tagErotic CouplingsCarpool Ch. 01

Carpool Ch. 01


Note: Have any of you been in a carpool? How about one involving the opposite sex? Here we have two men and two women spending a lot of time together. Can they keep it on the friendship level? This story goes slow so if you are looking for instant sex chose another story. If you are not into married people fooling around stop now! Go back to the list of stories. All rights reserved.

Mark and Jim started carpooling over a year ago. They both lived down the Jersey Shore and worked for the same company in Union off the Garden State Parkway. It took them sometime more than 90 minutes to get home at night and sometimes longer on a Friday with the Shore and Atlantic City traffic.

"You're late," Jim said to Mark as he waited by the park and ride set up for the commuters who shared rides.

"Sorry. Overslept." Mark climbed into the passenger seat and tossed his briefcase in the rear. "It's still early."

"I know but the Sayerville traffic can be bad."

"Hold up," Mark said looking at the cute short blonde woman standing under the small shelter where Jim was parked. "Who is that?"

"Megan," Jim grinned. "I met her last week. She carpools with another woman who is kind of cute as well. And they both work...get this...in a bank near our office."

"Maybe we can all carpool," Mark joked. Jim drove away and before he got out of the parking lot said, "Hey you know maybe you're right. If they leave around the same time it might work and then we only have to drive once every four weeks. I'll ask her if she or they might be interested."

"Our wives will kill us," Jim frowned.

"They are the ones asking if we can get others to join us."

"To save money but not with two cute younger women."

"They probably won't be interested in it anyway."


Jim made sure to get to the park and drive earlier than usual the next morning. He was disappointed that Megan wasn't there however a few minutes later she parked her black SUV in a space near his. As she walked to the shelter he hurried to catch her. "Hey good morning."

Megan turned and saw the handsome older man she had met but had forgotten his name. "Oh hi," she grinned. They moved into the small shelter and sat on the bench. "Looks like it's going to rain later."

"Yeah, and it will slow things down on the way home." Jim took his time checking out her small breasts under the green sweater and nice round ass under the black slacks. He also saw that she was married. "I'm Jim."

"I remember," she lied. She saw his eyes checking out her chest and quickly closed her raincoat.

"You know it's cool that we work near each other. I know you don't know me that well but maybe the four of us can carpool. It would mean that we would only have to drive one week per month."

Warning bells went off. "I don't think so. I uh..I mean Jill, my friend, you know."

"OK, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come on to you. It's just that commuting is so tiring and costly. I completely understand." He sat back and opened the Wall Street Journal.

Mark was early as well and saw Jim sitting next to the woman. He pulled up in front of them and rolled down his window. "Hi," he grinned towards Megan.

Megan blushed and smiled. "Hi." She had noticed that he too was very good looking.

Jim picked up his briefcase and walked towards Mark's car. "Bye Megan."


Mark couldn't wait until they got out of the parking lot. "Well?"

"I think I scared her. She probably thinks I'm a stalker."

"Oh well nice try."


Megan started speaking as soon as she closed the door. "Oh God, you will never guess what just happened."

Jill was applying her eye makeup in the rear view mirror. "What?"

"Do you remember the cute older guy that is usually here?"

"I think so...they guy with the grey?"

"Yeah...well we were talking the other day and we found out that we work only a few blocks from each other."


"He asked me today if I ... I mean we...would be interested in carpooling with them."

Jill put down her eye brush. "You're kidding."

"No...I mean he said we could save money and won't have to drive but once per month. Our husband's would never agree."

"Shit, Gary wouldn't care as long as we save money," Jill frowned. "But, we really don't know these guys. What if they are mad rapists?"

"At least I would get some action. It's been quite dull lately."

"You're joking. You could never cheat on Tom."

"No never. I'm sure that they are ok and it might be cool to have a couple of guy friends."

They kept quiet as they entered the parkway. Both were thinking about the proposal.


They didn't see each other the next few days. The guys had to leave early and they just missed each other. On Friday Mark was sitting alone when Megan walked up to the bench. "Hey Mark...right?"

"Uh yeah...and you're Megan."

"Right. Uh...Jill and I discussed the carpooling idea."

Mark sat up. "Really...I mean..what do you say?"

"I think so. We uh want to do it but...you know..we have to ask our husbands."

"Same here...you know...our wives."

