tagErotic CouplingsCarnal Sin Ch. 02

Carnal Sin Ch. 02


This is the second part of the story, where moves things will move slowly in this part, trying to build tension and create a lot of drama. Here, Rachel will get Nick off by teasing him and seducing him, though this won't be a straight-forward story. Here, I will add a bit of background on both Rachel and Nick, though the mentioned daughter - Roxxy - won't play a part until later in the series. Bummer.

As always, any feedback is welcome. Any: negative, positive. (Any tips on male and female anatomy would be helpful.)

Thanks for reading, and I hope this gets you off -- whatever sex you are.

Nickazama xxx.

A slight side note, here the characters will ask themselves questions -- questions like: Does my faith permit this? I perhaps should state for the record that both Rachel and Nick (also Roxxy) are devout Christians. This however will not affect the story.


Nick angled himself in the chair, holding the phone in one hand and his erect cock in another, not tightly but just gripping it to hold it in place, on the phone he was speaking to Rachel. The sun shone brightly through the window and it left a yellow glare shining into the room.

Whilst Rachel was also naked, lying on her bed and stroking her clit softly, also holding a phone herself speaking to Nick, as she moaned softly. Rachel didn't want the action to go too fast, but she would rather keep it at a medium pace, prolonging the orgasm. God, she was turned on though. Her floral dress had removed and so had her sandals, and only her bra remained the only clothing left on her body. Her brown hair fell lightly over her shoulders and her collarbone.

Rachel's room was neatly decorated with a plain but simple style where the colour scheme matched; but also since her divorce all things masculine had removed bit by bit from her room leaving it simply just feminine. Rachel's family had originally been living in China, before Rachel's own family moved to the UK, so Rachel had lots of pictures adorned of her walls of her parents, siblings and cousins. Her bed was a single bed and had quite a few pillows on it, still all matching the colour scheme. Rachel was laying in the centre of the bed, one hand holding the phone and the other playing with her clit.

Truth is, she had liked Nick for ages but was unsure of what to do and forbidden by the rules of her faith. Since her divorce to her partner of 16 years, with whom she had born two children, two wonderful children; Rachel and her husband had eventually grow apart and separated. Though they still remained friends but only contacted another now and again. Though she is truth she needed more than a friend -- she need a lover. Since she had felt Nick's erect cock back in the church, all she had kept thinking of was how good would it be to just fuck him silly. But she wanted to sure he was ready, she wanted to test him.

"So, Nick, how would you like this to go -- easy or hard?" Said Rachel, the phone kept close to her ear not wanting to miss what Nick said, she moaned softly again as her fingertip stroked her clit softly, teasing herself.

"Well, I...uh...," Nick stammered, still quite incredulous at the situation -- surely some rule in the Bible made this forbidden? Nick didn't care though, and answered Rachel: "Well, I guess I don't have a choice?" Nick's voice was quiet and hushed, though could be heard clearly at the other end.

A wry smile crept across Rachel's face, aware that Nick knew the game she was playing. Her hand crept unsteadily away from her clit, still teasing herself and gently came to rest on her leg, stroking the skin softly. "No you don't, Nick. Now, lay back and do exactly as I say." Rachel flattened herself into the bed, her voice husky and quiet.

"Ok give me a second," said Nick as he got up from the chair, letting go of his erect cock and moved over to his bed. Nick's room was decorated simply, with posters of his favourite musicians on the walls, whilst the bed was a large single bed; in the corner there was a tall stack of his CD collection; also there were two desks that housed different possessions -- one for the old computer, and the other for his CD player and fan. Nick laid on the bed and stretched himself out, already naked and ready.

As he got himself comfortable and took hold of his erect cock again, he spoke quietly down the phone to Rachel: "I'm ready, Rachel." A slight moan escaped from his as he took hold of his erect cock again, the pleasure flooding his senses and his muscles tensed throughout his body.

"Right, where shall I begin?" said Rachel and giggled happily, pleased that in a way that Nick had been bent to her will, though she was more focused on her own end-game: the orgasm. Nick was silent waiting for his first order, listening to the giggles of Rachel, still holding his erect cock.

