tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 01.04

Caroline Ch. 01.04


Caroline – Part 1: Ch. 1.4

Caroline's Story:

The First time with Mike

(Note: By the nature of things there is some repetition from Ch. 1.1 here but I hope it helps to develop Caroline's character.)

Sunday was a long time coming. Jo and I spent ages talking about it, what should I wear, how should I behave. I think that looking forward to the day was some of the happiest times we've spent together. She seemed really happy for me and I felt a little bit sad for her because she had been so depressed since finishing with Steve. It was during this time that a little thought crept across my mind but I would have to wait and see how things turned out.

Sunday came round, I felt so happy, and so, so sexy. I'd never gone out before expecting to 'get laid'. I don't think that girls go out in that frame of mind as much as boys. It can tend to happen for girls, whereas most of the boys I know leave home with only one thing in mind. It was quite a feeling of anticipation and it made me feel really hot. I think that making my mind up like this gave me more confidence, as if I was the one in control.

To emphasize my femininity I'd bought a brand new blouse, see through, and a lovely little bra that just sat underneath my boobs so that you could almost see my nipples. My new jeans were tighter than anything I'd previously worn for Mike and I was a bit worried. I was so worked up that I was getting 'wet' all the time thinking about what was going to happen. Jo suggested I used one of those pad things in my knickers in case it showed through. That would be really embarrassing.

When Mike arrived I was really perky. I got in the car and kissed him on the cheek. I'd never done that before and I put my hand on his leg, "Let's go," I said. I could see he was confused. Poor Mike, he didn't really know what was going on. It was delightful, I was smiling inside. I decided to be an outrageous flirt.

He started to drive as he usually did and, after a few minutes, I said to him, "Do you like my hair like this?" Silly because it was the same as I always had it although Jo and I had taken extra care this morning.

"Yes, it's lovely," he said.

"What about this blouse," I asked thrusting my small chest forward, "I got it specially for today. Do you like it?"

I don't think that he'd noticed my blouse, he'd been far more interested in my jeans! When he picked me up I'd turned to say goodbye to Jo so he could get a really good look. She'd laughed and told me to be careful. Now he took his eyes off the road for a minute and looked at my chest. He nearly drove into a tree, it was so funny. His eyes nearly popped out.

"It's great," he said, "it looks good on you." Then he added in his usual thoughtful manner, "but then anything does."

"Flatterer," I said, "you really like it?"

"Very much."


I was being really unfair to him but I was in such a playful mood and I was feeling really sexy. He didn't notice but I was very fidgety in my seat, I was getting very 'hot' in his company and enjoying playing with him. I think that he must have picked up my mood, he always seemed to, because he said laughing, "Wait till we get home, I'll tell you then. You know if you keep on like this we might not get home at all. Much as I'd love to concentrate on you I've got to drive!"

"I won't ask if you like my new jeans then," I laughed, "I'll wait till later."

I carried on like this all the way back to his house, talking about myself, my clothes, my makeup (I don't wear much), and how Jo and I had discussed what I should wear. He nodded in all the right places but I could see he was preoccupied and not only with driving. I don't know why I carried on like this but I wanted him to be aware of my body. Although I was nervous about going with a much more experienced man, I knew I was going to give everything to him and I suppose I, subconsciously, wanted him to know. It's silly the way the mind works sometimes.

We drove up to this lovely big house with a double garage and everything, and a long path to the front door. "Here we are," he said, as we stopped, "home." I immediately saw an opportunity to show off some more so I hopped out of the car before him and walked up the path to the front door. I could feel his eyes, hot on my bottom. I was certain Jo was right and I shivered in anticipation. I waited by the front door for him to open it. I grabbed his arm, "Well," I said with a big smile and looking him directly in the eye, "now you've had a good look, do you like my new jeans?"

He gave me a big smile and stared back into my eyes, I knew he'd made a decision, "Caroline." Oh I love the way he says my name like that. Its strong, firm, decisive, it makes me feel REAL.

"Caroline," he said, "I love your jeans, I've always loved your jeans but, most of all, I love what's inside them."

