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Caroline Ch. 14.01



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

A short chapter covering the Saturday before the three of them leave the villa for home and reality. More romance and more (anal) sex!

Mike's Tale:

Saturday at the villa

A busy morning tidying everything up and storing things in one bedroom. I cleared out the office and the breakfast room so the builders could get about freely and moved the table tennis table and the fitness things. Luckily our neighbour had room in his garage for this stuff so the garage area was clear. Our neighbour, Ruggero, was going to keep an eye on everything at the villa. He was a doctor at the local hospital and lived in his villa all year round. The architect was also going to keep a weather eye on the builders.

I was also conscious that Gianna was looking quite sad at leaving so I mentioned it to Lena. "Lena love, I want to make love to Gianna one last time this afternoon. Soft and gentle. You don't mind?"

"No," she smiled, "of course not. It'll probably be the last time for a while, well a week or two anyway. Make her feel special Mike." Then she had an idea, "Mike, use poetry, you know something like the 'summers day' sonnet. She'll love that."

"But that's yours," I said.

She smiled softly and kissed me, "Yes, I know but I don't mind sharing it with Gianna. I'll do a light lunch and we'll eat out again tonight then we can leave the kitchen nice and tidy. Are we leaving early?"

"Yes," I said, "we'll just have a cup of coffee and breakfast on the way. Is that OK?"

"Mmm, it'll save on the washing up!"

So Lena made lunch and called Gianna down. She'd been upstairs packing her few things.

After lunch I turned to her and whispered, "Arna, I want to make love to you, do you want to?"

She smiled sadly, looked at Lena who nodded, and said, "Oh yes, yes please. Lena, come upstairs with me, please."

Lena looked at me and I nodded and off they went. I cleared up and showered, wearing just a dressing gown and boxers, awaiting my call, as it were. I wanted this to be good, something that Gianna could hold in her memory so I thought that Lena was right about the poetry, I just wished I knew some in Italian. Then I thought of the song, oh yes that was the thing!

After about 20 minutes Lena came down. "She's waiting for you Mike. She's very sad, I think she believes that this might be the last time. She still can't really believe that we can go back." She looked serious, "We can can't we? She doesn't have to go back and be like she was does she?"

"No," I said, "I won't let that happen Lena, I love her and you too much."

"Go up there and give her the time of her life Mike, and remember," she added with her most sexy smile, "only two days now. I can't wait to feel you inside me again, it seems so long."

That was exactly how I felt. I longed to feel myself inside her sex and, I'm sorry to say because she was pregnant, deep inside her bottom. "I'm looking forward to that as well," I said kissing her and going upstairs.

Opening the bedroom door, I walked inside and there was Gianna lying on the bed. She was wearing the most beautiful red satin pyjamas. They covered her completely but hid nothing, if you know what I mean. She looked absolutely marvellous. I slipped off my dressing gown and stood looking at her for a few moments and, as I did so, she got up and crossing to me, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. I kissed her back, revelling in the feeling of her boobs pressing into my chest through the satin.

"Oh Mike, Mike, caro," she whispered in my ear, "ti amo, caro, ti amo."

I was pretty emotionally wrecked by this. I'd put up a brave front to both of my loves over the past few days but I couldn't really be certain of exactly how Silvio would react to Gianna and me so, although I'd just told Lena I thought it would be OK, I wasn't certain. Her saying that Gianna thought this might be the last time had struck a cord in me. Could that be true? Well, I wasn't about to allow that. So I put my arms around her, kissed her, and whispered back, "Anche ti amo amata, ti amo molto."

"Love me caro, please love me!" She sounded desperate somehow so I knew that Lena was right, she did think this might be the last time. Well there wasn't much I could do to persuade her that I wouldn't let that happen so the best thing I could do was to make love to her, to make it good so that she would remember it.

"Love you, love you, oh yes, I love you and I will make love to you." I held her at arms length, looked into her eyes and began to quote (I can't sing):

"Vorrei bacciare i tuoi cappelli neri,

le labbra tue e gli occhi tuoi si belli

Vorrei morire con te angelo di dio

O bella inamorata, tesore mio.

Stringimi, o cara, stringimi al tuo core,

Fammi provar l'ebbrezza dell'amor."

