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Caroline Ch. 07.02



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)

Caroline's story continues:

Quiet Interlude: Togetherness.

No Sex

Wednesday was a quiet day. Mike went out to make some more arrangements about the house and the building work and Jo and I packed some clothes for the journey. We had to pack most of his ornaments away as well, we didn't want the builders to damage anything and, although he knew them very well, you know what builders are like! After dinner in the evening we sat together, him reading and us watching TV or listening to our music. Jo hadn't mentioned much about Guy but I could tell she was getting excited about tomorrow.

Thursday morning Jo and I went out shopping for a new outfit for her to wear that evening. She wanted something that would make her look a little younger and quite demure. She said she didn't want to come across too sexy, it might frighten him off.

"You are going to have to seduce him sometime you know," I said as we looked around Next, "so why not tonight."

"Oh Lena, you are terrible. No, I don't want a quick screw in the back of a car or anything like that. Lena he's so nice. I want it to be like with Mike, you know, all romantic, all prepared. No fumbling, buttons and all that. I like that dress there, the blue one."

It was a nice dress, plain, knee length with an open neck that would allow her to show off her jewellery. She tried it on and, I must admit, she did look quite a lot younger.

"Why do you want to look younger?" I asked as she changed back into her clothes.

"Well, he's intimidated by experience in women and by women who 'come on' so if I look younger he might feel more at ease, more able to take the lead. That's what I want him to do, at least out in public." She laughed, "When I get him in the bedroom then I'll take the lead. Well," she added thoughtfully, "I'll try but softly, softly I think."

"Well that dress looks just about perfect. Now for some shoes, then the underwear."

"Underwear?" she said.

"Yes," I said, "underwear. You might as well wear sexy underwear then you'll feel sexy, not over the top, but just good."

"I don't know," she hesitated. "Oh, all right Lena, you win," she laughed.

So off we went and got the shoes, not too high: she wanted to emphasize his height to give him more confidence. At least that's what she said. I think she liked gazing up into his eyes! She bought lovely soft blue underwear, bra and panties that I couldn't wait to see her wearing.

"They'll look gorgeous on you," I said, "You should wear them for Mike."

"Mmm," she said, "yes I might at the weekend. I will wear them tonight though. You're right, I think, I need to feel good myself to come over to him the right way. I don't want to seem a complete novice, he won't believe that. He knows that I sleep with Mike and he knows what Mike is like so he'll know that I know what it's all about."

"Say that again," I said smiling.

"Oh, you know what I mean," she said laughing. "I can't be too naïve can I, he just wouldn't believe it."

So on that note we finished shopping and returned home (My home!). Mike had lunch ready for us and we chatted away as we ate.

"Guy phoned," he said to Jo with a smile.

She feigned disinterest, knowing he was trying to tease her, "Oh really."

He laughed, "Yes," he said then continued to eat his lunch.

She punched him playfully on the arm, "Come on," she said laughing, "what did he say?"

"He's booked the restaurant. Silvio recommended it. We've been there a couple of times Lena, it's the one with the lovely 'room' type sections, remember?"

"Oh yes," I said, "it's really nice Jo. Nice and private, and the food is lovely. It's a good choice." I had good memories of that place, quiet, secluded and very private lunches with Mike, just talking and looking at each other. I suppose we must have been in love then but didn't realise it. Still, no sense looking back is there, you can't change the past.

"I'm going to pick him up in the Jag about 6.30. I'll bring him back then he'll knock for you and use it for the evening. Might as well be in style. When he brings you home he'll use the Fiat to go home and keep it while we're away."

"Did he say anything else?" Jo asked.

He smiled at her, "What about?" he said.


He laughed again and pecked her cheek. "Yes, he did. He wanted to know whether you still wanted to go out tonight." He looked at me and winked. "I said I wasn't sure, perhaps not."

"You didn't! Did you? Tell me you didn't." Then she saw his smile, "You're teasing aren't you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Jo. Yes I am. I told him I was sure you did and that you were looking forward to it very much. He wanted to know how to treat you. He's so worried about seeming gauche, you know, inexperienced in this sort of thing. Particularly as he's got this idea that you are a sophisticated lady," he ended with a smile.

"I wouldn't call myself sophisticated," she said, "I suppose that he thinks experienced means the same thing."

