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Caroline Ch. 14.04-14.05



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

This is the last bit of Caroline that I have written and it sort of ends the concern about how Silvio will deal with Gianna and Mike. It also takes the relationship between Lena and Gianna on apace. There is no described sex although it is talked about. It isn't finished off properly as the tale will go on. That is, I will write more for my own enjoyment but, unless I get some supportive feedback about the story, I won't post any more. Much more is intended including the seduction of Chloe (or rather her seduction of Mike – with Len's permission of course) and the bedding of Maria, to bring the story up to the start of 'Anna'.

Oh, and to the 'faithful' reader in NZ (anonymous of course), I don't waste your time – you do - reading a story you know you won't like. Get a life or write your own stories! And of course everyone fucks everyone else – it's an erotic story website for ------ sake!!

Lena's Tale:

In which Lena tells of the journey home, of Jo's fatigue, and of their meeting with Silvio.

We had to get up quite early on Tuesday, early enough to say goodbye to Nardo, Amy, Sally and the children and we did so over a very substantial communal breakfast which saw both children on Mike's lap and ended with Gloria smothering him with sticky kisses. Watching him, I longed to see him with our child (and children – I wanted more than one). Gianna watched with love in her eyes and Nardo, Amy and Sally laughed all the time as he played with them.

We got away about 9:00 o'clock. It was a long days driving for Mike and it was on this journey that I decided to learn how to drive. I knew Mike didn't like flying very much, particularly now with the terrorist situation, and I wasn't that fond of it so I thought we would almost always drive down to Italy. Two drivers would make that easier. Jo could drive, so could Guy but if we went down without them, Mike had to do it all. We changed round during the day, sometimes Gianna and I would sit together in the back and then at the next stop one of us would go in the front to keep Mike company. He really bombed it on that day, breaking speed limits all the while but, luckily, he didn't get caught! This meant we got quite deep into France on the first day.

We stayed at a Novotel just off the motorway. Clean and tidy but very boxlike. The food was good though. We all squeezed into one bed and slept quite well considering.

The next day, Wednesday, saw us at Calais about 6:00 o'clock so we popped in to a supermarket to get some wine. Of course he didn't really need to save money but he said he could buy so much better wines here than at home and he resented providing the Chancellor with even more of his hard earned money. He had arranged for Nardo to forward quite a bit of wine to England, again so he could get the better quality.

We finally arrived home about 8:00. I rang Jo from Folkestone and she was at the door waiting for us. I flew into her arms and hugged her tightly. We both started crying. Then I pulled away and looked at her – I didn't like what I saw.

"Jo, Jo, what is it. You don't look well at all." She looked really tired and drawn, and she was white, as white as a sheet. "You've lost weight," I said to her, "Guy, Guy, what's been happening?" I said turning to him.

"It's all right Lena," Jo said holding my arm, "I'm just a bit down that's all. It started a couple of days ago."

I turned and looked accusingly at Mike. "Did you know about this?" I said giving him the stare.

"Yes," he said, "I did."

"Why didn't you tell me? You know I'd have wanted to know. You should have told me," I said, angry with him.

"To what purpose?" he said in the voice he used when he was keeping me in order. That rather stopped me. His tone and the question told me all I needed to know really. He hadn't told me because I would worry and there was nothing I could do. Well, he was right but that didn't mean I couldn't be angry did it!

"You should have told me!"

"No I shouldn't. You would have worried and that would have done nobody any good. I've started to sort things out," he said. "I've made appointments for both of you to see Mary tomorrow afternoon. I spoke briefly to her about Jo's symptoms and she said she thought was something to do with the pregnancy, not that common but nothing to worry about." He turned to Gianna, "Arna, tell her not to worry." I was surprised he used 'Arna' in front of everyone but I suppose it was his way of telling her that neither she nor he should be ashamed of their relationship, particularly in front of their son and his wife.

Gianna put her arms round us both. "Yes, lots of funny things happen in your first pregnancy, I'm sure it's just a temporary thing. Come on, lets go inside and leave the men to unload the car. We're all hungry."

"Oh Guy's made something to eat," Jo said.

"Bloody hell," said Mike laughing, "doctors tomorrow then!"

Guy laughed, "It's all right dad, Jo supervised. I think everything is in the right place."

