touching and gently stroking it Carmen can't help but begin to hump her body against it. She takes her hand and holds his as he works the toy against the tip of her hole. She moans into his mouth as he fucks it with his toy. She arches up and begins to orgasm as she tells him: "God baby I'm going to cum keep rubbing my clit just like that! Ohhhhhhh God! Oh Jesus Jason! Ahhhh God. Yess! Yes!! YES!!"

She explodes with her orgasm as he works her hole and clit with the toy. Over and over again Carmen cums as Jason uses the toy perfectly on her pussy. Jason holds her and let's her cum for a long time. Then he removes the toy from her hole and keeps holding her as she recovers. He smiled and tells her he would fuck her everyday right here in the back seat of the van or in the office, anywhere.

She tells him: "No I couldn't work late every night Jason. Besides it's not safe someone could see us."

She tells him she loved the new toy he has and he shows it to her. He licks her cum off of it. She explains to him that she wants time away from work where they are alone and had a big bed so he can really fuck her properly. She tells him she wants it that way so they can really give their bodies to each other. He agrees.

Carmen tells him: "When we can I'll meet and do it for as long as we can get away baby! I want you as much as you tell me you want me maybe more. And when I can get the time I'll be sitting on this big cock and fucking you as you drive this big thing up into me as deep as you can get it."

She bends down and kisses the head of his cock as she holds it in her hand. Carmen slowly stokes Jason's cock back to life again and soon he is complete hard. "But Jason we have to be extremely careful baby! I can't afford to hurt my husband", she sighs as she sees how big Jason's cock has grown in her hand, "She tells him" She can't help it she needs to be fucked NOW!"

Jason smiles and moves between her open legs. She watches as his guides his cock head towards her open wet cunt hole. She tells Jason she needs him to fuck her right there on the back seat. Jason has a huge smile on his face and watches as Carmen lifts and spreads her beautiful thighs wide open.

She pulls her bra down under her full breast letting them out for his mouth to enjoy! He bends down and begins to kiss and lick her pussy. She pulls him up and tells him they don't have the time for that now and besides Eddie can eat her when she gets home. She tells Jason she needs his big hard cock now to fuck her and cum in her as deep as he can do it.

Her nipples are red and hard and she smiles as Jason moves further up between her open legs and takes the big cock head and rubs it up and down her wet and now opening throbbing pussy lips. Then he rubs it around the hole of her cunt. When the cock head begins to push into Carmen's pussy hole, she arches up immediately offering all of her cunt to him.

He pushes again and the head goes into her hole all the way. It was easier this time. They quickly begin to work together to get him completely inside her tunnel. It feels like silk to Jason. She is tight and warm and very wet. Jason begins to move in and out of her opening now and in less than a minute Carmen has her first orgasm as she hold his strong arms. She arches her back and pumps her hips up into him fucking Jason like she is a crazy woman in heat. She is!!

Her kegs are over Jason's back now and he is driving his cock into her hard and fast. He loves to fuck her and it feels so good to him. He knows he is going to cum quick today. By the time Jason cums in her she has climaxed four times.

Then it's over. She hears his cock head come out of her with a suction popping sound. As she lays there letting the cum drain from her cunt Jason dresses and smiles telling her it will be so good in a bed with just the two of them.

As Carmen sits up and puts her panties back on she knows she is keeping some of his cum in her hole. He fucked her so deep she knows she will leak all day. She adjusts her clothes as Jason tells her he has plans for both of them. He tells her about the special club he has been thinking of joining where they teach new, and extremely erotic ways to have sex. He asks if she is interested and she tells him if it's sex with him and he fucks her with his big cock she is for it. She tells him she won't fuck anyone else and if he does it's over between them. She doesn't want any disease. He agrees and tells her as long as she supplies her body to him he would never leave her, she is the best fuck he has ever had. He explains how the club teaches new and better ways to have orgasms. She loves the idea.

Before they leave they agree to meet wherever Jason sets up for them on Wednesday after work which is two days away, two long days! She finishes dressing and fixing her makeup and then they go to work. She feels Jason's cum dripping out of her insides for most of the day. Her panties are covered with it by the time she gets into her van to go home.

Part 4

When the day was over Carmen drove home thinking about what she has gotten herself into. She put her hand down between her legs and lifts her skirt up as she stops at the stop sign at the top of her street.

She looks down at her panties and thighs and sees Jason's dry cum has oozed out all around the panty pad covering her slit. There is a huge wet stain right in the front of her panties and her panties are sticking to her legs and slit. There is also a large amount of Jason's cum coating her inner thighs. Jason's cum has been leaking around the leg opening and coating her inner thighs for hours.

She touches it and brings the dry white liquid to her face, and inhales deeply. She can smell Jason's sex on her finger and she smiles as she puts the finger in her mouth and cleans it off. Then she feels more of the warm fluid slowly oozing out of her.

Carmen realizes Jason's cum will leak out of her pussy for a long time tonight no matter what she does, he just cums so much and so deep inside her. She rubs herself feeling her pussy making squishing sounds. She feels good as she pulls into the drive way.

Carmen takes a long hot shower and then washes her clothes. When Eddie comes home they eat and talked again about Jason and there next meeting. That night nothing happened except they both knew Jason will be there on Saturday.

