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He prepares for his time on-line as if following an ancient ritual. He gets out the notebook, sets up the candles and sits at his computer. The shelves in his room are filled with computer books and romance novels.

The computer books were for his mind and the romance novels ..... well they were for his on-line friends. That was also what his notebook was for. It was like his bible, containing all the information about those friends that he enjoyed being with. It also contained each of his persona. The people he became when he was on-line. In each chat room he had a different personality that he became. He kept very detailed notes and followed them religiously.

He opens the note book to the section called Nasty Chat, the Name of his favorite chat room and turns to the pages for the personality of "Wandering Around Alone", the name he uses for this room. Entering the room he checks the list to see if any of his friends are there ,"tender toy" and "baby doll" are on the list, then he finds the pages for them and gets ready for a short chat.

Wandering Around Alone privately whispers to tender toy.. "Hello lil one, how are you tonight?"... is displayed on the monitor screen. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the chatrooms on the internet, you pick the name of another chatter you want to talk to, then type what you want to say. He spends most of his time privately whispering. This way his message only goes to the person he is talking to and not the entire room.

Wandering Around Alone privately whispers to baby doll...... "Hello baby what's up?"..... was the second message that he sent.

"Hi WAA what's going on." *smiling* was tender toy's reply.

Baby doll says, "Hello, well I am a little busy, will you be on for awhile?"

He replies to tender toy, "Nothing much just seeing what's happening."

Then to baby doll, "I don't think I will be here long, but I'll catch you another time."

Tender toy says, "Are you here for me? I really hope so. I have missed you."

"I am always here for you," he says.

Baby doll tells him, "I am so sorry, please look for me again." *lowering my head, hoping you won't be mad*

He tells baby, "That's ok, you enjoy yourself. *kissing you on the lips softly* "We will have our time, I promise."

Baby answers, "Thank you, it will be worth the wait I am sure." *holding your face in my hands and kissing you back* "goodnight."

He sent a final message to baby doll, "goodnight, till then." *(((((((((((hug)))))))))))))*

*Stepping up to you and playing with the hair on your chest* "And always ready for play I see." *looking at the bulge in your pants* " I have missed you," was tender toys reply. "Where shall we play today?" she teases. He has a very active imagination and loves to set the scene.

"We are at a beach that is covered in black sand, with a full moon over head, standing up by the tree line at the back on the beach. A soft tropical breeze is blowing your hair. Your eyes are lit by the moon light, the sound of the waves are covered by the beating of our hearts, Your skin feels like silk as I lightly kiss your lips."

"The breeze feels wonderful, and your touch is so warm." *kissing back and pressing my lips hard against yours, parting my lips to let your tongue enter my mouth. Pushing my body close against you.*

*My tongue lightly traces your cheeks and jaw line, down to kiss your neck. Running my hands up and down your back, sliding them onto the soft cheeks of your ass* "I have waited such a long time for you to be with me."

"I am here now, I want to be with you also." *closing my eyes and feeling the warmth of your breath on my skin*

Checking the page from "the bible" he continues, "The moon on your long blond hair, the blue of your eyes...the beauty of this place pales next to them." *Running my hands through your lovely hair I gently pull you close again. Sliding the silky robe from your shoulders and down off of your sweet breasts, letting it fall to the floor. "I am always impressed by your lovely body, each time I see you I can't believe that someone like you gives me your time. I've always dreamed of someone like you in my life."

"You always tell me the sweetest things. I enjoy what I have with you. Now ............." *slipping to my knees in front of you and reaching inside your cloak and taking you in my hand. I can feel the pulse and the heat of your cock. Leaning forward I lick around the large head and down the shaft. Again licking the slit and out to the rim, I take you deep into my mouth, rubbing your balls as I suck.*

"Mmmmmmmmm, that's nice." *laying my head back and holding your head in my hands.*

*I let you slide back out of my mouth and lick all up and down the shaft, sucking your balls into my mouth, grabbing you're ass and pulling your crotch into my face.* "I love the taste of you, I can't get enough of feeling my mouth on you. I stay wet dreaming of you."

*Reaching down to you, helping you to your feet. I slide my hands back under your ass and lift you until your sweet breasts are at my mouth. Licking and teasing the nipples , I suck them deeply into my mouth. Holding you tighter I continue to suck and play with your nipples as I slide my hand onto your pussy. Still holding you up I rub along your wet slit and your hard little clit.* "You are so wet."