I knew I had him then. I was so happy. I laughed, "I know. I can feel your eyes when you look at me that way. It makes me go all tingly." And I was, I was very wet by now.

He laughed and fixed me again with those lovely eyes, "One thing has always puzzled me about them, Caroline," I raised my eyebrows in question, "how do you get in and out of them?"

Ooohhh. I felt as if he had stroked me down there, "I might show you later," I said lowering my head and looking up into his eyes. The emotions running across his face were plain to see. I think that he was having trouble controlling himself. I got the impression that he wanted to drag me inside and have me straight away. To be honest, I don't think that I would have resisted very much (not at all, actually!). I really, really wanted him now and I was beginning to panic. I'd been in control up to now but it was getting away from me so I was pleased when he let us in and showed me into the lounge. It was enormous, covered with pictures of all types, and lovely statuettes of beautiful woman in all sorts of styles.

"How about a coffee?" he asked, "I do a mean cappuccino."

"Great," I said, "I'll wait here." This gave me a few moments to calm down. If it went on like this I was liable to disgrace myself. I had a really big ache between my legs and I was so wet! This was a whole new experience for me, I don't think that I had ever anticipated sex so much as this before. Before, sex had almost always been something that happened, not really anticipated, so here I was virtually 'gagging' for it. He came back about five minutes later with the coffee and sat on the sofa. I was back in control of myself by now so decided to have one more bit of fun, "You were going to tell me why you liked my new blouse! Well?" I said sitting up straight and showing off my tiny boobs. He was really rattled again. I could tell because he was spilling coffee into his saucer. This was fun!

He looked directly at me again, fixing me with those soft blue/steely grey eyes, "Caroline," Oh he said it that way again! "what's got into you? I love it but I'm puzzled."

I laughed and pouted at him, "I'm sorry. It's just that I'm enjoying myself. I haven't seen you unsettled before."

"Unsettled isn't the word," he laughed, "I really don't know what's going on since last week."

"I've been a bit unfair to you," I said becoming serious. I had to explain to him now about last week and everything that had gone on. It wasn't going to be easy but I needed to do so. To make him understand how I felt.

"I'm sorry for the way I behaved on Tuesday but I had to think things through." His expression became puzzled and I quickly tried to reassure him, "It's nothing you've done," I said and then I began to explain to him how I had felt. It was very difficult and he kept on interrupting. I could see the emotions flashing across his face as I was speaking. That's one of the many things I liked about him, he isn't very good at hiding this type of feeling. I could tell that what I was saying was affecting him deeply but I was determined to finish and make him see that I really had made up my mind and thought things through. I got towards the end of my explanation and I was telling him what Jo had said that I had to stop seeing him.

He looked desperate. I could see that he didn't want to lose me. My heart melted and the butterflies returned to my tummy (and lower down!). "No you don't have to," he almost shouted.

I looked straight in his eyes, they were almost brimming with tears, ...." or go to bed with you," I finished saying. It was so funny really, I laughed, "Oh you do look silly, close your mouth." He had obviously not expected anything like this and was absolutely astounded. I went on to tell him very frankly about my discussion with Joanna, and what she said about my virginity (which made him laugh). I didn't mention about my bottom however, I thought that best left till later if at all. I ended by saying with pretend sternness, "So, that's why I'm here, I made up my mind, I'm going to bed with you whether you like it or not," and I gave him both barrels of big blue eyes wide open.

He was lovely, his face softened and he looked at me like that again and I started to get even wetter, "Caroline," he said it again!, "love, you don't know what the last few minutes have done to me. Are you sure? I want you more than anything. Did I ever tell you that you're beautiful." He laughed, walked over to me and, as I stood up, took me in his arms and hugged me tightly. It was heavenly, I melted. Yes, I did have one. I was momentarily glad for Jo's advice!

"I'm so much older, I can't give you much time," he whispered in my ear.

"I don't care about age or anything, I want you too – so bad it hurts," I said, close to tears. I don't know what sort - happiness/sadness/desire, I couldn't say. I did panic just a bit at this point. I'd gone so far with this man, was I going to please him. I wanted to so much at that moment. "I know I'm not very experienced but I'll try to be good," I said in this moment of self doubt.

