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Caroline Ch. 05.03



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will! This episode is a bit longer. There is an attempted rape but I don't describe that in detail and there is some mild violence as Mike deals out summary justice to the attacker.)

Attack and aftermath (No sex)

I awoke in the morning to find myself alone in bed, Mike and Jo had both got up without me waking. I could hear someone in the en-suite and, after a moment, Jo came out. "Wake up sleepy head," she said laughing, "Mike's downstairs getting breakfast," and she planted a kiss on my cheek. "You look ravishing this morning. I think we all needed a good nights sleep don't you?"

"Mmm, I suppose so," I said, not sure that I wouldn't have liked another bout of sex before we went to sleep.

"Come on you sexy minx," Jo said, "you've got plenty of time for sex now you're going to be an old married woman!"

I laughed, "That's rich," I said, "coming from the 'maid of honour'," and I scooted past her into the shower. She was dressed in yesterday's clothes when I came out and I realised that neither of us had any clothes in which to go to work.

"Oh," I said, "we'll have to go back home to get some clothes."

She handed me my things, "We are home," she said smiling, "remember?"

"Oh yes," I said, "I'm sorry Jo, will you miss your flat?"

"Yes, I suppose I will a bit but this is a marvellous house and with the things he's doing to change it, it will be even better. I think I'm going to like living her with you two."

I pecked her cheek, "And I'm going to like having you live here." I had thought of a problem however and I raised it with Jo now while Mike was downstairs.



"I've thought of a problem." She nodded. "Well, what if just two of us want to make love, you know, Mike and I, you and me, or you and Mike. We can't always be three can we?"

"No," she said pensively, "no we can't. Leave it for now. I think it's one of those things we will need to talk about. Remember, Mike said that you and I should have our own bedrooms, even after you're married, so I expect he's thought of it. We'll discuss it tonight. Anyway," she added archly, "why?"

I looked at her and smiled, "Well," I said, "I really fancy you, you know, and, well, in a new house and everything." Then I poked my tongue out at her sensuously.

She laughed out loud, "Oh Lena, Mike's right, you are incorrigible. What about Mike?"

"I think we rather wore him out yesterday don't you?"

"I'm not sure," she said quietly, "he may be worn out but I think that's because he kept himself under such tight control at the end. And I think he may be just a little worried about the next time, you know, he tries there."

"Mmm, you may be right. He will be worried about hurting you and he really did have to go to tremendous lengths to keep control yesterday. Perhaps you're right. Something else we'll have to talk about!"

I was dressed by now and we sauntered downstairs to breakfast. As we ate we all chatted about yesterday and this morning. Surprisingly I thought, Mike raised the issue of us staying with him from now on.

"Lena, Jo," he said, "why don't you move in here from today. I loved having you here you know, it would really make me happy. I don't mind taking you to work and picking you up and I can help with ferrying things from the flat. What do you say?"

Well, I know that I was happy to stay with him. Oh, not just for the sex, but to be with him. Do you know, I think that he was lonely now that we had come into his life. I didn't know how Jo would feel however.

I looked at her, "Jo, how do you feel about that?" I wanted to hear what she had to say before committing myself. I was a bit torn you see, I wanted to stay with him but I didn't want to leave Jo on her own. We had almost banished Steve from her mind but I worried that if she were left to brood she might back slide.

"What do you want to do?"

That put me on the spot, "Well," I said, "I want to be with both of you as much as possible so, yes, I want to stay but I want you to stay as well. You want us both to stay don't you Mike?"

"Of course I do," he said smiling broadly at both of us

Jo looked at us bright eyed and said, "I want to stay as well. If you pick us both up from work today we can call in on the way home and pick up some things for the rest of the week, OK Lena?"

"Mmm," I said as I kissed them both, smothering them with marmalade in the process. We all laughed and finished breakfast then we left for work.

Jo had given her notice in at the hospital and she had so much time owing to her that she only had to work three more days. They had wanted to put her on nights but she was having none of it so she just had three days of 9-5 on the general wards. This meant that Mike could drive us both to her flat (not 'home' any more) for us to get our clothes before driving us to work.

