tagAnalCarol's Anal Surrender

Carol's Anal Surrender



Carol Simpson was on a short flight from Detroit Metro Airport to Chicago's O'Hare airport. She was going to spend a four day weekend with a guy she had met months ago in the Detroit suburbs. They met at a bar and hit it off and since then they had sex every time that Walt was in town. He had often talked about having her come to Chicago and spend a weekend with him. Carol took Thursday and Monday as vacation days to make it a long weekend visit.

In spite of the short flight Carol reflected on their times together. Walt had proven to be a good lover and he always took care to pleasure her every time they had sex. Carol was also a good lover and she loved making Walt cum. He could cum in buckets and at least three times every time they had been together. Walt was very skilled in both oral and vaginal sex as was Carol; however he admitted that his favorite was anal sex. Carol had never engaged in anal sex including anal foreplay until she met Walt.

The last time they were together they had showered and it was in the shower that Walt tongued her anus. The sensation was unbelievable and Carol loved it. That was as far as they had gone with anal sex as she was still an anal virgin and the thought of taking his big cock in her ass was frightening. They talked about anal sex and Walt promised her that if she tried it that he would be gentle and considerate. He also told her that if she wanted to stop at any time that he would not force himself on her.

Carol had agreed and this was the weekend that she was going to give up her ass. The fight attendant announced the arrival at O'Hare airport and Carol that within hours she would be in bed with her lover. Walt had a nice home in the Chicago suburbs with a swimming pool and Carol looked forward to spending the weekend with him. The plane landed and taxied to the gate. Minutes later she met Walt and they picked up her luggage at baggage claim and they were off to his home.


Walt Robinson was a successful management consultant who subcontracted with many different consulting companies. Ideally he would land a deal on his own but he also entertained many subcontracting opportunities as well. He lived in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and worked out of his home. He had a tasteful three bedroom home with a very private backyard with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Walt was physically active and worked out religiously. He had a nice home gym set up and when he traveled he worked out at the hotel fitness center. Walt was an avid Alpine skier and tennis player. He also loved to SCUBA dive and enjoyed golf when he had the time. At 28 years old he was a picture of health. He was 6'2" tall and weighed 185 pounds. He had short light brown hair and hazel eyes and an above average cock.

Carol was a 27 year old brunette cutie who weighed about 115 pounds. She was 5'5" tall with a 32-24-35 figure. She was nearly flat chested but her nipples stick out a good ½" when she was excited. She had lovely shapely legs leading up to her very desirable ass. Carol knew that her ass was her best asset and she dressed accordingly. She had never let guys in her ass but they loved to fuck her doggy style and play with it. The only thing ever in her ass had been Walt's tongue in the shower.

Carol had met Walt at a hotel bar that was very popular with the locals. The hotel had a good band and Carol and Walt had danced frequently that night. She enjoyed a couple of drinks with Walt and they talked about other topics than business. She was very comfortable in his presence and she loved his sense of humor and his professional demeanor. He was a very impressive young executive. Afterward they went to his hotel room. Carol kissed Walt on the lips and he kissed her back.

Carol moaned when Walt's tongue entered her mouth and then she let her tongue slip into his mouth. Carol then felt her body lifted off the ground and she heard the sound of the hotel room door shut. Walt carried her straight to his bed and placed her on it. Then he laid bedside her and they resumed kissing. Walt was an excellent kisser and he soon had Carol's juices flowing and had her moaning. She kissed him back and her tongue danced with his when it entered her mouth.

Walt removed her blouse and bra and took her tiny naked breasts in his hands. Walt caressed Carol's tits and tweaked her nipples with his fingers. She moaned and groaned in his mouth in response to the foreplay. Walt then moved his mouth to her tits and sucked gently on her nipples and placed loving kisses all over Carol's breasts. Carol threw her head back on the bed and moaned.

Walt unzipped her skirt and pulled it off of her body and she lifted her hips off the bed to make it easier for him. Next he removed her pantyhose and panties at the same time. He moved his head between her legs and placed his mouth on her sopping wet pussy. Carol cradled his head in her hands and guided it to her vulva.