She looked at me in surprise and then, as the impact of the words hit home, she began to cry softly. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me again and again.

"Oh that was lovely, lovely, lovely. I want you," she ended, "now."

I began to kiss her back, kissing her lips, her eyes, and her hair just like in the song. Then I undid the pyjama top and slipped it off her shoulders. As I did so she held me tight again and I enjoyed the pleasure of feeling her boobs against my chest. Her nipples were hard in her excitement and were like small handles pressing into me. I started to kiss her shoulders and her chest before turning so I could sit on the bed and allow my head to be level with her boobs. Now I could concentrate on them properly. I pulled her towards me and buried my face between these gorgeous mounds then I began to worship them with my mouth. I licked the nipples one after the other and bit each gently as I tweaked the other. I ran my teeth along the erect nipples causing a series of soft sighs from Gianna and her hands to come up and stroke my hair as I attended to her wonderful breasts.

Moving from the nipples I concentrated on the underneath where they joined rib cage. They were still firm despite her age and the children and licking and biting here gave her great pleasure. It must have been too much for her because she pushed against me and I fell back onto the bed with Gianna on top on me. She was kissing and licking my chest and across my stomach, I guessed where she was going!

Easing myself onto the bed properly I laid back and awaited her pleasure which I soon found to be to remove my boxer shorts and start to gently masturbate my already fairly hard cock. One hand continued to do this whilst the other cradled and stroked my balls making them as hard as my cock. While she was playing with my wedding tackle her tongue was licking my nipples and running down across my stomach to meet her hands. He mouth covered the head of my cock causing as sharp intake of breath and a muffled, "Oh shit Gianna, that is good."

Her tongue washed around the head and probed for the tiny pee-hole which released it's first drop of pre-cum which she sucked out and swallowed. Now she took more into her mouth and sucked hard. I nearly lost it then and filled her mouth with cream. I would have liked to have done that but I wanted to have her every way this afternoon so that she would remember. I moved my hand down to her head.

"Gianna, Gianna, caro. You'll have to stop. I can't hold out much longer and I'm a 'one-shot' merchant now."

She took her mouth from my erection and looked up at me, "I don't mind, I want you in my mouth, to taste you."

"I want that too," I said, "but first I want to make love to you properly and to take il tuo privato. If you want, I'll cum in your mouth after that but you have to stop now."

She smiled her sexy smile and using her tongue to give my cock head one last lick said coquettishly, "I'd like that but first, you have a tongue do you?"

"Oh yes, yes indeed and I intend to use it. Come here you sexy minx!"

She crawled up level with me and we kissed again. I became conscious that she still had her pyjama bottoms on as I enjoyed the feeling of the silk against my legs. "Lay back sweet one," I whispered, "for me to enjoy you."

With a soft sigh she laid back and I moved down to her thighs. There I tenderly removed her pyjama bottoms and looked down on her sex nestling below her mount of Venus. It was beautiful! Bending my head I kissed her stomach and down across her tummy button before teasing her neatly trimmed pubic hair with my teeth. Blowing softly on her pussy I opened her legs and knelt between. I could see the lips of her vagina, moist with her arousal. I enjoyed the scent of her and bent my head to lick around her sex and down the inside of her legs, running my tongue in long lines.

"Oh yes, caro, yes, yes. Kiss me there please."

This was her afternoon so I moved back to her pussy, teased open her lips, and licked the inner walls. The taste was wonderful, so different from Lena and Jo and all younger women I suppose. I don't know whether it is my imagination but older women do taste different. I wonder if older men do as well? I'll have to ask Lena about that.

Anyway, I kept on licking her pussy lips, occasionally moving up to her tiny clitoris which I sucked and bit tenderly. This caused a massive orgasm as her hands came down to trap my head on her sex. I kept on using my tongue as best I could and after a while she let me go.

"Caro Mike, that was good. Can I have you inside me now?"

