tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 09.03

Caroline Ch. 09.03



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)

Joanna's Tale, 07:

Jo and Guy – their first night.

Hello again, Lena asked me to write about my first night with Guy. Well, my first thought as we went upstairs to shower was how many times can he manage it tonight. I wanted it to be a bit more controlled now. This afternoon I had let him have his way, as it were, and I didn't really have any tremendous orgasms although they were good. I was concentrating so much on not frightening him away that I couldn't relax and enjoy myself. Now he was different. I don't think he'd run away now, now he had, sort of, found himself – he was too much like his father.

I hoped he could manage it at least twice. That would make six times in a day, phew! When Lena asked me about and enema and would I take him there I wasn't sure about that either. I was certain he had seen some adult films so he must be aware of anal sex but it was a bit early in his experience to ask me for that. I didn't want to broach it with him, oh I wanted him there of that there is no doubt, but I didn't want him to think I was that forward, so I wasn't sure. In the end, taking the enema and being prepared seemed to be the safest option just in case. If he was bold enough to ask for anal sex at least I'd be ready. If I refused because I wasn't ready he might think I didn't like it!

The housecoats were lovely, silky and oh so sexy against my skin. By the time I got to the bedroom door I was quite hot and wondering how he would be. This was a first for him, waiting for a woman to come to him for sex, I expected him to be excited.

I opened the bedroom door and was surprised to see him sitting on the small sofa we had in there. He'd found a pair of Mike's silk boxers and they covered him. I had a little worry because he didn't look excited, not at all. He was just staring into space and I had to cough to get his attention. He turned to look at me, "You're beautiful," he said, "I'm sorry. I had to do some exercises to stop from, errr, from, errr, you know, thinking about you."

He was so sweet, "You were going to cum just thinking about me?" I asked smiling.

He smiled back, "Yes, sitting here waiting for you is very exciting."

"Well I'm here now," I said.

He came over, held me, and kissed my lips. A lovely soft kiss that said so much. Then he stepped away and undid the tie on my housecoat. "Can I just look at you. I want to have this memory of you forever, our first night together," he took a deep breath and looked at me earnestly, "the first of many, I hope."

He stepped backwards and I slipped the housecoat off my shoulders and stood naked in front of him. Just like his father, his eyes seemed to caress my body making me feel more real, more alive. I turned for him to show him by bottom, my back, and I leant forward slightly in that sexy pose. Finally I turned back to face him.

"Oh my god," he said, "so lovely. I've never seen a woman as lovely as you Joanna."

I smiled at him and said, "Now it's your turn."

"My turn?"

"Yes, your turn. Take those off and let me look at you. I want to remember you too."

He was a little shy now. I suppose it's more difficult for men, you've got this bloody great muscle sticking out in front showing everyone how you feel. He looked down, and he did have a bloody great muscle sticking out in front, took a deep breath and stepped out of the boxers. Then he stood for a moment before turning round just like I did. He had a lovely bottom! Tightly muscled with great buttocks. I suddenly had this tremendous desire to explore his bottom but I put that on the back burner for the future. I know Lena has experimented with Mike there and he loves it so I would try Guy later. He finally got round to facing me again and his lovely cock was sticking up proudly, I had to have it so I walked over and sat on the bed, beckoning him over. I was going to examine his penis now, suck it and swallow a portion of his semen. I was going to start his 'training', start teaching him control because afterwards he was going to get to know my pussy intimately. More training!

He walked the few steps over to me, his erection bouncing up and down sexily. It was really hard and now I had the chance to measure it properly, not worried he was going to get scared. He stopped in front of me, his hard muscle level with my face and I looked up at him – he had no chance at all did he?

"I'm going to examine you," I said licking my lips, "so I can remember what it looks like when you fuck me." I was using this language on purpose. I do quite like it really and I wanted him to feel at ease hearing it and using it, not as swearing but as good effective words for describing things.

"Do you want me to suck it afterwards?" I asked coyly.

This caused a very deep breath, "Oh hell, yes. Yes please."

"I will," I said, "but you promise not to pull away when you cum. Lena and I don't waste cum," I said smiling at him knowingly, "not like in the films. We want it inside us, so you mustn't stop or pull away, understand." He looked as if he was going to cum that instant, talking like this was obviously very exciting for him.