Mike picked me up at about 10 to 5 then drove to the hospital to meet Jo. From there we went to the flat to pick up some clothes and bits and pieces for the next few days. When we got home (oh, isn't it lovely), we found that Mike had prepared dinner for us so all we had to do was sit down and enjoy our meal. Afterwards we sat in the lounge together chatting about our day and the future. Mike had drawn up draft plans for the changes to the house, especially for Jo.

"I hope you like it," he said to her, "I've provisionally designed a bed-sit over the garage with a door from your bedroom that's lockable from both sides. The bed-sit has a separate entrance by the garage so you can be completely private if you want to."

"I don't know whether I will," she said, "I don't envisage needing to keep anything from you two."

"Oh, I suspect that," he said smiling, "but there may come a time when you want to be alone, you know, with a friend, maybe?" and he looked at me still smiling.

"Yes Jo," I said, "if you get a boyfriend you'll want to be alone won't you, at least in the early days before you share him with me," I added laughing with Mike and pouting at her.

She laughed back, "Yessss," she said thoughtfully, "I suppose I might. Thank you Mike, that's very thoughtful. Will we each have our own bedrooms then?"

"Yes," he said, "I think its important that we have the opportunity to be alone if we want to be. I mean, if two of us want to get together maybe," and he looked at me a bit embarrassed, "you know, then we have the space."

"Oh don't be embarrassed," I said hugging him and laughing, "if you want Jo on her own that's OK by me!"

This embarrassed him even more. "No, no, I didn't mean it like that," he said quickly, "really." The he realised I was teasing. He laughed, "Lena you are a minx, a very lovable minx, but a minx nevertheless. Seriously, I'm sorry about last night, I know you both wanted more but unfortunately, although the spirit was willing the flesh was weak."

I kissed him, "It's the spirit that's important," I said, "that's what loves me most isn't it?"

"Well both love you, but the flesh is much, much weaker," he laughed. The he was serious again. "Lena, Jo, I've been very worried today and I need to talk something over with both of you. No Lena," he said as I started to interrupt, "listen. Look, sorry Lena, but I don't think I will be able to keep up with you two, you know, oh dear this is embarrassing, especially now." He looked really unsettled, sheepish, and really worried.

"What do you mean 'keep up with'?"

"Well, you're not going to make it easy are you," he said smiling at me, "what I mean is that I don't think, no I know, that I won't be able to satisfy you both, you know, sexually. I don't have the ammunition any more. Oh Lena, its fine once a week, you know, Sundays and the odd day here and there but I won't be able to 'perform' every night. Oh dear, I feel really bad. Look, you two, you don't have to move in here if you don't want to, if I'm letting you down."

Isn't he sweet? I looked at Jo and motioned her over to sit next to him with me. "Oh Mike, that's so sweet. I love you and I want to be with you, so does Jo I think," she nodded, "sex is only part of it. You don't think that I have sex every night do you?" I asked raising my eyebrows and teasing him some more.

"No I suppose not," he said smiling wanly, "it's just, oh this is not going too well is it?"

"Oh, I don't know," said Jo laughing, "I think it's quite funny." Then seriously, " You are a strange man you know Mike." He raised his eyebrows. "Well I don't think I've known of heard of a man who admitted that he couldn't keep up with the asking rate as it were. Look you silly nice man, Lena and I make love sometimes, I don't know how often, I didn't really care. We did it when we felt like it. Up to now your relationship with Lena has been regular, you know, every Sunday with one or two exceptions. You didn't have her all the time. Now you have her, and me," she added as an afterthought, "all the time. We will make love when we feel like it. It's true that there are two of us and one of you so we might make love to each other more that we make love to you but neither of us will ever, ever think that you can't hack it. I've got a fair bit of experience with men, more than Lena, and I've never met a man who can give me so much pleasure so I don't regret my decision to move here and you must never doubt yourself again, do you hear me," she ended sternly.

He looked at her with affection in his eyes, now all blue, then he turned to me, "You don't mind Lena, I'm sorry. I don't want to let you down."

"As Jo said, you are a silly nice man. I love you," I said planting a kiss on his mouth, "I would love you without the sex, that's a bonus. I've never met anyone, other than Jo, who I would rather be with, to talk, to hold, to cook for, to marry. So don't be silly." I looked at Jo and poked my tongue out at him, "I'm sure that we will be OK, you don't have to worry."

