tagInterracial LoveCassie Caught Shoplifting

Cassie Caught Shoplifting


Cassie stood in the change room of the department store thinking about what she was doing. She had never tried to steal anything before in her life but here she was at nineteen years of age pulling her spring jacket over a sweater that didn't belong to her. She knew this was her last stupid challenge from the girls of the university she just started attending and as soon as it was done she would be accepted among them. She looked in the mirror to make sure she looked natural. Satisfied with her look she opened the door and walked out casually. Out of the corner of her eye she glimpsed her friend Shannon watching her to make sure she fulfilled her challenge.

"You want to come with me please."

Cassie's heart jumped as she was confronted by the security guard. He scowled at her and gave her a knowing look. Cassie looked toward her friend again but only saw the back of her long blonde hair as she left the store. Nice friend she thought to herself.

"Why what did I do?"

The guard shook his head and took a deep breath. He grabbed Cassie by the elbow and pulled her away. She followed reluctantly knowing that playing stupid wasn't going to work. He led her to the very back of the store and up some back stairs to an office that was barely bigger than a closet. He sat her down in a very uncomfortable metal framed chair with a badly worn cushion and told her to wait. Cassie put her head in her hands and tried to think of a way out of this mess. The buzzing from the fluorescent lights wasn't helping her. The office was so depressing, the walls were white and dirty and the old wooden desk barely fit. She lifted her head and shrugged her shoulders. It was depressing and she bet the security guard was depressed too.

The guard came back into the office with a small bag and put in on the desk. He sat in the absurdly large black leather chair and looked at Cassie. She smiled at him warmly and ran her fingers through her long wavy dirty blonde hair. She saw his name tag pinned to his chest.

"Please Xavier I can explain. It was just a stupid university thing where I had to take something from the store and then I would be accepted into the group. I can pay for the sweater if that is okay with you?"

Xavier the middle aged black security guard leaned back in his seat and laughed. Cassie felt some hope building and then noticed his eyes on her legs. He liked what he was seeing she could tell by his intense stare. Cassie decided right then she could use her looks to get out of this situation. She slowly uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again giving him a very good look. Her short flouncy skirt allowed him an unobstructed view all the way up to the middle of her thighs.

"You want to pay for it now?"

Cassie leaned forward giving Xavier something else to look at. Her breasts were exquisite, her own boyfriend was always raving about them to his buddies. He did as Cassie expected and looked. She smiled at him brightly not moving letting him have his moment. Xavier the security guard was impressed with this young woman. He leaned back into his chair and tapped his fingers on the desk as he took her in. She was even pretty which made him smile.

"I would like to pay for it and then we don't have to involve anyone else."

"You mean the police of course."

Cassie nodded in the affirmative as she leaned back letting her skirt hike up a little further. She felt like it was working and that the older security guard was going to let her go. He stood up and walked around the desk and stood in front of her. He was a little close for comfort as his crotch was almost in her face.

"You are one beautiful young woman. It would be a shame to see you get into trouble with the police and especially if you went to prison. There are some real bad people there that would love a pretty thing like you."

Cassie was shocked by what he said and didn't think it was that serious a crime anyway. At worst she would get fined and probation.

"Thank you I think but I don't think it would come to that. It was only a sweater."

Xavier smiled at her and put his hand in her hair.

"What are you doing?" Cassie swatted his hand away from her harshly.

Xavier reached for the small bag on his desk and emptied it out on top of the sweater that was folded on the chair next to Cassie. She looked at it puzzled trying to understand why the security guard left a ring and necklace on top of the sweater.

"I agree if it was only a sweater but as you can see it's also nearly five thousand dollars worth of jewelry. That my sweet little lady is a different story."

Cassie's jaw dropped and she realized while she was playing Xavier for a fool he was playing her. She looked up at him with her green eyes as he stood uncomfortably close.

"So what do you want from me?"

Xavier grinned at her and pointed to his growing bulge.

"I want to know how good that pretty mouth of yours feels around my cock. I bet you're good at giving head aren't you?"

Cassie felt her heart sink as she knew he set her up good. Defiantly she smiled at the security guard and reached for his pants. She unbuttoned them and then pulled his zipper down to his delight. Her fingers slipped into the waistband of both his pants and underwear, she tugged them down hard making him stumble and laugh. Cassie's eyes widened at what popped out toward her. Xavier was long and thick and very hard.

"You like that don't you?"

Cassie didn't answer him as she wrapped her fingers around what was probably a nine inch cock and stroked him slowly. She couldn't deny how impressive his manhood was and he felt so nice in her hand as she moved along his shaft. She felt his hand back in her hair and knew it was time to give him what he wanted. She inched forward on the old chair and pressed her soft lips to the tip of his cock. She kissed him sensually dragging her tongue all around the head, he tasted very good to Cassie. Her mouth opened wide for him as inch by inch she took him inside and she sucked. Xavier moaned his approval. His fingers gripped her hair and he thrust his hips forward forcing his cock into the back of Cassie's throat.

"I knew you would be a good cocksucker."