Walt placed her thighs on her shoulders and dipped his tongue into her pussy. He moved his hands up around her legs and found her tits. Walt then began to lick and suck on Carol's pussy as s he gently fondled her breasts and tweaked her rock hard nipples. Carol had her head back and her eyes closed as she savored every moment of Walt's skilled oral love making. Carol felt her climax building in her body and she knew that she was on the verge of a massive orgasm. She tried to think of ways to delay her orgasm as she wanted the foreplay to last forever but she was to far gone.

"Oh God, oh God, this is going to be a big one," Carol called out.

Walt fastened his mouth to her pussy as he prepared to stay with her throughout her climax. Carol screamed and grabbed Walt's head first to hold it tight and then to push it away as her crescendo rocked her body. But she could not push Walt's head away and he kept at her pussy as she had one orgasm after the other. Carol drenched Walt's face with her female nectar and her body trembled as chills ran through her. Walt kept right on eating her after she had cum and the sensation became too intense for Carol. She was not strong enough to push his head away so she begged him to stop eating her pussy.

"Walt, please stop. I can't cum anymore. Please I can't take anymore!" she pleaded.

Walt stopped and then he stood up leaving Carol to recover on the bed. He took off all his clothes and then returned to her. Carol felt his erect cock brush against her body when he moved between her legs. Carol looked at his big erect cock as it stood out from his body. She quickly assessed that it was over 7". Walt eased his cock into Carol's pussy and she wrapped her arms and legs around his body. It felt so good to Carol to be filled with a large cock. Walt took his time fucking her although he was so turned on that he came quickly. Carol felt cum shoot into her womb and it had been awhile since she felt that much of it surge into her.

Walt remained hard after he ejaculated and continued to fuck Carol. Now he could pace himself and bring her pleasure as he wanted this to be a moment that she wouldn't soon forget. Walt fucked her keeping his cock in constant contact with her clit and Carol had a string of orgasms. Carol was exhausted and sated. She couldn't remember ever being fucked like that and cumming so many times. Carol felt Walt leave the bed for a few minutes. She closed her eyes feeling wonderful and sexually satisfied.

Walt returned to the bedroom and he stood by the bed with his erect cock standing straight out from his body. Walt was proud of his body and he stood by the bed letting Carol admire it this time before he made his next move. Walt walked along side the bed brining his cock closer to Carol's head. Carol stared hungrily at his huge cock and then reached out with her petite hand to stroke it. She marveled at its size and compared it to her former boyfriend's smaller dick. Walt sighed as she masturbated him.

She leaned forward and her tongue snaked out and lapped at his ball sac lightly, then she gently licked up and down his shaft. Her tongue circled his cock head as she slowly took the head of his penis into her mouth. Her lips slid further down the shaft as she was able to take half of his cock in her mouth drawing a moan from him. They hadn't spoken a word to each other since they had kissed. Carol began to bob her head back and forth on his cock, sucking hard on his huge member and testing her gag line. She was able to get about six inches in her mouth. Carol slurped loudly on Walt's dick as her soft lips glided smoothly up and down his long cock.

Walt stood before the shapely Carol as she sucked ravenously on his impressive cock. Her hand cupped his balls and gently caressed them as her tongue licked at the head of his dick each time it came out of her mouth. Walt placed his hands on the back of her head and guided her as she gave him an incredible blowjob. He loved the way she sucked his cock. She was so hot and he couldn't believe his good fortune as he held her hair back to watch her pretty face and sensuous mouth. Carol kept her eyes closed with her lips snugly wrapped around his shaft as she bobbed back and forth. She was still incredibly turned on and her pussy was soaked.

Walt brought excitement into her life that night and Carol now realized that she would be addicted to him. She was so enamored with his impressive cock; she found that she loved to suck on it. Carol was desperate to please him and to make him cum. Carol wanted this to be Walt's best blow job ever. She put all her efforts into it and it did not take long to bring Walt to the edge.

