Carmen and Eddie Ch. 02


She continues to suck and play with his balls as it starts growing again from her mouth making love to it. Eddie stops complaining.

Carmen feels him getting warmer and harder now. She smiles up at him and then pops his cock head out of her mouth to tell him: "Now I'm going to suck you Eddie. I'm going to suck you until your cock is fully hard Eddie. I'm going to suck you until your balls are so full of cum they will look like they are up inside your body."

She smiled again and lowers her mouth down over his entire shaft, and she begins to fuck him with her mouth. She takes the skin around the head and lifts it up to her mouth. She can still take all of Eddie's cock into her mouth and she began to fuck him with her lips and tongue as she sucks it. She hears Eddie moan with pleasure.

He is almost fully hard now and she has been sucking him for nearly 30 minutes. Eddie's eyes rolled back in his head as his cock becomes its hardest and longest. Carmen keeps making love to it. She rubs his balls now that they had come out again from being frozen minutes before. She wants him to enjoy this sex more than any time she has sucked him off before. She wants him to agree with her and what she is doing to him. She wants him to be subservient to her.

She uses two fingers to circle the hard small shaft and begins to pump it gently up and down as she slowly jerks him off. She keeps the cock head in her mouth all the time now and sucks and sucks and sucks on it running he tongue all around the head as she pumps the shaft with one hand and rubs his tighten balls with the other. She uses all of her skills and training and suggestions that Jason has given and taught her on how to suck cock. She is making Eddie feel so very good.

When she lets go of Eddie's cock with her hand and mouth it sticks straight up in the air towards the ceiling. Eddie cries out: "NO!! No baby, don't stop. Suck it!"

She releases his dick and watches it jump and bob with his excitement. She asks him if it feels good and Eddie can only moan and beg her to finish him. She smiles and tells him it's not time yet. She wraps his cock with ice and water once more and settles over his mouth again. She instructs him to eat her pussy again or she won't let him cum.

Eddie has no choice he is bound and she is sitting on his chest her cunt right there in front of his face again. Again he can see her wetness and smell her sexual musk. She moves down and sits on his face. He begins to lick her and suck on her pussy again until she explodes again with a huge orgasm. Then she takes the towel off of him and again his cock is shrunken completely. She begins to work on him again jus like before. When he is extremely hard and begging her to let him cum she smiles and tells him it's time.

She circles his cock again with her mouth and sucks it tasting his pre cum which is almost running out of his cock head now. She lifts her head and tells him: "I want you to cum in my mouth now Eddie. I want you to explode for me baby! Cum hard and cum a lot baby! Show me how much you like me controlling you and your cock. Cum for me now baby!"

Eddie is trying to fuck her mouth hard now but the scarves are holding him back. He moans: "Oh God!! Oh God Car! Please! Oh God suck me baby! I need to cum so badly!! Suck it Car please baby let me cum!"

Eddie almost screams out at her. He can't move he is well secured by the scarves and Carmen smiles up at him from between his legs as she bends forward and takes hold of his shaft. With her index and thumb she points the cock head up to her lips.

Carmen took as much of his cock into her mouth as she can get and let's the head rest on the back of her tongue. Then she sucked hard as she pumped his shaft as fast as she could move her hand. She sucks so hard her cheeks cave in.

Eddie screams with pleasure and arched up again and again, every two seconds, as he moans out over and over: "Oh yes I'm there almost there baby! Suck it Car. Suck my cock please!!"

He wanted his hands to be able to hold her head but he couldn't get undone! As he struggles, Carmen sticks a finger in Eddie's his ass and Eddie screams with excitement and pleasure as he begins to cum. Shot after warm shot pumps into Carmen's mouth as she sucked and sucked and strokes his shaft pumping it fucking it with her hand and mouth. She keeps masturbating Eddie and sucking his cock head until his balls are completely drained. She keeps sucking him even after there is no more cum. She sucks his cock until he begins going soft again. When he is about one inch long and deflated then and only then does she sit back up and wipe her chin. It is the best orgasm Eddie has ever had. She moves up over her husband offering her mouth to his.