I smiled up at him, "This is your first lesson in making love to me, you know. By the time I've finished you'll enjoy yourself so much more, and you'll give me so much more pleasure, any woman in fact." Just to remind him about Lena again.

He smiled down, regaining control and composure. "I couldn't ask for a nicer teacher," he said, "or such a beautiful partner."

I laughed, "I certainly don't have to teach you what to say," I said, "you must have got that from your father. He always manages to say the right things." Just to remind him that I was having sex with his father although I couldn't say I wanted to carry on quite yet.

I placed my hands on his erection, one above the other and said, "Now I'm measuring you," I said laughing, "so I can tell Lena."

He seemed shocked, "You tell Lena?" he said.

"Everything, why?"

"Errrm, I don't know really. Is that what girls talk about, boys and sizes and things?"

"Some of the time," I laughed, "but you are special aren't you. She'll want to know every detail of everything we do."

Now he was really shocked. "Oh," he said and I could see the wheels in his head spinning.

I laughed again, "Oh Guy, don't worry about it. At the same time she'll be telling me all about her and Mike. We don't compare, we just enjoy. Now come on, concentrate," I said smiling.

"You are . . . two hands and a very big mouthful," I laughed up at him. "You'd be two hands and big mouthful for Lena because she's got bigger hands than me." That caused a little flutter. He wanted Lena, I could tell that! Now to drive home my relationship with Mike. "Your father is two hands and a big mouthful for me, a mouthful for Lena."

Again he looked shocked. I could see he was beginning to wonder at the depth of my relationship with the other two. Of course he must have 'known' but did he really realise what it meant. Time to 'move on' as it were. To take his mind of this aspect I started to gently masturbate him, softly caressing his penis with my hands. Another deep breath. Next I flicked my tongue and just caught the head as it reappeared from my gently clasping hands.

"Oh hell Jo, I don't think I can stand much of this."

"All part of the training," I said laughing, "what football team do you support?" I suddenly asked as I continued to play with him.

"What?" he said clearly surprised.

"What football team do you support?"

"Errr, oh shit Jo, I don't know, I can't remember."

"Better now? Back in control?"

He smiled down, "Yes, was that it?"

"Yes. Now I'm going to put you in my mouth. I'll be squeezing your balls quite tightly every now and then. Try not to cum too soon, OK."

"Oh hell, Jo I'll try. You can do this forever if you want."

I laughed, "You couldn't last that long, unfortunately," I said as I took the lovely head of his penis into my mouth. By now he was leaking pre-cum, far more that Mike did, he was younger I suppose. I could taste him, and now I could take the time to enjoy it. I used one hand to continue to stroke his cock into my mouth while the other cupped his balls. To be perfectly honest I'd never done this before, I was making it up as I went along! I just wanted him to learn control. Can you imagine, if he can cum 5 or 6 times a day AND control each one he can probably go on for ages, perhaps even enough to wear me and Lena down! So I hoped that squeezing his balls would bring him back from the edge, I know that Lena had done it to Mike and it worked then.

I sucked gently on his erection for quite some time, using my tongue to wash the head, proud now out of it's foreskin. He had a thinnish cock but he was long. I wondered idly as I enjoyed the taste and feel of him, whether Lena would be able to swallow him all. The thought of seeing that actually was quite stimulating and caused me to suck a bit harder and wish I had a third hand to play with my pussy. After a while of doing this, squeezing his balls as I felt him start to move in my mouth I began to 'lollipop' him, licking and kissing his hardness from base to head before sucking again. This caused a major intake of breath and a plaintive, "Oh fuck Jo, I don't think I can hold out much longer."

I took him out and said smiling sexily, "OK, not too much longer. Remember, I want it all in my mouth. When my hand leaves you, you can start to fuck my face, but gently now. When you cum, hold it in my mouth, OK? I'll suck your seed out of you."

"Oh god Jo, yes. Oh fuck!" he managed to say as his hips started to move back and forth. He'd lasted quite a while so now I let him go. Just to make sure he really enjoyed it I reached for his hands and put them on my head so he could hold me there. I like that, provided it's done gently, and he was gentle as he began to fill my mouth with short strokes. Then, "Oh fucking hell, yes," he shouted, (thank god for soundproofing!) and he started to cum. One hand held my head in place, not that I was going to move it, while the other held his spurting penis in my mouth. Considering he had cum four times only a few hours before there was plenty to swallow. As he finished I held the last remains of his sperm in my mouth and stood up to face him. He looked down and I opened my mouth to show him his offering, tangy and the consistency of thick cream, then I swallowed it.