"I'll just get the things we need then join you. You go in with them Guy, I'll be in in a minute." So we left Mike outside and went into the breakfast room. Guy and Jo had laid out a buffet and we tucked in. I was starving – well I was feeding two wasn't I? Jo didn't seem to eat much and I said to her, "Jo, you're not eating."

"I know," she said, "I just don't feel hungry."

"Nonsense," I said smiling, "you need taking in hand. Guy, have you been neglecting your wife?"

He smiled sadly, "No," he said, "but she doesn't really take much notice of me. Now you're here you can boss her." I could see that he was worried about her and I realised he must have confided in Mike almost straight away. Grudgingly I realised it was better that he hadn't told me. I would have worried and it wouldn't have done any good.

Now I took to persuading Jo to eat and finally managed to get something down her. I would have liked to spend the night with her but she was in no state for anything other than sleep. We were all tired as well after our long journey so we went to bed quite early. Guy had made up the spare bed for Gianna and she made to go in there as we three went upstairs.

"No Gianna," I said, "we share him tonight. Is that all right Mike?"

He smiled, "What can a man say. Of course. I love you both."

"What will Guy say?" said Gianna with a worried look towards their room.

"Guy will say 'good luck'," I said, "and so will Jo. Come on, to bed. We can hold him tight and think of Saturday," I added mischievously. This brought a blush to Gianna's face and a big smile to his.

"Come on you two gorgeous women, let's go to bed. I can only think of one thing I'd rather do than go to sleep holding you both."

"And what's that?" I asked smiling, certain of his reply.

He laughed, "Stay awake holding you both," he said as he swept us into his arms. It was lovely. He laid in the middle, me on one side Gianna on the other, each of us with our head on his shoulder. What more could a woman ask that to fall asleep with her head on the shoulder of the man she loves?

I awoke in the morning feeling that today was going to be important. We had to see Silvio and that meeting was vital for Mike's happiness. Of course it was important for Gianna as well and I wanted it to go OK for her but I loved him and his happiness was paramount. Then we had to go to the hospital. I had no doubt that I would get a clean bill of health after what the doctor in Italy had said but I was worried about Jo. I almost couldn't bear to think that she might have problems with the baby, lose it possibly. I would need to lean on Mike if that happened we all would.

Gianna came out of the shower as I awoke and bent to kiss me. "Come on sleepyhead," she said apparently confident now, "time to get up. You've a lot to do today. Wake Mike."

"I'm awake," he mumbled as he took in her naked form. "Bloody hell Gianna, I wish we had an hour or two, what say you Lena?"

"Mmm," I said laughing, "but we haven't. You'll have to wait until Saturday." This caused Gianna to blush and say, "You two are terrible." The she thought, "Saturday is a long way away."

I laughed again, "Gianna, we haven't got time. You've got to get me ready. I'll just shower." So I did, joined shortly by Mike who soaped me all over, not sexily, just washing. It was lovely.

After breakfast Gianna and I went back upstairs to get me ready. She put my hair into a sexy little bob that alone took five years off my age. I didn't like wearing it like that usually but today was special. I dressed in a simple white bra and blouse and a navy blue skirt, not too short but short enough! I finished with white ankle socks and simple, plain white shoes. Gianna stepped back and looked me up and down.

"He'll fall in love with you like that," she said smiling, "you look about 16." I hadn't any makeup on either so that made me look younger.

Jo looked at me as we entered the kitchen area, "God, you look lovely," she said, "he won't be able to resist you." Mike and I had explained all about seeing Silvio to Jo and Guy over breakfast. "Guy's gone to work until lunchtime," she said, "then he's coming with us to the clinic."

"He's worried sick you know Jo," I said. I was too because she didn't look any better this morning, in fact probably worse. She was a sort of grey colour and she looked so tired.

"I know," she said sadly. "I hope the clinic goes well."

Mike came in then, "Bloody hell Lena, what have you done to yourself. You look, well, fabulous, I suppose," he said.

"Mmm, you like," I said smiling and doing a twirl. I knew he wasn't into young looking women: he liked his women to look and dress their age. Oh he liked young women but not underdeveloped girls.

"Yes," he said, "I like and Silvio will as well. You'll knock him dead." With that he turned to Gianna, "Are you OK Arna, ready?"

