tagBDSMCaspian's Confessions Ch. 02

Caspian's Confessions Ch. 02


Caspian thought about simply exerting the physical advantage of his masculine form and struggling free to walk away from this self-inflicted dream, but the natural authority of the women, and his own inbuilt desire to be controlled by their obvious superiority, ensured his obedience to them. The redhead, whose residence they were all to venture to; the web in which he would be entangled, looked at Caspian with a confirmed air of confidence.

"Give me the keys to your car, you'll go with one of the girls, I shall lead and that way we'll all arrive without hitch." She held out her perfectly manicured hand and Caspian duly obliged and handed over his keys. As he did so, his balls tingled in resignation at the recognition of a superior entity. The redhead recognised his submission too; her face smirked with a satisfied look of impending complete and utter victory over his inferior soul. Caspian's feet seemed to float as he walked from the café out into the daylight of the street with the women. He could not help but notice how much taller than each of them he was, and this in itself seemed to exemplify his predicament, in that these strutting, delicate and effeminate creatures had already affirmed their dominance over him. His cock stiffened as he ventured to imagine what lay ahead of him.

He was sat in the back of the blonde's car, and the authoritative Brunette made herself comfortable next to him. She gave a perverse smile as he snapped his seat-belt on.

"Now we have you, nice and secure. You may call me Athena; I'm so glad you favour my stories. Perhaps we should work on writing one together." As she laughed at her own little quip, he viewed the beautifully assertive and mature woman with extra reverence as he thought of some of her work. His cock swelled uncontrollably as he recalled the physical pleasure he'd awarded himself, on imagining being one of the characters facing the stern and ruthless women in her tales. She smiled with satisfaction as she noted his mute excitement on facing the woman responsible for pleasing him erotically. She gently rubbed the bulge between his legs.

"We all intend to have you tell us exactly what excites you, as an obviously submissive male; I will so enjoy getting to know you intimately." She giggled softly as he swallowed hard and her words made his cock pulse; not unnoticed by her softly caressing hand, in turn making her pussy tingle with pleasure. The blonde commented as she drove after the redhead passing by in his car.

"You make sure there's a little left of him for the rest of us won't you Athena? We don't want you to devour him before we've all had our fun." He felt as though his destiny had already been decided as the brunette acknowledged the husky-voiced blonde.

"Venus is relishing having some time all to herself with you too; the group therapy is so stimulating, but there's nothing like individual sessions to engender inspiration for writing." The two giggled knowingly as the small motorcade headed out of the main town area. His cock now rigid with anticipation as Athena whispered the titles of novels alternatively written by him and her, whilst continuing to tease his cock. His mind boggled with what he may have let himself in for, as the lewd characters from the novels blossomed in his mind. They drove for about 15 minutes before reaching an avenue of detached houses, each hidden by leafy hedgerows. Caspian watched the women alight from the vehicles with interest; his libido had been charged by the two he spent the journey with, but each of the five had a stern elegance; he would willingly have submitted to any of them in his fantasises.

A plump and very appealing woman with very large breasts and jet black hair, aged about 50, sauntered elegantly over to him accompanied by the equally elegant auburn madam. Both oozed a supreme matronly confidence. Caspian's cock stiffened and tingled as the back haired one, who resembled a buxom Bettie Page addressed him with a half-smile, half look of hunger as she took his hand tightly and led him to the door, as though to ensure he didn't run off.

"Well Caspian, I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself back at the café, I was too busy thinking about the next chapter of 'Terminal Solution' I know you've read it so far and have enjoyed its progress; I'm 'Velvet' you see." She felt him shudder slightly with obvious excitement and with a little trepidation at her announcement; Caspian had exchanged intimate e-mails with her, expressing nothing short of idolisation and worship for her stories, which surrounded absolute domination of males, selected, enjoyed and processed. She gripped his hand tightly as he blushed visibly while she ensured he was taken through the door.

"You're a lot cuter than I imagined you'd be; I can't wait to have you read to me when we have our time alone together, you're going to tell me exactly what turns you on and just why; we are going to help each-other no end." Caspian felt a little more at ease, though his blood-pressure kept his excitement at a rock-hard peak. He was determined to try to keep fantasy from reality; if these superb women would allow it.

The elegant women smiled as they walked him in through the large black front door of the Georgian house. They all smiled as the door clunked shut behind them and the sexy redheaded women dead-locked the door and removed the key with a very suggestive smile. Velvet squeezed his hand tightly.