"I said the thought of you inside me keeps me wet lover," * wrapping my legs around you and rubbing my pussy against your cock. "You are so hot I can feel the pulse in your dick, I want to feel your heart beat inside of me." *reaching down and guiding your hot cock into my pussy, opening the lips with my hand* "Please put it in, Sweetheart, let me cum on your cock."

"Do you really think I'm done enjoying you and your wet pussy, I have other plans." *Moving my hands under the cheeks of your ass I softly lay you back on the sand, your hands entwined in my hair. I place my hands on both sides of you and lean forward. Starring into your eyes I can hear the beating of your heart. I can feel the heat of your passion. Softly I kiss your lips, tracing the lines with my tongue. Slowly you open your mouth and I continue to tease and taste each of your sweet lips, nibbling and sucking them into my mouth.

Running my tongue along your teeth and then exploring the inside of your open mouth. Meeting your tongue with mine. More soft kisses on your cheeks and the closed lids of your beautiful eyes. Slowly and softly kissing down your neck and across your shoulders. My hands and lips meet at your heaving breasts. Taking the mounds of warm flesh in my hands and massaging them, I circle the dark brown nipples with my tongue. One, then the other, leaving a wet trail around the hard points glistening in the moon light.*

"Oh God... my love I want to feel you I need you ......... please release me." *Pulling you head close to my hot breast, taking a hold of your hard cock and begging to feel it enter me.*

"When you are truly ready I will give you the release that you seek. Relax and enjoy, let it take you as far as you can go." * returning to your body I start the trip to heaven. Kissing lightly down the taut lines of your sweet belly, tracing the tan line along the front. Down through the short line of hair above the prize I seek. Lowering my head between your thighs, I lick teasingly along the length of your wet slit, coaxing your clit from it's hiding place. Gliding my tongue up and down across the wet lips, I taste the sweet, hot honey covering them.

You, being ever so helpful, reach down to open the folds of your pussy for me. Burying my face in your tasty cunt, my tongue sliding deep inside the hot, wet hole. Covering you with my mouth I thrust my tongue in and out of you while I suck your clit into my mouth. Nibbling and sucking, you start to thrash and roll your head from side to side. A deep moan slowly eases it's way from you deep inside. You are holding my head hard against you while your orgasm starts to build.

"OOh baby ....that's so good.......please don't stop."

Your rhythm starts to increase and your pussy humping my face as you start to cum. The juices flow from you and cover my face, the more you cum the more I lick and suck on you.

As you reach the peak of your orgasm I put my hands under your ass and sit up, keeping you tight against my mouth, continuing to eat you and thrusting my tongue in and out of you, I can feel your second wave of pleasure starting to overtake you. I suck and tongue you harder and faster until you start to go over the edge of your next orgasm. Then I lower your ass and slide my cock deep inside your tight, hot pussy.

"YES, YES ...... oh Jesus ..... fuck me .... fuck .... FUCK .... OH HARDER BABY, CUM INSIDE ME!" *Your hips are jumping to my strokes. Again lifting your hips, I stand and take you with me, never losing the rhythm as we rise. Your arms around my neck , your legs around my hips, throwing your head back you again start to cum, as do I. Laying you back on the soft black sand I engulf you in my arms and kiss you deeply. We lay in each others arms and listen to the sound of the waves.

After a long silence he sends another message, "Are you there my love?"

"Yes .... I was to ...... busy to answer ..... you always know just what to say ...... I love talking to you ........ You are a great lover ...... when do I ever get to sample the real you .... I would be happy to fly somewhere and meet you, my treat."

"You know that is not possible sweet, I can't let what we have be tainted, the fantasy is what makes it so special. You are a very beautiful woman, and when you need me I will be here. Let's just keep the fantasy alive ........ I must leave now tender one. I will return when I can."

"I will count the moments until I can be with you again ..... you know, I have never had an orgasm with a man in real life, but as soon as I see your name I feel it start to build inside of me. I love you."

"And I you, dear lady, and I you. Sweet dreams." with that last message he closes the connection to the room. Experience has shown him that the ladies will keep him on as long as they can. While he is looking to find another of his friends for the game he hears a voice filter up from the rooms below his bedroom.

"Joseph, it's 11:00 o'clock."

Looking at the clock on his dresser he sighs and wishes he had more time. Shutting down his computer he picks up his pj's and starts to change. Well tomorrow is another day, another chance to play. He really does need to get to sleep. Besides tomorrow the class gets to go on a field trip, the entire class is going, maybe he can sit with Amy Wilson on the bus. She always smiles at him during lunch. He really likes her.

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