Jim pulled up and Mark walked towards his car. "It's all set so we will see you Monday and if everyone is ready I'll drive first."

"OK," Megan smiled. Five minutes after the guys left Jill pulled up. "I told them."

"Hurry get in." Megan moved inside. "I told Gary about it last night and surprise he doesn't care."

"Really. That's good because I'll tell Tom that Gary said it was OK."


Megan broke the news to Tom after dinner as he helped her clean up. "Jill and I found two others to share the carpool."

Tom smiled. "Wow...that's great. How did you find two other women? Do they work with you?"

Megan didn't look his way. "Actually it's two men. We see them at the park and ride every day and they work a few blocks from us. We start and stop work at the same time."

"Shit you really don't know these guys. I don't think it's a good idea."

"They are older and work for a bank just like ours. They both are married and have kids. I don't see a problem and we can save a lot of money."

"I'm sure you can find some women," Tom said as he dried his hands and walked from the room.

Megan waited until they were in bed that night. She had her sexiest nightgown on and was more than excited when he walked from the bathroom in only his pajama bottoms. "I have your favorite on."

Tom wasn't born yesterday. "Bribing me with sex?"

"It's been a while," she said turning off her night lamp. She leaned back against the pillow and lifted her knees. Her gown rolled down her thighs until he saw her trimmed dark bush.

Tom smiled and pushed off his bottoms. His cock was rapidly growing as he sat at her feet and caressed her legs up to her knees and then down her inner thighs. She parted her legs when his right middle finger moved into her moist dripping pussy lips.

"Ohhh," she moaned widening her legs more.

"You're so wet," he said pushing his finger easily into her hot depths. "Maybe you are turned on thinking about being with other men for a few hours a day."

"They are probably...uh...oh...right there...probably in their late forties."

"Uh huh...are they bald and fat?"

She wanted to lie but didn't. "No, both are very good looking and in good shape. OH YES...DON'T STOP!"

Thinking of his conservative wife messing around with an older man was turning him on as well. He pulled his fingers from her hot oven and pushed down his pajamas.

Megan was almost there when he pulled away and moved between her legs. She helped him enter her and when he started humping her she raised to get off. "WAIT! Tom slow down...OH GOD WAIT!" But Tom was too far gone.


Megan was used to this and quickly rubbed her clitty until she too climaxed. The thought of carpooling with the two men was enough. "OH GOD I'M CUMING!"

Tom was spent and on his back when she rolled over and kissed his ear. "So, the carpool is OK?"



All four were excited on Monday at 6:30AM. Megan and Jill got to the parking lot first.

"I feel like I'm on my first date again," Jill grinned.

"We are not going to do anything with these guys."

"But it's fun fantasizing about it," Jill giggled. "Sex this weekend was unbelievable."

"Same here," Megan grinned. "I guess we sit in the back right?"


Ten minutes later Mark arrived and saw the two women sitting on the bench. He could see they were wearing dresses under their coats. "Good morning ladies. I hope you are joining us."

"We are," Jill grinned. She liked Mark because he was tall and slim. Gary was shorter and had gained a beer belly the past five years.

"Great." He turned and saw Jim pull up behind him. "Then lets go."

They were silent for the first half hour. Mark turned a few times to smile at the women. He got a good view up Megan's dress until she realized he had turned.

"We have to be careful," Megan whispered to Jill after seeing Mark's eyes under her dress.

"So tell us about your families," Jim said glancing into the rear view mirror.

They took turns spilling out their histories. The trip seemed shorter when they pulled into the girl's bank parking lot. "We will see you at 5PM," Jim grinned turning to get a good look at Jill's legs as she twisted to exit his car.

For the next four weeks they became a lot more relaxed. Laughing about what happened at their banks. Jim discovered that Jill was a fellow Yankee fan and Mark was happy that Megan was a Mets fan. The women didn't care that the men got some free peeks at their panties and sometimes they did it on purpose when they exited the cars.

It was a month later when Mark mentioned sex for the first time. As Megan drove Mark looked over at Jim who was sleeping. "Did Lea screw your brain's out last night?"

Jim's eyes opened and looked at the two women in the front seat. "Uh...I don't think we should talk about...you know."

Megan giggled. "It's OK, we used to talk about sex when we carpooled."