"He probably does. Anyway I told him to treat you like a lady, just like I taught him to treat a woman. Polite and gentlemanly. He should be OK but he's very nervous Jo." He looked at her, concern all over his face. "You'll have to be very careful with him. You know that don't you?"

"Mmm," she said. "We were talking about it today. That's why I've bought a rather demure dress. Lena's going to do my hair and together we hope we can take a few years off me. That should give him a bit more confidence."

"Good idea," he said.

I was watching the two of them during this exchange and I couldn't help thinking that he was like a father (I suppose) talking to his daughter about her first date. I realised then that that was another reason I loved him so much. He was like a father to us both, father and lover. I'd never known a father, only uncles who either ignored me, thought me a nuisance, or ogled me, so I suppose I needed him for that reason. I thought there was something slightly seedy about that so I felt I needed to talk to him about it. Tonight would do while Jo was out.

We all pottered about for the rest of the afternoon, until about five. Jo suddenly looked at the clock, "Bloody hell, I'd better get ready."

"You've got nearly two hours," Mike said, "no need to panic."

"Who's panicking," she said, "come on Lena. I need to get ready."

He laughed as we went upstairs. Jo showered and afterwards I did her hair. I'd bought a small hairpiece to make her hair longer. I love her short hair and so does Mike but it does make her look older, more sophisticated. Perhaps that's why Guy thinks of her like that. Applying the hairpiece took her hair down to neck level at the back and, with a small flick of hair across her forehead, she looked at least three years younger, almost the same age as me. We didn't use much make-up, she wanted to be fairly natural, just a smidgeon of eye shadow, some blusher and a soft red lipstick (non smudge just in case!).

She was wearing tights tonight. As she said laughing, "We certainly aren't going to do anything so they won't get in the way." They were a soft natural colour and, when she got into the dress, she looked lovely. Very, very demure and certainly unsophisticated. He couldn't be intimidated by her now, I was sure. Then she put on the jewellery that Mike had bought her for her birthday. It is all so understated that it really enhanced her look. Just that little bit of sparkle that set everything off.

"I think you'll knock him dead in that," I said. "It looks just right, just 'you'."

"Do you think so?" she said coyly, "let's see what Mike thinks."

So, at nearly half past six, we went downstairs just in time to catch Mike leaving. "Well," she said, "how do I look."

He looked her up and down in 'that' fashion and said with a big smile on his face, "God, have we got a quick half hour. We can nip upstairs and I can undress you. You look ravishing. No," he said, "not ravishing. That's the wrong word. Fetching, yes fetching. Absolutely gorgeous. I should think he'll be putty in your hands after five minutes."

"It's not too much is it?" she asked, suddenly loosing her confidence.

"No, it's not too much. You look just right. He's an idiot if he doesn't realise how much trouble you have been to, to be right for him tonight. I'll tell him how lovely you look just so he doesn't faint at the sight of you, OK."

She smiled, "Thank you, both of you. Oh I'm so nervous. Isn't it silly but I can't help it."

"Everything will be fine. Don't worry. I'm off. See you in a minute."

Jo was a nervous wreck by the time we heard the car return. Mike came in, "He'll knock in a few moments. OK," he asked.

Jo took a deep breath, "Yes, OK."

He pecked her cheek, "Have a great evening," he said smiling.

"Yes Jo, enjoy yourself and calm down," I added laughing as I kissed her cheek.

There was a knock on the door and she went to open it. I went to follow her but Mike held my arm, "Leave her," he said softly, "let her do this on her own." He was right of course.

We heard them at the door. Just caught a " . . . hello." Then a pause and ". . . you look nice," from Guy.

"Thank you, shall we go," said Jo and the door closed.

"I hope it all goes well," I said, "she really likes him you know."

"Yes, she does: and he really likes her. We had to stop on the way over. He was being rather silly again, you know, no confidence, did she like him really. All that nonsense."

"Oh no," I said, "I thought he'd got over that at the restaurant."

"Well he has, sort of, but now he has to go out with her on his own. There's no comfort zone is there. Anyway, I stopped the car an laid into him. I told him he was bloody lucky that he had caught the eye of a lovely young woman and he should be thanking his lucky stars that she wanted to go out with him. I told him to buck his ideas up and put whatever had happened in the past behind him. He was very apologetic and sad. He told me what happened, you know, what he told Jo. He took a girl out, or rather she took him back to her flat and she sort of attacked him. Was crazy for sex with him. He was so shocked, and shy I suppose, that he was completely unable to perform." I raised my eyebrows.

