tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 13.01

Caroline Ch. 13.01


Caroline – Part 2, Ch. 13.01


If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

Just a short interim chapter with a little bit of plot and some personal opinions from the mouth of Caroline. There is a little bit of philosophising about how woman are treated.

I am sorry for such a delay in posting but I have had lots of computer and internet problems and also time has been at a premium. I hope to post several new chapters from Caroline in the next week or two. I also have a new novel length story almost ready. I continue to struggle to finish Kate and find the time to start on part 2 of Miranda.

I know there is no sex in this one but please, please read it as it does underpin much of how people behave in this world I have created. The next two chapters are also non-erotic although there is discussion of sex.

Please remember that the 'Caroline' story was written some time ago and purely for my enjoyment. I had not considered submitting it when the vast majority was written.

Caroline's Tale:


Hi, me again. Wasn't that good? I really enjoyed reading that and yes, it was prompted by making love again. I liked to keep these little stories about our life. They've given me great comfort over the years.

Anyway, back to the story.

As the men left we turned to Amy to begin her grilling. Well, not really, we were just interested in how she got on and, yes, we did want to know how our men had performed. Mike knows us too well. We were keen that they were good, good in bed because we did boast about them, we were proud of their ability to satisfy us, and other women. Now, just a word about other women, well I didn't mind Mike looking; as I've written before, he is a man and men look. In a way I'd be worried if he didn't but, although I wasn't really jealous in that way, I was too sure of his love for me now, I didn't want him 'spreading himself about' as it were. If he liked a girl so much and I liked her as well there was no reason he couldn't have her, as long as I said so. I know Jo felt the same about Guy, even more so perhaps, because he was so inexperienced with women. He hadn't been with anyone before Jo and she was conscious of the fact that she had been with other men (boys really) although it never bothered Guy. He always said he was happy with just her, she was fantastic, which, of course, generally made her feel really good and start crying!

So I turned to Amy and asked her, "Well," I said, "what was it like?"

Surprisingly she seemed a bit down now. She'd been fine in front of the men but now she seemed sad.

"Oh Lena, it was marvellous, wonderful. I had so many cums and I enjoyed it so much. I didn't want them to stop. I almost cried when they both came because I wanted it to go on and on." She seemed close to tears now.

"What is it Amy, you can tell us," said Jo, then seriously, "they didn't hurt you did they. They'll be in trouble if they did!"

"No," she said, "they didn't hurt me. I'm a bit sore but that's to be expected isn't it." Then she started crying.

I held her tightly to me, "Oh Amy, Amy, what is it. What's upset you."

"I'm a slut," she managed to mumble in between her sobs. "I enjoyed it so much I must be a slut, a whore. Just like those girls in the films. The men called them sluts and whores. I let myself be used by them didn't I? Oh Lena, Jo, what have I turned into?"

Now I understood. Because she'd had a sexual experience this afternoon far outside the ordinary she was feeling guilty so she was punishing herself, just like society punishes all women who enjoy sex.

Look, I'm going to get on my high horse now. Why is it that a woman who has several partners and enjoys sex is called a slut, whore, or other such negative names yet men who do the same are call things like lotharios or said to be 'sowing wild oats', 'playing the field': all positive terms.

It's all right for men to put themselves about but not women. I get so angry with this cultural bias. It's in the language as well. Women have just as much right to enjoy sex as men and to use their bodies as they want to use them. Of course they have a responsibility as well, every right comes with a responsibility. A responsibility to themselves and their dignity but then so do men. It's just that it's all so unfair. Look what it was doing to Amy. She'd done nothing wrong had she? She just wanted to have a unique sexual experience. All three adults agreed, nobody was hurt or forced to do anything against their will, so what is the problem. Why should society, or Amy herself, judge Amy differently from the men. She would be the one vilified wouldn't she, if anyone found out. Not the two men who'd taken part.

I'm sorry about that but seeing Amy in such a state got me really annoyed. Not with her but with a culture that could be judgemental about what she did in private and with adults. I mean, ours is a pretty free culture after all, god knows what it must be like for women in others.

I looked at Jo and we both realised we had something of a repair job to carry out here. We sat either side and cuddled her.

"Shusssh," whispered Jo in her ear, "shush now Amy. Don't think like that. You are not a slut and you never will be."

"Do you know what a 'slut' is?" I asked her softly.