"Right, so is your cock stiff?" Asked Rachel.

"Check,' Nick promptly replied, causing Rachel to chuckle.

"Ok, we have one erect cock. Check. Now, gently stroke the tips of your fingers softly up and down the shaft."

Nick did as he was told, gently stroking the tips of his fingers up and down his shaft, a small drop of pre-cum formed at the tip, and Nick used that to lubricate his cock. "Mmmmm, it feels good."

"I bet it does. Now stop, pull your fingers away and move your hand down to your balls. Cup them firm but gentle."

Nick did as he was told, moving his fingers away from his cock shaft and gently cupped his balls. "Have to give the guys some attention as well," he said.

"Indeed," Rachel said, moving her hand from her leg and ran her finger up and down her pussy gently, teasing herself. "Mmmm," a small moan escaped her lips. "Now, move your hand back and grip your cock, rub it gently up and down." Ordered Rachel.

Nick did so, moving his hand from balls back to his cock, taking ahold of it and gently rubbed it up and down. "Mmmm that feels really good," said Nick, more pre-cum beginning to leak from his tip, which was used for more lubrication. He wanted to come so badly now.

Rachel moaned softly as she continued to rub her pussy but didn't want to finger herself just yet. Wait for it, she thought to herself. "Go a little faster, but don't come yet."

Nick sped up a little and felt his cock twitch in his hands. God, how longer is she going to tease me? He thought. He ached badly to come.

"Right, now I want you to slowly build up speed -- don't go from 0 to 50 in three seconds, but do it gradually. And tease yourself, I'll just listen to you moaning while I'll finger myself."

"Are you naked?" Asked Nick, using the mental image of her as inspiration.

"Mostly I am."

"I wish I could fuck you. Right now." Said Nick, moaning as he continued to rub himself, his voice heavy with lust. His breathing remained the same level, only changing when he moaned.

"For later, Nick. Now rub yourself; tell me when you're about to come."

Nick began to rub his hand up and down the shaft of his cock, a small moan escaping through his lips. More pre-come leaked from his cock and he quickly used that to lubricate his cock; it gleamed a little from being slick. He put his hand back around his shaft but moved it upwards the head of his penis, tugging gently a few times -- he moaned softly into the phone: "Mmmmm, it feels really good."

Rachel's hand hovered above her pussy stroking the labia gently. Her pussy was becoming really wet as the juices began to make a small stain on the bed covers, her middle finger wet as well from where she has been rubbing. Her perfume lingered in the room, mixing with the smell of her sex.

Rachel gently pushed a finger insider her pussy slowly and once she found the hole, she gently pushed her finger inside and deeper. Truth be told, it had been a long time since anyone had been in there let alone herself and she was apprehensive of how it would feel -- her eyes closed tightly, her hand gripping the phone a little tighter so that her knuckles began to turn white and shook a little from the pleasure, and her mouth opened a little wider to moan. It was electricity of how she felt right now, and Nick's moan only drove her to seek her own orgasm.

Rachel spread her legs a little wider giving her hand deeper access to her pussy, her mind focuses only on one thing. She moaned and sighed as she pulled the finger out of her pussy, moving it up to her mouth to taste it. "Mmmmm, I taste good." Said Rachel, a little muffled. She sucked her finger off quickly and moved her hand back down to her pussy, pushing her finger inside again. "Oooooh," Rachel moaned as her finger went in. Her breasts tingled and her nipples hardened, erect.

"Give me a minute Nick, Just taking off my bra." At the other end of the line there was a dull thud as Rachel dropped the phone onto the bed, and the faint rustling of clothes could be heard; Rachel managed to take off her bra with one hand and threw it aside without looking. After 30 seconds Rachel picked the phone back up. "OK, I'm good. My bra's off."

Rachel felt as if Nick, and herself, needed to come. The time had passed for teasing as they both neared the incoming orgasm.

Hearing the moan from Rachel, Nick's hand sped up a little. He only wish that he was there with her now to help her in anyway, though 'help' was in the form of a good fucking.