He smiled, "That can happen," he said, "we males are not as simple as you women think. Certain things can put us off completely and, on this night, her antics did. Again I suppose it's a bit my fault for instilling my values in him, my feeling about women. Anyway she was frustrated and called him a poof, etc, and threw him out. Not only that, she put it around that he couldn't perform so that any girl he took out was quickly taken to one side and turned off him.

"Then one evening one of her friends tricked him back to her flat where she and her friends were waiting for him. Well, I suppose that they raped him, or tried anyway, because he couldn't do anything. After that experience he just ignored girls and buried himself in his studies. I told him that he should have told me at the time, we could have talked it through but he didn't, he just sat on it and assumed he was inadequate.

"So now I'm faced with the problem of how to boost his confidence, show him he is normal and that many men would have reacted as he did." He looked at me with a smile on his face, "You know he fancies you don't you?"

"Yes," I laughed, "you told me."

"Well," he said, "I asked him, 'Do you think about Lena?'. He got embarrassed. 'Come on,' I said, 'I know you do, you fancy her don't you?'

"He was embarrassed but he did admit it."

"Oh good," I said laughing, "I was hoping he did."

"Stop it minx," he laughed, "'Well,' I said to him, 'What happens when you think about her?' He got embarrassed again. 'You get a hard-on don't you?' I said. He nodded, 'and you masturbate, don't you. Thinking of her?' He was mortified that I had realised all this and stumbled to apologise. I told him I didn't mind a bit and I was sure you would be flattered but the point I was trying to make was that he was perfectly normal. If he wasn't he wouldn't do all that in the first place would he. He seemed to get his head together then. I told him again that I didn't mind him thinking of you like that and that you would be flattered. So, anyway, I ended up by telling him to just be himself, not to be worried about anything. Jo certainly wasn't going to attack him in the restaurant was she. He saw how silly he was being and his confidence returned. He wanted to know how to treat her and I just said treat her like a lady because she is one."

"Do you think he'll be OK now then?"

"Well, I hope so. I think Jo has got the measure of him. Dressing younger will make him feel better I think. She appears much more demure and less experienced dressed like that so I don't think she'll threaten him. If he just behaves like himself they'll have a wonderful evening."

"Oh, I do hope so," I said, "they look so right together. You know, I was thinking; if it does go well tonight and she comes home happy, I think we should tell her about Guy being best man and you getting him to the villa. It's unfair to keep it from her and it'll give her time to sort out in her mind the best way to deal with his visit, won't it?"

"Yes, I think you're right. She deserves that, but I don't want him to know. We must make that clear. If he has too much time to think about it he'll run a mile. Look Lena, you know if he comes to the villa she'll seduce him won't she. It's going to be hard enough for any man to be around you two hotties dressed in swimsuits so I'm sure he will run a mile when he sees you. I think she'll have to 'catch' him early but then that's up to her."

"Oh, I think she will. And she knows she'll have to be careful. Come on, let's get some food, I'm starving. We'll grill her when she gets home," I added laughing.

We spent the evening listening to music, as usual I suppose, and cuddling each other. I did ask him about Friday and Saturday.

"I want to start tomorrow night," I said as I cuddled up to him, "and I think Jo does." He smiled. "That way we might get more cums out of you," I added laughing.

"Well," he said smiling, "I'm all for that. What did you have in that sexy mind of yours?"

"Tomorrow," I said, "we'll take it as it comes." He laughed. "No," I said, "what I mean is we'll make love to you and you can have us, any way you like. Then I thought we could do something special Saturday," I added smiling seductively at him."

"What have you got in mind," he said knowing it would be sexy.

"We're going to be sexy all day aren't we?" He nodded. "Well, my idea is that each of us had two hours to get the other two to do what he or she wants. So, say from 10:00 to 12:00 Jo would be the one in charge. She can tell us to do things to each other or to her, then from 2:00 until 4:00 I get a go and from 6:00 to 8:00 it's your turn. After 8:00 it's anything goes, hopefully some DP'ing. How does that sound."

"Mmm," he said smiling at me, "that sounds interesting, but what about me. I'm not sure that I can keep it up all day. I might just be able to manage twice," he laughed, "I suppose I'd better start eating oysters."