"Kiss," I said and reached up for him. Would he? Would he be willing to taste his own ejaculation on my lips, kiss the mouth that sucked him? It's not too much to ask is it, after you've swallowed a man's seed? He was his father's son all right. He bent his head and kissed me full on the lips and he didn't resist as my tongue parted his lips and found his tongue. Now he could really taste the remains of his orgasm in my mouth. He didn't seem to mind, just revelling in the kiss. I loved the feel of his naked body next to mine and I was ready for his second lesson of the night. I just hoped he hadn't shot his bolt!

I moved away from him and lay back on the bed, "Come and join me now," I said, "for your second lesson." I could see his penis was very soft now, the softest I had seen it. Perhaps he was 'empty' – I hoped not! He joined me on the bed, laying next to me just like his father does, resting his head on one arm looking down at me. It feels nice when he does that.

"You're very beautiful," he said smiling down at me, "thank you, that was better than I ever imagined."

"Did you imagine me doing it?" I asked laughing.

"Often since we met."

"Who else did you imagine doing it to you?"

He seemed embarrassed now, "Oh, errr, you know, girls."

I wasn't going to let him get away with anything, "What girls, Lena?" I asked raising my eyebrows.

Now he was really embarrassed, "Errr."

I reached up and stroked his cheek, "Don't worry," I said smiling, "I don't mind and I know Lena won't when I tell her."

"Oh, Jo you won't tell her will you!"

I laughed, "So you did, did you. You imagined Lena sucking you?"

He smiled shyly, "Only before I met you," he said.

"She can deep throat," I said smiling up at him, "like in the films." He swallowed, "Have you seen many films?"

"Only a few, my younger brothers have quite a lot and Nardo used to have some." I did think, however, that he was hiding something.

"Well," I said, "Mike's got hundreds. He won't mind if we watch some together."

He seemed shocked, "You watch them?"

"Yes, we both do. Not the really nasty stuff, he doesn't have that sort of thing, but we like the boy girl stuff." I laughed, "It gives us ideas!"

"Will you tell Lena, you know, about me errr. . .?"

"Of course. She likes sucking cock as well, in fact she's a bit better at it than me. She really does swallow it all the way down."

I felt a little twinge on my leg. He was getting excited again. More evidence, if I needed any, that he really fancied Lena. I reached up for him and gave him a kiss, "Come on, this afternoon you said something about kissing me all over." I looked at him coyly, "Do you want to?"

This question resulted in a very deep breath and a twitch from his, still soft, cock. "All over?" he asked.

"Yes, everywhere."

He kissed my lips and then began to kiss my face, my eyes, my nose. Next my neck and my ears and onto my shoulders. Oh heck, I thought, he really is going to go ALL over, he'll take ages. I whispered in his ear, "You can touch me while you're kissing," I said and I took his hand in mine and put it on my pussy. "Explore!" I whispered. This caused another deep breath and a further twitch in his penis which was starting to grow yet again. I couldn't resist touching it so I reached down to gently encourage it's hardness.

Guy continued to kiss me, by now he'd reached my boobs and was sucking as well as licking my nipples and areole. "The underneath is very sensitive," I said, "kiss me there, please." He did and, at the same time, his fingers discovered the entrance to my vagina and one gently insinuated itself inside. This caused a deep breath from me and a little yelp.

He looked up. "OK," I said, "oh that is so nice. Kiss me there and use your fingers." He did, two now. "Oh yes, yes, but gently, softly."

Now his head began to move down my body across my tummy, all of which he kissed. His fingers were gently masturbating my pussy as I opened my legs to let him in. Sadly he'd moved away so I lost his penis but it was getting quite hard so I was looking forward to a nice long bonk! His tongue prodded into my tummy button and caused an almost orgasm, I'm so sensitive there, and it caused him to look up and say, "Am I doing OK?"

"Oh yes, yes. You can push your fingers in a bit deeper and don't worry if I shout out. It's lovely."