"Nick, I want you to come, Mmmmmm, for me. Now, Mmmmmm," Said Rachel in between her moans as she fingered herself. Rachel wasn't going mad but rather she slowly pulled and pushed her finger in out of her pussy, her finger only going a few centimetres inside.

"You'll come as well, right?" Nick asked, his hand speed up more gradually as his hand went faster and faster up and down his shaft. From the teasing he could feel as if this would be a great one. One big great orgasm.

"I will, Nick. You'll make this old woman come yet," Said Rachel, taking her finger out slowly and shifted over to her drawer, pulling out a dildo - it was pink and big, it also had a black switch at the bottom to turn on the vibration function. She shifted back to the center of the bed again and pushed the dildo roughly inside of her, imaging that it was Nick's own cock. It went all the ways in and Rachel's pussy engulfed the entire length, only the black switch could be seen, before she pulled it out again.

"Oh my god," came the raspy moan from Rachel as she recovered, before plunging the dildo back inside her pussy.

The tension began to build in Nick's groin as felt the beginnings of his own orgasm, his ass muscles began to clench as well, and it seemed as if his brain tingled with delight. Even his leg muscles tensed a little as his body began to get ready.

As the dildo plunged in and out of her wet pussy, Rachel also showed the first signs of orgasm: her skin began to flush a little, her breathing became faster and her clit enlarged a little. "Oh Nick," Rachel cooed, moaning as she began to shove the dildo in and out faster. "I'm almost there."

"Jesus, so am I," Nick groaned, his eyes screwing tight with pleasure. Oh god, it's not long now Nick thought. His calf muscles tightened and his whole body seemed to extend a little.

Rachel laughed a little, moaning as well. "I think Jesus would approve of this. Are you...there yet?" Rachel said, pausing to close her eyes, imaging Nick pumping his cock.

Nick's hand was now going really fast up and down his shaft, his hand almost a complete blur, his body tensed and his mind became blank for almost a second. He felt the tenseness in his groin as his come started to make its final destination, as his breathing became heavy with strain. His mouth opened widely to let the moans out, a short burst of moans coming out as his hand whipped up and down his shaft. Nick could only think about coming and couldn't even talk, though he knew that Rachel was listening.

The tenseness now became a pleasurable burning sensation as his come starting to make it's way up his cock's urethra, and finally with a groan and a moan Nick began to come. "I'm coming, Oh God I'm coming!" The come came out in big and wide arch, going up a few inches in the air before in landed on the bed, and a few loads did the same before the last remaining drops of semen pooled out of Nick's cock.

At the same time Rachel's body tensed and her pussy began to contract, her mind became a blur as she orgasmed, her skin flush and her body tingling. "Im coming! Im coming!" Rachel screamed out. As Nick had finished coming he listened to her orgasm now; she plunged the dildo in one final time before she held in there, letting the orgasm pass. Her body shook a few times during the orgasm, and her mouth emitted a loud moan. She clutched the phone really tightly now and her whole hand turned white, her nails digging into the plastic casing. Her orgasm finished and her breathing was heavy and laboured, coming in short gasps; her body had a few aftershocks.

Her hand let the dildo as was pushed out and fell onto the bed, her eyes opening again in amazement. Finding the nearest wall-mounted clock she found that had spent most of her hour on the phone, and realised she only had 20 minutes to get back to work.

"Well....that was certainly good." Said Rachel, her breathing almost returning to normal.

"Mmmmm, yes it was." Nick said, letting go of his cock as it began to de-erect, becoming limp and lifeless.

"I'm sorry to cut you off like this Nick, but I've got to take a shower and get back to work. Perhaps I'll see you next Sunday?" Rachel pushed herself up and swing her legs over the side of the bed.

"Yes, you will indeed." Nick smiled, hoping more Sundays would turn out like this.

"Ok, stud, well then I'll see you then." Rachel felt sad about having to say goodbye, but knew she would see him and his cock again. Maybe in the flesh this time.