He looked down at me, "That doesn't matter, just be you," he kissed me and I kissed him back. It felt marvellous, holding him tightly I could feel his heart beating through his shirt. I could also feel something else through his trousers so I knew I was having the right effect. When I'd talked about this moment with Joanna, I'd explained that I didn't want it to be a fumbled exploration with clothes half on/half off. I wanted it to be in the bedroom, I don't know, proper, romantic I suppose. So I pulled away from him – that was a struggle.

I said, "I want to do this properly. I've never been to bed with a man before, oh I've had sex but never like this. I've never asked for it." Did I say that? "I can't believe I just said that," I was all confused and embarrassed now, "what I mean is, oh don't laugh at me, what I mean is, is, is . . ."

He saved me, "Ssshhh," he said putting his finger gently on my lips, "I think I know what you mean. You want to do it all properly, bedroom, preparation, etc. Yes?"

"Yes," I said, "that's how I want it, romantic I suppose." I took a deep breath, "I want you to make love to me! There, I've said it!"

"What more could a man ask than to make love to a beautiful woman. The bedroom's upstairs, lead the way."

Crafty, he was getting another good look my bottom. I didn't mind a bit. Again that shiver of anticipation washed over me, would he want me there. I was beginning to hope so, what would it be like? Would it hurt, would I like it? I got to the top of the stairs and he pointed to the bedroom, "The bathrooms off the bedroom," he said, and then, concerned, "are you OK."

I'd never felt more OK in my life. I was really ready for this and, strangely I suppose, full of confidence, "OK," I said, "I'll call you," and I kissed him with a mouth with a promise of things to come. "You still haven't told me why you like my new blouse," I said, and laughed as I closed the bedroom door.

Jo and I had discussed what I should do now. I had a small handbag with a couple of feminine things (we thought that he wouldn't have much in that way) and, in the end, I decided to greet him naked. I thought he'd appreciate that. I did the usual things, had a shower and did my hair and put a little bit of face on, then went into the bedroom. I hadn't really noticed it on the way in, being concerned with getting ready and so full of myself. He had an enormous double bed with a duvet and one whole wall was mirrors.

I saw myself in the mirror and my confidence evaporated.

I was horrified, I think I panicked. I suppose it was all the tension of the build-up releasing. I'd never been in a position like this. Here I was waiting for a man to come to me. A man who I knew was going to make love to me, probably like never before. I had to be right for him and all I could see was this plain girl with tiny tits and a big bum. I was devastated. Gone were all thoughts of playing the vamp. My lack of courage nearly caused me to get dressed and run away. Luckily I got hold of myself and decided to cut my losses as it were and hide under the duvet!

I climbed into bed and pulled the duvet up under my chin completely covering myself. Softly I called his name. I was suddenly terrified. What would he think. I felt young and inexperienced, almost as if I was a virgin and had never been with a man (I suppose I hadn't really, only boys!). The door opened and he came in. He'd changed into a pair of boxer shorts, silk I think, and I couldn't help thinking that he looked good for his age. Part of me was terrified, part was interested. He walked to the side of the bed and looked down at me.

"You're beautiful," he said and smiled.

Holy fuck, I melted. He couldn't have said anything more likely to make me feel better. I smiled back at him, "I'm silly," I said, "I was going to be sexy when you came in, now I'm shy. I know my bottom's too big and my boobs are too small. They used to call me 'big hips' at school. I don't think I can let you see me!!!!"

He continued to smile down at me and very patiently said, "You're not silly, just worried. You are beautiful, I've told you. I don't care how big your boobs are or your bottom is, you're beautiful. Anyway, your boobs are perfect and anybody who says your bottom is too big is either blind or stupid or both. It's absolutely perfect." And with that he reached down and pulled the duvet all the way off the bed and I was laying there starkers under his eyes. I was also having trouble controlling myself. What he had just said to me was washing over my body like soft hands, I was tingling all over and between my legs I was beginning to catch on fire. He was still looking down at me but now his eyes travelled down my body.

I could feel them!!!

I felt them move over my boobs and linger on my nipples then over my stomach until they got to my pussy. They stayed there for it seemed like hours but must have been in reality only a few moments.

