tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCassie's Lustful Life Ch. 07

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 07


Vacation at last, she was so happy to get away from everything, to be able to relax for once, other than her husband and kids needs and wants. They headed for the mountains and the remote cabin they had rented and she just relished the scenery as her husband drove, unable to wait until they could get there and relax. They stopped and got the keys to the cabin and then pulled up front and started carrying their luggage and provisions inside, after which she made dinner and he played with the kids. After dinner, they all took a leisurely walk, and the kids had a ball, seeing all the animals and the beautiful scenery.

Ah, peace at last, as they put the kids to bed and settled in themselves, snuggling up together as they drifted off to sleep. They woke up the next morning and had breakfast and then her husband set off with the kids to take in the youth activities at the main lodge and she decided to take a walk, heading out the trail behind the cabin and enjoying the peace and the singing birds as she forged on, and then she heard it, a waterfall in the distance and she worked her way towards the sound. It was breathtaking as she surveyed this beautiful falls and she checked the water and it wasn't too cold, as a matter of fact, it felt great in the 90 degree heat. She looked all around and determined that she was safe and stripped her clothes off and got into the pool at the base of the falls, it felt great as she swam around, noting how clear and pure the water was.

She decided to get out and crawled up on a huge boulder and lay there, naked, letting the sun dry her before she dressed. She went to grab her clothes and they were gone, she searched all over for them and all she found was one sock and her shoes and she figured that maybe a wild animal had dragged them off. She put her shoes on and continued searching for her clothes and suddenly, she found two young boys standing in front of her, holding her clothes with a big smile on their faces. "Can I have my clothes please?" she said, holding her hands over her exposed breasts and crotch as they leered on, "How old are you?" one of them asked, "34, what difference does that make? Give me my clothes," she demanded. "We've never been with anyone but teenagers," he said, "Think we'll like a woman your age," and they rubbed their crotches and laughed. "Can I please have my clothes?" she demanded and the boys looked at each other, "You'll have to earn them lady," and they smiled, still rubbing their crotches and she could see the bulges now, as they pushed against the denim, "You take care of us, and we'll give you your clothes back."

She had to admit that two young boys did turn her on, and they were not bad looking either, but her family was here and she worried that they might find out, "Where are you from?" she asked, "California, we're headed home tomorrow," that thought eased her mind, "Ok, but no one knows about it, ok?" she asked and they both nodded their heads in agreement as her clothes were laid on a rock and the two came over to explore their prize. Their young hands felt good as they explored her body, tweaking her nipples, grabbing her ass and rubbing her crotch, then one of them took off his belt and tied her hands behind her back, "What's this?" she asked, "Can't have you fighting us. You're ours and we're gonna have what we want without any objections," he said as the belt was tightened on her wrists, she was pushed to her knees while they undressed and she saw their young, gorgeous cocks poke into the air, making her moisten. She was led to a fallen tree and pushed over it as one boy laid her clothes down to rest her knees on and her blouse was laid over the tree trunk to protect her tits and he brought his cock to her mouth and she took it in, sucking it's length as it was inserted, enjoying it's youthful size and hardness as she sucked it. She felt the other boy rubbing her ass cheeks and then she felt him slap one and she jumped, "Not nice corrupting teenage boys," he said as he spanked her again and again she jumped, taking the other boys cock deep in her mouth as she did. The spanking continued and she began to become impatient, waiting for the spanks as she sucked the other boy. Being only a teenager, he came in quick time, as her talented mouth drove him crazy and she swallowed his spunk down, loving how it felt as it slid down her throat, and noticing that he didn't even soften as she kept sucking.

He pulled out and she felt so empty, wanting to keep on sucking him, but his friend soon replaced him and she hungrily sucked his cock in, while his buddy started her spanking again, "Damn, her ass sure gets red, doen't it?" the boy asked the other one, "Cause she's got creamy white ass cheeks," he said and she just kept sucking as the spanks returned and she gulped more of his cock in her mouth. She looked up at him, "You sure are pretty," he said as she stard at him, "Pretty blue eyes too and you look so good eating my cock too," and she took that as a compliment as she sucked him harder, wanting to taste him like she had his friend. She worked hard on his cock, taking it deep inside and he couldn't resist as his jism erupted in her mouth and she swallowed it down, wanting even more as it began to stop spurting.

He pulled out and the two of them stood talking, "What do you want man? We can have this bitch anyway we want, just speak up. You want some ass hole?" and she thought about how she was a learning instrument for them, a teacher's aid, so to speak and they came to her now and she felt the one rubbing her sore ass as the other one lifted her slightly and began to play with her tits, causing her nipples to distend as he did and making her even wetter. She felt the other one probing her tight rosebud and she winced as he did, "Spit on it first man, it's too tight otherwise," and she felt his spittle coat her rosebud and then his fingers work it inside the opening as the other boy pinched her nipples.

Then the boy in front of her offered her his cock again and she took it in her mouth, sucking it all in as the other boy held his young cock at her rosebud and she tried to relax as it speared her tight ass and buried itself deep inside, "Yeah man, this is sooooo fucking tight," he said as she sucked the other boy's cock, "She's probably had her ass fucked before, if she hadn't, she'd be yelling her head off now," and he smiled at his partner. He grabbed her head while the other boy grabbed her hips and they fucked both ends of her at once, burying their youthful cocks with each thrust and causing her to cum uncontrollably as they did. The boy in her ass had never had anything this tight before and he screamed out and shot his hot cum deep in her ass as she fucked back against him and then the other boy filled her mouth with his spunk as she tried to swallow it all, feeling some of it dribble out of the corners of her mouth.

They traded places now and she took the cock that had just taken her ass in her mouth now, tasting his cum as it entered her mouth and she felt the other boy poking at her rosebud and she speared herself on his cock, catching him by surprise, "Man, this bitch likes it in the ass," he laughed to his buddy and they fucked both ends of her once again as she rocked on the log, taking all they had to offer. She felt like such a slut, but she didn't care, she just wanted to fuck and suck and she felt the boy behind her take his cock out and stick it in her pussy, making her moan loudly around the cock in her mouth. He spanked her again as he fucked her tight pussy, "Man, this bitch's pussy is as tight as her ass," and he fucked her and spanked her hard as she continued sucking his buddy's cock, feeling it swelling in her mouth, as it shot rope after rope of cum into her mouth and she came again, "Damn, this bitch squirts," he laughed as she came and then the bit in her mouth pulled out and her moans got so loud as the other boy rammed her pussy. His spanking stopped and she felt him tense up as his load shot into her tight pussy, as he moaned and clenched his teeth.

They untied her and all three of them jumped in the pool and washed off and then she kissed each one passionately, loving their inexperience as she snaked her tongue in their mouths and then they got dressed and left. She felt like she was walking on a cloud as she made her way back to the cabin and met her husband with a wide grin, "I found the most beautiful waterfall," was all she said.

To Be Continued...

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