"See you then, Rachel."



They both clicked off at the same time, and as Rachel got up to take a shower, Nick smiled and closed his eyes, falling asleep.



It was about a week later Nick was back in church again on a Sunday. Service had just finished and people were allowed to stay behind if they wanted. Nick had remaining sitting in the pews for at least an hour, when most of the people had gone home and only a few had remained behind to pray silently -- or to go to confession. It was peaceful and quiet and you could hear the creaks and groans of the old building. Nick's mind drifted back to Rachel and the previous week's phone sex they had and how she had got him off. Boy, what an orgasm!

Today, Nick was wearing a white shirt, with jeans and casual shoes.

For at least half an hour Nick's mind wandering, thinking of Rachel and Roxxy naked together and having sex. He couldn't help from thinking about them two -- something just seemed so...right.

The creaking of door opening brought Nick back to his senses and saw that it was Rachel, who today was wearing a white blouse and jeans, with yellow sandals on her feet, but didn't appear to be busy -- nothing was in her hands. She stopped when she saw Nick sitting in the pews and smiled brightly.

"Hello you," she said and made her way over to him and immediately looked down at his groin, seeing his erection and tutted quietly. "Come to the back offices in a minute or two after I'm gone. It's the room with the creaky door knob." And with that she turned and left, her pert arse shaking as she walked.

About a minute later Rachel had left, Nick had followed in the direction she went and swiftly came to a door with a note on it which read "Cum Inside" and so Nick did, removing the note as he entered. As he entered, with the door knob creaking, he heard a voice: "Shut it and lock it behind you, it won't be a while before anyone needs me." It was Rachel.

As Nick did so his eyes came to gaze upon a wonderful sight: Rachel had removed her blouse and jeans and left nothing to imagination. Her tits were small and pert, and her pussy was shaved, perfection in a body. "Jeans off, Nick." Rachel ordered.

Nick quickly whipped off his jeans, but didn't stop there and also removed his boxers as well and sat in a seat. Next to it was a seat as well. His cock stood out proudly, it bobbed gently from the movement.

"No messing around this time." Rachel walked over to Nick and sat down, taking hold of his erect penis. "You want to come, I'll make you come. Kiss me."

Nick turned his head slightly, and their lips met in a gentle kiss. At the same time, Rachel took hold of his erect cock and began to stroke it, but wasn't before long that Nick was dying to come. At first she was slow and gentle but soon sped up to an incredible pace sensing Nick's urgency.

Rachel pushed him away gently and looked down at his groin. "Mmmmm, what a lovely cock you have there. Are you there yet?" Rachel's hand was a blur now on his cock.

Nick moaned and strained at the pleasure he was feeling. He felt that familiar tension in his groin, his muscles sensing that he was near, and his buttocks began to tense as well. Everything became a blur as the cum began towards its final destination. "God Rachel. I'm going to come." Nick managed to say.

"Good. Go ahead, come. Shoot out that thick come."

Nick groaned and shut his eyes tightly, the tension now becoming an unbearable sensation as the semen rushed up his urethra. It became a pleasurable burning as he began to shoot the first few loads of come, managing to go quite far, shooting a few inches in front of him. "I'm coming," he groaned quietly. Rachel's hand was still a blur of speed as she continued to stroke his cock as he came. Nick shot 3 or 4 loads before he finally calmed down and his cock spurted out the last few loads, pooling down onto the floor. Rachel's hand eventually calmed down knowing that she had coaxed as much come as possible. She bent down to clean Nick's cock off, tasting his come for the first time.

She came back up licking her lips. How lovely it tastes, she thought.

She kissed him again once and began to gather his and her clothes. "Get dressed, stud." She said and got dressed herself, putting her bra and panties back on followed by her blouse and jeans, then her sandals. She noticed how wet she was, if only...

Nick got up to get dressed, putting his boxers back on followed by his jeans.

"Don't worry about the mess, but call me later okay?" She kissed him again on the lips, hugging his body gently.

"I sure will," and they both left the room, going their separate ways. Until later.


To Be Continued...

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