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Caroline Ch. 06.04



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will! This part describes how Jo meets Guy. More romantic than anything else).

Joanna's Tale, 03:

The party: Jo and Guy.

(No sex)

When I woke in the morning the first thing I saw was Mike laying there still asleep. Immediately I thought of what Lena had said about him being hard in the morning. It's terrible really, but like Lena says, the more you have the more you want. I quickly reached down to 'test the water' waking him in the process. Unfortunately I wasn't in luck, no hardness today.

He smiled at me, "Hello gorgeous," he said, "sleep well?"

"Mmm. I was really tired after last night," I said smiling back.

He looked concerned, "Are you OK. I didn't hurt you did I."

"Only a bit," I said, "and that was necessary wasn't it. It'll be better next time, and the time after that," I added smiling sexily at him. I didn't tell him that I felt sore there. Only to be expected I suppose after what we did. If I told him that I knew he wouldn't do it again and I wanted him to.

He pulled me close and kissed me. "Come on, let's get up. I can smell bacon. Lena's been busy. I'm bloody starving."

So we dressed quickly and went downstairs to breakfast. It was a slow day, just lazing about really then getting ready for the evening. After the chores we chatted most of the time about all sorts of things. Mike telling us about Italy and the villa and about Sorrento. We were both looking forward to a long holiday in the autumn sun, especially with him.

After a light lunch we began to think about the evening. I said that Lena was the star of the show being the forthcoming bride so I wanted to take particular care with how she looked. A bit more make up and jewellery, especially the things that Mike had bought for her. Strangely she was having none of this. Oh she wanted to look her best but she insisted that I take a lot of trouble as well. I didn't think much of it at the time but as we got home that night I began to smell a rat. So we all ended up in the great big bath about 4 o'clock luxuriating in the bubbles, laughing and joking. Mike was warning us about Silvio.

He laughed, "Be careful he doesn't get you alone Jo, he's got a deadly pinch. Mind, he'll get a telling off if Gianna sees him." Then seriously, "He doesn't mean anything by it Jo, it's his way of welcoming you into the family. You won't be upset will you?"

I could see he was concerned. After all Silvio was his best friend, almost like an elder brother Mike said, so he was bound to be worried that he might upset me. "No," I said laughing, "I'll try to avoid being alone with him but the odd pinch doesn't matter. Anyway," I added, "any pinches we get there you can always kiss better on Tuesday can't you?"

He laughed, "You're getting as bad as Lena," he said splashing over and kissing me.

"Hey, what about me," said Lena laughing, "don't I get a kiss as well."

He splashed over to her and gave her a big kiss that did seem to last a long time. I think he was missing her, you know, that way. I know he had me and he enjoyed every minute but it was Lena he really loved and he wanted her. She pushed him away, "Stop it you naughty man," she said laughing, "I can't do it properly, even though I want to, and anyway we don't have time."

He manufactured a hang-dog expression on his face with his tongue hanging out and looked at me. I laughed at him, "Well I can do it properly," I said and he began to splash across to me. "But we haven't got time. So no can do!"

"You two are vixens," he said smiling at us both, "and I love you both immensely. Tuesday it is then?"

"Tuesday," we both said together laughing.

We'd commandeered the main bedroom to get ready, we needed the en-suite and everything so he picked up his clothes and we ushered him out. I'd decided to try something special with Lena's hair and I had bought a small hairpiece so that she could wear it up as well as down. This took a long time but when it was finished she looked fantastic, and that was without her dress, make-up or jewellery. She fussed around my hair but there isn't much you can do to it the way I wear it so she just made sure it was shiny and all in place. Next we turned to the makeup. More eyeliner for Lena to accentuate her blue eyes and a peach coloured base and powder to match her dress. I actually powdered her neck and her chest right down to her boobs.

I wore a slightly darker make-up with a lighter eyeliner. With brown eyes you have to be careful otherwise they get lost. She managed to apply mine so my eyes looked enormous, and very, very sexy.

Then the dresses. She looked absolutely gorgeous. My only worry was that Mike would have another of his depression attacks when he saw her. She looked about 10 years older with all the make-up and everything, and the dress was so sophisticated. I was not sure about mine now. Quite tight with a split and a lovely light blue in colour, I thought it might be too much, too sexy for this evening. Lena convinced me, however, that it was ideal. This fell into place later as well! For shoes we wore those we had bought when we stayed at the hotel, luckily they matched the dresses perfectly.