He laughed nervously in relief, "Phew," he said, "Jo, Lena, I was really worried you know. Us men don't like admitting inadequacy, particularly in that department. Thank you both for being so understanding."

"Let's get one thing straight," I said standing in front of him, "the last thing I would call you is 'inadequate', particularly in that department. As the old adage goes, Jo and I look for quality not quantity. Right Jo?"

"Absolutely right," she said smiling and kissing him. "You are a rare man who can give so much pleasure for so little return so there is absolutely no reason to berate yourself. We both love you and we are both staying here."

He seemed relieved, I suspect that this had been worrying him more than he let on. I suppose that his age must be a concern for him, after all we are both near our peak sexually, but Jo and I had each other and we both had him. Also, at the back of my mind was Guy. If Jo and he hit it off, I was sure that he would be added to the arrangement. That would be really interesting!

"Shall I make some coffee?" he said, "I think I need one."

"Mmm,", "Yes please."

He came back in a few moments later with the coffee and I said, "Jo saw Steve today, didn't you Jo?"

"Mmm," she said apparently not bothered by the meeting, "he tried to chat me up again, apologised and everything. Said we should go out for a 'farewell' drink for old times." She laughed, "I told him I'd found a real man, not a pathetic wimp. Then I walked away. He looked furious."

"Good for you Jo," I said.

"Well done," added Mike with some concern, "he won't be vindictive will he?"

"Oh, I don't think so. He's such a pathetic individual. Anyway I've only got two more days there."

"Good," I said, "I'm glad you're leaving that place. It will always have memories of that bastard. Ooohhh, I didn't like him!" I ended vehemently.

"Well that's all over now, in the past. We've got the future to look forward to haven't we, the future together," and she looked at us both and smiled.

"I think that you two need to be together tonight," Mike said suddenly looking at us both with affection, "so I'm going to have an early night." Then he winked at me, "If you're period starts on Wednesday, I want to be 'fit' for tomorrow night," he said with a great big leer.

We all laughed, "Yes," Jo said, "you don't want to miss out do you Lena?"

"Oh, you two are awful," I said laughing, "all right. We'll see you in the morning," and we both kissed him goodnight as he went upstairs.

"Let's have a lovely bath together," I said to Jo, "and then I want you to make love to me. Is that OK?"

She smiled tenderly and kissed me, "That's always OK my darling Lena."

I kissed her back and thought how lucky I am. Two people love me and I love two people. That's quite heavenly you know. So we followed Mike upstairs and went into the bathroom and spent a lovely time soaking our troubles away, not that I had any, before going to bed in Jo's room and making love to each other with gentle loving care. I fell asleep in her arms, with a soft "I love you," in my ear.

We awoke in the morning of what was to be a very difficult day to the smell of cooking bacon. Quickly into the shower, we both dressed for work and went downstairs for breakfast. We were greeted by a kiss each and a chirpy, "I hope you both slept well. Breakfast is ready."

"Yes thank you, I did anyway," Jo said, "Oh, this is lovely, breakfast ready and everything."

"Lena, what about you?" he asked smiling at me.

"Mmm, what's for breakfast," I said fixing him with my eyes and hugging him. I felt funny really, you know, coming down in the morning after making love with Jo, to find the man I was to marry making breakfast. I do know that I felt a great love for him a that moment, a man who could cope with the love that Jo and I felt for each other. "I love you," I said.

"I know," he replied, "come on, tuck in. You two are growing girls, you need your sustenance," he added laughing.

After breakfast he drove me to work and, with a cheery 'Bye, bye, see you tonight", off he went with Jo to the hospital.

It was about 2.30 when Sarah came out of the office with a concerned look on her face, "Lena," she said, "you are wanted on the phone. It sounds like someone is very upset."

I went to the phone and heard quiet sobs coming down the phone, "Hello," I said, "Jo, is that you?"

"Oh Lena, he's just tried to rape me. Oh Lena can you come, please."

Fear gripped me but I didn't panic. She could only mean Steve. "Where are you Jo, its all right, I'll be there as soon as I can. Tell me where you are."

I could hear her crying on the other end of the phone, "Jo, Jo, sweetheart, where are you, tell me, please," I said softly into the phone. "It'll be all right, I'll be there, tell me where you are."

She finally managed to get hold of herself, "I'm in the toilet in the nurses restroom on the first floor. Please come as soon as you can. I managed to fight him off but I'm so frightened," she ended beginning to sob again.

