tagErotic PoetryCarnival Dreams

Carnival Dreams

byCal Y. Pygia©

Wild knives inside
A cacophony of skulls

Deeper down
Among the tombs
The worms writhe
In their hermaphroditic dance
Desirous with appetites
For what remains
Of flesh long shriveled
Like cocks after hours
The breeze redolent with decay

In the house of shears
Pain-cut, jagged edges
Are prettier than the straight
Lines of the razor's touch

Mania ensues

The robins with their red breasts
Sing to bluebirds wearing vests
All the songbirds are dressed
In their brightest plumage and their best

It does not take
Long to start the pulse
Or stop the heart here
Among the greenery
Of these empty stones

Your eyes bleed
When you smile
I like that
It's so real
I can almost feel
Your pain
Your fear
Your longing
To be whole
Before. . . .

Electric caution
Risen wind
The retreat of heaven
It is time to withdraw
Thus doth fear of death
Make cowards of us all

The moon smiled at me tonight
As we lay beneath the stars
Radiant and hot and flushed
With dawn
The stars winked, allies
Of the time to come

Either granite or marble
Will do when the time comes
And I am laid alongside you
For the final, endless time

Clowns' faces
With their picket-fence's smiles
Of broken teeth and fangs
Perfect for Halloween
Look obscene
In the soft flesh of your sleek thighs
In the pupils of your sad, dead eyes

Carnivals come
And carnivals go
But you are ever
At my side

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