The last thing was jewellery. Pride of place, of course, Lena's engagement ring. The only ring she wore today. Around her neck Mike's pendant, on her breast, his brooch, her wrist his bracelet, and his earrings. I was wearing all the things he had bought for my birthday and afterwards.

I stood back from Lena and looked at her. She was breathtaking, truly beautiful in the real sense of the word. I wondered how Mike would react to seeing her like this, I hoped he would be OK. I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't look bad either, less elegant than Lena but more sexy. Of course, now I know why she wanted me to look like that!

We made our way downstairs realising as we did so that we were late but giggling like a couple of schoolgirls. Mike was waiting in the lounge and, as we walked in, he got up and turned round to look at us.

"Oh my God," he said, all sorts of emotions flashing across his face. I saw the worry and concern, the depression, then the joy wash over his features as he stood, struck dumb, open mouthed, looking at her. I must admit that my heart was in my mouth at that moment. What emotion would surface uppermost in his mind at seeing her look so lovely.

"Oh my God," he said again, apparently regaining control of his voice, "You're beautiful," and he walked up to her and held her hands out in front, "Tu sei una bella donna amata, bella sei tu," he said as he looked her up and down. He kissed her gently on the cheek. She started to sniffle, she was going to cry!

"Don't you dare cry," I said firmly, "it's taken ages to do those eyes," and I laughed which stopped her crying.

Then he turned to me, "Tu sei anche una bella donna, mia amore," and he kissed me on the cheek as well. That almost started me crying too. Do you see what Lena means when she talks about him. Overwhelmed by how Lena looks he still has time to complement me. He is so thoughtful, kind, and understanding.

He stood there for a long moment drinking in the sight of us both, smiling softly to himself. I understood, later, how a man can feel like a million dollars with a beautiful woman on his arm, especially a beautiful woman who has taken the trouble to make herself beautiful for him. Now he had two beautiful women, one on each arm. It's no wonder he felt so proud that night.

He finally managed to stop looking at us both and took us each by the arm, "I shall feel like a king," he said, "with two beautiful princesses by my side. Come on, I think we are late!" he ended laughing, "but it was worth the wait."

Lena took up the whole back seat in the car so her dress wouldn't crease too much and I sat in the front with Mike. He was so happy. Smiling, laughing and joking with us all the way. I could tell he couldn't wait to show us off to his friends. I must admit I was a bit nervous. What would they think of me. The 'other woman'? Perhaps they would think I was trying to steal him from Lena, or some sort of sex maniac. So, you see, I was apprehensive of how I would be received.

After a short drive we got to Silvio's restaurant parking right in front of the door. "We don't want you to have to walk too far in those dresses," he said. "Come on inside."

We went in to the foyer of the restaurant just as a great big man, he must have been nearly 6' 4" came bustling out of the restaurant proper.

"Mike," he said smiling and catching Mike in his enormous embrace and kissing him on each cheek. This must be Silvio I thought. He was about 70 I should think but still a handsome man with black, greying hair. "How are you my friend, you look wonderful?"

Mike laughed back at him, "I'm fine, Silvio and how are you?"

"Busy, busy, Gianna she get me running around today, yes. Everything must be right for today, for you and Lena." Then he turned and saw her. His eyes opened wide, "Mama mia, bella, bella. Ciao Lena, you are a beautiful ragazza. Come here for me to hold you."

He held his arms open and she rushed into them, becoming completely enveloped in his warm embrace. His hands were all over her body, her bottom as well, but she didn't seem to mind. She just kissed him on the lips and said, "Thank you Silvio, leave my bottom alone tonight! No pinching!"

He laughed, a deep belly laugh that was infectious. This suddenly toned down to a soft chuckle as a woman in her mid forties came into the room. This must be Gianna, I thought.

"Silvio," she said sternly, "put Lena down," and she smacked his hands from around her body. Lena turned and embraced Gianna who held her at arms length and said with much feeling, "You truly are beautiful tonight my darling. A beautiful woman." Then she noticed me standing there next to Mike, "Joanna, you must be Joanna. You are a lucky man Mike, to have two such beautiful women who adore you. How do you do it, how do you seduce them?" she asked with a merry twinkle, and something else, in her eye.