My answer was to kneel up and, leaning forward, take my strong erection in hand and introduce the head to her very wet tunnel of love. I took my weight on my other arm and pushed forward slowly into her pussy. Warm, damp, and heavenly, the walls of her vagina clung to my cock. It was all I could do to control myself as I revelled in the feeling of her. Halfway then out, then back a little deeper, out again, then back until I was fully inside her. I didn't want to smother her so I held myself on both arms as I moved back and forth, slowly fucking her. Her eyes closed and she mumbled something I didn't understand then she reached up and pulled my head down to kiss me. At the same time her legs came up and grasped me, pulling me inside and making it almost impossible to move. Her whole body shuddered as she came, a fairly strong orgasm by the feel of it. She moved her mouth away and let out a long sigh before, "Oh Mike, caro, caro. Mike, ti amo," she said as the orgasm seemed to linger.

While this was going on I was trying desperately not to cum. I wanted her to remember this afternoon, to give her everything, so I wanted to hold on for her bottom. I had to hold perfectly still and concentrate as I felt the contractions of her vagina around my erection, this became increasingly difficult. Luckily she came down from her high and, opening her eyes, stared into mine.

"That was lovely," she said smiling, "are you still OK?"

"Mmm," I said smiling back, "are you going to let me go?" She still had her legs clasped behind my back.

"No," she said in a sultry voice, "I want you to stay like this forever."

I laughed and kissed her, "Would that I could," I said, "but I wouldn't last that long."

She pouted. Now Gianna doesn't pout that much, not like Lena who has turned it into a very sexy art form, but when she does, she pouts! Just seeing her do this almost made me lose control again and I had to lean forward to kiss her again. As I did so she released me and rolled me over so she was on top with me still inside her. She looked down through heavily lidded eyes, she was still very, very hot.

"This is good, I like this," she said as she began to moved up and down on my shaft. "Ooooooohhhhhhh yes, I do like this." She began to bounce on my cock, taking it deep inside before she leant forward and kissed me again. "Ooohhh yes, yes, caro." She was cumming again. Not as strong but good all the same I supposed.

Finally I managed to coax her off me as her orgasm receded. I stroked her lovely dark hair and kissed her lips and cheek. "Tu sei bella Arna, bella sei tu."

She smiled her wan smile and reached up to stroke my cheek, "Ti amo caro Mike, ti amo." I was visited then by an intense emotion, a need to hold her to me so tightly, almost as if I wanted to take her inside me, possess her. Not a nasty feeling but one of almost total love. I was even more determined that Silvio should not be able to come between us now.

She pulled my face down to hers and whispered, "Mio privato now. I want you there. Can you do that?" she ended coyly.

Could I? Of course I could. "Oh yes sweetheart, oh yes. Turn angel di dio, turn." Languidly she turned face down and parted her legs slightly. What a beautiful sight! A woman like this is for me, a bottom man through and through, all I can ever ask for and she knew how much I like this.

Head facing me she smiled and said, "Like this caro, like this again. Your favourite."

She knew me so well. I started by kissing her shoulders and then down her back to the mounds of her bottom cheeks. I gently kneaded and stroked them before I opened her legs a little more and knelt in between. Now my thumbs were able to part her bottom cheeks and explore the valley between, and intensely sensitive place for Gianna. On parting the cheeks I could she her tiny anus properly. A small star surrounded by muscle which showed as a faint ring. Not so faint when it came to gripping though, as I knew only too well.

I bent forward and paid homage to her with my tongue. I started on her cheeks before running my tongue down her spine and into that sensuous valley, coating it with saliva. Up and down I ran my tongue gaining that lovely feeling as it covered her anus which would open slightly in anticipation. She was moaning softly. I'm not sure what but she seemed very happy. Time to knock at the door so I rolled my tongue and probed her anus. She opened with ease, Gianna was very practised in anal sex and her bottomhole was very receptive. I began to tongue fuck her bottom, managing to get almost all my tongue inside. What a wonderful feeling as the ring of muscle grips the soft smoothness of my tongue. Not too much of this, I had to be careful because I was on quite a high by now. Paying attention to a bottom as beautiful as Gianna's was so much of a pleasure.

Leaning forward I whispered in her ear, "Now?"

"Si, amato, si," she whispered back.

I reached for the KY and put some on my erection, throbbing now, then on to her anus before squeezing more inside. No dry run this time, it's quite uncomfortable in this position, plenty of lube is needed but it is the best as far as I'm concerned.