"A woman who puts it about I suppose," she said, "one who likes to be fucked by lots of men. I don't know really but they called the girls in those films sluts didn't they?"

"Yes they did and I don't know why really. That's one of the problems with most adult movies, they seem to want to denigrate or deride women. I can't think that all men feel like that, Mike doesn't and he likes watching them. Anyway, 'slut' can mean several things, all negative but they were using it to mean a woman of loose morals or a prostitute I think. Well, are you a woman of loose morals Amy?"

"I don't know, I suppose I am now because of what I did this afternoon aren't I?"

"Am I, or Jo?" I asked.

She thought for a while, "No I don't think you are. I don't think you have loose morals. Well, oh I don't know, I don't know about morals. I'm confused now."

"Good," I said, "be confused but don't feel bad. The problem is that a woman of loose morals is called a slut and derided but a man is called a Lothario and praised. It's all negative Amy and don't you believe it. What you did this afternoon wasn't wrong, it wasn't immoral. You were three adults enjoying yourselves in a sexual playground. You're not hurt neither are they so nobody can really complain can they. By that definition Mike and Guy are sluts as well aren't they?"

"Well, they can't be they're men."

"That's the bloody problem isn't it." God I get angry when I think of this, "Why the hell not. If you are a slut so are they, well in principle anyway. Don't have any of it Amy, you are not a slut, a prostitute or anything other than a young woman who enjoyed an afternoon of sex with two men. Neither am I nor Jo, and we do it more than you I can assure you."

I seemed to be getting through to her now. She had stopped crying and become quiet. "Now, stop being silly," I laughed, "and tell me whether those men lived up to our expectations!"

Now she smiled, "Oh bloody hell Lena, yes they did." So she told us about the afternoon, enjoying the memory of being filled by those lovely men.

"I was a bit sore at the end," she said smiling, "especially my bottom." She looked at me, "Mike really laid into me over the arm of the sofa," she said laughing, "I could almost feel him in my throat."

"Mmm," I said remembering our foursomes, "he can be rather demanding in that position and it does make it so easy to get really deep doesn't it. Oh bloody hell Amy, you realise we've got to wait nine months before they'll do that to us again."

She looked shocked, "Why?" she asked.

"Because we think that neither of them will do anything out of the ordinary while we're pregnant. They both funny like that," said Jo, "still, it is nice to know they think of us and think of the fun we're going to have in nine months time," she added laughing, "I don't suppose they'll leave out bottoms alone Lena, so no chance of getting pregnant again is there?"

This made us all laugh and banished most of Amy's fears although she still looked a little sad. "You're still sad Amy, why?" asked Jo.

"Oh, I don't know. I suppose I'm a bit jealous of you two really. You're so lucky aren't you. Two wonderful men to share or keep for yourself. I kind of wish I had a man of my own."

Jo looked at me and smiled, "Well," she said, "when we get back to Bologna you can start looking for one can't you," then with a wink she added, "and I don't think you'll have to look very far."

Amy looked shocked, "What do you mean?"

"Come on," I said, "it's plain that you like Bernardo. You do don't you?"

She looked away shyly, "Yes, yes I do. He's so, so. Oh I don't know, so vibrant, so alive. But he's married isn't he."

"Yes he is," said Jo, "but I shouldn't let that worry you. He is absolutely smitten with you, you know. Sally told me. He's talked about nothing else since you came."

"Really," she said preening herself, "really," she added thoughtfully. "But what about Sally. I don't want to come between them."

"I've spoken to her," said Jo, "before we came down. She knows how you both feel and she doesn't mind. She even fancies you a bit herself, not that she's ever been with a woman." She laughed, "Perhaps you can 'cum between them'."

"You are terrible Jo," she laughed back, then seriously, "she doesn't mind? Really?"

"Really. I don't know why but she seems very keen on you two getting together. You know she can't have any more children so perhaps that's the reason. Nardo loves his children very much and I'm sure he would want more."

"So," I said, "when we get back you can get to work on them both, in between university that is," I added laughing.

"What's funny?" Mike said as he and Guy returned.

"We were just talking about Amy and Nardo," I said making Amy blush bright red.

"Ha," said Mike smiling at her, "she's admitted how much she likes him has she?"

"He certainly likes her," said Guy laughing, "he could hardly stop talking about her last week."