"Yes how," said Silvio laughing, "I could use some tips."

"You could use nothing," Gianna said to him as she poked his chest.

Lena looked at them both and said, "He didn't seduce us we seduced him didn't we Jo," and she walked over and held me.

With that both Silvio and Gianna came over and hugged me. Silvio's hands did wander across my bottom but only for a fleeting moment, Gianna was watching him like a hawk. Mind he did manage to pinch me at least once that evening but I didn't mind. It was like being accepted, an initiation right I suppose. The wonderful thing was that they made me feel welcome immediately. All my concerns about what they would think vanished. They treated me like a lady, a lady friend of Mike's. Not quite the same as Lena. They treated her almost like a daughter. Thinking about it I suppose as their own daughter hadn't had much to do with boys, this was the first opportunity they had to do this sort of thing. I also noticed that Mike and Gianna had a really long hug and he kissed her full on the lips for what seemed just a little bit too long for a normal hello. Lena had never said anything about him and Gianna but it just seemed a little too much to me. Still, I forgot it at the time, it was just another thing I noticed, probably my imagination.

After all these introductions and meetings Lena grabbed my arm and said, "Come on, let's go and find Maria. Come on Mike, she's probably in the house." With that she hustled us off through a door in the foyer and into their house.

"Maria," Lena called out, "Maria, we're here."

Now Lena is prone to exaggerating about almost everything and I assumed that she had done so about Maria. I was wrong. If anything she had understated how attractive she was. Typically Italian, full bodied, voluptuous even, with a big bust and big hips and the most beautiful bottom, but all in proportion because she was taller than Lena. Long, jet black, hair hung to her shoulders framing the most beautiful face. A face adorned by gorgeous dark brown eyes and long dark lashes. She reminded me of a young Sophia Loren. Wearing a lovely ankle length cream evening dress she glided down the stairs. She was lovely but there was an air of sadness about her. Her whole demeanour seemed to be depressed. Then she saw Mike. I was glad Lena had told me all about Maria because, had she not done so, I could never have explained the change that overcame her. It was as if she had been in shade and now the sun had come out, she blossomed. She rushed to him and threw herself into his arms, resting her head on his shoulder. Now I could see what Lena meant. Her face was a picture of clashing emotions, love, lust, sadness, desire, despair, all these crossed her face as she held him.

Then she saw me looking at her and controlled herself. Mike pulled her from him and held her at arms length, "You look lovely tonight, Maria. Is that for me or is there a boyfriend tonight?" he laughed as he pecked her cheek.

Her sadness seemed to return, "No zio, it's for you, no boyfriend."

"Then thank you, it's lovely. Tonight I'm in heaven surrounded by beautiful women. Where's Silvio, I must go and say hello. Is he coming to the party."

"He's upstairs in his room with that darn Playstation and yes, he is coming. I'm letting him stay up tonight as it's a special occasion."

Mike left to find Silvio and then Lena was embracing Maria, "Maria, it's so good to see you, how are you, are you well," and kissing her on the cheek.

Maria seemed genuinely pleased to see Lena although it was strange. It was as though she was the little sister and Lena the elder. I suppose it must have been the result of the confessions about Mike. Lena has always been a good listener and she's able, surprisingly enough knowing her character, to keep a secret.

Pulling away from Maria, Lena dragged her over to me. "This is Joanna. Maria, Joanna. I've told you about her, now she lives with us." She put an emphasis on the 'lives' which clearly explained my position. I wondered whether Maria would be cool towards me, you know, because of how she felt, but she immediately smiled, hugged me and said, "Yes, I've been looking forward to meeting you. Lena's told me lots about you."

I smiled back holding her tightly against my body. God she was attractive. I could see why Lena had seduced her, I wouldn't mind myself. I think she must have sensed something because she held me very close for a few moments then pulled away.

"I'm so glad to meet you at last, Lena's told me all about you," I said with emphasis on the 'all'. This caused a panicky look towards Lena who smiled confidentially and nodded 'yes'.

Then Lena came over to the two of us and said, "Look, we'll have a nice girly chat later on and you two can get to know each other better. Come on Jo, let's go and meet the boys."

Maria laughed, "You be careful Lena, with you two looking so wonderful they won't be able to keep their hands off you, well at least Michelle and David won't."