Walt announced that he was cumming and Carol clamped down on his cock determined to swallow every drop of his seed. She could feel his cock jerk in her hand as volley after volley bounced off the back of her throat. Carol swallowed as quickly as she could and did not allow a drop to escape her mouth. She continued to suck on his cock milking it dry of his sperm. Then Carol took the cock from her mouth and Walt watched as she squeezed more cum out the end of his dick. Carol then wrapped her lips around it and sucked his man juice dry. She nibbled on his dick head causing him to shiver and he pushed her away. Walt's cock stayed hard and Carol marveled at the impressive organ before her. Carol lay back on the bed and displayed her beautiful neatly trimmed pussy to Walt.

Walt knelt before Carol at the end of her bed and kissed her from her knee up her soft thighs towards her womanhood. He took in the lovely smell of her as he kissed her smooth creamy white skin just beside her vagina. Carol was in a state of ecstasy and her heart pounded as she watched her lover lick her. Her cunt lips quivered as he teased them with his tongue and kissed her everywhere she desired. Walt's tongue was long and probed deep into the inner walls of her pussy unconcerned that he had cum in her earlier.

Carol ran her hands over her body cupping her tiny breasts and rolling her nipples between her fingertips. Walt sucked her cunt lips into his mouth as his tongue snaked around in her snatch. Walt still had not made contact with her clit and Carol desperately needed his tongue or his cock to touch her clit. She moaned in pleasure and frustration as Walt continued to tease her. He again wiggled his tongue deep within her pussy before finally nudging her clit. Carol jumped as a spark of pleasure shot through her body. Walt slid his hands under her curvy ass and lovingly cupped her shapely ass cheeks. He sucked her clit into his mouth and held it between his lips as he ran his tongue over the hard little pearl. Carol arched her back as she felt her orgasm approach.

"Oh yes, oh yes," she called out as the first wave rocked her body.

Carol grabbed Walt's head with both hands and pulled his face harder into her crotch. She vigorously humped his face as his tongue danced over her super sensitive cit. Her thighs clamped around his head and her entire body trembled as she came again almost violently. Carol felt her pussy pulsating as she covered Walt's face with her female juices. Finally she collapsed back on the bed releasing him in the process.

"Oh my God," Carol moaned.

Walt raised himself up and knelt between her legs. His huge cock looked intimidating as it hovered above her hips.

"Are you ready for this again?" he asked smiling confidently.

"Oh yes, yes please, make love to me now," Carol pleaded.

Walt held his cock and lined up the swollen head with the entrance to her sex. He pushed forward slightly allowing her tight cunt lips to open up for his impressive cock. He was about half way in when he pulled out and then slowly eased back into her causing her to moan in pleasure. Walt would push in a little and then pull out a little slowly working his cock deeper and deeper into her vagina. Finally his entire cock was buried in her and Carol sighed feeling completely full it was a fantastic sensation for her to be this full.

Walt held himself inside her waiting for Carol to start fucking him. He looked down at her and smiled and then she pulled him down to her and they kissed deeply with their tongues playing with one another. Carol was ready to be fucked and she needed his big dick to slide in and out of her and rub her clit. She began to move and then Walt fucked her using long slow hard strokes. Carol locked her legs around Walt's ass and pulled him into her. He began to fuck her harder and faster and she felt another orgasm on its way. She was at the mercy of his stiff organ as it pounded her pussy. If Walt hadn't just cum in her mouth he would not have been able to hold on as long as he did. Carol was so hot that squeezed him with her tight pussy; she was really a good fuck. Walt fucked through her one orgasm after another before he finally slipped his cock from her womb. Carol felt the void in her cunt as his cock left her body and she gasped as the coolness of the air touched her vacant pussy.

She stayed with him that night and in the morning she fucked her senseless again. He left her in his hotel room after showering and dressing. He had an early appointment and he had a flight out late that day. Carol showered dressed and went to her job. All day she could not get Walt out of her mind. She hoped that she would see him again as he did promise to call the next time he was in town. He did call her the next time and that was the beginning of their affair. Every time he came to town they would get together for dinner or a show and then incredible sex.


Walt pulled into his driveway and the garage door went up. He pulled into the garage and then carried Carol's suitcase into the house. He poured her a glass of wine as she unpacked and then he gave her a quick tour of his modest house. Carol loved it and she particularly liked the manly taste in décor. He showed her the backyard and it was totally private with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Carol wondered how many girls had sat on his cock in the Jacuzzi.