Opening her legs slightly more I used one hand to part her cheeks to expose her anus then leant forward and positioned my cock head there. This brought a soft, "Oh yes, yes, yes, caro. Now," from Gianna as she tried to close her legs even more. I pushed forward and her anus opened to receive the head of my cock before squeezing again to let me know it could. God it was good! Now some more. I pushed harder and, as she loosened, I buried half inside her before a slight withdrawal to ease her muscle followed by a drive forward that filled her completely.

"Aaaaagggggghhhh," from Gianna and "Oh shit," from me.

Now the final bit. I gave her all of me, using my thumbs to part her cheeks and allow the last ½ inch inside. She was fantastic. Still tight, still hot, burning hot and, with the KY, slippery. What a feeling!

"Move," she said, "move. Please take me." So I did. Starting with long, deep strokes: almost all out then back in as deep as possible. I did this for a while and she turned her head and said, "Up, please amato." This meant allow her to close her legs. It is very, very erotic and quite a struggle for the woman. Leaving my cock half inside her tight rear passage I lifted one leg outside hers, then the other. The effect of my cock was electric. Much, much tighter and so, so exciting. Now I started to really bugger her, sodomise her. It's quite dangerous this position. I can get carried away at the sight and the feeling of a woman beneath me like this.

I didn't want to take her like this however, so I pulled myself back and became much gentler, not driving into her but just moving softly and tenderly. That pulled me back from the brink and allowed me to last a bit longer. By now Gianna was bucking under me in the throws of yet another orgasm and, what with the rippling going on inside her rectum, I was very, very close myself but I wasn't sure what she wanted so I held off -- how I don't know! As she came down her head turned towards me.

"I want it in my mouth," she said, "can I, please?"

Hell, she could have it any way she wanted. "Oh Arna, any way you want."

I pulled out of her tightness and she swung her body around to sort of lay in front of me. Her mouth covered my cock head and she began to suck. As her other hand was playing with my balls at the same time it was only a matter of moments before I started to cum, and boy was it a cum! I'd been hard for ages, hard in her mouth, pussy, and bottom so I was full. I pumped pulse after pulse into her mouth and I could see her swallowing as I did so. That got even more. My whole body was alive, fingers and toes tingling as this tremendous orgasm him me. I roared as I filled her mouth. I don't know what I said but Lena said she heard me downstairs. It was a very powerful feeling and I seemed to go on pumping for ages. When I finally looked down at Gianna I could see my juice running down her cheek and out of the side of her mouth. There must have been gallons (well only figuratively) because she hadn't been able to swallow it all.

She knelt up and smiled, opening her mouth she showed me a mouthful of creamy liquid which she slowly swallowed. Then she used my fingers to wipe the cream from her cheek and then sucked it off; this is bloody sexy as well and brought another weak pulse which she caught on her hand which still grasped my softening cock. She licked this off as well and swallowed it.

"Now I will remember the feel of you everywhere and the taste of you," she said smiling sadly at me.

"Don't worry," I said smiling, "we'll do this again."

"Are you sure Mike. I still can't help feeling that we'll lose this again, you know, when I go back to England."

"No," I said with feeling, "I won't let that happen Arna. I'm not prepared to lose you again. Anyway," I said laughing, "Lena will never allow it." Then seriously, "I think she loves you as well you know. She has an amazing ability to love,"

She smiled shyly and blushed softly, "I feel strangely about her Mike. Sometimes she seems like a daughter, sometimes a sister, and sometimes, oh I don't know, like a lover I suppose. There are lots of different feelings mixed up and I can't really sort them out."

I smiled, "I know," I said, "I feel the same sometimes. Most of the time I love her like anything but sometimes, like Wednesday, I felt she was my daughter and you my wife. Then I see you two together and I feel such an overwhelming sense of belonging, of rightness, of love really. I can't let that go Arna, I won't no matter what Silvio says."

"Will you see him next week?"

"Yes, we won't get home until Wednesday evening so you can stay the night with us," I smiled, "no hanky panky though. I'll see Silvio Thursday. Do you want to be there?"

She thought for a moment and seemed unsure. "Oh Mike, I don't know. Should I, how will he be?"

"We'll wait and see," I said. "Lena will want to come so you stay with her while I talk to Silvio. If I think it's OK I'll call you in. Oh Arna, everything will be all right, I know it will. We can be discreet, as Lena says, you'll want to visit Guy and Jo and her so it will be OK. Don't worry."

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