"What did you mean about the last bit?" I asked Maria as we walked back into the restaurant.

"Oh I mean that those two are terrible but Guy wouldn't do anything like that and I think that Pietro is too smitten with his Sandy to even notice you," she answered.

"Where is Guy, I haven't seen him yet," I said.

"Oh he'll be about somewhere, hiding I expect in case I kiss him again. He's so shy but he's very sweet," laughed Lena.

"You shouldn't tease him so Lena," said Maria smiling, "he really does need a lovely lady to broaden his mind but you are spoken for."

Yes, she is, I thought. I was intrigued and I couldn't wait to meet him but I had to wait a little while as the two younger boys descended on us as we returned to the restaurant. They were both in their teens, bubbly and full of fun and absolutely gob smacked by Lena. They were all over her and she had to fend them off laughing, "Stop it, stop it you naughty boys. Now be still a moment and meet my friend Joanna. Joanna, this is Michelle, the tall one, and this is David, the younger one. But he is the worst of the two," she added smiling indulgently at him. It was strange really. She is only 3 or 4 years older than him yet it seemed years more. I suppose it is because she is a woman now, after her time with Mike, and they are still boys.

They both surged towards me and took a hand each showering with kisses. Smiling away they began to question me, did I like this, was I fond of that. They were overwhelming. While this was going on however, I felt a pair of eyes on me and, disengaging myself from the boys for a moment, looked around. My eyes locked with those watching me and a frisson of excitement shot through my body. He looked away as soon as our eyes locked so I took him in, seemed handsome at this distance (across a fairly dark room), tall, taller than Mike, slim but not skinny, erect. He stood tall, not afraid of his height. Dark hair, all awry. I turned to Lena, "Is that Guy?" I asked nodding in his direction.

"Oh yes," she said, "come on. I'll introduce you." She made a beeline for him and, as we got closer, I could see he was indeed handsome, very handsome. Now however, he looked scared stiff. I remembered what Maria had said and, before I could stop her (why?) she threw her arms around his neck, stood on tiptoe, and planted a kiss full on his lips. As she did so she pressed herself outrageously up against him wiggling her hips. She pulled away from him and said laughing, "One day, one day, you'll return that kiss!"

"Oh Lena," he said embarrassed and red faced, "you are terrible. What will uncle Mike say if he sees you kissing me like that."

She laughed, "He won't mind, he loves you doesn't he, so he won't mind me kissing you." Again, as with Maria, although I knew that Guy was the same age as me, he seemed younger than Lena. I began to realise that, although she could be very playful, she was far more grown up than I gave her credit for. Her time with Mike had definitely made a mature woman of her. But I felt sorry for Guy. She can be a bit overpowering at times, especially when she starts to tease. I saw that she was going to hug him again so I grabbed her arm

"Aren't you going to introduce us," I said looking at him. I saw relief flash across his face and he rewarded me with a small, shy smile. I smiled back with lots of warmth. He was nice. He reminded me of Mike, younger of course, but something about him, I don't know. It might have been his looks, or his demeanour. There was a confidence about him but it seemed to shatter when Lena was near, and any other forward female I later found out. I realised that if I wanted him to be at ease with me, to like me, and (why I didn't know then) I did, I would have to be more demure, less pushy.

Lena said laughing, "Oh Jo I'm sorry. I got carried away by his good looks, isn't he lovely?"

This caused him to blush even more and begin to stutter, "L l l l ena, stop it. Please."

"Yes," I said sharply, "stop it Lena and introduce us properly." I don't know why but I was getting angry with her. She was being unfair. Oh, now I know why but then I thought she was just trying to embarrass him even more.

She looked at me with that calculating look of hers, something was going on but I hadn't a clue then what it was. Then she said calmly and politely, "I sorry Jo. Guy, this is my very best friend Joanna who lives with Mike and me." Again she emphasised the 'lives with' making our relationships obvious. I don't know why but I was embarrassed then and I blushed a little bit.

Guy looked down at me. He had to, I only reached up to his chest, and said, "It's very nice to meet you Joanna, may I call you Jo?" I nodded. "Lena talks about you all the time, that is when she stops trying to tease me," he added smiling fondly at her. It was obvious that, despite her teasing of him, he was fond of her.

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