Eddie watches her as she brings her lips to his and opens her mouth. Eddie opened his and they began to tongue fuck each other as they begin to share his cum. As she fucked his mouth with her tongue making love to him she lets his cum drip into his mouth and he drinks it. She rubbed her pussy on his thigh and her tits on his chest as she lay on top of him her lips sealed to his and the cum running into his mouth. She knows Eddie her and loves her to lay her body on his like she is doing.

They kissed and kissed and tongue fucked each other's mouths pushing and passing the cum in and out and between them. Finally she lifted up and smiled down at Eddie and she swallowed what is left of the cum in her mouth. She looked at Eddie and watched him until she sees him do the same. She had fed him his cum, this was all new to them and he seemed to love it. But he doesn't care she has given him the best orgasm he has ever had in his life. She asks him if he likes that.

He moans smiles and tells her she can do that to him any time, it was the best cum he has ever had in his life. She tells him she is happy she could do it fore him.

Carmen releases his arms untying them and then feels him cup her ass cheeks immediately. She sits up and turns and undoes his legs. He moves her up and down his thigh rubbing her pussy on it. She asked him to use his mouth and the thinnest vibrator they had and to make her cum again hard this time.

Eddie jumps at the opportunity to please her like she has pleased him. His mouth covers her wet pussy and he sucks and licks her giving her as much pleasure as she gave him. Then she hands him the thin vibrator

Carmen is thinking of what Jason did to her in the car that morning and she instructs Eddie on how she wants him to work the vibrator. He cooperates with her doing exactly what she asks. Except for one thing, Eddie's mouth and tongue fuck her along with the vibrator and the feeling is as good as it was with Jason in the car. The one thing missing is Jason's big cock. Eddie works on her clit and her pussy hole giving Carmen two very long hard orgasms.

As the night goes on Carmen lets Eddie fuck her. But when he is fully inside her she realizes she is much wider than before. She can hardly feel Eddie's thinner cock in side her pussy tunnel. Eddie works hard and fucks her hard but before he can get her off Eddie cums. It's over for him he is getting soft before he even pulls out of her.

So she instructs Eddie to use the big vibrator and his fingers. And, between the 8 inch vibrator fucking her and the other small vibrator rubbing and stimulating her clit, Carmen explores with a set of huge orgasms. When it's over they fall asleep in each others arms.

Part 5

In the morning she tells her husband she is pretty sure she is going to have to work until 7 or maybe 8 PM on Wednesday night and that he should not hold dinner. It's Inventory time baby", she explains as she moves into his body and kisses him hard. She smiles and they kissed goodbye. Carmen goes to work knowing today she will have Jason's cock in her hole again and this time she can really let herself go since her husband won't be around to see her. She is wet between her thighs before she leaves the driveway.

All day Monday the two lovers can't keep their hands off of each other at work and nearly get caught twice playing with each other sexually. Carmen has her bra off before she gets to the office. She leaves it in her van. With just her thin power blue blouse covering her nipples they show hard all day. Jason is always pinching or cupping her breasts moving behind her or against her. She sees the huge lump in his slacks every time she looks at him. She is in heat for it and she knows Jason lusts after her!

Jason's hand is up her skirt most of the day every chance he gets he touches her ass or pussy. About 10AM he removes the panties and sees how wet and sticky they are. He licks the patch that ran between her legs and sees her smile as she sits on the desk and spreads her thighs showing him her wet shaved cunt. The room smells of their sex and they have lust and need on their faces.

Jason moves a chair to the desk and sits right in front of Carmen. She opens her legs and lets him look and smell her pussy for a while before asking him if he likes what he sees. He tells her yes and he wants to kiss her snatch. She smiles and uses her hands to push his head into her pussy and hold it there between her legs.