"No-one is going to leave in a hurry; Rouge is such a stickler for security, you can see that from the fate of the poor tormented souls in her stories." The women laughed as he was ushered through the luxurious house which was very expensively furnished. Caspian was taken into a large well-appointed lounge with a circle of leather seating and as small futon centrally positioned. A huge fireplace opposite French windows took his attention immediately; a massive leather bullwhip adorned the mantelpiece. As he drew his eyes away from it, lest the women should note his obvious attraction to it, he noticed that halfway down the garden was a post with shackles at top and bottom. His cock buzzed as the women made it known in no uncertain terms that they were aware he'd seen the items. The Auburn haired women smiled with satisfaction as she let him know it was obvious the whip and post appealed to his submissive persona.

"We girls sometimes have a competition to see whose prowess with the 'Black Mistress' is the best. I know you'd like to see that. Perhaps we'll have you shackled if you don't inspire us further with your work." The women sighed wistfully, rather than laugh at her quip. Athena squinted wickedly through her glasses and licked her lips.

"Maxine is such a tease; of course we'll demonstrate our prowess with the Black Mistress before you leave. You can go and watch through the small bathroom window, or perhaps come outside and keep low, kneeling perhaps, so to avoid any mishaps. Which would you prefer?" Caspian knew that he would have to opt for the position outside, as it was obvious to the women what would occur if he were to watch these stern women flex and crack a delicious looking whip, without them watching over him themselves.

"Oh... I should like to watch outside of course." His cock buzzed as he thought about making an excuse to visit the bathroom at the earliest opportunity to relieve his aching member; this was more subliminal than any erotic dream he'd had. Athena then stunned him as though she had read his mind. In a straight faced matter-of –fact fashion she commented again.

"Really? We ladies would think, you being submissive, that you'd have taken the opportunity to masturbate whilst watching us from the bathroom. Most males invited here do." The five women laughed aloud as Caspian blushed redder than ever, as the brunette helped herself once more to the bulge in his crotch. Smiling Maxine and Rouge went through a side door to a small computer study and started to print off stories from the web site. Venus and Velvet helped him off with his jacket and stroked his body softly as he looked about the room.

His cock was not eased as he noted framed prints on the walls from artists such as Montorgueil and Jim of Germany, to name just a couple. The two women came back with the printed stories. They had him squat down on the futon as they pulled in their chairs and sat around him; each woman now developing an air of studied nonchalance, casually treating him to slow crossings of beautiful nylon clad legs, and ample views of thighs. The masturbation joke had served a greater purpose than Caspian had realised. The planned joke had taken him down a notch before the women, and broken the ice somewhat. This allowed the women to make their next move. Maxine smiled softly at him, and then the other women as she casually stood and lifted her dress revealing a beautiful camel-toe which had Caspian staring unashamedly.

"I think we could be a little more comfortable; shall we dress for the session?" All the women agreed and all started to leave the room. Velvet looked sternly at Caspian.

"You just stay where you are and amuse yourself with the whip and the pictures." She then smiled down at his bulge.

"And don't you dare masturbate, not just yet." Caspian watched her stride from the room as she lifted her dress over her head, showing him a beautifully full backside. Oh how he wanted to masturbate. He took in the whip and the various pictorial depictions of men being shown their position before women; one of Montorgueil's pictures of a ginger woman caning a bowing male had him fantasising about Rouge, the similarity was striking.

He took a sharp intake of breath as the women returned. All five wore black lacy see-through dressing gowns, which barely hid any of their supremely feminine attributes. Caspian broke into a sweat at the sight. The full breasts of the mature women, the soft slight bulge of their bellies, full thighs and long smooth legs. The women sat, encircling him; their womanly scent now very noticeable. Caspian felt a little uncomfortable which suited the women perfectly. They would now instil another measure of their dominance. The supreme and confident Velvet took the lead as the others smiled knowingly.

"We can't have you dressed in those cumbersome clothes Caspian; you need to be able to relax like us in order to appreciate the readings we are to sample." The women grinned as she took a thin chiffon like bundle from behind her back as she and Athena stood. They started to undo his shirt and lower garments. Caspian gasped as the smiling women had him strip naked. He wanted to die with shame at first, but their controlling smiles eased him. They rubbed their hands with glee as his erection was exposed for the first time.

Despite the strangely pleasing humiliation, his cock stiffened to match the poor wretches in the pictures which looked down on him. Velvet unfurled the garment and placed it over him and the women applauded their approval as Velvet tied the black chiffon shawl about his neck and splayed the effeminate furled collar with a soupreme smile of satisfaction. His cock stood erect and on show beneath the long chiffon shawl with large waving sleeves; it looked like a large skirt and cloaked his kneeling body. The women smiled victoriously; his ego had been reduced a further notch or two. They had feminised him beautifully; he was beginning to know his place in reality as well as fantasy.

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