She smiled a sad smile. This was, could be, a turning point in her life, all our lives really, so I wasn't surprised she was sad. "Yes, I'm ready. Let's go." So off we went to Silvio's hearts in our mouths, hoping that everything would work out.

Gianna let us in when we got to their house and we went into the lounge. Silvio must have heard us come in and came in a few moments later. I was trying to judge how he looked but I didn't know him that well. I did know, however, that both Mike and Gianna were very uptight. That was dangerous because they might say the wrong thing at such an important time so I took the initiative and bounced up to Silvio and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Hello Silvio," I said smiling and laughing at him, "you look well."

As you know, I can be pretty provocative when I want and now I hit him with both blue eyes wide open. What with that and the way I was dressed, he had no hope whatsoever did he?

He smiled back at me breaking whatever mood he was in, "Ciao little one," he said as he stood back and looked at me up and down. "You look very lovely today." Then he raised his eyebrows, he was no fool was Silvio, "Is this for some purpose I wonder?" he said as he looked at Gianna and Mike who were standing there rather taken aback by my forwardness.

I was determined that I should control this meeting. Look, I'm not being arrogant or anything but so much rested on it for all of the others. For Mike and Gianna their love, and for Silvio his pride. All strong emotions and all liable to betray them in discussion. Of course it meant a lot to me but I was not quite so involved, I could distance myself a little bit and retain control. And I was determined that it would all end as we wanted!

I gave him a great big smile, "Yes," I said, "it's for you. Why don't we all sit down," then seriously, "we've got some talking to do."

So we did then Silvio turned to me, "Why are you here little one?" he said, "You know of this?" He obviously meant did I know about Mike and Gianna. I understood then that he wouldn't realise that I would know about them, would be happy that they were together.

I kept my smiles coming big and strong as I said to him, "Yes, I know about 'this' as you say." Time to bite the bullet, "I know about them being together. I know all about them," then, more seriously as I fixed him with my eyes, giving him both barrels again, "and I know about the past." He looked guilty then and I suspected I had scored a point, put him on the back foot.

I looked at Mike and Gianna and saw that they seemed to be happy with how I was doing so I carried on speaking to Silvio. "I'm here, Silvio, because I wanted to explain to you how this has happened." Another blast from big blue eyes, "It's my fault."

"Your fault," he said in disbelief. "How is it your fault that they cuckold me, make me ashamed," he said with some feeling. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that they were both getting angry now, Gianna in particular, so I had to speak quickly. Heated words would solve nothing.

"Yes, my fault. Listen. It was me, I wanted them to get back together Silvio, for both their sakes. I arranged it, I tricked them, I almost forced them together." Oh I know that's stretching a point but I did arrange things didn't I?

"I don't understand," he said softening a little bit. Well, I was smiling at him and flashing quite a lot of leg!

"I knew that Mike still loved her and, after our talk before the wedding, I knew that Gianna still loved him. She's loved him for all these years. You knew that didn't you, you knew that she loved him but she hid it, hid it deep inside because of her loyalty to you. She is your wife. Now, now however, I realised that she sensed a change in you." He fixed me with his eyes from beneath bushy brows. "I decided that it was silly to go on like that. Silvio, I want everyone to be happy, as happy as they can be and Gianna was so unhappy."

"You don't love her do you?" I asked. I felt I needed to make everyone here be honest. I didn't think he would be happy if I tried to browbeat him, he wasn't that kind of man. This question foxed him. I don't think he'd expected to be put under the hammer like this and he obviously had difficulty answering it with us all in the room.

"Errrr, Lena, umm," he stuttered in reply.

"You can tell her," Gianna said quietly causing him to look at her, "I know it's true."

He looked defeated suddenly, beaten, as if things had caught up with him and he looked older. "No," he said so softly that I almost couldn't hear him, "no, I do not." This brought a gasp from Mike and a soft sob from Gianna. I could understand that. It doesn't do you much good to hear the man you've been married to for thirty years saying he doesn't love you, even if you do have your real love sitting beside you!

"Mike loves her," I said, "loves her deeply. He has for twenty five years but since your return he's hidden it out of respect for you, and for Gianna who made her choice all that time ago. But Silvio, we can't go on paying for the mistakes of the past forever. They're together again, in love, and they want to stay but none of us want you to suffer. We all respect your pride."