Cassie ignored the crude comment and concentrated on the large cock in her mouth. She rested her hands on Xavier's hips and held on as he fucked her mouth. He looked down at the pretty nineteen year old, a full twenty five years younger than him as his long black cock slid between her lips. He reached down into her top and clutched at one of Cassie's full breasts. Her mouth lifted from his cock as he squeezed her breast, her nipples hardened instantly to his touch to her dismay.

"Keep sucking."

Cassie obeyed and went back to his cock, licking his shaft from the base all the way up to the tip before wrapping her mouth around it. Her sucking was harder and noisier as she slurped loudly covering his cock with saliva. Her mouth popped off of his cock as she gasped for air.

"Stand up."

Cassie looked at him confused but stood up slowly. His expression had changed and was very intense as he looked her over from top to bottom. He pulled her around to his side of the desk and bent her over it. Cassie tried to stand back up but he pushed her over flat by holding the back of her neck. Her hands extended out in front of her gripping the edge of the desk. Xavier lifted her skirt above her waist showing off her great ass. He smacked it hard making her cry out unexpectedly.

"Pretty face, great tits, sexy legs and a nice tight ass. You're a wet dream come true."

Cassie felt her panties tear away from her body and then he opened her stance up wider as he positioned himself behind her. His big cock pushed against her opening. Cassie groaned deeply as her lips spread and she felt him invade her pussy. He smiled as he began to glide in and out of her, she was much wetter than expected. She grunted loudly after a hard thrust that forced his entire length inside her. Xavier started thrusting harder and faster. Cassie couldn't help but let it out as he felt so good. Each time he jammed his manhood into her she lifted up on her toes and the smack of his body against hers filled the room.

"I love fucking you white girls. You all love the big black cock."

Cassie held onto the edge of the desk as the security guard pounded her from behind. He pulled her hair forcing her head back as his cock thundered into her cunt.

"Oh god! Yes yes yes!"

Xavier smiled broadly hearing her. He knew she was in the midst of an orgasm. Her body jerked and everything tightened forcing a guttural groan out of him. He gave her bare ass a hard smack which sparked her orgasm even more. Cassie pushed back hard meeting his thrusts. Her eyes closed as he jammed his full length into her and grinded against her. He held still as Cassie came, she pushed back and rubbed herself against his body like she was in heat which made him very happy. He pulled his cock from her wet pussy and turned her to face him. He kissed her hard sticking his tongue into her mouth. He reached around her and lifted her onto the desk. Cassie lifted off her top showing Xavier her breasts. He pushed her down onto her back and leaned over her body. She moaned as he kissed and licked at her nipples.

"Fuck you have great tits."

Xavier straightened up pulling her body to the edge of the desk. His cock spread her lips again and slid into her pussy. Cassie pushed her legs up onto his shoulders as he started pumping fast. Her body rocked on the desk, her breasts shook sexily with each powerful thrust. He grasped Cassie's waist tightly and fucked her roughly. Cassie cried out each time Xavier buried himself deep inside her. He loved how she looked and how her body moved, he wanted more from her. He turned his head kissing the smooth skin of her legs as he moved his hips in a circular motion making her feel him even more. He let go of her hips and grabbed a hold of her breasts. She looked up at him with her green eyes half open as she was ready to cum again. His pace increased quickly seeing that she was on the verge.

"That's it you sexy bitch cum for me."

Cassie felt like her body was on fire as she lost control and thrashed on the desk. Xavier bit down on his lip as her pussy squeezed his cock hard pushing him to the limit. He pulled out of her tight pussy and walked around the desk. He took Cassie by the chin and turned her face toward him. She saw him stroking his cock hard and knew what he was thinking, Her boyfriend was always trying to do it but she never let him but Xavier was not her boyfriend and would not take no for an answer anyway.

"I'm going to cum all over that pretty face."

Xavier held his cock just inches from Cassie's mouth as he stroked it furiously. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. He grunted loudly and his body lurched forward as a huge string of cum shot from him and landed across her tongue and mouth. A second thick glob splashed onto her cheek near her eye and the third in her hair. She tasted what landed on her tongue and swallowed it. He let his slick cock rest on her lips as he caressed her body. It wasn't every day he got to fuck a nice piece of ass like Cassie. She licked at him tasting the combination of his cum and her juices. He gave her pussy a little rub and smiled at how soaking wet he made the young woman.

"I guess this whole thing was an unfortunate misunderstanding and you never intended to steal the sweater or the jewelry. So you should straighten you clothes and head home."

Cassie nodded and hopped down from the desk. She got dressed as quick as possible.

"Tell you what, you can have the sweater."

Cassie shook her head at the weak attempt to make her feel better but she picked it up anyway. Xavier watched the sexy woman walk her perfect ass out the door and out of his store. He dressed himself quickly, he had to get back to the jewelry department and return the ring and necklace. He looked at the empty seat and yelled.

"Fucking whore!"

He knew Cassie swiped them along with the sweater and he was in such a hurry to screw her he never checked her identification to find out her name.

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