Jason loves the odor of musk and wet pussy coming off of her and knows she is ready hot wet and ready. He could take her right there he knows it but instead he begins to lick and suck her pussy making her squirm and wiggle as he works on her. It doesn't take long, only a matter of minutes, before he gives her a nice long hard orgasm. He holds her hips and keeps working on her hole with his fingers and tongue. Then he takes the thin small pencil like vibrator from his pocket and before moving back makes her cry out with rapture as she cums and cums and cums holding his head and fucking his face.

He moves back and smiling at her with her cum all over his face. She smiles and wipes him off with her skirt. Her legs are still open and the vibrator is still inside her hole about 3 inches, it's off. She tells him she needs him to fuck her so badly she wants to scream. But she has to settle for holding his big cock and making love to it with her hands and mouth just like she knows he likes it done. Carmen sucked Jason to an orgasm filling her mouth with his cum again. She smiled and he watches as she drinks it all this time. She wipes her mouth and asks him what time it is.

They both watch the clock all afternoon as 2PM comes and goes, 3PM, 4PM and then 4:30PM arrives and they almost run out of the building towards her van. He takes her hard and fast in the back seat again. This time she does scream as he pumps her full of his cum. It's hard, fast and dirty. It's quick but both of them have orgasms as they hold each other and fuck like dogs in the back seat. Then as if nothing has happened they leave in their own cars one at a time so to not rise and suspicions.

That night she tells Eddie she is just too drained to make love. She eats and goes to bed. Her body is used from the excitement and thrill of playing with Jason all day. And then the way he fucked her like a $20 whore in her van only serves to made her want him even more if that was possible. She longs for him to fill her pussy hole with his long hard cock. She lays there and aches for him. At 10 PM Eddie comes to bed and he moves behind her spooning her. She can feel his cock hard against her ass but she doesn't want it or him tonight she is dead timed.

Tuesday it's the same thing, except Jason made her keep her panties and bra off all day. He makes her show him her tits and pussy all day. If the truth be known she loves doing it because his co is hard all day long. He shows her it a few times when it's safe and she immediately drops to her knees and sucks him off. She makes him cum three times in her mouth by 3PM. She is wet all day and when everyone leaves for the day he lick and sucked her into two orgasms before she takes his big cock and jerked him off making him cum one last time. She opens her mouth and pumps his cock letting his cum fly into it. A lot of his cum lands on her face hair and blouse and she wipes it off and licks her fingers.

He keeps her there and keeps her sucking his cock until he erupts one last time and makes her pump his cum into her panties so she can feel his wetness and stickiness all the way home. He tells her not to wash and let her husband eat her pussy tonight. Carmen tells him OK but she is scared to do it.

She is also very horny for Eddie to eat her. So she masturbated for an hour as she showered washing Jason's cum off of her which was everywhere on her clothes. She is very glad she got home before Eddie so she can wash her clothes.

When Eddie comes home she tells him how horny she is and she makes him eat her for a long time before allowing him to fuck her. She fucks him back like a whore. She doesn't even let him eat his dinner she takes him on the floor as soon as she gets his slacks off. She holds him inside her pussy and cries out for him to do it harder and deeper and faster. She is so worked up, so horny and in heat!

Eddie gave it his best but she isn't nearly satisfied when he cums inside her tunnel. So Eddie worked on her for a long time with the three toys she had out from masturbating earlier. When Carmen cums for the last time she arches her back elevates her ass up off the floor and pumps and humps his cock as she screams out Jason's name. She slammed her cunt into the toy dildo in her pussy and the smaller one in her ass. When she falls back to the bed again she makes Eddie lick her into another one before she fell asleep in his arms.

When she woke up later on Eddie asked about what she cried out during their love making. She thinks fast and tells him she wanted him to be as excited as she was and felt that calling Jason's name would make Eddie hornier and he would make love to her pussy and eat it better. Eddie didn't ask anything else but just held her close and stroked her large beautiful breasts as she rested in his arms again and slowly fell back asleep.

In the morning Carmen reminded Eddie that she has to work late and to not wait dinner she would eat at the office.

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