Carmen comes into the living room wrapped in her robe, she wears nothing under it. She sits on Eddie's lap and like usual he reaches for her large breasts sliding his hand under the opening of the robe. Carmen knows he loves doing this and she lets him play with her nipples. As he undoes her belt to the robe exposing both breasts she holds her husband's head as he moves his lips to her left nipple and sucks on it. "God I love your tits Car," he said when he removes his mouth from the nipple.

"I know baby, I know. Enjoy them. Suck them Eddie make me feel good", she whispers in his ear.

Carmen lets him work on her breasts with both his mouth and hands, he makes her feel good and she knows Eddie loved to suck and play with her breasts.

As she sits on his lay she can feel his little cock growing and touching her under her butt. She knew it is hard now and she smiles knowing Eddie is thinking with his cock all the time these days and it's working for her benefit to fuck Jason. She holds his head and tells him: "Muu that feels so nice baby! Suck them Eddie, make love to my breasts baby."

Eddie plays with them for a long time until Carmen stands and takes her husband's hand. She tells him she is still a little sore from Jason fucking her but she wants to reward him with a nice long slow blow job. Eddie's face glows as he stands and they walked into the bedroom.

Once there she again tells Eddie remove his clothes and to just lay back and let her do all the work, tonight is his night. He undresses as she drops the robe to the floor and stands there completely nude. Eddie smiles looking at her and lies back with his little cock sticking up in the air hard as it gets. She smiles and tells him she had a surprise and will be right back.

Eddie slowly stroked his hard-on as he waits for her to come back into the room. Carmen disappeared out of the room and when she comes back she had a big mug of water and a towel with a large number of ice cubes in it. She tells Eddie to close her eyes and asks him if he trusts her. He tells her yes and while he is blind folded Carmen takes out several scarves and begins to tie Eddie's arms and legs spread eagle on the bed.

He begins to object but she puts a finger to his lips and just tells him to trust her she is going to make his world spin. "It's something I read in a book baby. They guarantee it will drive you wild ad make you cum so hard. Trust me and lay back I'm going to make you very happy tonight", she tells him.

Actually Jason and Carmen talked about doing his to Eddie to see if he would do what she wanted and to teach him who was in charge of the sex and his cock. Eddie watches and as she keeps talking with him and touches his body playing with it he begins to relax.

Carmen holds his cock in her hand and slowly dips his raging hard-on into the ice water and covers his entire cock and balls with a cloth full of more ice. He jerks upward and yells: "That's fucking freezing Car. Stop baby! It's so cold I'm losing my hard-on."

She pats his cheek and tells him she knows that and wants him shrunk completely. She tells him again to trust her and she will make him a happy little husband soon.

She wraps his semi-swollen cock tighter in the in the towel which is full of ice and then pours the ice water over the towel. His cock is shrinking fast. Carmen sits and watches as the ice does its job in seconds and she sees the towel fall down and when she touches his cock she knows he is deflated completely. To be sure she leaves the ice on and around his cock for about 5 minutes more.

Then she moves up towards his face as Eddie begins to complain about the coldness again but Carmen quickly straddled his face and squats over his mouth. She tells Eddie to forget the ice for now and to please her like she knows he wants and loves to do with his mouth and tongue. "Eat my pussy for me baby. Forget the ice baby and lick me", she whispers in his ear. And Eddie does what she wants and begins to lick her pussy.

As Eddie makes love to her cunt with his mouth, Carmen tells him this is just a little game that she read about and that it will be very good for him when it's over. She tells him when she lets him cum it will be the best orgasm he has ever had. She tells him to trust her and do what she tells him and relax.

Eddie is looking right up between her open thighs and he sees her dripping wet pussy only inches from his face. He can smell her musk as it floats over his face. She slowly comes down over Eddie's face and he sees her pussy coming closer and close to his mouth! He loves to se this and opens up so he can suck it. Carmen sits on his face and tells him to get to work. As he does she feels the cold wet towel on his cock and knows he is completely deflated now. She lets it go while he licks and sucks her pussy. They both love this so much.

It takes about twenty minutes for her to have climaxed twice and when she rolled off of him she sit up and began to remove the towel. She holds her hand to her mouth and giggles when she sees what she has done to her husband's cock.

Eddie's cock is as small as she had ever seen it. In fact it's only a tiny small cock head that was showing. Eddie had no shaft at all and the head is no more than an inch around. He looks like a small boy if he was shaved of all his hair. His balsa re extremely tight and up so close to his body they look like marbles.

She smiled and tells him to look down and see how small she has gotten his cock. She tells him her clit is almost as large as his cock is now. He sees it and tells her he doesn't like it. She laughs and tells him not top worry she will get him hard again very soon. He tells her that she should get him hard now and fuck him like she promised.

She smiles and tells him; "Well if you don't cooperate with me I'll leave the ice on you all night."

He looks at her and she knows he is mad. So she said: "OK! OK, Eddie, I'm just playing with you. I'll get you hard soon baby very soon. But first I want to play with your little cockette. It's so cute and small I love it. Look I can suck all of your little cock when it's like this. "

She takes the entire cock in her mouth and begins to roll her tongue over and round it. Carmen sucks it; all 2 inches are in her mouth. He is frozen and can't feel anything. She loves it and keeps working to bring some feeling back into his dick. She has his entire cock inn her mouth and it's unbelievable to him as he watches her sucking him and he can't feel anything. But after a few minutes his cock begins to get a little longer as the feeling comes back into it.

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