"Ok," I said, "I'm going to put down the phone now and switch on my mobile. If you want me call that number OK? It's programmed into your phone. I'll be there in a jiffy, don't move."

I put the phone down and switched on my mobile then I called Mike. He had to know and, besides, I couldn't get there that quickly without a car. The bus is terrible and you can't get a taxi for love nor money. Anyway, I had a feeling that I might need some male back-up here.

"Mike," I said when he answered, "can you pick me up straight away. I need to get to the hospital." Perhaps not the best thing to say but I was in a bit of a state myself by this time, anger, fear, worry, all bubbling away inside me.

"You're not ill are you?" he said concerned.

"Oh no, Mike, no. It's Jo. Something's happened with Steve, I need to get there and I think I need you as well."

"On my way," he said in his professional manner and, about 6 minutes later he arrived. How he did it so fast I'll never know (well I do because he got a speeding ticket the next week).

"What's happened," he asked as I got into the car, "is she all right?"

"Well, I don't know exactly but she sounded very upset and frightened. She was crying and she's locked herself in the toilets so she must be in a bit of a state."

He went all quiet then and his face took on a look I hadn't seen before, steely, determined, and really quite frightening. His eyes were as cold as ice. Looking at him sideways I knew that I could rely on him for any help I needed.

We arrived at the hospital and reported in at the front desk, thankfully Jo had enough presence of mind left to let them know I was coming so we got in OK. We went up to the first floor and into the rest room. It was changeover time for the morning and afternoon shifts so thankfully it was empty. I went into the loo, "Jo, Jo," I said, "it's me." One of the doors opened and she came out. She was sobbing quietly, "Oh Lena, Lena, he tried . . . ."

"Ssshh, darling," I said as I held he in my arms, "it's all right now, we're both here. Mike's outside so you don't have to worry. Come on, come and sit down and tell us what happened."

Mike had raided the cupboards and found some coffee and, as we entered, he offered it to Jo, "Jo, have some coffee."

I noticed his eyes as he looked at her. They were soft and loving for a moment and then sparks seemed to fly out from them. His face became like stone for a moment and then softened as he sat opposite us and Jo began to explain what had happened.

"He said he wanted to 'fuck' his whore one more time," she said still sobbing and catching her breath, "when I told him that he wasn't worth bothering with he lost his temper and tried to force me. I hit him but he hit me back, in the stomach. That made me fall over and he tried to get my clothes off."

"Hold on Jo," I said, "can you start from the beginning. There's no need to worry now, we're both here. He can't hurt you can he Mike?" and I looked across at him. He was seething.

"No, he can't, and he won't ever again Jo. I'll see to that," he said in a voice that even frightened me. "Tell us what happened from the beginning if you can."

His presence seemed to calm her down. He gave an air of confidence, that nothing untoward could happen when he was around and that gave her confidence I think. I was pleased to hear that he had only 'tried' and not succeeded but I wanted to get the whole story if I could before we left. Mike wanted to as well for reasons which I found out immediately afterwards.

"Well," she said calming now having stopped crying, "I saw him a couple of times this morning. He seemed to be where I was going all the time. You know I've been doing odds and ends these last few days so I could pop up anywhere but he seemed to be there on several occasions. He kept smiling at me and trying to talk but I ignored him. Then I went into one of the laundry rooms down the corridor and, before I could do anything, I realised that he had slipped in behind me and flicked the door locked. I was frightened then because I know what he is capable of. 'What do you want,' I said, 'I've told you, it's all over between us. I'm with someone else now.'

"He looked at me in that leery way of his and said, 'I thought I'd give my little whore one last 'fuck' to remember me by.' He was sneering all the time and I could guess what he had in mind. I told him that, as far as I was concerned he wasn't capable of giving me or anyone else a good fuck as he was a pathetic little wimp. That was probably the wrong thing to say because he gave a snarl and grabbed me.

"'We'll see about that,' he said, 'you won't sit down for a week when I've finished with you'. Although he's quite short he's stronger than me and I was very frightened. I couldn't believe that it was happening until he touched my boobs and started to undo my uniform. 'Stop it, you bastard,' I said, 'I wouldn't go with you if you were the last man on earth.'

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