I laughed back, "No," I said, "I've thought it all out. You cum once in the morning. Jo and I will toss a coin for morning and afternoon but, whoever gets the morning, she has to share your cum. Is that all right?"

He smiled, "Sounds good to me, but I won't be able to stay hard all day you know. I'll need some rest for the evening."

"I know," I said, "We'll just have to take that into consideration. After all, you have got a tongue and fingers," I ended archly. Then I remembered that we had the strap-on and the toys: should I mention them? Well, we'd be using the strap-on on Saturday night wouldn't we.

"Mike," I said, "we've got a strap-on and a dildo to, so you can have a bit of a rest."

He put on a hang-dog expression, "So, you don't really need me at all do you." Thankfully I could see he was only playing now, he wasn't worried about inadequacy.

"Not at all," I said laughing. "Remember, you told me that masturbating wasn't as good as the real thing and these toys will never replace that lovely cock of yours." And I put my hand on his groin just to make the point.

"Good," he said laughing as well, "so us men are not redundant yet."

"Far from it," I said thoughtfully. Touching him there had started a small reaction and, well you know me, I started to think about having him. He must have noticed my increase in temperature.

"No Lena, sweetheart. I'd truly love to but I need to rest for the coming struggle," he said smiling gently at me.

I hugged him tight and nibbled his ear, "Mmm, I'm looking forward to it. I hope Jo agrees." Then I remembered my earlier thoughts.

"Mike," I said pensively, "earlier, when you were talking to Jo, it sounded like a father talking to his daughter before her first date, Was it like that?"

"Well, I suppose it was really. Jo is younger than my daughters after all so I suppose I went into that mode. Why, does it bother you?" He seemed concerned. Then I realised. Of course this would be another thing that emphasized out age difference. I needed to be careful.

"No, it was sweet really. Caring. Mike," I was going to broach the subject now, "I've been thinking."

"Oh dear," he said smiling, "that doesn't bode well!"

"No, listen. Please. When you spoke to her like that I sort of felt as if you were our father. No, please listen. It felt wonderful. I've never had one have I. Just a procession of 'uncles' who either ignored me or fancied me. Watching you made me feel, oh I don't know, made me feel part of a family for the first time in my life."

"Good," he said, "you are my family, my family and my life. You know that."

I kissed him, "Yes I know that. I got to thinking though, mightn't it seem a bit, you know, oh how shall I say this, seedy. A father and daughter sort of thing?"

He laughed, "Incestuous you mean?"

"I don't know really. I suppose so, yes."

"Well," he said, "that sort of feeling is always going to be a consequence of our age difference isn't it. Be honest, some of my appeal to you must be as a father figure, right?"

I thought about it and, of course, he was right. Deep down I did see him as a father figure as well as a lover. I suppose that's why I loved him so deeply, because I loved him two ways.

"Yes," I said, "I suppose that's why I felt like that when you spoke to Jo like a father. Nobody ever spoke to me like that before I met you. You sometimes treat me like a daughter I suppose, although I don't really know what being treated like a daughter is like," I ended rather lamely.

He smiled tenderly at me, "I don't mind if you see me like that. Perhaps I love you like a daughter as well as a lover. I'm not aware of it, only that I love you, so I can't really say. Do you mind if I treat you like a daughter not a lover?"

"No, you always treat me as if you love me so it doesn't matter does it, and I don't know the difference anyway. But, isn't it a bit seedy?" I couldn't get the idea out of my mind.

He laughed, "No it isn't the slightest bit seedy. You and I have a completely untainted love for each other. Anyway, for a start incest is not 'bad' in every society. Many cultures allow for it, secondly it's probably the most fantasized sex subject going. Certainly if you look on the erotic story websites there are far more stories about incest than anything else. In some quarters it's almost thought that banning it is wrong! There are two main objections to it really. One is a matter of control. Parents have control over children and elder children have power over younger siblings. That power or control can be abused and incest may be one result. Then there is always the genetic problem, children born of parents and siblings will share genes and there's a greater likelihood of genetic disorder being passed on. In a way, I suppose, with birth control like today parents, children, and siblings don't need to have children together do they. Anyway, all that doesn't matter does it. We are not related are we. I'm not your father, though, in a way, I suppose I love you like a daughter as well as a woman. It's confusing isn't it," he ended rather lamely as well.

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