"Yeah, what is said in the car stays in the car," Jill added.

"Well in that case yes sex was long and wild last night," Jim grinned.

"Tell us about it," Mark grinned putting Jim on the spot.

"I don't think I should."

"I was just kidding," Mark laughed.

"No please tell us," Jill grinned. She looked at Megan blushing.

"OK, my wife normally doesn't go for oral sex. Last night we had some friends over and after four glasses of wine and after they left she just went down on me on the sofa." He stopped to see if the girls had any reaction.

"Cool," Mark grinned. "Was that it?"

"Well what made it specially was that she really took her time doing it. Normally it's just a few kisses and licks but wow.."

The car got silent afterwards until Jill spoke. "So did you do her too?"

"JILL!" Megan gasped.


"Yes, I did the same to her. At least 30 minutes."

"Oh god...I need you to give Gary some lessons," Jill chuckled.

"Sure," Jim grinned. "Do we practice on you?"

"That would be nice," Jill laughed. "But Gary is too old-fashion for a threesome."

"I'll take Gary's spot," Mark joked.

"Control yourself," Jim said hoping Megan wasn't upset. She had not commented. "Sorry Megan."

"No, I fine," Megan quickly added.

Jim thought he would go for it. "How about you ladies? Do you...you know..do oral?"

"Jesus," Mark gasped.

"I do," Jill said looking over at Megan. She remembered that Megan had told her that she didn't.

"Uh...not really," Megan blushed.

They stopped at a red light by the guy's bank. "And you Mark?" Jill asked.

"It's been a while. Seems my wife doesn't like doing it since we've been married."

"Uh we are here," Jill said pulling up to the bank. After they left Megan turned to Jill.

"I don't believe we just talked about oral sex with two guys we hardly know."

"God, my panties are wet," Jill said pulling into a parking spot. "I hope I didn't get a wet spot on my dress."

"You're so bad," Megan said rolling her eyes.

The four had problems concentrating on their jobs that day and when the girl's pulled up in front of the guy's bank at 5:15 the men wasted no time getting into their cars.

As they entered the parkway Jim spoke up. "So what do we talk about next?"

"Baseball," Megan laughed. "The Mets are on a ten game winning streak."

It broke the sexual tension and after talking about baseball they settled back into what happened at work and what they were doing for the weekend.

"Actually my son has an all star game tomorrow," Megan said.

"Really?" Jim asked. "Where is the game? Maybe I'll stop by and watch?"

"Uh...yeah that would be great," Megan said. "You can meet Tom."

"How about you Jill?" Jim asked. "Big weekend plans?"

"No, I'm helping my Aunt at her nursery on Route 9."

"Actually I need a couple of fruit trees," Mark asked. Which nursery is it?"




"Are you sure you have to go to work?" Megan asked her husband early Saturday morning. "This is the third Saturday in a row and Bobby's all star game is today."

"Sorry I'll make it up to him. If they win they will play in the second round." He kissed her and hurried out the door.

The game had started and was in the second inning when she saw Jim wave as he walked up the bleachers towards her.

"I didn't miss much," Jim grinned as he moved next to her. He made note of her tanned legs under her red shorts and the tight blouse.

"Nope, zero to zero," she grinned. She too checked out his muscular biceps and legs as he sat down. "My son is the pitcher."

Jim turned and watched as Bobby struck out the next two batters. "Looks like a Yankee prospect," he joked.

"Nope Mets," she laughed as she elbowed him in his side lightly.

"Can I get you anything? A coke or something?"

"Sure," Megan answered. She checked out his tight butt as he walked down towards the concession stand.

Bobby pitched for another inning and when he came out he walked up to his mom. "Ricky wants me to go over to his house after the game. Is that OK? His mom will drive me home later."

"Sure," Megan answered. She introduced him to Jim.

"Where is your husband?" Jim asked. He turned and glanced down the front of her loose white blouse and saw most of her small creamy right breast.

"He had to work," she frowned. "Same oh..same oh."

"That's too bad," he lied. As the two teams shook hands on the field the dark skies suddenly opened up. Hard rain poured down on them.

"OH GOD!" Megan cried out. "I forgot my umbrella." She quickly gathered her purse and ran with Jim down towards the parking lot.

"My car is here," Jim said grabbing her arm and guiding her to the passenger door.