"Come on let's change and sit by the pool," Walt offered.

"Do I need a bathing suit?" Carol teased.

"Actually you don't but that's your call," Walt told her.

Carol had packed a bikini and she said, "I think that today I'll start with my bikini."

Walt laughed and then went to change. Carol's clothing was in the guest bedroom but she expected that most of her time would be spent in Walt's bed. They changed into their swimwear and Walt led her out to the pool. He set up lounges next to each other and brought out drinks for them.

Carol relaxed by the pool and she actually dozed off a few times. It was probably more due to her anxiety than the trip. They took occasional dips in the pool and sipped cocktails during the afternoon. Later that evening Walt prepared a pasta meal that was absolutely delicious. Following the wonderful meal and excellent wine, Carol sat in the living room as Walt cleaned up after dinner. He joined her minutes later with an after dinner drink. Carol was so thankful that he did not rush into sex that day.

When it was time for bed, Walt told her not to bother with sleepwear as he always slept in the nude and that she should too. Carol got in bed with him and welcomed him between her legs. They made love slowly and passionately and Carol had multiple orgasms before Walt filled her pussy with an enormous load. He then rolled Carol to her side and lay behind her in a spoon position. His cock was still hard and he eased it back into her pussy and fucked her until he came again. They fell asleep in that position. There had been no discussion about anal sex but that would change dramatically beginning on Friday.

The next morning Carol was awakened with Walt caressing her body. He had her nipples rock hard and he loved playing with the rigid nubs. Carol cooed and rolled to her back. Walt moved between her legs and she knew that she was in for one of his piss hard-on fucks. Carol had been through it many times and she knew that she would cum multiple times before she would have to beg him to stop. He never ejaculated with a piss hard-on. Walt was relentless with her and he fucked her continuously until she thought she might pass out.

"Please, no more, I can't take any more," Carol begged.

Walt pulled his cock out of her and then he headed for the bathroom. He was in there for several minutes before he returned. Her pussy was too tender and she didn't yet do anal so Carol sucked his cock until he flooded her mouth. His first load of the day was huge and Carol had all she could do to swallow it all. They stayed in bed for a few more minutes and then Walt took her to the bathroom to shower together.

In the shower he washed Carol's body and spent a long time on her lovely curvy ass. Once again he knelt behind her and rimmed her anus driving her wild and for the first time he pushed a soapy finger into her soapy asshole. Carol adjusted to the intruding finger and found that she actually liked the penetration in her forbidden zone. Walt ate her pussy as he fingered her ass and she climaxed again and moaned loudly. She felt faint and Walt held her as he turned off the shower. He held her in his arms with a fluffy towel and dried her body as she recovered. Carol was convinced that she would not be able to cum again that day.

"We need to get some food in you. Get dressed and I'll take you to my favorite breakfast spot," he told her.

Carol and Walt ate breakfast that morning at a delightful French bakery with a sidewalk café. Carol loved the pastries and the ambiance and she imagined she was in France. After breakfast they returned to the house and Carol was ready to sit by the pool again. They changed into their swimwear and took their lattes with them. Carol finished her latte and rolled over on her belly. She untied the top of her bikini and lay face down on the lounge.

Carol dozed off on the comfortable lounge chair and she was awakened later when she felt Walt's hands on her buttocks. He had removed her bikini bottom and he was applying lotion to her buns. Carol looked over her shoulder at him and saw that he too was naked and sporting a massive erection. She panicked briefly as she thought that he might make his move on her ass. Looking at his impressive cock she could not imagine being able to take it in her ass. Walt smiled at her when he realized she was awake.

"I don't want you to get sun burned," he told her as he spread lotion on her body.

Now that she was awake he applied the lotion to he legs, shoulders and back before returning to her buttocks. He squirted lotion in the crack of her bottom and rubbed it in tickling her anus in the process. Carol was getting turned on as he played with her ass and her body moved of its own accord. She felt her hips lift off the lounge making her ass more accessible. The side of his hand slid between her buttocks and he massaged one cheek at a time.

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