"Don't tease her you two, you've had your way. Come on, we've all got to get ready for dinner. Where are we going Mike?"

"The corner," he said naming one of our favourite restaurants in Stresa.

So we got ready, had a lovely meal and returned home quite late somewhat the worse for wear. Amy said she would sleep in the spare room tonight, she thought I should have Mike all to myself, not that he could do anything she had laughed.

Well, she was wrong because he did. He made love to me with his tongue. No! not like that. He told me how much he loved me, quoted loads of poetry, kissed me a lot, and made me cry. Not a nasty cry but a good cry. We went to sleep cuddling each other.

Wednesday was a quiet day, mostly taken up with cleaning the villa in case we didn't come back for a while. I didn't know what they were going to say at the clinic so we hadn't made any definite plans to come back because I knew Mike, together with Jo and Guy, had to go back to the UK early next week.

We three women cooked the meal in the evening and we all got an early night for an early start in the morning.

We drove back to Bologna with me, Jo and Amy in the back chattering away about the wedding and Guy and Mike talking business. That's the nice thing about the Jaguar. You can have two conversations. We got back just before lunch having started very early because Sally had made several appointments for the afternoon to sort out our dresses. Jo was being fitted and we had to check mine for fit as well. We also had to get Amy a dress because Jo had asked her to be bridesmaid as well. She'd refused at first saying she didn't know us that well but Jo insisted. As she's said, Amy was practically her sister in law. So Thursday was a very busy day and we all needed an early night.

I'm not going to say too much about the next few days. Things were very busy and I've asked Jo to write about it one day. The only thing I really want to mention is Jo's visit to the doctors. Gianna was worried that Jo wouldn't enjoy her wedding, well afterwards really, because she wouldn't have sex if she was pregnant. Of course Gianna knew that that was rubbish so she had arranged for Jo to see a doctor to confirm her pregnancy and tell her it was all right to have sex.

As Gianna told it, it was quite funny. The doctor, a typical Italian man, was quite straightforward. He couldn't definitely confirm she was pregnant although he thought it likely but he did say that sex wasn't a problem. Babies were quite strong at this time and not bothered by being disturbed! He said any kind of sex was OK and she needn't worry. We all laughed when Gianna told the story on Friday afternoon and Jo was much happier. She and Guy could celebrate properly over the weekend.

We all had a rehearsal for Saturday and what with everything else it was another very busy day and an early night.

As before, Saturday was hectic with lots of time spent of getting Jo looking absolutely wonderful in her white wedding dress. We all cried at the wedding, including the men. She looked like a goddess and poor Guy was completely overtaken by her beauty. He could hardly speak during the ceremony he was so overcome. There were short speeches at the wedding breakfast which Jo and Guy left quite early for the hotel. We all enjoyed ourselves for the rest of the afternoon and evening before going to bed slightly the worse for wear. Poor Bernardo spent the whole evening almost paying court to Amy with Sally looking on apparently quite happy, on occasion she even encouraged him. We thought it a bit strange at the time but all became clear much later.

It was a nice day on Sunday so Mike and I took a packed lunch and walked around the grounds in the brisk late autumn sun. We had a lovely time together, holding hands, kissing and talking of the future.

"Mike," I said as we sat finishing out lunch, "will you have to go home next week?" I was aware that some things needed doing at home but I wasn't sure what would happen at he clinic on Monday.

"I think I'll have to precious," he said. "Guy and Jo are going home on Tuesday so I could go with them but we don't know what the clinic will say tomorrow," he added seriously. "Sweetheart," he said tenderly, "I think we should wait until tomorrow then make our plans."

"Mmm," I said, "I hope everything is OK. I feel really well and we have been good haven't we," I added smiling sexily at him.

He laughed, "Yes," he said, "apart from drinking liqueurs."

"Don't," I said laughing back, "you are terrible."

"Mmm, I know," he said, "I'm just looking forward to trying it again."

"Well, only 15 days if all goes well!"

With that we both laughed, packed our things and carried on strolling. When we got back we found that Silvio, the boys, and Maria had returned home that afternoon. Gianna was staying another day and going back with Jo and Guy on Tuesday. I was pleased really, it might give me a chance to get to know her better.

As ever, please vote and comment. It's been a while so I'd be happy to hear from any admirers (are there any?)

To be continued:

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