He lay down beside me, kissed me on the lips, and whispered in my ear, "Tu sei bella, bella sei tu!" I came!!! Only a little one but I came. Now he was telling me I'm beautiful in Italian. I didn't know how long it would be before I was a complete jelly in his hands.

I turned my head towards his and said, "Thank you, it makes me go all squishy inside when you say things like that." It did and it had. I was coming down off my baby high.

"You speak Italian," he said, surprised.

"A bit. I know that means 'you are beautiful, beautiful you are'. You can say it as often as you like," I said breathlessly. I was really ready for him now. I hoped it wouldn't be too long before he finally made love to me! For all the boys I'd been with, I'd never been like this, you know, waiting for a man to make love to me, unhurried, prepared, if you like. It was a strange feeling. He began to kiss my lips, my eyes, my nose: it was funny and nice as well and I kissed him back. I could feel his hand begin to move down my body and stop on my boobs. He stroked them for what seemed like ages while we kissed. He went to the underneath, you know, that tender area under the breast and he gently stroked as his thumb started to rub my nipple which was beginning to rise. He tweaked my nipples, one after the other as he moved from one boob to the other, round and round in circles. I was in seventh heaven. I love my boobs played with, Jo is expert at it, Mike wasn't far behind. I could hardly concentrate on kissing him with the fire burning between my legs.

His hand left my tits and travelled across my tummy and found my button. I'm quite sensitive there but not sexually, it just tickles. In a way it was good that he stayed there for a few moments, it allowed me to catch my breath. Then he moved on. I knew it wouldn't be long before he got to my sex. I could feel him in the hair on my mount. OOOHHH!! it sent goose pimples up and down my spine. When he touched my cunt (I'm sorry but I slip into this language when I'm really worked up and I am now remembering this) for the first time I pushed my tongue into his mouth and began to drink him in, I was really bombing. Then he started to finger my vagina directly backwards and forwards. I was very wet by now and I really couldn't wait much longer.

His boxers had somehow disappeared and now I felt his erection on my leg. It felt enormous and I wanted it in me, so I pulled my mouth from his whispered in his ear, "Please, do it now. I want you, I want you in me, now. Please, please! I want you now." He didn't seem to take any notice as he continued to stroke me with his fingers finally placing one in my vagina and moving it slowly in and out. If he wasn't careful I was going to cum all over his finger but he must have realised how close I was because he began to move over me. He had to take his hand away then and that gave me a moments release to 'regroup'. I was very, very close to cumming but I wanted to wait for him to enter me.

When he got on top I opened my legs to let him in and he lay between them. He didn't flatten me like most blokes, he held himself on his arms above me and looked down into my eyes. Then he did the strangest thing. He took all his weight on one arm and with his other hand he reached down for his tool and put it at the entrance to my vagina. It felt enormous!! He moved the tip of his cock up and down the length of my sex from the little hooded man at the top to the bottom of my vagina. Oh heaven and hell did I want him in me. I don't know what I said but I think I asked him to fuck me.

Then he began to put it in me very slowly, I felt like a violin being played by a master, and the tune he was playing was pleasure! He didn't go all the way in that first time, a little way then out, then a little further in, then out, then a little further in, then out. It seemed to go on for ever, waves of pleasure were rippling across my body but the way he was doing it didn't make me cum, it just sort of kept me on the boil. Finally he was all the way inside me, it was heaven. I could feel his balls against my bottom and our pubes brushing together. I didn't think that he was really gigantic but he was certainly bigger than anything I had there before. It was glorious. I felt as if I was in fantastic sunshine, warm and cosy all over, and deep inside I started to feel my orgasm building. I knew this was going to be a big one!

He started to move in me properly then, in and out, in and out. At the same time he moved his head down and started to gently suck my nipples. Whoa, I was on the road!!

I was pulled from my self-centred reverie by the sound of him calling my name, "Caroline, Caroline," he said, "look at me." I'd closed my eyes when he entered me, now I opened them and looked directly at him. I'd never done this before, I suddenly felt very naked. "I want you to look at me. Do you like it? Look at me as you cum."

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