He went back to licking my tummy button and he did push inside my pussy a bit harder and deeper. I came. A good deep orgasm which continued as his mouth moved onto my mons and he began to use his tongue and teeth to play with my pubic hair. I was a bit dazed for a few moments after the orgasm and realized that his mouth was licking my pussy lips around his fingers. He'd missed my clit – time to educate him.

"Guy, Guy," I called softly.

He raised his head to look along at me, his lips wet from drinking my juices. "Guy, look at my pussy."

"Mmm," he said as he looked down, "lovely," and he continued to finger fuck me making it very difficult to concentrate.

I took a deep breath, "See at the top of my pussy, it looks like a little boat. Something is sticking out."

"Mmm," he said again.

Oh god! "That's my clitoris."

"I should lick and suck that shouldn't I?"

"Oh fuck yes," I said almost having another orgasm. Then he sucked it and I did! "Oh god, Guy, suck it gently please, oh fuck, I'm cumming againnnnnnnnn," and I did. This time tremendous. Unfortunately I almost passed out this time, as bloody usual, and Guy left my sex and came up level with me whispering my name.

"Joanna, Joanna, Jo. Are you all right?"

"Mmm," as I came round, "that was GOOD. Are you hard yet?" and I reached down to check. Well he wasn't quite but he hadn't kissed my back or my bottom yet. That would do the job.

"No," I said as I held his semi-hard cock in my hand," you'll have to finish kissing me all over," I said as I turned face down. He seemed shocked for a moment, not moving, then I turned my head towards him and said, "Kiss my back, and my bottom if you want." I had changed hands on his penis and I could feel the effect of mentioning my bottom was to harden him completely. He was definitely a bottom man like his dad. I wasn't going to have him there tonight: I'd promise him that for the future.

He started on my shoulders and worked his way down my back till he reached the swell of my bottom. He was rock hard now but I had to let go as he moved to kiss my cheeks. The feeling of anticipation was tremendous. Would he kiss or lick me there, use his tongue on my tiny little bottom hole? I couldn't wait to find out. He kissed my bottom cheeks all over and then he moved down to the back of my legs. I didn't seem that he was going to kiss me there.

"Guy," I called softly, "Guy." He looked up. "Do you want to kiss between my bottom cheeks. You can if you want to." I was betting he would want to and, sure enough, he did. His tongue started at the bottom of my spine and slid along the length of my bottom crease, across my anus. I jumped and let out a sob. He stopped.

"Don't stop, don't stop, please. Use your tongue on me there."

He didn't need telling twice. He must have seen this because he started to rim my anus pretty well. "Oh god Guy, that is good. Push your tongue inside now."

No hanging back from him, his tongue, rolled like his dad's, tenderly invaded my bottom hole bringing another orgasm. As this passed I turned over and reached for him. "Make love to me now," I said as I opened my legs, "love me."

He bent forward and kissed me long and tender before moving between my legs. I could feel his magnificent erection banging against my leg. "Please put it in now but slowly, slowly." He took his weight as I'd taught him, pointed himself at my vagina and pushed forward slowly. When he got about halfway, well I thought it was halfway, I said, "Stop." He looked stunned. I smiled sexily up at him, "No, not completely," I said smiling, "now pull out then back in. Each time go a little deeper. That's really good for me . . ." Ooohhh, he did and it was good. Then he was completely inside me and beginning to make love to me. My orgasm was on its way so I reached up and pulled him down onto me, kissing him before I whispered in his ear, "Would you like to put it in my bottom?" I expected him to cum and he did, shouting out loudly, "Oh hell, Jo, Jo, Jo," as he pumped what was left of his essence into me. I came as well, reaching my legs round him and holding him in me before we both came down off our high.

He fell sideways off me and I smiled at him, "Did you enjoy that," I asked him.

"Oh Joanna, I've never felt like that before. Tonight, everything, hell, I love you."

"You love my body you mean", I said testing him.

"Yes, I do love your body. It's overwhelming, wonderful, tremendous, fantastic, beautiful but I love you as well, more than your body."

"You lovely man. I love you too." Then the promise. "You didn't answer my question." He looked embarrassed; he knew perfectly well what I meant. "Would you . . .?"

"God, Joanna," he took a deep breath.

"Guy, we have no secrets from each other. If you want to do something you must tell me. Don't be afraid or shy. I can only say no can't I? Now, do you want to put it in my bottom?"

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