"I uh..." she started to say but when he opened the door she hurried up into the seat. Seconds later he moved into the driver's seat. "I'm so wet," she said feeling the water running from her short dark hair onto her white blouse, which had quickly become almost transparent. She looked down at the dark shadows of her nipples visible through the wet material. "Oops," she giggled.

"You are so beautiful," Jim whispered seeing the pinkness of her mounds.

She pulled out on the blouse until the colors of her chest disappeared. "This is kind of awkward."

"I like it," he grinned. The rain was so hard and with the dark tint on his windows no one could see inside.

"My hair is a mess," she said pulling down the visor and looking into the mirror on the other side.

As she leaned forward Jim looked at her wet pink back. He could see that she was not wearing a bra. "Your back is so wet." He reached over and ran his fingers from the middle of her back up to the white collar under her hair.

Megan knew she should stop him but his touch was electrifying. "I'm sorry if I'm getting your seat wet."

"It's OK," he said softly dropping his whole hand on her upper right shoulder.

Megan's body was trembling with excitement. His strong but gentle touch moved back down her back and then back up the middle. From there it moved to her left shoulder and then down her left side of her back. "Too bad you don't have a towel."

Jim remembered his gym bag in the back seat. "Actually I do," he grinned.

Megan continued leaning forward as he fumbled into the bag. She turned and saw him with a yellow towel in his fingers. "I'm not taking off my blouse." The rain seemed to be coming down harder.

"I uh...could dry under it."

"Oh God," Megan whispered as she reached back and pulled her blouse from under her shorts. As she held it upward she felt his hand move the towel under the material.

But the blouse being wet was too tight. "Maybe you could sit up straight and maybe loosen a few of the lower buttons?"

"Only two," she said sitting upright and with trembling fingers release the two lower buttons. She felt the towel move up over her soft skin and his fingers pressing through the terrycloth. For the next two minutes his hand moved the towel from top to bottom. She kept peeking out the window to see if anyone could see what they were doing.

As he moved the towel under her arm she quickly pressed her arm into her side to stop him. "Where are you going?"

"The front is wet too," he whispered

"OK, but just my stomach," she said feeling lightheaded. After he pulled the towel out she leaned back against the seat knowing he could once again see the clinging wet sheer material on her braless breasts. When she felt his fingers opening the bottom of her blouse she grabbed his wrist. "Just my stomach."

"The blouse is in the way," he said feeling her fingers letting go. He took his time exposing her flat abs and smiled when he saw the top of her pink panties above the waistband of her red shorts. His cock was rock hard as he dabbed the towel around and into her tiny navel. She giggled.

"That tickles."

After drying the exposed area he slipped his fingers from the damp terrycloth and touched her hot flesh for the first time.

Megan gasped when she felt his fingers. She again grabbed his wrist but didn't try to pull his fingers away. His fingers were now directed to a spot just below her navel and only two inches above her shorts. As he caressed in small circles her fingers loosened until he touched the top of her panties.

"We can't," she whispered in a non-convincing tone. Again she held his finger there as he toyed with the elastic. Her eyes were closed as he was able to get most of his pinkie finger under the silky material. They both wanted him to get to her moist sex but she held on until he touched the top of her pubic mound. "Jim."

"Shhh," he whispered.

Megan had never been intimate with anyone but Tom. Now she had her blouse half open with a handsome man's finger twisting into her bush. Another inch or so and he would know how excited she really was. It was then the rain suddenly stopped. She quickly jerked his fingers from under her shorts and sat up as she buttoned her blouse. "I've got to go."

Jim was disappointed as she turned to leave but she suddenly stopped and turned. He saw her face coming towards his with her eyes closed. Their lips pressed together and both tongues rushed out to taste forbidden fruit.

For the next minute their tongues explored and licked. Then just as quickly as it started Megan pulled back and wiped her lips. "See you Monday."


Jill had forgotten that Mark said he might stop by the nursery. It was around 3PM when she was working by the last greenhouse when she heard his voice.

"Got any marijuana plants?"

She was bent over a flower plant realizing he was looking at her ass in the loose cotton shorts. "Why sir that would be illegal wouldn't it?" She stood and turned to see him also in shorts and a tight tee shirt. She pulled off her gloves and picked up a nearby towel to wipe the sweat off her forehead. "I must look a mess."

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