He looked at me askance, "How can you do this," he said, "he is your husband, you are his wife. How can you let him have another lover so calmly. Don't you love him?"

I smiled at him then at Mike, "Oh yes, I love him. It's because I love him that I can do this. I want him to be happy, to be complete. Well, without Gianna he wasn't totally happy and he wasn't complete. And I love Gianna too," I said fixing him again with two large blue eyes, "I want them to be together and to be happy."

I sensed he seemed to be melting, his attitude less defensive, "We will be discreet," I said. "Gianna will want to see Joanna and me while we are pregnant, and will want to help. She'll stay over at our house sometimes but no one outside the family will suspect anything, it will seem natural. Nardo knows, so does Guy." I decided that we must be honest now, "Guy knows everything," I said causing a sharp intake of breath from Mike and Gianna.

Silvio looked at me again through hooded eyes, "You are a shrewd young woman," he said with a wry smile, "you knew I realised didn't you?" Well, not really but I wasn't about to give up the advantage.

"I just think it's important to be honest. We're all 'growed up people' aren't we, so we should be able to talk like adults. He still loves you, you know, that won't change. He's lucky," I laughed, "now he has two dads." This broke the ice a little bit and Silvio now looked across at the two of them sitting quietly side by side.

"You are a very lucky man, amico, very lucky indeed to have such a woman as this at your side." He gave a deep sigh, "It seems I must pay the price of my misdemeanours." He took a deep breath and looked at Gianna. "You have been a good wife to me," he said, "loyal and dutiful, you have borne my children. I thank you and I release you."

Gianna gasped, "Release me?"

"Yes, I release you. I ask only that you respect my pride and do not let the world know of our affairs. That you be, errm, discreet is the word I think. We will live in the same house but go our separate ways I think." He looked round at us all, "I ask also that the boys do not find out yet. I would not want them to think less of me that I cannot hold a wife!"

"Silvio, old friend," said Mike emotionally, "the only people who will know will be us, Guy and Jo, Nardo and his family, and possibly Maria. Gianna may have to tell Maria Silvio, she may notice the changes in her mother. Silvio, we have been friends, through good times and bad, for almost forty years. I want us to remain friends despite this, can that be? I love her you know, love her totally." It seemed like he was asking forgiveness and he seemed quite desperate, surprisingly so. I understand male bonding now but I wasn't so aware then. I suppose if you have been friends for so long, especially all they'd been through together, it must be difficult to let it go. He's written above of how he saw Silvio as something of an elder brother he never had so it was important to him.

"I understand amico," said Silvio. Another deep sigh, "Life is cruel, life is kind, it is a throw of the dice." He looked at us all, "It would not have happened had I not strayed all those years ago so I have only myself to blame." He smiled sadly, "I wish I had found a woman like you little one, to love me, but it was not to be. I am content," he said and he got up and crossed to Gianna and Mike. I held my breath, what was he going to do?

He bent and kissed Gianna on the forehead, "Be well Gianna, and be happy." Then he turned to Mike, "Amico, I think we can still be friends," he smiled wryly, "even though you steal my wife!" he ended with a laugh. Mike stood and they held each other.

"I wish you well amico," said Silvio, "and you will look after her?"

"Oh yes," said Mike, "I will. Look, I'll go and get Gianna's things from the car." So Mike left us together.

"I'll make us some coffee," said Gianna leaving Silvio and me alone. I felt a little sorry for him then as he sat down, left alone: well not actually but figuratively. He looked suddenly older, smaller: his great height diminished. I realised what Gianna had said at the villa, he probably was a lot older than any of us realised. I went over to him and sat on his lap. Oh I wasn't flirting, that wouldn't have been fair would it, I just wanted to show him that I thought he had done well.

"Thank you Silvio," I said and I pecked his cheek, "thank you for making it easy for them."

He smiled, "AAAAhhhh, little one. What would be the purpose. You have seen through me. Would that I were thirty years younger and I would give Mike a run for his money." He looked at me with a hint of the lust he would have felt thirty years ago, "You are a beautiful woman little one and thank you for thinking of me," he said as he looked me up and down. He knew I'd dressed for him! I realised then that it didn't really matter how you looked, it was how you felt that mattered. I decided to press him

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